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Speed Seductipn Seminar Transcripts_Ross jeffries

Speed Seductipn Seminar Transcripts_Ross jeffries


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Published by branx
for all you speedseducers outthere...peace and piece
for all you speedseducers outthere...peace and piece

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Published by: branx on Feb 12, 2009
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Side 1
The problems with dating
Basic SS rule: capture and lead her imagination
There’s no such thing...
Possible “newbie” mistakes: patterns are made up

patterns are goofy... women won’t respond
using patterns as hi-tech begging
having unrealistic expectations on yourself

Will vs. willingness
Women’s compartmentalization; places in women’s minds

Side 2
Beautiful women place men in altered states
Overview of SS: 1) Designing your state
2) Seductive language
3) Conversational framework

The 4 doorways into a woman’s mind
Stories and descriptions; form vs. content
Building blocks of patterns: weasel phrases
Submission vs. surrender

Side 3
Brother John’s Italian girl story
-- finger pointing
Brother Dennis’ story and Ross’ commentary
Major Mark: the romantic hero

Side 4
Major Mark continued: his initial SS development
SS attitudes: Ross’ 10 Commandments
How sound influences your mindset
-- Ross working with a student on Rocky & Bullwinkle
Rocky & Bullwinkle exercise

Side 5
Rocky & Bullwinkle exercise continued
-- Ross working with students
Initial pickups
-- being outrageous: fake like you’re gay
-- general structure: interrupt her state, focus her attention on you, take
control of her internal reps
-- “I’m glad you laughed...”

Side 6
The Grapho deck


Initial pickups continued
-- pauses
-- seductive speaking pace
-- examples of effective approaches
Patterns/Discovery Channel pattern:
-- layer 3 deep
-- how to quote
-- conversational framework
-- ambiguity
-- time distortion
-- the contrast principle

Side 7
Looking vs. truly seeing pattern
Have you ever thought of the difference between x and y?
Thinking in themes: e.g., learning so much about people
Anchoring negative feelings to someone else
Conversational framework; transition phrases

Side 8
Major Mark: being a teacher vs. being someone you learn from
Transition phrases continued
Generating patterns:
-- spinning patterns off of "Fantasies"
-- guidelines for generating patterns
-- being a sorcerer vs. casting a spell
The AFC mindset
Patterns as a promise

Side 9
Major Mark: the importance of the call for action
Generating patterns continue
Ross about "letting go"
Ross working with Brother Pelone on getting intuitive
Thoughts have locations
Playing with her mental pictures
Ross' induction and exercise to build a powerful self-image ("aha! box"...)
Opening your intuition:
-- peripheral vision

Side 10
Ross working with a student to get rid of unconscious images
Orion's presentation:
-- the initial walk up
-- demonstrating patterns

Side 11
Orion's and Ross' presentation continued:
-- sincerity


-- patterns reflecting themes that are of deep passion to you
-- experience the pattern yourself; reciting vs. revealing
-- CLOSES: linguistic closes, strategic closes, dealing with boyfriend
objection, physical closes (physical clues, "surprise kiss" pattern)
-- personal space pattern
-- describe the process you want her to experience
-- massage pattern
-- relationships: honesty, never harming her
-- when she says “stop!”

Side 12
Orion's presentation concluded
Ross on creating themes
Major Mark

-- pathological trance (compulsion, dominance, obsession)
-- what does it mean to be a seducer?

Side 13
Major Mark continued: scoring with married women
Ross working with a student (swish and more)

Side 14
End of Ross' working with students
Content language vs. process language
The importance of mental rehearsal
Structure and form
"Manny the Martian" exercise
Ross working with a student on sounds that open better circuitry

Side 15
Quotes continued:
-- Jokes. Voodoo Dildo.
-- Poetry. "Fascination" poem.
More pattern building blocks: Phonetic ambiguity, negation, hypnotic trance
words, softeners.
Working with "Drug of choice" student
"Shock therapy"

Side 16
Moving her energy into desired states
Useful questions to ask yourself
Structuring opportunities and offering challenges

-- techniques on how to test for it
-- ways women get you to supplicate
-- ways to avoid it
Breath induction



-- in person vs. over phone
-- someone you know vs. a new person
Transition between patterns
Major Mark: the power of repetition
"You can make it be" poem

Side 17
Orion reading a poem to a girl
Kim's presentation: voice, tonality, breathing, etc.

Side 18
Kim's presentation continued: inflection, feeling what you say
Ross talking about his products
Orion's presentation:
-- discussing his poem presentation and his troubleshooter tapes
-- demonstrating patterns (IC, value elicitation)

Side 19
Orion continued: eliciting Kim's values
Ross demonstrating value elicitation with Brother Kathleen
Orion demonstrating the Blammo

Side 20
Conclusion: testimonials


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