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Published by: iloveu8 on Feb 12, 2009
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Kalsang Chhakpa Professor Vates Writing 98 Feb 10, 2009 The Life of A Real Estate Loan Officer Miss Lin

is one of the real estate loan officers of Bank of America. Her coworkers stated that she seems shy, since she's always at her desk and never talks to anyone. One of her co-workers stated with an eager look on her face looking towards Miss Lin, "She is a real hard worker. She sometimes stays at work until the security guards kick her out since it's time for them to go home." She has the slender body with all the right curves, long elegant black hair, and someone who dresses very professional plus stylish. She has a tan figure with chinky eyes, it's safe to say she is from an asian ethnicity. She stated that her and family came from Laos and she came to America when she was only 18 years old. She has been working for Bank of America for about 6 years now. “Freedom to work on my own time and income,” she responds with a smile on her face explaining the reason why she became a real estate loan officer. However, Miss Lin works more than 80 hours a week and states that she doesn't have a social life, with a sigh on her face. You can tell that Miss Lin is a very busy woman as she opens the door to let you in with five different colored folders in her hand trying to figure out what folder she needs. While she greets you, she walks two steps in front so you don’t get lost also at the same time trying to keep an eye contact and a conversation. Even though Miss Lin is a busy person she never stops smiling, she stated that her way of going through life is taking one day at a time and fighting with all her might. When you enter her small and narrow cubical, you can see the numerous children's

pictures on her cabinets and neat chronological order folders by alphabet. To become an real estate loan officer Miss Lin responded with her slightly asian accent, " You need only your Bachelors degree in finances", and added proudly, "I didn't need to get mine since my manager believed I had the qualities to become a great real estate loan officer. You just need analytical skills, be self-motivated and have great communication skills." This job also requires organization and communication skill, she stated while leaning over to get a cup of water. She has great strength and power in her words. She will look her clients straight in the eye and ask them numerous question regarding what each client desires to fully understand there needs. Her goal at her job is to be the best she can be. She states many times during the interview with the passion in her voice that her true goals are, “To help people achieve financial freedom through ownership.” Miss Lin has to endure a lot of traveling, such as going to clients homes to work with them, going to conventions to become more educated, going to classes to teach new employees, meet with builders, bankers, and other real estate agents. Miss Lin responded while pushing her hair on the side and hands on her hips, " Having to manage more than ten different agencies can be quite difficult. Also if anyone of them messes up the whole process is screwed up." There is a lot of face to face communication and interpersonal relationship when Miss. Lin talks to her clients. She stares at her empty desk and stated," I love my job, since I get to make a difference in other peoples life and it makes me feel a sense of worthiness. I have helped numerous families achieve that financial freedom everyone craves for. I would never exchange my job for anything else", she puts her hands on her hips and straights out her back and adds, "Good work ethnic means that you do what you were going to do at the time you said you were going to do it. Accountability and reliability is key." With that statement she walks away slowly into the brightly lit room stating conference room 210. As she turns around to close the door, she smiles with that innocent look in her face and takes her seat.

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