Linux Lab 02 Command Line

Linux Workshop

Lab 2 Command line
➢ Live Linux

Quick Reference Objectives to learn
Command line knowledge #program files do not need an extension such as .exe #directories use / instead of \ #help with: cmd --help #prefix ./ to start a program located in the current directory #.files are hidden (starting with a dot) command -options parameters ...<tab> ...<tab><tab> #General command syntax #Automatic cmd completion (WinXP) #Completion for cmd & file choices #Browse through cmd history ( #Show personal cmd line history #Start command 5 from history #Use ; for cmd concatenation #less is more (<q> to quit) bash) #(often no drive letters, but) mount points. #commands & filenames are case sensitive

To Do from the command line
1. Go to the tmp directory 2. How many commands can a user execute? 3. How many commands can a priviliged user execute? 4. How many commands did the user already execute in the past? 5. Execute command number 1 from the command history 6. How can you search in a directory to a filename ignoring upper and lower case characters? 7. Change the prompt. Change \w in \W or reverse.

...<page up> history !5 cmd1 ; cmd2 ls /etc ¦ less ls /etc ¦ grep -i fstab nohup cmd cmd & <ctrl-z> jobs bg [nr] xset -b echo $PS export PS=

#man, info, which, type, whereis, apropos #Filter output using grep ignoring upper case #Leave cmd running aft logout (hang up) #such as the screen package #Start cmd in background (running) #Set program into background (stopped) #Show background programs #Start background program (running) #Set sound bell for alerts = off (in X) #Show prompt string variable #Set prompt string variable

Theory Modules
LPIC 1 Certification Bible, isbn 0-7645-4772-0 ➢ p. 63 Ch. 2 Using the Shell ➢ p. 275 Ch. 7 Using Documentation ➢ p. 72-77 Environment Variables and Settings ➢ p. 527-540 Customizing the Shell Environment

Extra References
➢ ➢

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