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Ancient lies in history

Ancient lies in history

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History you never knew
History you never knew

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Published by: chad ball on Jan 27, 2013
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The ancient Egyptians (in Africa) and the ancient pre-Incas/Incas (in South America) evolved on opposite sides

of the globe and were never in contact; yet both cultures mysteriously possessed the same strikingly identical body of ancient art, architecture, symbolism, mythology and religion. The Victorian-era scholars, faced with this enigma, concluded that both cultures must have been children of the same Golden Age parent civilization, “Atlantis.” Today, Egyptian/Inca parallels are not only being ignored by American and Western scholars, they’re being suppressed.

Many baffling and unsolved similarities link the ancient Egyptians and the ancient pre-Incas/Incas―even though both cultures evolved on opposite sides of the planet, separated by oceans.

Victorian-era scholars, faced with this enigma, believed both cultures inherited the same high wisdom from the same exceedingly older source—a shared “parent civilization” now lost to history. For the Victorians this common parent hypothesis explained the parallels well. These Victorian scholars called this common parent “Atlantis,” following Plato and the Classical historians. Today, “establishment” scholars reject Atlantis, with peculiar hostility, while the parallels shared by the ancient pre-Incas/Incas and the ancient Egyptians are ignored. Yet these same parallels were not ignored by the Victorians. Indeed, the most brilliant scholarly minds of the past believed Atlantis was real―and here’s why: Space Pyramids

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built stone pyramids and stepped pyramids in the desert along rivers and aligned with cardinal points. In both cases, deceased were interred within. space Mummies

BOTH THE EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…Mummified their dead, which symbolized life beyond death. Mummies were interred inside pyramids, often with food offerings and personal belongings. Both cultures believed in life beyond death. space Mummies With Crossed Arm

BOTH THE EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…Crossed the arms of their mummified dead. as one lived a balanced life. space Gold Funeral Masks . a left side and a right side crossed. This was to show the “balance” state that one entered in death. The two arms denote opposites in balance.

the higher home in the heavens. symbolizing their entering back into eternity. which is eternal and spiritual. the “other side” of the veil. which is temporary and physical. while they were here.BOTH THE EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…Placed gold masks upon their dead. hence the gold. It also conveys in an alchemical sense the idea that. This “balance” state is how the alchemical transformation is achieved. symbolizing our human/animal powers balanced and in an equal peaceful state and place of power and eternity. unlike earth. space Antithetical Animal Necklaces BOTH THE EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…Adorned their dead with gold necklaces the ends of which are formed by twin animal heads facing outward. space Similar Stonemasonry . these eternal souls took on the lead of human form and turned it into gold.

such that a piece of paper can barely fit between stones. which leads one closer to our spiritual and heavenly home and eternal source. even down to the detail of carving bulges or “bumps” in the stones (see detail). space . riddle and reason here? How can this be explained? space Precision Stonework BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…created precision-like stone cuts in their masonry. or nearness to perfection. Often no mortar was used.BOTH THE EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built very similar looking stonemasonry. This symbolizes the quest to gain perfection. What is the rhyme.

The trapezoid doorway is used by many ancient cultures. It relates a kind of futuristic state of humanity that occurred in the distant past. . when people were calm and had attained nirvana. The trapezoid is similar to a triangle. this doorway is the symbol of the high wisdom once possessed by our ancient ancestors. which denotes ascension and spiritual transcendence. signifying spiritual advancement upward.Trapezoidal Doorways BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built trapezoid doorways.

The idea of balancing the opposing energies is certainly presented here. space Elongated Skulls . via these twin animals in symmetrical balanced poses. This “balanced opposites” image seems to be the “ideal” that is taught within the building that is entered through these doors.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…designed twin symmetrical serpents above the trapezoidal doorway entrance to their temples.

not nearly as much as it should.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…elongated the skulls of their children to sharpen senses and improve spiritual insight. This seemingly-bizarre practice has not truly raised the eyebrows of modern scholars. space Obelisks (With Hieroglyphics) .

longevity. they were among the most revered landmarks. fertility. space Earthquake-Proof Temples (With Picture Writing) .BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built and erected sacred obelisks as devices of profound male power. birth. Great reverence was given to obelisks. strength.

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built earthquake-proof buildings by using the same inward slant design. space Solar Religion . which has withstood the test of time.

In both cultures. but now have amnesia of your true spiritual Self. space Parallel Solar Symbolism . in Peru the solar deity was Inti. You are a sol. you are the solar deity.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used solar symbolism as a definitive part of their religion. of your soul. the sun is a symbol of you. you’ve lost your way home. which was identical. In Egypt the solar deity was Ra. You have voluntarily Incarnated in matter. You are an eternal divine sun.

Just as the sun strikes a perfect balance between Winter and Summer. in order to stay in balance and in harmony with nature. Both cultures understood that we can create a trancelike state where we “awaken” our so-called “Mind’s Eye. the extreme Cold and extreme Hot seasons…so it is vital for our own inner suns (the sun symbolizes our eternal soul or Self) to balance our own positive and negative twin animal energies. appetites.” or “Third Eye. space Animal On Forehead BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used the “animal on the forehead motif” to evoke the power of the Third Eye.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used animal deities in symmetrical poses flanking a central solar emblem. urges.” “Inner Eye. etc. instincts. space Cross Symbol (Chakana / Ankh) .” a symbol of spiritual illumination thought of as existing near the forehead above and between the two eyes―exactly where the animal is placed in the image above.

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used the stepped design motif. The Triptych design is a worldwide . you don’t find your “Christ within” or your “Buddha within” in one day. Ascension takes time and effort. space “Triptych” Three-Door Temples (Indicates Same Religion) BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built the same identical Triptych temples. which symbolizes the gradual ascent the initiate makes on his / her journey from lower man to ascended human being. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

What are the chances that this technique evolved. Triptych Temples were later inherited by the Gothic cathedral builders. and that symbolizes the same Universal Religion practiced all over the ancient world. The religion is based on the same “balance of opposites” formula described above. after millions of years of human evolution. in the same exact spec of time (give or take 1.architectural phenomenon that graces the facades of temples. the Freemasons.000 years) on opposite sides of the globe? space Staff God Icon . LEARN MORE HERE. The twin outer doors symbolize opposites (the left-side / right-side of our lower temporary self) while the middle door symbolizes the central point of eternity (the centered higher eternal Self). space Metal Clasps BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…carved stones that were tightly bound and fitted together with the use of metal clasps.

” which is nothing less than the lost crucifix of the ancient Universal Religion described above. the Staff God Icon is found everywhere around the ancient world. it symbolizes the perfected human being. space Inward Slanting (Earthquake Proof) Buildings BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built similar looking inward slanting tombs and temples.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…revered the “Staff God Icon. LEARN MORE IN THIS BOOK. Not yet documented by scholars. space Anthropoid Coffins .

for we all must defy death (in the end) by looking for and finding true eternity within.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…designed anthropomorphic coffins for the deceased and designed those coffins to look like the local god or hero who had defied death and who had lived to tell about it. This is the example given for the masses to follow. space Third Eye Solar Circle On Forehead .

many ancient civilizations depicted the sun as an Eye. The name is widely thought to mean “circle-eyed”. space Single Eye Symbols . The sun is an eye in the heavens. was a member of a primordial race of giants. ―Wikipedia space Solar Image Associated With Circle Eye In Head BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…decorated their Third Eye or Circle Eye with the imagery of the sun. not just the Egyptians and Incas.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…depicted circle shapes on the human forehead indicating where the Third Eye or Circle Eye goes: “A cyclops in Greek mythology and later Roman mythology. each with a single eye in the middle of his forehead.

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…depicted “sun eye symbols”. Both cultures knew that the single Eye (the Mind’s Eye or Third Eye) sees the inner sun (the inner soul). space Megalithic Architecture BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built their most important temples using massive stones each weighing hundreds of tons. both associating the sun with an eye and vice versa. space Reed Boats .

space Phallic Symbols .BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…built parallel reed boats. space Floating Deities BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…depicted floating deities.

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…depicted phallic symbols and associated these symbols with fertility. space Spirals .

space Master Craftsmanship . Often used serpents in symmetrical poses. space Symmetrical Serpents Balancing BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used symmetry in much of their art. space Elaborate Temples BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…designed and built similar-looking temples.BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…depicted spirals to symbolize our entrance / exit to / from the material /spiritual worlds. which worlds encompass both sides of our eternal being. balancing left / right.

space Symmetrical Art .BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used very similar styles of stone-craftsmanship.

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…designed similar-looking artwork. which focused on symmetry and esoteric symbolism. space Aten Hieroglyph (Circle With Dot In Center) .

which was also a symbol of the Self in both cultures. The Triptych Temples Of Atlantis Unprecedented New Archaeological Evidence That A Highly Advanced “Lost Civilization” Flourished In A Remote Age Older Than Recorded Time Did the world’s first cultures inherit the same high wisdom from the same more ancient but now-vanished Mother Culture? .BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…depicted their solar deity as a circle with a dot in the middle.

more sophisticated but now-vanished Mother Culture. a great kingdom named Atlantis.The ancient pyramid cultures all built these Triptych (ThreeDoor) Temples. Does this mean they shared the same religion? Like the pyramids. There are two different versions of history. more mysterious hidden history that’s not so widely known. once home to an advanced and spiritually sophisticated people. . We already know the mainstream version found in history books. the presence of these Triptych Temples worldwide throws enormous weight behind the “Atlantis” theory—the idea that civilization has much older roots than presently accepted by science. that an advanced ancient culture once flourished but was destroyed in a cataclysm. and that history’s first known cultures were inheritors of its legacy. that there is a major forgotten episode in human history. But there’s another. This little-known history describes the world’s first cultures as having inherited vast knowledge and ability from an older.

This hidden history was proposed and maintained by Victorian-era scholars and archaeologists in the 1800s. after they discovered a series of mysterious ancient cultural parallels worldwide: .


How. and mummification? To the Victorians it seemed inconceivable that these similar societies could have evolved separately. But it was suddenly abandoned in the mid-20th century when a new wave of Western scholars declared that not enough evidence exists to support it. Now. the discovery of these parallel Triptych Temples offers groundbreaking new evidence supporting the Atlantis theory. can we explain parallels like pyramid construction.Above: No records exist of any contact between these civilizations. The Atlantis model of history stood unchallenged for decades. then. corbel arches. it was more logical to think they all evolved from the same parent source—Atlantis. but also the attention of the great Victorian-era scholars who studied ancient cultural correspondences: . These Triptych Temples have not only escaped the attention of modern scholars.


the Church began to root out all traces of the wisdom of the Mystery Schools. the Freemasons secretly encoded the Triptych’s wisdom into the facades of churches. castles. where it remains concealed today. This Universal Religion of the Triptych was contained and kept alive in what modern scholars call the ancient “Mystery Schools. connections to the original source were severed or so diluted that the true Mysteries were about to become lost. Members of the Mystery Schools were endowed with extraordinary insight and superhuman qualities and abilities. Commissioned by the Church to build Europe’s Gothic cathedrals. monuments. stone landmarks.com). and Aristotle—were initiates of the Mysteries. they shrouded their ancient secrets in allegories and symbols and placed it all under the guardianship of various streams of “esoteric” societies. Pythagoras. which flourished for over 900 years from 387 BC until 529 AD. Socrates. and as Christianity grew to empire status. Copernicus. This partly explains why countless medieval Gothic cathedrals built by the Freemasons all share the same master blueprint—a mystifying “Cathedral Code” of sorts. Plato. To safeguard the wisdom. students of the Mystery Schools went into hiding. Isaac Newton. With the dawn of Christianity came a period of great change. In a quest to gain authority over the masses. As a result. as if constructed by masons sharing a similar knowledge base? Do these Triptych temples indicate a shared religion inherited from the same Mother Culture? In fact.” Held in the highest secrecy and reverence. cathedrals. Forefathers of modern western thought—Homer. the members of which have included Galileo. the Triptych is the forgotten Universal Religion of Antiquity—the legacy of the much older Lost Civilization of Atlantis (see www. Kepler. Da Vinci. who changed history with their philosophies and advanced knowledge.Why and how do all these temples exhibit the same parallel architecture. who claimed the Academy was Pagan. the teachings of the Mystery Schools were said to contain the secrets of the universe and the keys to great and magical practices. Ancient Triptych temples fell into ruin as did the wisdom they once preserved. The ancient knowledge waned a little more with each successive retelling.DeeperTruth. and Napoleon. the teachings began to die out. or explained by modern scholars: . which is yet to be discovered. reliefs. and pass the torch on to a new generation. if not all. It appeared that many. analyzed. It was during this era that a powerful secret society called the Masonic Fraternity—the Freemasons—stepped onto the stage of history and began what would become their triumphant quest to keep the details of the Mystery School teachings alive. Even Plato’s famous Academy. and statues. was closed down by Emperor Justinian.

In fact.Above: Gothic cathedrals with Triptych entrances. hence the universality of the Triptych entrance. Above: Secret Society headquarters with Triptych entrances. . which many are being used for today) once shared the same Universal Religion of the Triptych. all the great Secret Societies (before they were taken over in modern times and co-opted for nefarious purposes.

As a result. it is an enlightening and empowering tradition that enables humans to excel and reach seemingly superhuman levels of accomplishment. We’ll see how the Renaissance itself was nothing short of a “rebirth” of the Universal Religion / Sacred Science in Europe. cathedrals and other sacred structures. and secretly incorporated its design into the entryways of churches.Written In Stone takes you on a journey through history’s earliest and greatest civilizations to show you the presence of the Triptych—an undocumented and mysterious ancient cultural correspondence. into remote regions of India and Southeast Asia. It’s no coincidence that Freemasonry . but does still hold the lost wisdom in its symbolism. having lost its original purpose. The book highlights how different peoples in different times and places understood and practiced the same Universal Religion / Sacred Science which they all symbolized by the same Triptych three-door entry. It also shows how history’s operative Freemasons fully understood the ancient legacy of the Triptych. to the ancient lands of Persia and China. castles. ceremony. We’ll also see how the Masonic Fraternity is no longer a true repository of the Triptych / Universal Religion / Sacred Science wisdom. few Freemasons and even fewer Westerners know of the existence of the Triptych / Sacred Science. and a rediscovery of ancient Triptych wisdom: Above: The real-life “Da Vinci Code” is the ancient Triptych behind Christ! Leonardo da Vinci encoded the Triptych and its esoteric meaning in The Last Supper. high up the Andes Mountains. This quest for lost wisdom will carry you across the Nile in Egypt. and ritual. a fact still not recognized by scholars. and deep into Mesoamerica’s thick jungles to discover and decipher ancient architecture and gain true insight into the ruins of the world’s most magnificent ancient empires.

but it tells us something more. Benjamin Franklin. Written In Stone has the makings of an intellectual revolution. including Washington. and Mozart. reports.has included many famous and world-changing men. Richard Cassaro . we will slowly become awakened to our own hidden potential—for its precepts are as applicable in our own lives today as they were in the lives of our ancestors thousands of years ago. As we recover the truth about prehistory. Voltaire. and updated information about the book. Join the Written In Stone newsletter and stay connected with videos. web blogs.

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