She sits on the chair her wavy hair still neatly in place putting on her stockings as he stands with his back to the window gazing at her she pauses her fingers holding the stocking tops and looks at him and says in her sluttish French do you want me back tomorrow? there is a draught from the window touching his naked back sending a shiver along his spine sure he says but make it a little later the wife’s got a show to see and she doesn’t leave till just after 8

ok she says pulling up the stocking and fixing it to the clip shall I bring anything with me? no just yourself he says and maybe wear that tight skirt and creamy blouse and those black stockings she stands and pulls down her slip to cover her underwear and looks around for her dress look he says beware of the concierge she’s a nosey old biddy? she asks biddy what is that? just be careful of her he says

don’t let her see you leave or she’ll tell the wife oh I see sure I will be careful of the biddy she says picking up her dress from the chair by the bed and as she turns away he studies her neat ass the way she climbs into the dress her hands so quick in movement the finger so precise like those of a pickpocket and he sees her leg rise the stockinged leg the fineness of the thigh then she turns toward him and she smiles and she starts on the other leg and he wonders what his wife would say if she came in now how’d she’d look

then it’s over the dame’s dressed puts on her coat and picks up her bag and takes the money he’d put on the desk and shoves it into the bag and sighs and leaves and as she goes out the door waggling her ass he knows he wants her back some more.

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