Any reason why church and state should NOT be separated? Hey answer-ers!

I just want a valid arguement or even just a statement and why church and state should NOT be separated. I have to do this paper and i need 3 valid arguments from the opposing side (not separated) but I only have two: 1. "The founding fathers set this Nation under a Christian Religion, therefore religion needs to be incorporated in State" (disputed) 2. "80 percent of this nation is religious and is sometimes called the 'Christian Nation', therefore religion should be incorporated in State" (disputed also) 3. ???? Something that the majority of non secular groups use. Thanks in advance! PS: I do wish that the church and state should remain separated, so please don't try to school or rant on me. k? You could argue that Christian or religious beliefs and morals are responsible for the healthy growth and support of a society. Also -You can argue that religion can serve as a set of guiding principles which encourage stability in the family, which is the basic unit and building block of a nation

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