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B2B Buying Behavior

B2B Buying Behavior


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Published by: Shahid Hussain Mohal on Feb 12, 2009
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Most of the elements in this study have been assigned by Fläkt Woods. These elements en-
tail quality, service, technical performance, technical knowledge, time of delivery, installa-
tion, calculation program (Win Don), flexibility, market adjustment, technical documenta-
tion and geographic distance. These elements were chosen by Fläkt Woods since they all
are the ones mainly used in Fläkt Woods’ marketing program. These elements are impor-
tant for Fläkt Woods since they can be used to improve their marketing program to in-
crease the customer value and in the long run increase the profitability. However, the au-
thors have chosen to add two additional elements. These elements are relationships and
communication. They represent the interaction between people and they are based on ear-
lier research and theories mentioned earlier in the thesis.

Why choose five answering alternatives in a questionnaire instead
of seven?

According to Jacobsen (2002), there is no meaning in having more than seven or eight an-
swering alternatives in a questionnaire. To use answering alternatives that range from one
to more than eight can make the alternatives loose their actual meaning and it becomes
hard for the respondents to know the exact meaning of their answers. The question is:
How big is the probability that the respondents would answer exactly the same way if they
were to repeat the procedure after a couple of weeks? A questionnaire with answering al-
ternatives that range from one to five clearly reduces the risk of loosing the sense of each
alternative and provides a sensible label to each answer. Three answering alternatives is
even easier but there is a risk that the alternatives will loose some of its shades. Also seven
or eight answering alternatives can become a label problem, which is the reason why five
alternatives is the most common technique. Supported by this knowledge, the question-
naire in this study came to entail five answering alternatives.

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