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tarabalam muhurta

tarabalam muhurta

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tarabalam muhurta
tarabalam muhurta

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Published by: kartiksri20044954 on Jan 26, 2013
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Taara Balam is most significant for any business travel, education or starting a business or even for the marriages and other functions. Tara is being calculated as per the person’s own birth star and connecting it with the Star on the day you would like to start the things. In some cases when the day’s star is not auspicious as per the Tara chart – you need to look for the next available day.

Matrix of calculation: As you are aware there are 27 stars in total. Your birth star is constant. So refer the Panchanga, and see the Star on the particular day, and note it. Then you start counting from your birth start (including your star to the star you noted for the particular day) For example your Birth star is Rohini and the star in the Panchanga on that day is Visakha. So Rohini 1, Mrigasira 2, Aaardra 3, Punarvasu 4, Pushyami 5, Aaslesha 6, Magha 7, Pur – Phalguni 8, Uttara 9, Hasta 10, Chitta 11, Swathi 12, Visakha 13 ; That is it. The total is 13, then divide it with 9, you get a balance of 4, See the chart – on top line select the Visakha ( as it is Star of Panchanga) and search for the left side row and look out for Rohini ( Your Birth Star) The meeting point is shown as Ravi 4 ! Now coming to the different Tara Bala numbers: If you get balance 1 – Janma Taara : Not Good, Sun ( Ravi is the lord) creates problems that will hit your mind. The third Pada of the star is having inbuilt bad affects. It creates unbelievable mental torture.

If you get balance 2 - Sampatt Taara : Very Good for business, Good. Budha (Mercury) is the lord. Financial gains and comforts are indicated If you get balance 3 - Vipat Taara : Dangerous, Not Good, Rahu is the lord. The first Pada of the star is not in good position. There may be difficult situations and people may discredit you and misunderstands may occur. No positive work will be done rather there will be some clashes. If you get balance 4 Kshema Taara : Safe Good, there are no bad afflictions and negative results. You get mental confidence, your work will be done and there will be comforts and the people live happily ever after! If you get balance 5 Pratyak Taara : Not Good , Not Good. The 4th Pada in the star is not good. Danger of fatal accidents and danger of harming your business deals and career path! If you get balance 6 Saadhana Taara : Very Good ! Fame enabler. You help others, your get wealth and you become famous and in the process – your work will be done.

Develop creative spirits and unexpected pleasures are indicated. If you get balance 8 Mitra Taara : Good. Gives the comfort and happiness – particularly the sexual pleasures. There will be some financial gains at the end. Not Good. If you get balance 9 Parama Mitra Taara : Good but with little effort. roaming around. Difficulties. Creates financial loss and fear of clashes! The 2nd pada of the star is not good. your work will be done.If you get balance 7 Naidhana Taara : Totally Bad. expenses. unnecessary spending. TARA BALAM TABLE .

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