29 January 75

An accusation was made to Father Peter Scannel, St Calistus, Garden Grove, that his
associate, Father LYNN CAFFOE, was overly afeectionate to some of the altar boys. The
complaint was made by the parents of the boys. (Tuesday, 21 Jan 75)
Fathers Scannel and Caffoe came to the Chancery and discussed this matter with
me. Father Caffoe wanted ~ , t n innnediate transfer in spite of the fact that he claimed in-
nocence of the charge. He -felt it-better for the well being of the-parish. Father Scanrtel
seemed to agree with this.
I indicated that, in-light of Fr. Caffee's innocence, I felt they both should spend
a few days in trying to evaluate the situation and possible scandal.
Father Caffoe called me , Tuesday, January 28, indicating that after consultation
with the parents involved and ciearing up some misunderstanding on tbeir part, he and Fr.
Scannel believed that an immediate transfer was NOT called for.
Father Caffoe will be assigned there four years in May. No doubt there will
be a regular change for him before the end of 1975.
LAARCH 016159
March 22, 1991
TO: Archbishop Mahony
FROM: Father Timothy Dyer
RE: Fr. Lynn Caffoe
I have met again with Fr. Nichols concerning Fr. Caffoe. Fr. Richey
was present. Based on what we have heard both from Fr. Nichols and
the Principal of St. James School, Sr. Mary Margaret, we are planning
to confront Fr. Caffoe right after Easter.
At this point there is testimony concerning a lot of suspicious activity
and a few things that are clearly against policy, eg. minors in his
room. As you know, Fr. Caffoe has been called in to the office on two
occasions (January, 1975 and May 1989) for similar activity.
Fr. Nichols told me also that Deacon Mark Strader (whose home parish
is St. James) has been approached by three fiunilies who have
complained about the way Fr. Caffoe is overly familiar with their
teenage I had Mark in to see me. One of the families claims that
their son was invited to Fr. Caffoe's bedroom where they ran up $100
in phone calls on the 900 mimber. None of the people who have spoken
to Mark will let us use their :names or testimony.
The broader problem seems to be Fr. Gaffoe's explosive anger, his lack
of adult friends and his unwillingness to hear confessions over the last
several years. We haye with Dr. REDACTED and will ask
Fr. Caffoe to begin seeing him after our intervention.
I will keep you informed.
LAARCH 016164