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Five Mountain Zen Koans

Five Mountain Zen Koans

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Published by Gary Cocciolillo

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Published by: Gary Cocciolillo on Jan 27, 2013
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b = same as English
p = same as English
c = ts in its
q = ch in chicken, tip of tongue on the lower teeth
ch = ch in chicken, tongue on the roof of your mouth
r = r in red but with the tongue the roof of your mouth
d = same as English
s = same as English
f = same as English
sh = same as English
g = same as English
t = same as English
h = same as English
w = same as English
j = same as English, tongue on lower teeth.
x = sh in hush, tongue on the lower teeth
k = same as English
y = same as English
l = same as English
z = like the ds in kids
m = same as English
zh = j in jump, tongue on roof of mouth
n = same as English

Vowels and other things...

a = as in father
iu = yo in Tokyo

ai = ‘eye’

o = o in mom

an = ‘on’ in ‘gone’
ong = somewhere between ‘ong’ in Hong Kong and ‘ung’ in hung
ang = somewhere between ‘ang’ in sang and ‘ong’ in Hong Kong

ou = ow in mow

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ao = ow in cow
u = oo in boo

ü = ew in new
e = u in full
ua = ua in Guam
ei = ay in pay

uai = ‘why’

en = un in fun
uan = uan in quantity
eng = ung in sung
uang = rhymes with strong
er = sounds like it is spelled
ui = ay in way

i = after the c, ch, s sh, z, zh, like ‘i’ in ‘chirp’ (chi is like chi in
‘chirp’, but stop before you pronounce the ‘r’). Following any other
letter the i is like ee in bee
un = following j, q, x, y, l, n, sounds like ‘une’ in June. Following
other letters it is closer to un in pun
in = similar to English
uo = wo in worry
ing = ing in sting

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