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By Ricky Binihi Talks have

Marae not on table of AFp/vanuatu discussions
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between Vanuatu officials and Australian Federal Police (AFP) on the possibility of the AFP funding the Vanuatu Police Force but the former Prime Minister’s political aide, Clarence Marae’s case has not emerged. First Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office Mr Richard Kaltongga told a Press Conference that AFP and Vanuatu

have had discussions of how Australia could fund the Vanuatu Police, particularly the Vanuatu Police College. Apparently there was no mention of PM Sato Kilman’s First Secretary Mr Marae, who was part of the Vanuatu Prime Minister’s delegation that received an “undignified” welcome by Australian Police May last year and had Mr Marae arrested on money laundering charges.

At that time Australian officials made Vanuatu PM Kilman’s delegation fill out immigration forms and arrested when the Vanuatu delegation was reportedly only in transit. Vanuatu retaliated by deporting 12 members of the AFP who had been in Port Vila attached with the Vanuatu Police and strained relations between Port Vila and Canberra.

A Police officer told the Daily Post that when the AFP was ordered to leave the budget they allocated the Police College was halted and the recruitment of new Police intakes came to a standstill. This has affected tremendously the government’s initiative of bringing the number of Police around Vanuatu to over 900 and has been like that until both Vanuatu and

Australia realize the importance of security in Vanuatu and AFP and Vanuatu reopened dialogue last week. Mr Kaltongga agreed both countries shared the view that security should be boosted and the AFP should come back to Vanuatu with their aid money but with specific instructions on what is expected of them. Daily Post asked what has happened to Mr Marae who

has now spent nearly seven months in a foreign prison in Australia but was told that Mr Marae has a lawyer and is visited by our High Commissioner in Canberra, Mr Kalfau Kaloris. And no one at the press conference held at the Prime Minister’s office Friday last week said AFP officials apologized for the manner they treated the Vanuatu Prime Minister last May.

Significant time for West Papua’s inclusion in mSG
By Ricky Binihi If The MelanesIan spearhead
Group is the brainchild of the late Father Walter Lini then how appropriate it would be to grant West Papua its MSG Observer Status when the people of Melanesia commemorate the MSG Silver Jubilee today. And if Father Lini dreamt of the founding of a Melanesian Bloc to gather for the social, economic and spiritual needs of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, definitely the fathers of MSG, Lini, Solomon’s Solomon Mamaloni and PNG’s Paias Wingti must have wanted that New Caledonia and West Papua be independent and be part of the Bloc. The referendum for New Caledonia to be part of France or become an independent Melanesian country will take place next year 2014 but despite that, New Caledonia is part of the great family of Melanesia – MSG. Unfortunately that could not be said for West Papua. More than 500 000 Melanesians have spilled their blood for Papua Merdeka since the United Nations orchestrated a “referendum” called the Act of Free Choice in 1969 which the Indonesian army selected 1025 West Papuans to vote for Indonesia against Independence in a country where the population of Melanesians is in the millions. Now the Melanesians in West Papua are “systematically” tortured and their girls and women raped but they could not raise their sympathy and dialogue with other Melanesians because they are not members of the MSG. >>To Page 3

Slicing Australia

Slicing Australia by Head of State, Iolu Abbil, Australian High Commissioner, Jeremy Bruer and Prime Minister, Sato Kilman. Certainly it is in the shape of the Australian Continent but it is a delicious cake to mark Australia Day. See story inside

[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Monday January 28, 2013

Local News

National Housing Corporation must be audited: Board Member
By Godwin Ligo A B oArd M eMBer
of the

National Housing Corporation, Jean Claude ToureGarae, has called on the ministry responsible and the Vanuatu Government to have an audit carried out on the Corporation’s activities. He made this comment after being on the Board for over one and half years but felt that many projects that have been approved by the Board during his term have not been implemented. “There are a number of questions that need to be answered in regard to the

functions of the National Housing Corporation,” he said. One of the examples he raised was what he termed confusion’ at this point of time as to which ministry is responsible for the National Housing Corporation. He complained that the Board Members were not informed to be present last week when the new Internal Affairs Minister paid an official visit to the Corporation. “Our (Board Members) understanding is that the portfolio of the National Housing Corporation has be

transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office. “And while still waiting for the clarification to be made, the Internal Affairs Minister paid an official visit to the Corporation during his visit of the organizations under his portfolios,”Toure-Garae said. When Daily Post contacted the Public Service Commission, a staff within the PSC said the National Housing Corporation is under the Prime Minister’s Office. But a staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Daily Post otherwise –that the port-

folio of the National Housing Corporation is under the responsibility or portfolio of the Internal Affairs Ministry hence the familiarization visit by the Minister to the NHC Offices. The staff contacted also confirmed that the appointments of the Board Members of the National Housing Corporation were made by the Minister of Internal Affairs which was also confirmed by Mr Jean Claude ToureGarae. “It is confusing at this stage as to which Ministry the national Housing Corpo-

ration comes under. We the Board Members are confused ourselves,” Toure-Garae told Daily Post. He said the main concentration of the Corporation is collecting outstanding payments of the Fresh Water Housing Scheme and the sale and repurchase of the houses and lands. “Practically there is no more vacant land in the Fresh Water Housing Corporation Scheme. The Board has recommended to the Government to find a new area where low cost housing scheme can be carried out for the low income wage earners but this project has never been carried out along with many other project proposals that would make the National Housing Corporation Scheme the largest Real Estate for the Government and the people of Vanuatu,”

Toure-Garae claimed. “The National government is yet to pay the National Housing Corporation for the Lands occupied by the Fresh Water School, the Fresh Water Football Field and the Fresh Water Park. Funds from these which would amount to several millions of vatus can be used to secure another space to build more houses for the low income wage earners,” Toure-Garae stressed. “One of the most important thing to do now is to have the National Housing Corporation audited and the ministry responsible must assist the Board in getting this done and clarification made to the Board as to which Ministry is actually responsible for the NHC,” Board Member Jean Claude Toure-Garae stressed.

Minister of Health seeks Chinese assistance VNWU calls for reinstatement
By Jonas Cullwick the Minister of heAlth,
Don Ken, has sought Chinese Government assistance to improve access to health services in the rural areas of Vanuatu. Last Thursday, the Chinese Ambassador in Port Vila, Xie Bohua, met with Minister Ken following an invitation from the minister. “The purpose of the meeting was to discuss projects in the Ministry’s Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016 and the Government’s Priority Action Age n d a ( PAA) , n eed ing development partner support to implement ou t , ” t h e M i n i s t r y o f Health’s First Political Adviser, Ishmael Williams said. “During their discussion, the minister put forward for the attention of the ambassador a request if China would fund the ministry’s rural health infrastructure projects aimed to improve and increase the level of rural health services in the country,” Mr Williams continued.

of VNPF General Manager
By Glenda Shing nAtionAl secretAry

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Xie Bohua and the Minister of Health Don Ken pose after their meeting. The Chinese Ambassa- the conditions set by the ity, which is to continue to dor responded asking that health ministry’s major genuine partnership and papers for the request be d e v e l o p m e n t p a r t n e r continue to look for other submitted to the Vanuatu AusAID are such that they sources of support,” Mr. Government Aid Coor- are hindering the rural Williams added. dination Unit under the health service delivery. He said under this direcPrime Minister’s Office for Hence, the ministry must tion, Mr Ken’s vision is to his Government to con- find other ways,” First PA engage in a ‘bottle-neck’ sider during their current Williams said. strategy, which means financial year, according “The new policy direc- that whatever assistance to Williams. tion of government today including human resourc“Why, the Minister of is to look beyond tradi- es the minister receives Health called the Chinese tional donor partners. So, will first target rural areas Ambassador was because this is the minister’s prior- where the masses live.

Treasurer of Vanuatu National Workers Union (VNWU), Ephraim Kalsakau, has called on the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) Board of Directors to reconsider their decision on the sacking of the General Manager of VNPF, Mrs Anniva Tarilongi, and have her reinstated to her former position. Kalsakau is concerned that the content of the VNPF Report that was made by the Auditor General has never been made to the public, however, the VNPF Board went ahead to make their decision to terminate GM Tarilongi along with her five other prominent staff. “Reinstate the GM and the six staff, disclose the content of the audit report to the members of public and then the Board members could make a decision based on the recommendations in the report,” the VNWU Secretary and Treasurer stated. Kalsakau argued that the GM’s high salary was due to the new increased salary scale similarly other institutions including the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV), and the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission (VFSC). Former GM Tarilongi’s recruitment was valid as it (her recruit-

ment) went through a process that was agreed upon by the Board before she was accepted into VNPF as the General Manager, Kalsakau said. According to Kalsakau, allegations of nepotism leveled against Tarilongi’s management were “unfounded” and claimed that VNWU is aware that it is the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors which was based on nepotism. Mr Kalsakau provided an example of current Board member, J Shwartze, whom Kalsakau claimed has not been living in Vanuatu for a long period of time and allegedly had a poor record in terms of employing staff on minimum wage and paying VNPF dues. He said VNWU recognises that Tarilongi is the only ni-Vanuatu woman who has the qualifications and experiences to take up that position as the VNPF GM, for the benefit of the local employees in the workforce. Mrs Tarilongi and five other staff were suspended since August last year over serious allegations that were raised against her. Last week the Board of Directors terminated them, although no reasons were provided for their termination.

Weather Bulletin issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department, Port Vila at 2:00 pm Sunday, January 27, 2013. Weather forecast for the 27th of January 2013. General Situation A low pressure to the north of Vanuatu extends a trough southeast and southwestward. Forecast Few showers and possible thunder over the northern islands; elsewhere partly cloudy with a possible shower or two. Light to moderate east and southeasterly winds. Mariners S/SE winds 15/20 knots. Moderate seas to 1.5 metres over all coastal waters of Vanuatu Yesterdays Recorded Variable Rainfall Max Sola 0.6 30.0 Saratamata 9.0 31.0 Pekoa Nil 31.5 Lamap Nil 33.0 Bauerfield Nil 31.0 Whitegrass Nil 31.0 Anelgauhat 0.1 29.5 Sunrise and Sunset Times Sunrise 0532 Sunset 1827 Min /// 25.4 23.4 26.4 24.6 23.0 25.5
Mean Sea Level Pressure Chart 270000UTC

For More information, visit www.meteo.gov.vu, email forecast@meteo.gov.vu or call +678 22932

vanuatu Daily Post | Monday January 28, 2013 [ 3 ]

By Len Garae “W e a r e p r o u d

Bruer promises to stand by Vanuatu
to be

Local News

Vanuatu’s largest development partner and we don’t walk away from our commitment to support Vanuatu’s development”. The statement was made by the High Commissioner of Australia to Vanuatu Jeremy Bruer marking Australia Day Celebrations which were held at the Australian Chancellery on Thursday January 24 even though Australia Day falls on January 26. In the presence of President Iolu Abbil and Prime Minister Sato Kilman, the High Commissioner said, “…I see 2013 as representing a new chapter in our already very strong and productive bilateral relationship. And we have a big year ahead. “This year, Australia and Vanuatu will negotiate the next phase of our Partnership for Development. The Partnership provides the framework for Australia development assistance to Vanuatu and it will set out our shared priorities for 2013 and beyond”. He said those priorities will include the education and health sectors because those sectors encompass issues that affect most directly the

welfare of the ordinary people of this country. “In the next two weeks, children all around Vanuatu will return to school after their holidays. But many of those children simply wouldn’t be able to go to school at all without the school grant scheme introduced by the Vanuatu Government with the support of development partners”, he said. He said Australia is very proud indeed to be working with Vanuatu to help make education more affordable for families through the grants scheme. Furthermore he noted that the joint partnership between the two countries has boosted investments in economic infrastructure such as roads, tourism promotion and revenue collection to help successive Vanuatu Governments grow the economy for eight consecutive years and that is no mean feat because that period spans the global financial crisis. In addition he said, “We know too, that our Government to Government assistance builds on the investments of many Australian individuals and businesses that recognise the potential of this beautiful country.

“Their hard work and energy reminds us that it’s business, not government, that drive genuine, sustainable economic growth and generates genuine, sustainable wealth”. A number of Government Ministers and senior civil servants also joined foreign diplomatic representatives and the Australian business community to celebrate the annual event. The Australian High Commission has engraved the expectation in the minds of all invited guests to expect a superb performance by the staff of the High Commission Choir that sings the Australia Day Song followed by Vanuatu’s National Anthem. Sure enough, under its Choir Master Wilson Toa, the staff did not fail to impress. Well done! In his response President Abbil said the world remembers the historical occasion when Captain Arthur Phillip landed at Sydney Cove on January 26 of 1788, to raise the Union Jack in the name of King George III. Over the period of 234 years so much has changed but the President reminded his audience that “under-

neath the surface of things there are still those wonderfully positive, human characteristics which make a nation like Australia what it is”. He said, “Australia day therefore is an important annual occasion that gives strength and meaning to the unity and pride of Australians. The strength and unity of Australia as a country is an important matter of interest not only for Australia and its citizens, but also for other countries including Vanuatu”.

Choir in performance He said the Government of Australia remains a vitally important major bilateral donor partner for Vanuatu and has contributed immensely to Vanuatu’s achievements. And for this the Vanuatu Government and people are truly grateful for the generous support of the Government and people of Australia to Vanuatu. Also he noted the important input of Australian investors, in the over-all development efforts to strengthen the national econ-

omy of this country. “As we begin another year, we look forward to achieving our set goals for this year 2013. There will always be challenges to encounter on the way. Our past experiences can assist us to overcome and maintain our course to reach our goals”, he said. “I believe that the challenges that Australia and Vanuatu have encountered together in the past will serve well to strengthen the progress of our relationship into the future”.

Port Vila wants Government to increase tourism budget
By Jonas Cullwick port Vila MuniCipal
Councilor Noel Lango, incharge of tourism development, has expressed his wish to the Department of Tourism to locate one of its staff members in the Town Hall. Mr Lango who received his appointment this year, has met with Ms Adela Aru of the Tourism Department and discussed his proposal. “I have told Ms Aru I will provide an office for one officer from the Department who will coordinate information on tourism development in the capital city between the Government and the Port Vila Municipal Council,” Councilor Lango said. “I also plan to meet with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism Development, Ham Lini Vanuaroroa, to ask that the Ministry increase its tourism budget to cater for this initiative,” he added. He said he will require two officers overall from the Tourism Department paid for by Government – one to assist the Municipality with cruise arrivals and one to be based full time with the Municipality. “The reason for this arrangement is because there are many tourism development projects taking place in Port Vila city that the council never knew about, so the Tourism Department staff will be our link,” Cr. Lango continued. He added that Port Vila Municipal Council as the responsible for authority for the capitol city would like to be acknowledged when any tourism development activity took place. He they are happy that the major Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Development funded by New Zealand and involving the Department of Local Authorities, the Department of Tourism and Port Vila City council starting in March is the first project. “The issue with the taxis and bus drivers at the wharf during cruise ship days is one example. Even though the Municipal council is the responsible authority, no one thought about involving us, so we just sat and watched it all happening,” Cr. Lango added. He said like the national Government with its 13 ministries, Port Vila Municipal Council also has 13 departments responsible for exactly the same areas including health and sanitation, law enforcement, tourism, finance and so on. And he called for closer collaboration between the Government departments and the municipal council to improve the work and services of the council.

VNCW announces ‘resolution nine’ accomplishment
Compiled by Anita Roberts t he V anuatu n ational C ounCil
of Women (VNCW) announced its resolution number nine of January 2012 National Conference has just been accomplished in Santo early this month. According to Executive Director, Leiasmanu Cullwick, because of disputes and following the Supreme Court Settlement Conference Order of 2012, the Board and members derived this resolution in January during the Annual Conference at the Sportsmen’s Hotel to revive VNCW; sort all the Municipal councils and makes sure VNCW should be able to host the municipal, provincial and national conferences. Thanks to Australian Government, the Ausaid total fund of Vt3,187, 012 has allow VNCW to successfully host its annual conferences on all six provinces and in the two municipal councils, including the recent registration of Lenakel Town Council. The 2012 last annual conference for Luganville Women Council was held from January 14 to 15 at Sanma Disability Centre in Santo. In a statement to Daily Post, the Board has elected according to the VNCW Amended Constitution of 2012 and wishes to announce to the Government, every mothers and the public the official members of the VNCW National Executive Council for 2012 to 2016. “Blandine Boulekone (President), Anita Deroin (Vice President), Annica S. Iaticka (Treasurer), Wendy Garae (Secretary), Anna Lenis (President of Torba Women Council), Joslin Naupa (President of Sanma Women Council), Carol Martin (President of Luganville Women Council), Morthy Viranmal (President of Malampa Women council), Roslyn Garae (President of Penama Women Council), Leisara Kalotiti (President of Shefa Women Council), Wendy Garae (President of Port Vila Women Council), Selina David (President of Lenakel Council of Women) and Dorothy Pel (President of Tafea Women Council)”. VNCW has thanked women leaders from Torba to Tafea who attended those conferences to elect this new council and special appreciations have been extended to the former executives who held positions since 2008.

Significant time for West Papua’s inclusion in MSG
>>From Front Page Vanuatu, the host country of the, MSG Secretariat in Port Vila will host its Melanesia Week in March –the anniversary date of the birth of the MSG which falls on March 14,2013. This, he said, will mark 25 years of the signing of the Principles of Cooperation between Independent States of Melanesia, the first agreement to give birth to the idea of strengthening Melanesian solidarity and cooperation. Mr Nirua revealed as part of the launching ceremony in Vanuatu a symposium under the theme “Leaders’ ToktokTales from Our Founders and Pioneers” is being organised for founding leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group and current leaders of the MSG to share their perspectives on various key topics in Melanesia to highlight the history and future of Melanesian cooperation that began 25 years ago on 14 March 1988. “This is an exciting time for our people and our leaders as the symposium will give opportunity to leaders of Melanesia to share with the people

of Melanesia the vision and ideas that gave birth to the strong relationship and relations enjoyed by MSG member countries,” he said. “This will also give opportunity to leaders to share their perspectives on issues that are of common interest to the people and Governments of Melanesia.” The launching ceremony will see the official release of MSG souvenirs and memorabilia to mark 25 years of Melanesian solidarity and growth, the unveiling of the Melanesian carving by member country carvers and a public luncheon for all. Nirua advised the official program will soon be circulated to all member countries,

governments and the people of Melanesia. He expressed his satisfaction that the committee for the special event, comprising of government officials and key stakeholders are planning to stage a memorable launching at the Independence Park. MSG has instead deemed it fit to welcome with open arms the Indonesians to the MSG on an Observer Status and neglected spiritual calls to have West Papua a fundamental part of the MSG. The Daily Post has been told Sunday that the MSG Secretariat in Port Vila has not received any application for West Papua to be an Observer.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Monday January 28, 2013

Local News

PASA sings to support students
By Len Garae a new Trend
iS emerging

for Adventists from all over Ambrym in Port Vila. They have come to accept that the best approach to bolstering the spiritual strength of their people is to mobilise to sing to raise funds to send their young people to Fulton Theological College in Fiji. President of PASA (Port Vila Ambrym SDA Association), Elton Worwor, says the Association organised its first bonne annee outing this year attracting approximately 70 young people and adults using four buses to travel to sing in Port Vila as well as in rural communities including Mangaliliu and Eton. Worwor says the response has been overwhelming for them to extend the journey to sing in other villages also

but that they have decided to end their first effort early while they plan ahead for a even bigger group this month next year. “PASA has broken the barrier by successfully organising this first ever bonne annee

One of the students receives his envelope from committee and now knows that it can taking part in our first ever the bags of rice and bales of be done and that the interest bonne anne and let us plan for sugar. A substantial amount of is there for our young people an even more successful out- the money was used to pay for to come together to share as ing this time next year.” the four buses that PASA hired well as to praise their Maker Secretary Treasurer, Kieren to transport the singers. with their messaging songs,” Simon, says the group raised In a humble ceremony Worwor says. an overall amount of over above the Epauto Church “I wish to thank you all for Vt100, 000 not to mention this week, Worwor and his

Executive divided the balance of the money and some rice before handing them over to the beneficiaries to pay for the theological studies of three students; one from North Ambrym and two from West Ambrym.

China to train Vanuatu Police’s first pathologist
By Thompson Marango The VanuaTu Police Force
is expected in the near future to select a suitable candidate who will be given 6 years training in China to become Vanuatu Police’s first ever pathologist. After a request submitted by Acting Police Commissioner, Author Caulton two weeks ago during the visit of a high Chinese Military delegation, the Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defense of China, Major General Qian Lihua confirmed his country’s commitment to fund the training of Vanuatu Police’s first ever pathologist. Daily Post understands the funding for a Vanuatu Police pathologist for 6 years in China is a separate funding from the Vt115 million that was promised to Vanuatu Police. The Vanuatu candidate is expected to be the only one from Vanuatu studying in the medical school in Shanghai and will need a very strong will to undertake the study. Police Acting Commissioner, Caulton promised that a suitable candidate will be selected for the challenge. According to the Chinese General, China is ready to cover the cost of studying, airfare, accommodation, and allowance while Vanuatu will be responsible for the candidate’s fairs during holidays. Having its own pathologist will be a huge boost to the works of the Police. According to the Acting Commissioner Vanuatu has no pathologist of its own and depended on the service of Australia Police which means evidence materials are normally send to Australia to be examined in labs which also lengthens the process of solving cases. The Chinese delegation has also offers to provide one year courses for Vanuatu Police medics.

You will never know if you never go!

New staff says ministry lacks office resources
By Thompson Marango oFFice SuPerViSor oF

Ministry of Agriculture, Rex Issaccar, has reported this week that when they took over the Ministry with Minister Kalvau Moli, they found it rundown and lacking basic working resources. This is one of the challenges often faced by politicians when a minister’s term ends and a successor walks into the office with a new team to run office. Issaccar said this is an area where the Corporate Service Unit has to step in to ensure the office is in order for a smooth transfer of work from the outgoing staff and new

comers. “Entrusted with the responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the office of the Ministry, it is a concern to find the office without some of the basic equipment needed in an office,” the Agriculture Ministry Office Supervisor told Daily Post. “There are no computers, fax, chairs, and most important of all no prober filing from previous ministers. Papers and documents are carelessly thrown on the floors of the basement. “Even the cleaners can’t find any rakes or wheelbarrows to clean up the premises with.”

Mr Issaccar said under the current minister left over funds from last year is being used to pay for renovation works currently being carried out in the ministry. Meanwhile he is call ing on the corporate service unit to cooperate with politicians working in ministry offices to ensure the r e qu i r e d e qu i pm e nt a r e available at all times. “It seems every time a minister’s term ends, staff walk out with whatever they can get hold of and the corporate service unit should ensure this does not happen,” said Issaccar.

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vanuatu Daily Post | Monday January 28, 2013 [ 5 ]

Rural Development
By Dale Hampshire

Tufala Brata Blong Divelopmen – Gavman mo Bisnis
By Dale Hampshire In the UnIted StateS today
there are two political parties each struggling to lead the country in growth and development. The Democrats believe government should be big, with a large budget funded through taxes and that government should play the largest role in growth. The Republicans believe government should be small, taxes should be low and business should play the largest role. In Vanuatu we often believe that development is the government’s job, and we don’t see the role that business is playing or could play. But both government and business have important roles to play in development. Long Amerika tudei i gat 2 pati blong politik i stap rao from se hu nao i lidim kantri. Demokratik pati i luk se gavman emi paoa blong kantri mo gavman bae i save karem divelopmen i kam. Oli wantem karem fulap man i kam wok long gavman, mo taksis i mas go antap blong pem olgeta, mo fandem wok blong olgeta. Republik Pati i talem se no, gavman i no gat big wok long divelopmen – bae bisnis emi mas kam antap mo em nao emi paoa blong divelopmen. Oli wantem se gavman emi smol nomo mo taksis i mas go daon. Long Vanuatu plante man oli ting se gavman nao emi mas karem divelopmen i kam long yumi. Yumi no lukluk mo yumi no stap tingbaot wok we bisnis i mekem blong karem divelopmen i kam. Be emi tru se tufala tugeta i gat wok blong tufala long saed blong divelopmen. Wok Blong Gavman Responsibiliti blong gavman emi blong leftemap laef blong man mo mek sua se ol pipol oli sef mo hapi. Gavman i gat 2 kaen wok; (1) kantrolem ples, mo (2) sapotem divelopmen. Kantrolem ples i minim se oli lukluk situesen blong pipol mo oli mekem ol loa blong protektem olgeta. Ministri blong Jastis emi wan long ol gavman ministri we oli lidim wok blong kantrolem ples. Imigresen Dipatmen mo Polis, mo Kastoms mo Laesens Dipatmen, olgeta tu oli stap kantrolem ples. Sipos man emi fri blong mekem eni kaen samting nomo bae i no gat sefti mo pis long kantri. Long saed blong divelopmen, fastaem yu mas gat sefti long kantri. Be gavman i mas go moa, mo yumi luk se oli go moa tru long ol wok blong ol ministri blong gavman. Ministri blong Infrastraksua (Infrastructure) emi bildem ol rod. Ol rod emi divelopmen emi tru, be emi sapotem divelopmen tu. Lukluk nomo se ol aelan we oli gat rod oli gat divelopmen mo laef blong pipol i kam antap. Ministri blong Helt emi wan bakegen we oli saplae long ol hospital mo klinik we oli halpem ol pipol. Sipos wan klinik i stap long vilij yu luk se laef blong man, woman mo pikinini i kam antap. Sipos man emi sik ol taem emi hadwok blong divelopmen i kam. Wan moa bakegen emi Ministri blong Edukesen. Yumi luk save se ol man we oli gat wok oli mas save samting. Ol vilij we oli gat skul i stap, yumi luk se divelopmen i gro long ples ia. Evri dipatmen blong gavman oli gat wok blong sapotem laef blong pipol. Be wan problem blong gavman emi vatu. Gavman i givem benefit long man be ol wok ia emi sas mo vatu i sot. Vatu blong gavman i kamaot long taksis, olsem VAT mo impot duti. Taem yumi pem wan samting blong ovasis, praes I go antap smol blong yumi pem taksis long gavman. From ekonomi blong yumi emi no big wan i minim se mane blong taksis we gavman i winim i no big wan. Gavman i wantem se wok blong olgeta i go moa be vatu i sot. From samting ia yumi luk se ol AID projek i kam, mo ol NGO oli stap wok blong sapotem wok blong gavman – be i no naf. Wan problem bakegen we emi kamaot taem gavman i givem fulap samting long pipol se ol pipol oli ting se gavman nomo i save saplae long evri samting. Olgeta oli luk se gavman oli givem wan skul o wota saplae long wan vilij mo oli stap nomo mo oli wet long gavman blong gavman i kam givem wan long olgeta. Taem gavman i traem fulemap nids blong evri vilij bae oli mas leftemap taksis blong winim vatu blong pem wok ia. Be taem taksis emi hae tumas bae man i nomo save pem hae praes blong ol ting mo laef emi go daon. Taem ol impot oli go daon bae mane blong gavman i go daon bakegen mo wok i mas go daon. Long Amerika tudei gavman oli bin sot long mane mo oli no wantem se taksis i go antap so oli karem lon blong mekem wok blong olgeta. Oli yusum evri lon mane ia be ekonomi i no bin kam antap. I mekem se oli sot long vatu be oli mas pem interes blong lon tu. Ale, long yia ia oli putum taksis i go antap bakegen. Gavman i save mekem gud wok long saed blong divelopmen be oli nidim bisnis blong sapotem wan saed wok ia. Gavman emi wan emi no naf. Wok Blong Bisnis Tingting blong bisnis emi difren lelbet – bisnis i mas lukluk long ol nids blong pipol mo oli mas karem saplae i kam. Be i no evri saplae mo emi no long evri man. Bisnis i lukluk long nids blong man we emi save pem vatu long olgeta. Bisnis i pem wan samting long lo praes mo oli salem bakegen long man we emi save pem hae praes. Be oli mas lukaot. Sipos oli pem wan samting we man i no wantem pem, o sipos praes emi hae tumas, bae ol bisnis oli lus. Dasdawei ol bisnis oli mas lukluk gud long nids blong pipol mo praes blong ol ting we oli wantem salem. Sipos ol bisnis oli sakses long Vanuatu bae oli save karem divelopmen i kam from, (1) bisnis i save saplae long plante samting we yumi no gat long ples ia be ol ting ia oli leftemap laef blong yumi – eksampol, gavman i no naf blong saplae raes i kam long evri famle long Vanuatu be bisnis i save mekem, (2) bisnis i save givem wok long man mo woman blong oli winim vatu – long wan yia yumi salem kopra blong 700 milian vatu be i no gavman i pem yumi, bisnis oli pem kopra mo salem bakegen long ovasis blong yumi save winim vatu, (3) bisnis i stap karem niu tingting mo niu prodak long yumi oltaem – mobael fon emi leftemap laef blong yumi long rural mo emi kam long saed blong bisnis, mo (4) bisnis emi trenem ol wokman blong em blong mekem se save blong olgeta i kam antap – gavman i stanemap ol skul mo AID projek i save trenem man be taem man i go long wok bae bisnis i trenem bakegen mo taem man emi tren long wok bae vatu blong em i save go antap. Be wan problem blong bisnis, oli no interes long man we emi no gat vatu. Gavman oli karem responsibiliti blong evri man, woman mo pikinini long Vanuatu - be bisnis no. Traem go askem wan bak raes long wan stoa. Talem se yuyu hangri be yu no gat vatu – bae yu luk. Blong bisnis oli laef oli mas winim vatu. Samting ia i mekem se samfala bisnis oli no wari tumas long pipol. Samfala bisnis oli no wari tumas long ples – olsem oli no wari se oli spolem ples. Samfala oli traem pem ol lida blong gavman blong olgeta oli spolem pipol mo ples. Gavman I mas kantrolem bisnis blong oli no save spolem man olsem. Wok Tugeta Bisnis mo gavman tufala i difren lelbet mo wok blong tufala i difren. Be tufala i save wok tugeta mo sipos

Gavman mo bisnis, tufala i olsem 2 brata we tufala i wok tugeta blong karem divelopmen i kam long yumi.  

Gavman i gat wok blong em mo bisnis i gat wok blong em, long saed blong divelopmen. Foto ia emi blong Santo taon. Ol taksi mo kamion, ol stoa mo hotel, bisnis i pem blong man i yusum mo oli winim vatu long em – olsem ol tul blong leftemap laef blong man. Be gavman i bildem rod mo lektrik mo oli jekem se trak i ran gud blong man i no denja long em. Tufala tugeta - gavman mo bisnis - i leftemap laef blong man.   tufala i wok gud bae divelop- mekem se kantrol emi ova Ol bisnis we oli sakses mo oli men i save gohed strong. long mak. stap long taem oli faenem se Gavman oli save bildem Bisnis tu emi mas wok oli mas givem benefit long ol rod mo sapotem lektrik mo ol wetem gavman blong mekem pipol blong komuniti. narafala infrastraksua blong se ekonomi i kam antap mo Gavman i save karem divelbisnis i save gohed. Gavman laef blong man i kam antap. opmen i kam be emi no save i save stanemap ol skul blong Bisnis i mas obei long ol loa winim sipos bisnis i no joen ol pikinini oli skul gud blong blong gavman, mo ifen sipos wetem blong mekem wok. mekem se ol bisnis oli save wan loa i no stap yet oli mas Nekis Mandei: Blong pulum karem ol man we oli gat tingbaot pipol mo oli no mas rop blong lektrik i kam long save blong wok. Gavman i mekem wan samting we oli ol rural vilij emi sas mo vatu save halpem helt blong pipol spolem ples o man. i no naf blong mekem. Long i kam antap blong oli save Taem mi talem gavman samfala kantri tudei ol man go wok evri dei. Gavman mi no tokbaot nasional gav- oli stap laetem laet long i save mekem plante sam- man nomo. Gavman blong haos yusum wan batri blong ting blong sapotem bisnis provens, yuyu traem halpem trak nomo. Bae yumi lukluk se bisnis i save gro gud mo ol gud bisnis o yu stap traem teknik blong batri laet long sakses. kantrolem olgeta nomo? Ol haos. Be gavman tu i mas pro- lida blong vilij, yu stap openSipos yu gat eni kwestin tektem ol pipol mo oli mas em rod blong bisnis i kam o tingting long saed blong stanemap ol loa blong bisnis long vilij blong yu? divelopmen, sendem email blong bisnis i no spolem olgMo mi no tokbaot ol bigbig i kam long Daily Post long eta. Be oli mas tingting gud bisnis nomo. Ol smol stoa news@dailypost.vu. long saed blong kantrolem long aelan, yu stap karem >>The ideas and opinions bisnis. Oli no mas mekem gud prodak blong salem long expressed in this article are se bisnis i foldaon o mekem komuniti? Yu stap seraotem those of the writer and are se bisnis i fraet blong stan- win blong yu blong halpem not necessarily those of the ap long Vanuatu. Oli no mas lokal skul o tim blong futbol? Vanuatu Daily Post


Monday 28th January 2012 [9]

[16] VANUATU DAILY POST, Monday 28th January 2013

VANUATU DAILY POST | Monday, January 28 2013 [ 15 ]

Sports News



Tiger Woods leads Farmers Insurance Open at halfway
Tiger Woods fired a seven-under 65 to lead by two shots at halfway in the Farmers Insurance Open in California. The world number two resumed three behind overnight leaders Brandt Snedeker and KJ Choi but shot four birdies and an eagle in his opening 11 holes on Torrey Pines’ north course. The 14-time major champion reached 11 under to head Billy Horschel (69). “I’ve had beautiful practice sessions at home,” said Woods, who missed the cut in Abu Dhabi last week. “If I can do it there, I can do it out here. Even though last week I played only two days, I felt like I hit the ball well enough to shoot a better score than I did. I had a couple of days to work on it, and I came out here and felt pretty good about it.” Woods has gone on to win 34 times out of 44 when holding at least a share of the 36-hole lead on the PGA Tour, though he has triumphed only twice from that position in his last six attempts. The 37-year-old won his last major title, the 2008 US Open, at Torrey Pines and is a six-time winner of the Farmers Insurance Open at the venue.

Nichols Tari (raet) mo Jospeh Namariau oli selebretem sekon poen we Namariau i makem las wiken agensem Narak

Tari mo Namariau i helpem Tafea wetem win
Raymond Nasse i ripot Tu poen long Tufala


Juventus snap up Anelka on loan
Juventus director general Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed the club’s signing of Nicolas Anelka on a loan deal until the end of the season. Anelka, 33, is contracted to Chinese side Shanghai Shenhua, but with their season running through the summer months, the Turin club have taken advantage of the opportunity and snapped up the striker on a five-month deal. The former Chelsea man will provide short-term cover for the Bianconeri as they await the June signing of Fernando Llorente from Athletic Bilbao. And Marotta claims Anelka’s arrival signals the end of the club’s business in the January transfer window. “Anelka? In July we made some targeted investments, but now we are in an emergency situation in attack, so we moved to fix those issues, even if it is not official yet,” Marotta told Sky Sport Italia. “It can be a good move for the shortterm, then at the end of the season we’ll evaluate what must be done. He is filling a hole. It is a five-month contract with an option for the second season, if things go well. “Anelka’s arrival rules out any other transfers, because in this stage of the transfer window there are no other opportunities. He will put himself at the disposal of the squad and it’ll be up to Antonio Conte to decide how to use him. After all, he is not in great physical condition considering he hasn’t played for a month.” “I am delighted to have arrived at Juve,” he said.

we i kamaot long ol straeka, Nichols Tari mo Joseph Namariau, hemi inaf blong helpem Tafea i winim Narak Tegapu las wiken, long wan sko blong 2-0. Nichols Tari i skorem fes poen blong Tafea long namba 35 minit mo sekon poen i kamaot long sekon haf, afta we foma Suva FC straeka long Fiji, Joseph Namariau, i kam insaed mo silim impoten viktri blong Tafea long namba 79 minit. Wetem win ia i lukim Tafea i lidim Pool C wetem 3 poen semak long Ifira Black Bird we hemi kam blong

winim Pango Green Bird long 1-0 tu las wiken. Onli poen blong Ifira i kamaot long Waute Chichirua long namba 40 minit. Tafea long taem defenda Freddy Vava i mekem kambak blong hem wetem klab blong hem las Sarere taem hem i step insaed long fil bageken long Port Vila Stadium hemia stret long namba 76 minit olsem wan sub. Long fes maj blong Pool D long 3.45pm las wiken, i lukim Shepherds United i rili wok had blong winim Siaraga long 4-2. Ol poen blong Shepherds i kamaot long Yvon August,

we hemi bin makem 2 mo Ernie Robert mo Richard Manuriki. Port Vila Shield hemi fes eva tunamen we Port Vila Municipality nao i kam blong sponsarem. Long Luganville TVL Premier Lik las wiken, i lukim Vaum United we i bin lus wetem Torba United bifo las wiken i kambak strong long Sarere mo winim ol lida blong klasmen, Malampa Revivors FC long 3-0. Long sekon maj blong dei, i lukim Santos FC i winim Siaraga long 4-0, mo las maj i lukim Tafea i kitkit wetem Torba long 0-0. Long nara nius blong fut-

bol, Lamap FC we bambae hemi representem Malampa Provins long Nasonal Supa Lik, bambae hemi gat 3 frenli maj wetem sam klab blong Port Vila Futbol Assosiesen premia divisen stat tede i go, long Port Vila Stadium. Fes maj blong hem tede, bambae oli pleiem Tafea FC long Port Vila Stadium long 3pm. Sekon maj long Wedese mo laswan long Faede wik ia. Daily Spot i andastan se Amicale tu bambae hemi plei wetem tim ia long wan long ol dei ia. Risen blong Lamap i gat ol frenli ia hemi blong priperem olgeta from Nasonal Supa Lik.


Pele statue to be unveiled
A life-size, bronze statue honouring Brazilian football legend Pele is to be unveiled in June for the reopening of Rio’s renovated, iconic Maracana Stadium. Renowned Brazilian sculptor Ique is currently putting the finishing touches to the 300kg statue, based on photographs of a goal Pele scored in Brazil’s 4-1 win against Czechoslovakia during the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. “It is a difficult work as it is the moment when Pele jumps and pumps his fist into the air to celebrate his goal,” the sculptor, who worked for 30 years as caricaturist for the Rio-based Jornal do Brasil, told AFP.


Williams says he’ll win or quit
S onny B ill -W illiamS

revealed he will quit boxing and focus on the Sydney Roosters if he gets knocked out by Francois Botha. After just five professional fights, Williams’s quest for boxing credibility will reach a defining point when he takes on the South African in Brisbane on February 8. Troublesome Wallabies five-eighth Quade Cooper will make his boxing debut on the undercard. A veteran of 60 pro fights and having been in the ring with Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield, Botha is a risky opponent for Williams at this stage of his career. Victory against the ‘’White Buffalo’’ for the WBA belt would propel his name internationally, with the

“If I get knocked out then that will probably be the end” ... Sonny Bill Williams on his bout with Francois Botha. Photo: Mark Taylor fight to be broadcast in ‘’If I g e t knocke d ou t New Zealand, Australia and then that will probably be South Africa. the end,’’ Williams said in But the dual-code super- his Auckland hotel room on s t a r t o l d F a i r f a x M e d i a Saturday. ‘’Right now I can that defeat would see him see myself doing boxing throw in the towel and con- full-time in the future, but centrate on his return to for that to come to fruition the NRL with the Sydney I need to fight guys like Roosters next month. this and beat them, other-

wise it’s a waste of time. Some boxers go their whole lives building a record until people want to watch them. I’ve had to jump really quickly. This fight will be defining. It will tell me if I can keep going. I could easily keep fighting on the undercards, but you’ve got to take some risks. I’m not getting any younger. If this doesn’t go too well, I could just stay in one sport. If I lose I will definitely be upset because I know it will probably be the end of it. If I ever got knocked out I don’t think my mum would let me back in the ring, but at least I had a crack. And if I win then it opens doors.’’ Those bold statements give an insight into how seriously the 27-year-old is taking his next step in the ring. It’s all or nothing.


Australian Open: Victoria Azarenka beats Li Na to defend title
Victoria Azarenka retained her Australian Open title and kept hold of the world number one spot with victory over Li Na in the Melbourne final. The Belarusian, 23, came back from a set down to win 4-6 6-4 6-3 on a cool and blustery evening on Rod Laver Arena. In a scrappy match, Azarenka proved the stronger in the closing stages after Li rolled her ankle twice and hit her head in two heavy falls. The victory brought Azarenka her second Grand Slam title after last year’s win at Melbourne Park, and ensured she will not be overtaken by Serena Williams in the next world rankings. However, it was the 30-year-old Li who carried most of the support throughout the final, due in part to Azarenka’s controversial medical timeout in her semi-final against Sloane Stephens. Either way, the negative attention she garnered in the build-up only added to the support for the already popular Li. “Unfortunately, you have to go through some rough patches to achieve great things,” said Azarenka.

[14] VANUATU DAILY POST, Monday 28th January 2013

Driver Messenger
Our client, a well-established hotel, restaurant and bar in Port Vila, is currently seeking an experienced Driver Messenger work with the busy tourism industry. You will need to have experience in Driving during busy working hours and have a valid drivers’ license. You will also be a good team player and be able to work on weekends and when required. If you think you are suitable for this role, please submit your application and CV to Reference: 9427 The Administration Manager International Finance Trust Company Ltd PO Box 211 Port Vila Applications close 28 January 2013

For quality accommodation – Long or Short Term • • 2 Bed Apt. Furnished with access to pool from VT90,000 per mth Fully Furnished with Flair throughout - everything provided from VT205,000 per mth


• Luxury and fabulous views from VT300,000 • QUIRKY 2 Bed with study just a short walk to downtown Vila VT85,000 per mth • Family Home fully fenced with pool and entertaining area VT180,000

Ph:Sue 77 42 095 email sueb@vanuatu.com.vu

For Sale or For Rent

Executive 4-Bedroom House Fully furnished Malapoa

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only daily newspaper and get the latest news delivered to your door daily.
This home has all the mod-cons to make living in Port Vila feel like a luxury holiday. The large open-plan living flows gloriously onto an infinity pool . It’s a perfect entertaining house. Positioned on Malapoa’s finest street with security and one of the best views in town, it has a great Master-bedroom with en-suite and a separate wing for the family or visitors. There’s a spacious separate study providing the space to work from home or indulge your hobbies. Available from 1st February Great Safe Lifestyle Fully-furnished with luxurious fittings True open plan indoor/ outdoor living Fabulous day & night harbour views Large infinity pool Huge bath room with 2-person spa bath Large modern kitchen Spacious office suitable for working from home Cellar (cyclone shelter) Flat screen TV Secure fencing/electric gates Ideal for Family & Visitors 4 bedrooms En-suite plus 3rd toilet Great private guest bedrooms with separate bathroom.

The Daily Post would also like to remind all our valued subscribers to renew their 2013 subscription.
Only Vt27,612 for the year or Vt13,806 for six months. Call 23224 or drop into the Daily Post office on Lini Highway Malcoffe.

Buy Now for:
Rent Now for:


Vt225,000 p/month

To View please contact: David Sherar Ph (678) 7751411 OR E-mail: william.mcgrory@xtra.co.nz

VANUATU DAILY POST Monday 28th January 2013 [13]

Massive second-hand Furniture sale – 1 day
Only due to refurbishment at Menzies Apartments/Melcofe (same road as ‘Room with a View’) on Saturday, 2nd February 2013, from 7.30 to 17.00. Wooden DB & single beds, mattresses, bedside tables, dining tables & chairs, mirrors, drawers, coffee tables, sofas and lounge chairs, wash basins, curtains, electric kettles, toasters, gym equipment, TV’s, crockery, pots and pans, and lots more. VERY CHEAP – everything must go. Pick-up only – no delivery (02/01/13)

ONLY 500 000VT


GaraGe sale
Saturday 11am - 3pm 26 Jan & 2 Feb Jama Units (Near Sofi Nakamal) Captain Cook Drive, Numbatu Ph 5466829 Carpet, Wall Paper, Kitchen Items, Clothes, Hair Dryer, Display/Book Shelf, Tools, Coffee Table, Printer, Laptop, Extension Boxes, Computer Accessories, Bollywood DVDs, Window Aircons, Paper Shredder and lots more. (01/02/13)


CONTACT: 5475177 / 7109401
head done 44hrs. Large hold for cargo or esky, new controls cables and lights solid and reliable for fishing or transport passengers or cargo. 3,250,000Vatu; Phone 5549355 (11/02/13)

For sale yacht “Moonshadow”, 23 Feet. For sale
Toyota Prado Automatic Transmission VT4.6 million ONO, only 26,000KM; 2.5 years old Contact: 7747978 or 7778868 (04/02/13) Lovely little sailing boat ideal for Vila or Havannah Harbour. Comes with good sails, dinghy, 2 outboards and many extras with Vila harbor mooring. 1.5 M vatu ONO. Contact 7793194 (02/02/13)

coMMunity notice
kat wan

second hand ice BoX eMi kat

2 room, wan blo T.freezer mo wan blong fruit mo etc. Good for store and family to use, price: 70,000VT. Mo tu I gat wan T.Freezer, good size, 2 meter, gud blong everything, price:150,000VT. I kat wan sewing machine (brother) Price: 15,000VT. Phone 5991951 or 5915652 (01/02/13)

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of Gods word? We are now offering FREE Bible correspondence courses to every one in Vanuatu. There are six English lessons available. Send us a letter with your name, mailing address and mobile number and we will send you your first course! World Bible School, 2901 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa, Ok, 74114,USA (11/02/13)

For sale
LAND DROVER 110 T.D.I; 9 seats, 1,000,000VT and Toyota Corolla 37,000KM; always serviced Asco:1,500,000VT Very good condition. Contact: 7772858 (26/01/13)

Green BoX Bus For sale
Registered Namba: 8823 Price: 2.5 million, Contact: 7778089, owner Simo.

CASH REWARD 20,000 Vatu
For return of Uzbekistan Passport of O. Niyazova Call 23176 for immediate payment


For sale

toyota tacoMa lt2000 5 speed very clean
good for public transport or handyman truck. 1.75mil nearest offer 7757825 or 7795655 (26/01/13)

For sale seven Meter aluMinuM caBin Boat,
3 Bunks, 200 HP Mercury Outboard with new power

B l o c k s Fo r S a l e
At t h e B l a d i n i e r e E stat e .
Good Quality We supply

e l a S r oF k c o l B
We give GOOD PRICE for Big Quantity. Size 10: VT110 without delivery Size 15: VT120 without delivery and VT120 including delivery and VT130 including delivery



[12] VANUATU DAILY POST, Monday 28th January 2013

for rent Two Bedrooms, kitchen, Dining room shower & Toilet sea side .80,000vt per month Mob 7750085


ApArtment in tAssiriki, neAr Usp, stUdio,
one and two bedroom self-contained with full kitchen, 2 door fridge, cooktop, bathroom, air-cond, fan, TV, Sat, DVD, WIFI, your own grassed courtyard. Quiet and good gated security, from 69,000vt pm-phone: 7723088

property for rent


view on top of


close to

transport, and Anabrou School. 1) Big family House: 4 bedrooms with big cupboard, big dinning/living room, store room, laundry room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen with 3 big verandah and terrace. Partly furnished. Solar heater. Rent: 120 000 vt/month. Free by the first of March 2013. 2) On the same piece of land, independent studio with bathroom, big veranda and fully equipped. Rent: 40 000 vt/month with water and electricity. Available now. For more information (Only interested people): mobile 7743184 (25/01/13)

HoUse for rent 2 Bed room house for rent Fully furnished and secured property , set in landscaped gardens in gated community with lagoon views. Includes Swimming pool and night Security vt 180,000 per month inclusive. Contact 5441764 (

Check out website for the latest listings
Office hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri ph 29014 Email: beverley@firstnationalvanuatu.com www.firstnationalvanuatu.com (click onto rentals)

3 bedroom HoUse AvAilAble in no2.
Partly furnished, good security, renovated bathroom, good location that close to Leader Price etc. 115,000vt p/m neg for long term Contact Michael: 7776767 (24/01/13)

sAbrinA ApArtments for rent
Available now 2x135 square meter apartment for rent with 2 bedroom each at No.3 area. Fully furnished @ a monthly rental of VT100,000 vatu each. Located in a quiet & safe place, shops nearby & 5 minutes drive to town. For inspection contact 7746301/26322 (02/02/13)

HoUse for rent
3 bedroom furnished house for rent at Tassariki, Mezzanine, Toilet & Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Front Porch, Laundry, Air Condition, Hot & Cold Water, own driveway, Fenced and spacious yard. 10 minutes’ walk to USP, 5 minutes’ walk to Tassariki Health Clinic. Monthly rent vt110,000 (negotiable). Contact 5387895


wAterfront ApArtment



rooms, 2 bathrooms, on quiet, calm bay in Pango. Sandy beach, close to Surf and only 10 minutes to town. Pool, aircon, security, lockup garage, Tel Sat Connection, TV/ DVD, spa bath Stunning setting, beautifully finished and Balinese furnished.Longterm rentals: VT 255,000/Month or short term rentals: fully furnished including full inventory of linen /crockery. Good for newly arrived or short term contacts call 5554942. ( 11/03/13)

fUllY fUrnisHed stUdio ApArtMENT
right on the lagoon (Cook’s Avenue, First Lagoon). Suitable for couple or single. Short-term accommodation. 85,000vt/month or daily rate. Includes electricity, water, internet and housekeeping. Contact Jenny 7775044 / 25251 (23/1/13)

, 2 bathrooms, on quiet, calm bay in Pango. Sandy beach, close to Surf and only 10 minutes to town. Pool, aircon, security, lockup garage, Tel Sat Connection, TV/DVD, spa bath Stunning setting, beautifully finished and Balinese furnished.Longterm rentals: VT 255,000/Month or short term rentals: fully furnished including full inventory of linen /crockery. Good for newly arrived or short term contacts call 5554942. ( 11/03/13)

3 brm fUllY fUrnisHed ApArtment FOR RENT: Only 5 min walk to town, good security, spacious living area, large covered balcony with lovely aspect – 85,000 vt/mth – suit expats Ph: 5546112 or7773369 (28/01/13)

for rent, sHort or long term
modern, Big studio unit Located in the center of the town, with spectacular views over port Vila harbor, Happy friendly environments, Very private & safe, full time security & alarm/Camera system. fully furnished, big fridge, stove, Satellite TV, internet, sofa launch/bed. Suitable for working single or couple, or home & office at 79.000vt+ per month OR short term 30,000 vt+ per week all included. Please email, info@vanuatuholidaytravel.com (1/2/13

lUxUrY 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, waterfront's exwcutive apartment in town- fully furnished and self contained to the highest standard. 300,000vt per month. permanent lease available 19 january 2013. contact rinnick on 25460/25462 or 5473133 (26/01/13)

lAnd for sAle
100m2@ Bladiniere Estate (First Stage) Water and Electricity available, Price: 2,200,000; Contact: 7774600/7746301

bedroom Unit

l ooking
tiled) will be

for A renting room less tHAn

available at the end of January 2013 on the road to Black Sands at Tubura area. Unit has 1 bed, dining table, private laundry area. Pay utilities separate. Car park, fully fenced property and is secure. VT27,000 per month. Contact 5657130 for enquires/inspections.


30,000vt a Month. Contact: 5609801

1 bed room, tAsAriki

lovely, 1 bedroom with walk in robe, minutes’ walk to USP & shop, quiet location with lagoon views, partly furnished, with fridge, beds, tables, etc...., separate water and electric meters, on street parking . 1 MTH Bound + References REQ - 70,000vt P/M Call 7750812

Why not live in Beachfront luxury ?
Vanuatu’s newest resort just 10 min to Port Vila on Pango road has now a limited number of fully furnished, sef-contained apartments for short and medium term rental.
Luxury 1-Bedroom Oceanfront: from 220,000 vatus Beachview Studio: from 160,000 vatus / month. Each apartment has a patio with ocean view, air con kitchenware, linen, wifi, Sony TV, iPod dock and DVD player. Natural rock pool, sandy beach, infinity pool, bbq area, kayaks, 24 hr security. Rent includes all expenses (wifi, sat TV, elect, water).

1 bedroom

Luxury appointed 1 + bedroom apartments to let. Sleeps up to 3 fully furnished and self-contained to an executive level, Pool, a/con parking. Some with magnificent labour views. From 5,500 per night for short term or minimum 5 ngiths, 125,000 per month long term. Contact 25462/25460 or 5473133 for viewing. (26/01/13)



[8] VANUATU DAILY POST, Monday 28th January 2013

vanuatu Daily Post | Monday January 28 2013 [ 7 ]

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PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 2411 email: letters@dailypost.vu

Re: Services blong Santo Queen
Dear Editor, I have been the manager of Windward Holdings Limited since August 2011, operators of the vessels MV Efate Queen and MV Santo Queen. I read with interest the letter to the editor regarding “Services blong Santo Queen”. I agree wholeheartedly with the writer, Frustrated MV Santo Queen Customer. H o w e v e r, b y w a y o f a n explanation, I was suspended September 2012, and at the same time so was the Captain and crew for both vessels and ground staff from Santo. None of us have been paid and even though the company who were handling the finances had deducted our VNPF, (according to our pay slips) we still have not received these monies into our respective VNPF accounts. No explanation has been proffered. I am personally aware the Mr Peter Sharp, after one of his ships (M.V. Rabaul Queen) sank in PNG killing many passengers, travelled to Vanuatu on more then one occasion to clean out our accounts. I know this as in my position I was aware of any and all spending pertaining to the company in Vanuatu as all invoices came thru my office prior to Law Partners making payment on behalf of the company. And normally after his visits we found it difficult to make ends meet even though we had a surplus prior to the visits. Wa g e s a n d a l l o t h e r entitlements have not been made to the staff since early September 2012, me included. Nor, have we been notified if we are to be terminated or, in fact if we have been. I note with interest that MV Efate Queen has returned to PNG. Supposedly for repairs (unlikely to return). We until this day have not received any communications regarding this whole sordid mess. Up until our suspension, the services provided were punctual and reliable. I am personally sorry for all the aggrieved passengers both past and present and wish there was something we could do to make it right. This is a matter that has not been handled very well by the necessary authorities, primarily due to a lack of information from the company directors. The matter has been further frustrated by the fact that all the parties that have been affected are not in a position financially to push their claims thru the courts to gain their entitlements and put a stop on the vessels departing Vanuatu and returning to PNG. I sadly suggest that Santa Clause will reveal his true identity prior to the company meeting its obligations. Yours sincerely Capt Ian

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ARIES {Mar. 21-April 20} Relatives may play an important role in your personal life. Sudden trips may take you by surprise; try to include your mate, mixing business with pleasure. TAURUS {Apr. 21-May 21} Work quietly behind the scenes for best results. Major job changes or opportunities to get ahead professionally are apparent. GEMINI {May. 21-June 20} Spend time getting into physical activities with your lover. You could receive recognition for a job well done. Risky financial ventures will result in unrecoverable losses.

CANCER {June. 22-Jult 22} You may find yourself in a heated dispute with a friend if you try to change your mind. You can make money if you are wise in your choices. LEO {July. 23-Aug 22} Outings with relatives or good friends will provide you with stimulating conversation. A day at the beach may satisfy the whole family. VIRGO {Aug. 23-Sept. 23} Your mate may not be too sure about your intentions. You can make money through your creative efforts. Self improvement projects should be your key concern.

LIBRA {Sept. 24-Oct 23} Problems with your boss could lead to unemployment. Work quietly behind the scenes for best results. SCORPIO {Oct. 24-Nov 22} Unexpected visitors will be a welcome surprise. You may have taken on a little too much, but you will enjoy every minute of it. SAGITTARIUS {Nov. 23-Dec. 21} You will not impress others by being foolishly generous. Join a club to work off that excess energy; but consider ways of doing that without spending the money. Your talents are likely to be discovered.

CAPRICORN {Dec. 22-Jan 20} Don't count your chickens before they hatch. The experience will be good. One-sided relationships are likely. AQUARIUS {Jan. 21-Feb. 19} You need some help today. Don't jump too quickly regarding an investment that appears to be good. You need to interact with others if you want to expand your knowledge. PISCES {Feb 20-Mar. 20} Take a second look; difficulties with appliances, water, or electricity in your home may be evident. Your fickle nature may cause jealousy. You may make someone else look bad.

[10] vanuatu Daily Post |Monday, January 28 2013

France wrests control of key city in Mali
Forces took


World News

Philippines deports alleged online fraudsters
The Philippines is deporting seventeen Chinese nationals who are wanted in their homeland for cybercrime offences. Philippines authorities say the Chinese nationals violated immigration laws when they could not present passports and other official travel documents. The Chinese Embassy in Manila had earlier sought the help of Philippines authorities to capture the fugitives who faced arrest in China for online fraud. They had been placed under surveillance for days before their arrest in the capital Manila. The Chinese allegedly preyed on their countrymen and duped them to transfer money into their bank accounts. Hundreds of Chinese and Taiwanese nationals involved in a similar scam were nabbed in the Philippines last year and deported..
-Radio Australia

control of the Islamic rebel stronghold of Gao, the French government said Saturday, winning the biggest prize yet in the battle to retake the northern half of Mali. Gao, which lies 965 kilometres northeast of the capital, Bamako, has for months been under the control of one of several Islamist groups seeking to overrun Mali. French warplanes have been pounding the city since France joined the fight at Mali's request on January 11. French troops took control of the city and handed it over to the Malian army to secure, according to the French defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian. Soldiers from Chad and Niger are expected to arrive soon in Gao, Mr Le Drian said in a statement. They will be part of a contingent of 1900 African troops who have already arrived in Mali to drive out the rebels, aided by the 2500 French soldiers deployed here. Gao's mayor, who had fled to Bamako, returned on Saturday, Mr Le Drian said. One of three major cities in northern Mali, Gao had

Indigenous rights movement 'as important as ever'
Malian soldiers patrol aboard a vehicule mounted with a machine gun in a street of Diabaly. Photo: AFP
been under the control of the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, a splinter group of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Al-Jazeera broadcast a statement from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in which the group said it had withdrawn temporarily from some cities it held but would return with greater force. Ti m b u k t u , t h e f a b l e d desert oasis, and Kidal, northeast of Gao, have been under rebel control, but little information has come from either place for the past 10 days because mobile phone networks have been down. In Konna — which was overrun by Islamic fighters on January 10, prompting France to intervene — a clearer picture began to emerge of the fighting. Residents and officials here said that at least 11 civilians had been killed in French airstrikes. Charred husks of pickup trucks lined the road into the town, and broken tanks and guns littered the fish market, where the rebels appeared to have set up a temporary base. France's sudden entry into the fray has left the United Nations and ECOWAS, the regional trade bloc, scrambling to put together an African-led intervention force to help retake the northern half of the country. Mali's army, which has struggled to fight the Islamist groups, has been accused of serious human rights violations.
—— The New York Times

For many Indigenous Australians, today marks the 75th anniversary in the fight for Aboriginal rights and recognition. n 1938, a large group of Aboriginal people gathered in Sydney at a protest they called the Day of Mourning, which marked 150 years since European settlement. The Indigenous demonstrators demanded full citizen rights and equality and the protest was the beginning of the organised Aboriginal civil rights movement. Aged just two-and-a-half years old, Aboriginal elder Esther Carroll was pictured at that first protest. "I was too young to know what it was all about then," she said. "When you think of those men who were calling for such civil rights, back in 1938 in the 30s and working on it from then, it was not until 1967 that we were counted in the census..
—Radio Australia

Australian treatment gives child a chance of better life
WHEN Canberra doctors met nine-year-old Leon Kanas he had endured years of name-calling and being ostracised by children in his Vanuatu village. Leon was born with a rectal malformation and his stool was constantly leaking out and running down his legs.In Australia, babies born with the condition are treated at birth but, in Vanuatu, his mother, Tourana, was told nothing could be done.It was not until a friend told her about a Rotary-run charity in Canberra that she began to hope Leon might have a better quality of life..
—Sydney Morning Herald

Indian governor tells gun owners to save women
n ew D elhi ' s


governor has reportedly said gun owners should roam the streets at night and use their weapons to prevent crimes against women, in the wake of the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in the Indian capital. The Indian Express says Tejendra Khanna, who heads the national capital's police department, on Friday urged gun-owning residents to put their weapons to "social service" and scare away potential molesters. "Gun owners with licences must roam lonely spots like bus stands each night and if they spot someone harassing a woman, they should use their weapon to stop the crime," the federal administrator said in a speech. "They can at least spend an hour or so every day with their friends in public after nightfall," Khanna said, according to the Indian Express. The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party condemned Khanna's remarks, saying "citizens should not be advised to take their law into their own hands in any situation". The Geneva-based Small Arms Survey estimates India is home to 40 million civilian-owned firearms of an estimated 650 million worldwide. Just 6.3 million Indian

Optimism for Philippines rebel deal within weeks
The Philippines government is optimistic a final peace pact with Muslim rebels will be signed within weeks. After the latest round of negotiations in Malaysia, the head of the Philippine government's peace panel, Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, is positive about a peace deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front by March. "There may be fears, but at large based on surveys, I can confidently say that people are very optimistic," Professor Coronel-Ferrer said. Negotiators have finalised the policies to guide a team that will monitor and assess the implementation of the deal. They have also agreed to extend, for another year, the terms of the International Monitoring Team that oversees the ceasefire between government and rebel forces. A peace deal will end more than 40 years of insurgency by Muslim rebels, that has killed thousands of people and stifled development in the southern Philippines..

Solution to your Sudoku puzzle

An Indian governor has reportedly suggested gun owners should use their weapons to protect women from crime. (Credit: AFP)
firearms are registered. Khanna's remarks came as Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in a speech Friday said the December 16 attack on the student who died of massive internal injuries "has left our hearts empty and our minds in turmoil". Police say rape cases in New Delhi jumped 23.4 percent to 706 in 2012 from a year earlier, highlighting rampant crime against women in the sprawling metropolis of 16 million people. The murder of the 23-year-old student ignited street protests and calls for harsher punishments for rapists. Five men are on trial for the rape and killing while a sixth has said he is under 18 and that his case should be heard in juvenile court. New Delhi is known as the most unsafe major Indian city for women with more than twice as many rape cases registered in 2011 than in commercial hub Mumbai.


Monday 28th January 2012 [11]
P.O.Box 618 Port Vila VANUATU Telephone : (678 ) 27418 Fax : ( 678 ) 22599 Email : redcross@vanuatu.com.vu

EVD Corporate Sales Assistant
Oceanic Communications (Vanuatu) Ltd is looking for an extremely capable individual to assist and support its EVD sales teams in the support of Merchants and customers in a professional, timely and satisfactory manner. This is a supervisory role for our Street-flex resellers so the ideal person we are looking for must: • Have staff supervision experience • Have Corporate customer service background • Be well experienced in the use of MS Office software – Excel, Word, Outlook emailing • Possess very strong command of English in both verbal and written skills • Honest and trustworthy – current clean police clearance is required • Hold a current driver’s licence • Ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a team environment • Mature & positive flexible attitude • Be highly organised and adaptable to priorities given • Must be able to work 5.5 days a week - Monday to Saturday This position is very important and is crucial to the success of our customer service focus. Therefore only those individuals who have excellent work ethics and the drive to succeed need apply. A detailed Position Description is available to those selected for interviews. Remuneration will be in accordance with skills and experience. Interested candidates should forward a written application and CV to the address below before close of business hours, Saturday 2 February 2013: The Administration Manager Oceanic Communications (Vanuatu) Ltd PO Box 188 Port Vila


Climate change / mitigation program officer
The   Vanuatu   Red   Cross   Society,   working   jointly   with   the   support   of   the   French   Red   Cross,   is   seeking   applications   from   dynamic   and   highly   motivated   persons   to   immediately   fill   up   the   following   position   as   part   of  its  VRCS  management  team.   Job  location:   VRCS  headquarters  in  Port-­‐Vila    

Applicants are required to demonstrate the following:
• 1   to   3   years’   experience   of   program   coordination/project   management   in   the   field   of   hydraulics   or   construction   Engineering   and/or   disaster   risk   reduction  (CBDRR)  and  climate  change  adaptation  (CCA)     Team/Human  Resource  management,  training  and  facilitation  skills   Excellent   interpersonal   skills,   good   records   with   the   DRR   and   CCA   key   national  institutions;   Demonstrate   experience   and   competencies   in   at   least   two   (2)   of   the   following   sectors:   (i)   Program   coordination,   particularly   in   humanitarian   field;(ii)Disaster   risk   reduction   activities/Climate   Change;(iii)   Environmental/Natural   Resource   Management;   (iv)   Hydraulics   and/or   construction  Engineering;(v)Monitoring  and  evaluation  of  project.   University  graduate  in  one  of  these  sectors  or  field  related  will  be  an  asset   Analytical   and   communication   skills,   including   excellent   oral   and   written   communication,  drafting  and  presentation  skills   Ability   and   flexibility   to   travel   regularly,   particularly   in   the   Torba   province,   will  be  expected  to  spend  several  stays  of  few  weeks  in  the  islands.   Excellent   computer   skills   (Internet,   Word,   Excel,   PowerPoint,   Outlook;   Autocad  or  design  software  will  be  an  asset))   English  and/or  French  required     Driving  license  Required  

• • •

Finance training for NGOS, Churches & Civil Society Octagon Leadership & Community Development Program (OLCDP) Vanuatu And in conjunction with Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) is hosting a finance training particularly in Budget Essentials & Reporting essentials in Port Vila on the 13th – 14th of February 2013. This training has been design by UK- based Management Accounting for Non Governmental Organizations. Any interested participant from NGOS, Church’s & Civil society should call 23286 & speak to Elenor Kenneth for registration or email direct to this email address jesta.simeon@gmail.com or elenor.kenneth@hotmail.com The training is fully funded by Pacific leadership program through Octagon Leadership & Community development program in Vanuatu.
• • • • • •

Interested  candidates  are  invited  to  pick  up  a  more  detailed  Job  description  of  this  position  at  Vanuatu  Red  Cross   Office  (located  at  Vanuatu  Red  Cross  Headquarters),  or  send  request  by  mail  to:  wash-­‐rehab-­‐van.frc@croix-­‐rouge.fr     Interested  candidates  may  submit  their  applications,  with  letter  of  interest  and  CV,  no  later  than   th   11 February2013to:wash-­‐rehab-­‐van.frc@croix-­‐rouge.fr   Charles  Aurouet,  PO  Box  3459,  Port-­‐Vila,  Vanuatu   Application  by  email:  wash-­‐rehab-­‐van.frc@croix-­‐rouge.fr   Only  short  listed  candidates  will  be  contacted.  

The governments of Vanuatu and Australia have established the Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership - Stretem Rod Blong Jastis (Partnership) - which commenced in March 2012. The Partnership, managed by GRM International, seeks to strengthen the law and justice sector as a whole and also to build the capacity of agencies in the formal justice sector. GRM International are seeking a Case and Data Management Adviser (Adviser) to support the Ministry of Justice and Community Services, in collaboration with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, to assess the quality of current case and data management capacity across the government agencies of the sector and to develop a business plan and high level, staged strategic IT plan for the incremental progress towards a computerised, cross-agency, stream-lined and webenabled law and justice case management platform. Key deliverables of the Adviser will include (but are not limited to) the following:     A written diagnostic assessment of the data and case management systems within the law and justice sector. A report and presentation on international best practices and trends of case management and ICT usage within the justice sector in developing and developed countries. A high level strategic ICT plan for the law and justice sector. Terms of reference for a subsequent “detailed requirements analysis project” to be undertaken by a specialised firm.

What is the Stretem Rod Blong Jastis Partnership?
The governments of Vanuatu and Australia have established the Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership Stretem Rod Blong Jastis (Partnership) - which commenced in March 2012. The Partnership, managed by GRM International, seeks to strengthen the law and justice sector as a whole and also to build the capacity of agencies in the formal justice sector.

What does the Paralegal Program Administrator role involve?
From 2013, the Partnership will be supporting a Paralegal Program that will enable law students from the University of the South Pacific (USP) to work within formal legal offices during their final two years of study. GRM International are seeking a highly motivated and self-driven Paralegal Program Administrator to provide support for the implementation of a paralegal program. Key deliverables of the Administrator will include (but are not limited to) the following:      Identifying formal legal offices within the law and justice sector who wish to participate in the program. Developing an MoU between the USP School of Law and the participating agencies. Developing a selection process for the paralegal program. Developing monitoring tools for student placements. Providing pastoral care to students who are selected to participate in the program.

The Adviser will be engaged on a short term basis for a total of 90 days and will be renumerated in line with AusAID’s Adviser Remuneration Framework (Group D, Level 4). The Adviser will be based in Port Vila, Vanuatu for the majority of the 90-day consultancy. To view a full copy of the Terms of Reference for this role, including selection criteria and application details, please visit the GRM International website at: http://www.grminternational.com/jobs or contact Kristine.Leon@grminternational.com for more information.

The ideal candidate for this role will have demonstrated skills and experience in consultation, management and drafting of documents. The ability to provide mentoring to participating students is critical. The Administrator will be based at the USP School of Law and will be engaged on a part-time basis (2.5 – 3 days per week) up to 31 May 2013, with high possibility of an extension until at least 31 December 2013.

How to apply
To receive an Application Package, including full copy of the Terms of Reference for this role, email Joanna Garae on joanna.garae@vljp.com.au or call us on 29941.

Applications are due by 5pm (AEST) 5 February 2013

Applications are due by 5pm, 11 February 2013

Please submit your application by the by GRM International 2012 Stretem Rod Blong Jastis is managed closing date of: 14 of Julyon behalf of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)


Stretem Rod Blong Jastis is managed by GRM International on behalf of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

[ 6 ] vanuatu Daily Post |Monday January 28, 2013

Post Comics

Regional News

PAPUA N e w G U i N e A ’ s

Guns for Parlt
2013, Mr Ila singled out that the purchase of these highpowered weapons were to be used in Parliament, specifically to guard him and the Speaker of Parliament. In the letter, he mentioned that he was attacked by thugs and the recent threats and physical confrontations by unknown criminal elements at Gordons warranted the purchase of these firearms and ammunitions. Mr Guinness then sought approval from the Police Commissioner on the 15th of January for the purchase of these weapons. The Commissioner Tom Kulunga advised against the purchase but Parliament went ahead and proceeded with the acquisition. “In 1999, the National Parliament during the administration of former clerk of Parliament Ano Pala, the National Parliament purchased two Sig pistols, five pump action shotguns and eight side arm pistols and other firearms, which were stolen whilst Parliament security officers had them in their custody,” Mr Ila wrote to Mr Guinness. During the administration of then outgoing clerk Don Pandan, these firearms were either stolen or misplaced. These firearms had wear and tear, the Sig pistols were transferred to the Speaker of Parliament and the Sergeant-at-Arms. “The latest threats and physical confrontations with me by unknown elements at Gordons forcefully pulling the car key from the ignition of my vehicle and continuously following me in unmarked vehicles is coming to a stage where my life and my family is at risk. “In foreseeing such threats to a constitutional officeholder and the Speaker of Parliament, there is an urgent need to boost up security for the Speaker and the Acting Clerk of the National Parliament. “The firearms, if purchased will be kept by the police in their armoury as custodians and released upon request by my office for escort purposes. This arrangement can be done by the two departments having an MOU in place for auditing and compliance.” Last night the Speaker’s officials told the Post-Courier the Speaker of Parliament Theo Zurenuoc was not aware of this purchase nor was he consulted for the matter. The officials said Parliament did not need such high-powered weapons but advised that the Speaker would make an appropriate response once he received an immediate brief on the matter. The Post-Courier contacted the supplier of the firearms and ammunitions – a middleman PNG-based company who confirmed they have made business with the National Parliament but refused to comment once they learnt the questions were from the Post-Courier. They told the paper to contact the National Parliament
— Postcourier.






acting Clerk of Parliament Simon Ila has purchased 32 high-powered guns and about 10,000 ammunitions for Parliament security guards at a cost of K556,000. This is on top of side-arms for some Ministers and Members of Parliament who also have armed personnel from the Special VIP protection Unit. Among the purchase was a very high-powered weapon only issued to the military and for special forces –the HK MP7A1 which cost K38,500 for one, with its 30 round magazines costing K3500 for a quantity of four. This weapon is only a defense issue according to police and national security advisors -HK MP7A1 is a submachine gun / personal defense weapon with extended 40-roundmagazine and a number of extras, including night sight, flashlight and silencer. Other weapons included a Colt (M4 Carbine bushmaster) 5.5 worth K37,500 for a single purchase (five were purchased to the value of K187, 500) and Glock (G17 9mm w/2x 16 round magazines worth K35,000 for one (five were purchased) – costing Parliament K175,000. The total amount spent on the purchase was K556,290 for the firearms and ammunitions, all paid out from the Parliament House account. In a letter sent to the NCD Chief Superintendant Peter Guinness on January 11,


Australian White paper draft warns of China influence in Pacific
believes AUstrAliA


needs to entrench its position as the dominant security partner for Pacific Island nations at a time when China's political and economic influence over the region continues to grow. The spectre of competition between China and Australia for the hearts and minds of small Pacific nations is alluded to in a draft of the 2013 defence white paper, obtained by The Australian. It comes at a time when Beijing is expanding its economic and diplomatic links with impoverished Pacific Island nations, posing a challenge to Australia's influence in the region. Unlike the 2009 defence white paper, the draft of the new white paper, which was valid as of last month, specifically mentions China's ambitions with Pacific Island

nations. “South Pacific fisheries are globally significant and increasingly attractive to distant fishing nations,” it says. “China has a growing economic, diplomatic and business presence in South Pacific nations.” The draft paper, the final version of which will be released by June, says Australia recognises attitudes to Australia's role in the Pacific are changing. “While Australia provides half the region's total development aid and will be significantly increasing this contribution, the growing reach and influence of Asian nations opens up a wider range of external players for our neighbours to partner with," the draft says. “Australia's contribution to this region may be balanced in the future by the

support and assistance provided by other regional powers.” Despite this, the white paper draft says government policy will be to enshrine Australia as the key security ally among island nations. “The government's approach to the region . . . will ensure we remain the security partner of choice,” it says. China has been active in the South Pacific, with the Lowy Institute reporting in 2011 that China's soft loans to the region had risen from $US23 million in 2005 to more than $US183m in 2009, making China the third-largest donor to island nations after Australia and the US. China's political and financial interests in Pacific Island nations are being watched carefully in Canberra and in Washington.
— Pina

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