I thought about you Sis You were on my mind Sis because you had a birthday and anniversary to mark

You and my brother-in-Law were always good to me we were always family I think about all the fun we had together going to Hershey n Knoeble's Park Staying out of trouble by babysitting and teaching your son's and fun memory I know you remember me poking fun at some of the women at bingo with Mom n you The woman with the Marge Simpson red hair I said was the bride of Frankenstein Only because the way she would jerk her head quick to see what trick I would do And women can be so called perv's too with the touchy feely I'd say hands off you swine All the funny pranks and jokes I would play on Jerry your hubby and the kids The best was me unscrewing all the lights and 2 cig's as eyes and growling at John We shared the attic for bedroom when I came over I'd prank like Heaven forbids About 28 step's he did in 2 he ran I could hear his heart beat you saying what's going on We always had fun together and I will always remember the good times we had James and I sharing contact as I talked with you both on the phone we'd reminisce How Jerry prepared for his own death so you'd have less stress a hero husband n Dad The fun and games we always had memories with love and a kiss I thought about you Sis ©2013 I.M. Nobody For my sister Donna Diane Kordelski Sipple Till Then Sis, soon enough Till Then.