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Solar System Formation Video
Directions: You and your partners will need to create an educational and entertaining video about the solar system. Your video should contain the following information: 1. Display the sequence of events for solar system formation (pages 90-95) 2. Include all vocabulary words from those pages 3. Describe why planets are grouped the way they are 4. Describe how the planets formed You will also need to create a movie poster for your video. It should excite the audience about watching your video Some research time will be made available to you, but you may need to work outside of class. Refer to the rubric below to assist you. Research/Content Oscar Contender Thorough and well researched. All key concepts included. Sources indicated in credits 25 points Highly educational and informative. 25 points Entertaining Extremely entertaining. Audience was engaged and critics gave it:  10 points All members participated equally and fairly. Appropriate credit is noted in the video. 15 points
Golden Globe Nominee

1 or 2 concepts missing. Sources provided in credits. 20 points Some emphasis placed on instruction. Provided some educational content. 20 points Wait for it to come out on DVD. Only received  8 points There was unequal participation noted. Credits given in video. 10 points

Teen Choice Award 3 or more key concepts missing. Sources not provided in credits. 15 points Little or no educational value. Not very informative. 15 points Snoozer. Critics gave it a  and the audience demanded their money back. :o( 5 points So lopsided that the screen actor’s guild called.

Educational Value


5 points

Total: ________________ /75 points