Stuck in the In-Between You are trapped in the world of what-not, what-ifs, and wannabes.

Top at the time may be the bottom tomorrow, a smile a slap in the face. Your core is courageous, wrapped in a layer of boundless denial not looked at too closely. The hot sun beats down as the rain falls in a deluge to sink deep and cold into your bones. Reason cannot be reasoned with on a night when the day won’t go away. A borderlander without a home, a foot in the door to life, dusk and dawn juxtaposed. But still you fight, you push and rail against the unseen that seeks to hold you in this dark realm of broken dreams. Soon…Soon… you say they will see, as you continue to climb, run, and claw your way out of the in-between.
By Philip Wardlow 2013

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