The ways in which a company should assess value of their IT investments are: •Understanding that entire organization is responsible for IT pay offs rather that IT dept only •Managemant of IT pay offs start before actual investment and continues after it as well •Creating and exploiting complementary assets is very important for IT pay offs •Companies should follow the AIAC framework • Financial metrics like Total Value of Oppurtunity, Total Economic Impact and Rapid Economic Justification should be used to measure IT investments under various conditions • Balance between risk and payoff can be attained by portfolio analysis 2. Challenge of IT is to link different parts of group more closely and providing better services for customers. It should essentially improve on operational efficiency. Considering the same, it is evident that citi balanced costs and also introduced new products alongside IT investment. It used an integrated approach to manage workforce. Though both companies made IT investment as per their strategies Citi has used the investment more wisely.

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