Point: Globalization has influenced us for many decades now, yet we have never reacted in the way we do now

Counterpoint: The world is undergoing a period of significant reactionary change – analyze why there is no why it is a pattern that repeats itself through the ages DO IT ANYWAY Counterpoint: Low birth rates (always present) coupled with massive sudden influx of foreigners (WHY) have led us to a point where we begin to question the ramifications of such openness AS WELL AS sudden realization that they are taking our jobs IS THIS TRUE and coming into our schools (EDUCATION) as they transplant their families here

Point: Do Singaporeans need further education and upgrading of skills and most importantly a change of mindset? Counterpoint: In a competition for attracting and nurturing talent it is natural that the incompetent suffer Counterpoint: Perhaps directly related to risk-averse culture that Singaporeans practice which is highly incompatible with the global financial and entrepreneurial center we hold ourselves to be – natural progression of irony and hubris

Point: Does an emphasis on racial and religious harmony draw significant attention to race and religion as barriers that separate us? Counterpoint: They would exist anyway. Counterpoint: Unnecessary shackles of the Government. Counterpoint: YES. (Post-note: I have become increasingly convinced of this as one of the subtlest effects that have come our way.)

Point: All foreigners eventually become Singaporean. Give it ten years or so, but a native Bangladeshi in Montreal, Canada will eventually begin to talk like a Canadian, like the food, and take the bus. Further bring into this the thought: are we global citizens? Counterpoint: We do come back, after awhile. Some don’t. There is a wide range of Singaporeans out and about across the world.

Counterpoint: YES. . Subpoint: Different levels and aspects of the effects of globalization? Worth considering. but by those in the age group of 30-40 born and bred and worked half to death in Singapore. Point: All this fuss is being made not by the youth. who are the most open to globalization and typically have overseas experience.

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