Construction Management -Organizing Project Management Construction Safety Management Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Decorative concretes Delhi

Metro Rail( A Case Study) Design Aspects For Terrorist Resistant Buildings Design Techniques To Strengthen ‘Soft Buildings’(Against Acts Of Terror And Car Bombs) Disaster Management Diasaster Management A GIS Approach Disaster Management With Case Study Of Corporation Ltd Effect of Oil Spill on Marine Environment Emergency Shelter through Superadobe Technology Environmental Impact Assessment Flexible Pavement Formwork Types & Design Formwork and supportive scaffolding Geosynthetics GIS and Its Applications Global Positioning System Green Buildings For Quality Living

Hazardous Waste Disposal Intelligent Transport System Interlinking Of Rivers Interlinking of Indian Rivers Challenges and Prospects Laminated Floorings Liquefaction Potential Assessment Marine Pollution Mixed Traffic Control & Behavior Natural Fibres In Concrete Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques Oceans as a Non-conventional Source of Energy Optimization In Fuel Consumption Through Ideal Planning Of Bus Station-A Case Study Pavement Design By Using Geotextile Pile-Soil Situation Pollution of the world’s oceans is quickly becoming a major problem Production of Biogas From Paddy Straw Provision of Tunnels Rain water Diversion Reactive Powder Concrete .

Recycled Aggregate Concrete .

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