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the defeat of the conspirators in the final battle of Philippi. It is a famous tragedy by William Shakespeare which is believed to be written in the year 1599.  The play portrays a conspiracy that took place in round 44 BC against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. his assassination and at last. .

 Julius Caesar – Dictator of Rome  Mark Antony – Friend of Caesar and one of the leaders of Rome after Caesar’s death  Marcus Brutus – Friend of Caesar who killed him “for the good of Room”  Cassius – Leader of the conspiracy against Caesar and brother-in-law of Brutus  Octavius Caesar – Nephew of Julius Caesar and first Roman Emperor .

A Conspiracy is planned to assassinate Caesar who is a roman general and has returned from the battle of Pompey to his home after a long time. first agreed to speak in favour of Brutus because he knew that if he would directly speak against the conspirators. Mark Antony who was one of the most loyal friends of Caesar. stated at the end that Brutus was a noble man and great warrior. Mark Antony who wanted to avenge his friend’s death. decided to avenge his death. then he would also be killed. since he fought for a fair cause. Mark Antony was asked to provoke and instigate roman people and to turn them in the favour of the conspirators. They planned to kill Caesar on Ides of March. . an assassination and      revenge. when heard the news of Caesar’s assassination. Brutus and Cassius stabbed him on his back. On the Ides of March. The plot of Julius Caesar revolves around conspiracies. Mark Antony .after the death of Brutus. At the end of the plot.

            Persuasive Good orator Confident Loyal to his friends Intellectual Clever Instigating Courageous Strategists Emotional Stability Assertive Logical .

 Mark Antony was a great leader because he had such qualities which made him a great democratic leader – persuasiveness.  Mark Antony was also a great strategist.  Mark Antony had great persuasive skills. emotional stability. self-confidence. assertiveness and immense intellectuality. He used to persuade people by using many phrases. .

by convincing them that assassination was morally wrong. but later he tried to use it for his own benefit. . he used the fake will. Though at initial stage. just to convince the roman mob. Mark Antony brought a fake will of Julius Caesar into the limelight so that he could enrage the Roman crowd.

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