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Published by: Iosif Hutan on Jan 27, 2013
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AKoff Music Composer version 2.0 Copyright (C) 1998-2000 AKoff Sound Labs.

DESCRIPTION: AKoff Music Composer is music recognition software which performs Wave to Midi conversion. Composer recognizes polyphonic music from microphone (other Wave input or file) and converts it into Midi sequences. You can sing, whistle or play guitar, piano, flute and so on with your microphone, Composer will automatically recognize and score your music and create standard Midi sequences. Neither a Midi keyboard nor any musical experience are required to compose music. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 1. PC compatible Pentium 150 processor or faster system 2. Windows 95 or higher 3. Sound card (microphone - optional) INSTALLATION: To install our software simply unzip archive in any appropriate folder and run EXE-file. Our software doesn't place any DLLs or other libraries to your system folder. To uninstall software simply delete all files included in distributive. REGISTRATION: The unregistered version of AKoff Music Composer allows you to evaluate the program features before registering it. This version is fully functional with the following exception: you cannot save MIDI file. If you decide to continue using Composer after the 30-day evaluation period, you must register it. The registration fee is US $29. DISTRIBUTION: The unregistered software may be freely distributed provided the distribution package is not modified. No person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of Composer without written permission from the copyright holder. CONTACTS: E-mail: contacts@akoff.com Website: www.akoff.com POSTAL ADDRESS: AKoff Sound Labs P.O. Box 2 Moscow 109548 Russia

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