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Archana Ahilan 97 Drawbridge Dr.

Markham, Ontario L6C 2N5 October 31, 2012 Human Resources Manager Cinram Canada ULC 2255 Markham Road Toronto, Ontario M1B 2W3 Dear Madam, I am currently a first year student at Mc Master University, pursuing a career in the medical field. I would like to become a doctor eventually. As a child growing up, I always dreamt of working with the sick to help them in the healing process. In my high school years, I was involved in a variety of volunteer programs and activities In my community which I am will be an asset in achieving my goal. Some of these experiences taught me some very important lessons in life. By granting me this scholarship, you will be assisting with some of the expenses associated with my education. Finally, I would like to thank you and Cinram for giving me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, whatever the outcome. Yours Respectfully,

Archana Ahilan.