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.. Subhashita ..

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u mn Eh EsXyEt kAyAEZ n mnorT, .  ^ n Eh s, -y Esh-y EvfEt mK mgA, ; ,  avyAT, . kAyAEZ = goals u mn = by diligence read, e orts  Eh = only used for emphasis EsXyEt = will realise read, achieved ^ n = no read, not mnorT, = ambitions read, day-dreams s, -y = sleeping Esh-y = lion's m,K = mouth  mgA, = animals read, prey  n = no read, not EvfEt = enter Gist: In this the ktopines that the goals can be achieved 

only by e orts and diligence, and not just by having ambitions or daydreaming about the achievement. This is justi ed by giving the analogy that the prey will not automatically come to the mouth of a sleeping lion. The lion has to go and hunt food, else it has to starve. What a great analogy!!!!!!!
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