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Sponsorship Request Letter to ConAgra Foods

Sponsorship Request Letter to ConAgra Foods

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Published by John Blaise Lent

This is my draft of the letter I will be mailing to ConAgra on Monday requesting that they sponsor my for the New York City Half Marathon.

This is my draft of the letter I will be mailing to ConAgra on Monday requesting that they sponsor my for the New York City Half Marathon.

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Published by: John Blaise Lent on Jan 26, 2013
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John B. Lent 124 Vineyard Avenue Highland, NY 12528 Saturday, January 26, 2013 Mr.

Chris Sinta Director of Consumer Promotions and Sponsorships ConAgra Foods 215 W. Diehl Rd Naperville, IL 60563 Re: Sponsorship Request Dear Mr. Sinta: The ConAgra Foods website directed me to you in order to get more information regarding sponsoring me for the upcoming New York City Half Marathon on March 17, 2013.1 This will be my first time running a half marathon, so to get ready, I have been training with my father (age 55) and the experience has been life changing – he didn’t live with me during my childhood, and now that I’m married and living in my own home, we are taking advantage of the time we have left to build a bond we never could before. We are running on behalf of the Organization for Autism Research. On my fundraising website I have already been able to raise $271 towards my $1,000 goal.2 In addition to physical training to get ready, it has been essential for me to lose quite a bit of weight before I could hope to finish the grueling 13.1 mile run. I am 6’ tall and when I started training on December 26, 2012, I weighed in at 232 lbs. In order for me to be at a healthy body mass, I need to get down to the 191lb range. So that means I needed to lose 40 pounds in 81 days, or just about one pound every two days. To accomplish this by-no-means simple task, I have taken an unusual approach to say the least. In order to maintain the electrolytes (sodium and potassium) my body needs for long-distance running, as well as create a substantial caloric differential, while still eating a healthy balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates, since December 26 my only meals have been three cans of Chef Boyardee pasta per day. 3 The results of this rather unusual diet have been impressive to say the least. It has been 30 days and I have lost 19.6 pounds! As of today, I weighed in at 212.4 pounds. This
1 2 3

For more information on the marathon, visit http://www.nyrr.org/races-and-events/2013/nyc-half

In addition to maintain a good nutrient level, I take one daily multivitamin and I make sure to include a calcium source as well, such as three Tums or two cups of Calorie Countdown dairy beverages. I also have a healthy snack if I find myself experiencing hunger in between meals, such as a quarter cup of granola.

puts me ahead of my weight loss goals by over a week and I feel fantastic. I have not experienced any serious cravings, my blood pressure is generally in the 115/75 range and I have been very regular so far as elimination is concerned. In short, I am healthier today than I have been in almost a decade. And I owe it all to Chef Boyardee! I intend to maintain this diet until at least the day of the marathon, and see where I am in terms of overall health after the big day – it may well be that my metabolic needs will have changed at that point, so I would need to alter my intake somewhat. But for at least the next two months, I am exclusively a Chef Boyardee man. I have attached to this letter a report from MyFitnessPal4, the online service where I track all of my food and exercise. In addition, I have printed some screen captures of the message boards on that site where users have been discussing my unusual diet and the topic has gotten a lot of attention. If in just thirty days, and with basically no budget for marketing, it is drawing this kind of notice, I imagine that the marketing team at ConAgra could really capitalize on my success as it continues. Jared Fogle, the Subway diet spokesman comes to mind when I think about the positive image this could create for a food that has traditionally been associated with high sodium the corresponding issues of heart disease and high blood pressure. I have also included with this letter a current before and after picture, showing my progress at the thirty day mark. I expect it will be even more impressive as the marathon date approaches, and I would be happy to share my progress updates with ConAgra so that your company can keep an eye on how things are moving forward. I hope that this letter has piqued your interest and that you will consider sponsoring me in the aforementioned NYC Half Marathon. Raising money for the Organization for Autism Research is one of the most noble causes I can imagine – 1:88 children in the USA are on the autism spectrum, and finding practical solutions to the challenges autistic individuals face is going to be essential as these kids struggle to transition into becoming productive adults. Thank you for your time and attention.

Very truly yours,

John B. Lent



To lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in. ore tak The net calories chart at right shows that on a non-workout day, non my intake is roughly 1500 calories per day (500 calories per can of Chef Boyardee. Since I have a Boyardee sedentary office job, a normal day for me at the start of this program meant I would burn about 2,440 calories on a typical day.

I started officially training for the NYC Half Marathon the first week of the new year. The calories burned chart shows the impact of my progressively more intense 4-day per week exercise schedule. As the race approaches the total weekly mileage will gradually increase until my body is ready to run 13 miles.

Unlike most diets, this one is intentionally high in sodium. Each day my average consumption is about 4,250mgs. For runners, unlike non-athletes, the athletes, recommended daily sodium intake is 3,000-5,000mgs per 3,000 day. See “Salt & Runners” by Nancy Clark MS, RD, 2005.

A 2011 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine strongly suggested that keeping the ratio of Potassium to Sodium even has a substantial impact on reducing cardiovascular illness and hypertension. Maintaining high levels of sodium also helps prevent muscle soreness and cramps. Three cans of Chef Boyardee has more sodium than 9 bananas!

Weight Loss Progress

As you can tell from this progress chart, the results to date have been impressive. As of today’s weigh in I am actually at 212.4 pounds, almost 20 pounds from where I began just one month ago.

Before (December 26, 2012)

After (January 26, 2013)

Before (December 26, 2012)

After (January 26, 2013) January 2013

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