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Seeing, Moving the Assemblage Point: Fire from Within- chapter 10- great bands of emanations 1.

Normal Human 2. Shift Below- animal forms - plants (lower part of cocoon) (harness awareness of trees & small plants, very low assemblage point) 3. Interior( still in amber band)- beyond certain threshold: organic band inorganic- 1. labryinth of penulumbra 2. black world 3. time speeds up, Silvio Manuel visited 4. reddish, oppressive 5. white, luminescent 6. 7. Seeing other luminous cocoons: organic band -----------amber hi: pure blue yellow lo:green 7 inorganic 40 bands, vessels of organization ----------- --------------------------------amber

beige-pink: beige-pink bright violet-medicinal pale yellow-poisonous murky white-p.plants brilliant white-p.plants peach peach

Steps to make assemblage point shift: chap 11- stalking, intent, & dreaming position 1. seeing glow of awarenesssequence of truths or mastery of awareness A. stalking- behave in non-customary waysleft side (without human inventory)- naguals right side (heightened awareness)- warriors petty tryants B. Intent: guiding of will- force that moves assemblage point power, energy of alignment, will C. Dreaming- art of handling dreaming body: shield to protect oneself when seeing taught in right side awareness (because of danger) keeping assemblage point fixed at position moved to in

sleep point can be.

dreams themselves cannot be commanded, but assemblage fortifications: warrior's way impeccability, sobriety saving energy single sustained act, unbending intent

Waking up at dreaming position: dreaming body- feeling or surge of energy transported by assemblage point to place in this or 7 inorganic worlds Seeing blobs of energy or dreaming body: assemblage point moves beyond point of no doubts