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1. WLL CDMA supports the data speed more than Kbps kbs C 28 Kbps D 10 Kbps B 24 A 20 2. yourself in the shoes of your customer a effective talker C become a good listener D become a loose talker B become A put 6. How to become a customer friendly business? Choose the false statement. Mass calling SCP is located at A Hyderabad B Bangalore C Kolkotta D Lucknow 4. The maximum character length of any SMS is characters B 90 characters C 70 characters D none A 160 5. Pacify is a ________step process A six B five C three D none 7. We should treat customer as a boss B least important person C enemy D none A real 3. In ISDN how many terminals can be connected to one S/T interface . MPLS technology is being widely adopted by service providers worldwide to VPNs to connect geographically separated customer sites point to point leased line C implement dial-up VPN D all of the above B implement A implement 8.

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