…and now I fear I said too much The damage done, the email sent …and I’m afraid of your response Which could be so much different From what I want, what will she think? What have I done? So my heart sinks From what once was, to should have been I’m stricken by My honesty A weekend curse I cannot rest I wait all day by my PC I need to know, my head’s a mess The day slips by depressingly So will she see and will she care? What have I done? I’m in despair From what I said, tormenting me I’m sickened by My honesty I sit and wait, confused, afraid You answer comes I dare to view Your own sweet words, my fears allayed You still need me, I still need you Our friendship sealed a friendship shared My heart’s up there! I never dared To think that you, would still love me If only for My honesty

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