Linux Workshop

Lab 19 Unknown root password
➢ Modern Linux distribution ➢ Bootable Linux CD or DVD such as Knoppix or

Quick Reference Objectives to learn
#Live Linux CD boot #Mounting a harddisk partition #vi #Single User Mode from the bootmenu #Rescue Mode from the Install CD boot

the Novell Linux Desktop
➢ CD number 1 of the Linux distribution

To Do
1. Remove the password of root using a Live Linux boot CD such as Knoppix or the Live Novell Linux Desktop DVD: - Start from the CD/DVD - Mount the / harddisk partition in a local directory - Remove the second field, the x, on the root line of the passwd file from the / harddisk partition. - Boot from the harddisk and logon as root without a password. 2. Try to change the password of root using the passwd command in the the Single User Mode. Go to the single user mode from the bootmenu. 3. Change the password of root using the passwd command in the Rescue Mode.

Theory Modules
Foundations of Linux Networking, isbn 90-808955-1-2 ➢ p. 419 Recover from an unknown root password by using Single User Mode or Rescue Mode.

Extra References
➢ ➢ Recovery from an unknown root password.pdf

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