3rd Group Annisaa Dwi M. Arizal Amanda P. Nurul Nurbaiti R. Riska Dwiana A. Radix Khoerul I. Wilmart Nuryanda P.

Art Elements Of : a) Dance b) Music c) Visual Art .

swimming. Because motion is oldest medium of human to express their wanteds and feelings. based on its devinition. The motions isn’t realistic motions but the motion had given expressive motion. So. and for expressed our gratitude to Allah Swt.a) Dance Dance is an expresion of human feelings and its expresses by the beautiful rhythmic motions of human body. The purpose of this Buyung Dance are for ceremonial dance. these is had esthetic/beautifulness value. and take/fetch the water by pitcher. . which became the basic substantion of dance is motion. taking a bath. entertainment. Buyung dance is a dance what describe about daily activities of Girls in Cigugur Village who always go to the river to washing. Buyung Dance is a dance that was held on the Seren Taun Ceremony as the opening act that still exist today.

washing (nyeseuh). And the art element of dance in Buyung Dance is motions which modification from dinamis motion and Sekar Putri Dance. taking a bath (mandi). And there are daily activities of Girls in Cigugur Vilage that become inspiration to create Buyung Dance. There are (In Buyung Dance) many motion like swimming (ngojay). its means that in our life also need/must balance between feelings and thought. Every motions in buyung dance have meanings. . and take/fetch the water by pitcher in the river. Steps on the fitcher (menginjak) with brings pitcher in the head (nyuhun) has meaning that “where the earth steped on there the sky upheld” (dimana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung).In Buyung Dance certainly there are art element of dance. Beside that bringing Fitcher in the head must balance.

and their means that Farmers of Sunda are religious farmers. . God believed as Kausa Prima from all of life source and People is the the most perfect creature in this planet of other God’s creature. because there elements can support existence that dance. Nyakra Bumi. In Buyung Dance not only needs dance elements but also other elements like music and visual art. Mendang Kamulang and Nugu Telu.In Buyung Dance there are many formation like Jala sutra. Bale Bandung.

b) Music Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotion in significant forms through the elements of rhythm. The liric of the music is Pantun form. melody. In the Buyung Dance also contained art element of music as supporting the existence of dance. Emalia Djatikusumah. is the song which describe feminism. harmony and color. And for Musical Instrument often use Sundanese Musical Instrumen (Gamelan). . Music in buyung dance deliberately chosen by the creator of Buyung Dance.

especially sight.c) Visual Art Visual art is ones of art that result an new art form which can capture with our senses. dancer’s costumes and hairdo. . such as pitcher. These elements that are accompany the dance prosesion. In Buyung Dance contained visual art.



The End .

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