E2-E3 3

In NGN the customer is free to use any terminal to get the service using A closed-interface B operated-interface C diverted-interface D open-interface 4. When customer visits to your office. In `Fast action in execution of work` which of the following word is false A speed B time C trust D delay bound 7.1. Customer pays for A unhappiness B bargains D none for problems C happiness of above 5. WLL mobile network provides mobility to subscriber mobility to subscriber C no mobility to subscriber D none B total A limited 3. Why must we please the customer for our life time? Choose the false sentence from the following pays for our revenue gives business C customer makes our organisation grow D customer makes our organisation to loss B customer A customer 6. Which of the following is lowest level of communication trust trust C respectful none B high A low . Choose the correct sentence talk with customer listen with customer C first negotiate with customer D none of above B first A first 2.

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