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January 23, 2013 Builder

January 23, 2013 Builder

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Published by: First Baptist Church on Jan 27, 2013
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THANK YOU, for your faithfulness in giving in 2012. Our church ended the year by reaching 98.

84% of our projected budget. The ministries and staff led the church in spending only 84.53% of the projected budget. This resulted in a surplus of receipts over expenditures for 2012. Because of this, the Finance Committee voted to pay an additional $100,000 on the note remaining for the Shell Annex Renovation work. This will reduce the balance of that note to $119, 000. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pay this off in 2013 and end the year debt free? PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! We are still working toward the building of the Raymond Miles Youth Building as approved in Church Conference. We are about $48,000 away from breaking ground on the new building. I would challenge you to prayerfully consider your gift to this project. And again, as always, thank you for your faithfulness in tithing. It is the tithe of the membership that keeps the church going on a weekly basis. Your continued faithfulness is such a blessing to the work of the Kingdom. BREAKING NEWS! The Bainbridge Historical Committee gave their approval for the building of the Raymond Miles Youth Building. With that approval the only hurdle left to breaking ground is the raising of the remaining funds. Can we do this quickly? I think so! Let’s not tarry in doing God’s work!!! I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday. Paul

Sunday January 20, 2013 Budget Receipts $13,337.58 Budget Needs To Date $51,876.00 Budget Receipts YTD $56,466.79 Receipts Over Budget By $4,590.79 Youth Bldg TD $17,400.00 Bible Study 310 WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIGHT January 30 Mexican Lasagna Corn on Cob 7 Layered Salad Bread Dessert

Sunday, January 27 Early Worship 8:30 AM Bible Study 9:45 AM Morning Worship 11:00 AM Children’s Ministry 4:00 PM Interpretive Movement 4:45 PM Shockwave 5:30 PM AWANA 5:30 PM Evening Worship 6:30 PM Monday, January 28 Saints Alive 10:30 AM Ladies Bible Study 6:00 PM Tuesday, January 29 Youth Prayer Breakfast 6:45 AM Men’s Prayer Breakfast 7:00 AM Wednesday, January 30 Graded Choirs Rehearse 5:45 PM Youth Bible & Supper 6:00 PM Family Supper 6:00 PM Missions Fr, GA’s, RA’s 7:00 PM Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM Handbells 7:00 PM Chancel Choir 7:45 PM Thursday, January 31 Ladies Bible Study 6:00 PM BCM @ College 7:00 PM

EXTENDED SESSION January 27 Eddie & Debbie Duke, Jean Stokes, Betty Johnson, Treasa & Charlie Rayfield, Misty Griffin, Lindsey Duke, Betty Boyett.

First Baptist
January 23, 2012
Pastor Rev. Paul Medley Minister of Music Rev. Art Bruce Minister of Youth Brian Steward Director of Children Stacey Sweitzer



*****Bill Josey and family in the death of his father, William Willard Josey.

The next meeting of the Fellowship Club will be Monday, February 4th. Rev. Lynn Roberts will be our guest speaker again this year. He always does a superb job! Mark this date on your calendar and invite friends to this special event.

The Sunday morning TV broadcast on WMGR will be seen at 11:00 each Sunday of the month. We apologize for the problems with the broadcast the last 2 Sundays. Mediacom had equipment issues which caused our signal to freeze up. These should be repaired by Jan 27th. If you are still receiving a black screen on Channel 22, you should manually tune to channel 84. It will show as channel 84-1. From there, you can use the channel up button on your remote to tune to channel 84-11. Please call or speak to me if you have MEDIACOM and cannot receive Channel 22 or 8411 on you TV. We can help you get the broadcast.

Sing with us tomorrow. We have some great plans for sharing our music in local and distant venues. Join us at 10:30 in the Choir Room.

JUBALS Regional Concert at FBC Blakely, Thurs, Feb. 7.

This week, I have to brag on God! I had planned to request prayerful giving in this issue of the Builder so that I could provide scholarships for summer kids' camp. Before I could even voice this request, a group of men approached me and told me they would like to sponsor two children for camp. Isn't God AWESOME?!? This is why I already love my job and this church. I am blessed to have the opportunity to watch Jesus work. I am so excited about all the events already lined up for summer! Summer may seem far away now, but it will be here before we know it! Even if you are not a parent or grandparent of a regular FBC attendee, please prayerfully consider sponsoring a kid for camp or volunteering for VBS. Just a reminder, we are headed to CentriKid on June 10-14. A $50 deposit is due on Wednesday, February 13. That same evening we will have the first parent meeting at 6:00 pm in room E206. (Feel free to bring your dinner!) We'll fill out participant release forms, discuss travel arrangements and payment schedules, go over interested parent volunteer attendees and I'll be on hand to answer any questions. If you have already signed up to volunteer for VBS, mark your calendar for a VBS Clinic on March 23, 9 am in Tifton. This clinic will help us get excited about this year's event. It is VITALLY important that ALL volunteers attend. This means, I must know if you plan on being a part of VBS prior to the clinic, so be sure to let me know you are interested in volunteering as soon as possible. You may email me or sign up on the preschool hallway. Stacey
What's Happening: February 3 Wanna see Bob & Larry in concert? Let me know! February 13 CentriKid Deposit Due ($50/kid) & Parent Meeting 6 pm March 8 VeggieTales Concert, 6 pm, Tallahassee ($10/person)
All children over the age of 2 will require a ticket. Any child under 2 must held by the parent in their seat.

We are going to have our hands full for D-Now with 130 students, 20 college group leaders, and around 20 host home leaders and co-host. We are still asking for volunteers for helping with the supper provided by FBC on Saturday night. If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please call or email me. We have had a change in plans for our summer international mission trip. We were informed on Wednesday that the city in which we were going to travel in Honduras was getting too dangerous. So, we have regrouped and signed up with Crossings Camp to travel to Haiti. They lead several mission groups over to Haiti throughout the summer and have been doing it for several years now. We are excited about the trip and recognize that when God shuts a door He always opens another one. Please remember the shirts that we have for sale. I have a lot more in my office and the proceeds go towards our trip. Reminder: Shockwave and Interpretive movement has started back up. If you are a student from 6th grade to 12th grade come and join in on the fellowship and worship through music and drama. Brian What’s Happening January 25th– FCA social @ Christmas Tree Farm @ 7 January 27th- D-Now meeting for Group leaders and Host Home Leaders @ 4:00 in youth room. January 29th– Breakfast @ Betty’s January 30th– Student Ministries (6-8) January 31st– BCM @ Bainbridge College (7-9) February 3rd– Youth Led Service February 15th-17th– D-Now Weekend February 18th– Haiti meeting @ church (12-2)

Reserve your spot on the bus by calling the office or signing up on the list which is located on the bulletin Board above the water fountain, ground floor of the Shell Annex. EASTER CANTATA BONUS REHEARSAL
Sopranos -Sunday the 27th, BARACA room 5:00 PM

March 23 VBS Clinic, 9 am, Tifton March 30 Easter Egg Hunt, 2 pm, Christmas Tree Farm
More information on this event coming soon!

June 10-14 CentriKid Camp, Norman Park in Tifton ($315/kid) June 24-28 VBS

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