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Published by Tinku Kumar
Resume writing.ppt
Resume writing.ppt

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Published by: Tinku Kumar on Jan 27, 2013
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Resume writing

-The art-

Resume-The meaning
• It’s a marketing tool that tries to reflect the persona of an individual and tries to project the best about that individual.

Could be,
• First round of a selection process • Elimination round • Comparative evaluation method

• “The resume gives us a chance to have a sneak peak into the persona of the candidate and we decide things like the basis of evaluation and questions to ask and clarify during the interview” • -Mr.Mahalingam, • CPO, Symphony

In fact,
• Resume, for a corporate is a true reflection of the candidate. • The challenge is to effectively match the reflection with the existence in the following selection rounds..

Resume-brief contents
• • • • • Name Address Contact details Objective Educational backgound/Scholastic credentials

Resume details-Contd.
• • • • • Work Experience Activities Awards and Accolades Interests Declaration

• • • • • • Give a fair view. Write the TRUTH Use appropriate words Use a good format and design Type or print and use A4 sheets Use a border if you have some work experience • Give references and testimonials

• Don’t lie else the HR will MAKE YOU LIE • Don’t use shabby fonts or informal fonts • Don’t be too bombastic in the use of language • Don’t COPY!! • Don’t make irrelevant remarks anywhere • #Plz don’t make it jus a document, make it your representative#

Use action oriented words like
• • • • • • • • • • achieved acquired adapted addressed administered analyzed anticipated assembled assisted audited

And words like,
• • • • • • • • • founded generated guided hired implemented improved informed insured interpreted

Common myths about Resumes
• It should be 3-4 pages at least • Hiring decision is made based on resume • Resumes are taken for namesake, it’s not important. • The content is important, not format • Two resumes should not be alike in the same hiring pool…

Types of resume’
• Traditional resume • Functional resume • Skill based resume

For Us,
• Traditional block format of a resume displaying.. • Organized manner of presentation • Quick review of all sections • Project the best you have

• Plz don’t be funky in your resume!!!!!!!! • It could prove very costly!!!

Well then,
• Thank you • Open for Queriez………

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