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The Anti-Government Guidebook for Judges

The Anti-Government Guidebook for Judges

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Published by American Kabuki
A Guidebook Judges use when dealing the Sovereignty and Common Law Movements.
A Guidebook Judges use when dealing the Sovereignty and Common Law Movements.

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Published by: American Kabuki on Jan 27, 2013
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There is a general theory among these groups that the term "esquire" following an

attorney's name is a "title of nobility," in violation of the United States Constitution. In Article I,

Sections 9 and 10, the Constitution states that no title of nobility shall be granted by the

United States and, furthermore, that no state shall grant titles of nobility. Because of this, several

things occur. First, the states lose legitimacy in the eyes of these groups because they confer

licenses upon attorneys — thus magically turning them into "esquires" and illegally granting titles

of nobility. Second, and most important for purposes of this text, courts which have a bar - the area

in front of the gallery - have a space that is reserved for attorneys only (supposedly). Therefore,

the thinking goes, a member of these groups cannot "enter the bar" lest they either become

an "esquire" or acknowledge the validity of the "title" - which consequence is more feared is not

quite clear.

A second, and related, reason is often used to support the "titles of nobility" theory.

In 1810, Congress proposed what would have been the 13th

Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This Amendment would have forbade any United States citizen from receiving a title of nobility and

from holding public office if he or she did so. The proposed Amendment was never ratified by the

states, however. Twelve states did accept the proposed Amendment - but thirteen of the then

seventeen states were required for it to be adopted. The problem that arises is that, apparently,

there were communications problems between the state and federal governments in 1810 and,

as a result, the text of the "13th

Amendment" made an appearance in a particular Virginia law


Virginia was one of the states that did not accept the proposed Amendment. A member of

one of these groups made this "discovery" some time ago, and has subsequently argued (and taught

to the masses) that this Amendment was actually ratified. Because of this, all attorneys are violating

the constitution - especially those who hold public office. This is just another way to validate the

belief that attorneys - as we know them today - are, as a class, just bad, illegal and corrupt people.

Anti-Government Movement Guidebook


The members of these groups want nothing to do with that, and therefore refuse to "enter the bar"

and choose not to "take the stand" to testify.

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