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Imperial Arts, Volume One (Goetia)

Imperial Arts, Volume One (Goetia)

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Published by: ratatu on Jan 28, 2013
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CUR + SUN (crucible support) pronounced




This spirit is identical with the Cardinal King
("Corson"), and in the text it is rendered as
"Purson" more commonly. Perhaps this is due
to a confusion of the Hebrew letter "Kaph"
when it has the central pronunciation point,
making it resemble the letter "Peh." It may be
noted that this spirit holds only 22 legions,
which is a small number for one of the
principle spirits, but these are derived from the
orders of Virtues and of Thrones: a



He appeared as described in the Goetia: a lion-
faced person laying belly-flat on a huge bear,
with a viper hanging from his grasp onto the
ground. Performing the ceremony at just after
9 a.m. made it unpleasant to remain standing
after giving the welcome and placing musk on
the coals. Upon my taking a seat, the spirit

commented that it had not before seen such
brazen discourtesy. I said that I desired to
discuss things secret and divine as is proper to
its office. "What did you hope to request of
me?" came the reply.

My first consideration was to ask about the
nature of the human soul and the afterlife. I
have never taken the concept of an immortal
soul very seriously, and have only entertained
the notion of an afterlife as an interesting but
improbable possibility. In response the spirit
made an effort to distinguish thoughts
originating in the brain from those existing
apart from the brain. The brain, according to
the spirit, merely supports the "real" thoughts
which have another sort of existence and are
immortal. Identity, emotion, reason, and the
like are merely brain-thoughts that give shape
to the nature of information contained in the
vague and amorphous spirit. It said that
humans are poorly equipped to handle "real"
thinking although it becomes available through
contemplation of infinite consciousness (its
closest reasonable conceptual analogy), and
that this is the substance of most religious
meditations. It also said that every creature,
however insignificant, possesses this capacity,
this "spirit" as I will call it.

I asked about ghosts, and supposed glimpses

of the afterlife returning to the world of the
living. The spirit referred to these as "leftovers"
of the living which had no real life or thought.
I asked about whether the other places in the
universe had life, or intelligent life. The spirit
responded that it is as full as the sea, and that
its "worthy ones" (presumably the
legionnaires) come from other stars.

I asked about the creation of the world and the
coming of man. It made few comments other
than to lend modest support to modern
geology and paleoanthropology with the
addition that the Earth is far older than



I asked about the nature of gravity as a test of
its ability to disclose natural secrets of import
to present sciences as well as ancient ones. It
responded with a very very long lecture on
gravity. Accordingly, and this is only the most
vague summary, gravity appears as a "wave"
to science due to the "spin" of particles, in a
way I gather is something like the light from
the Sun only striking one part of Earth at a
time, but on a more complex scale and not
necessarily as a rotating sphere. Everything is
in constant motion, constant "spin." As things
spin, other things spin with them, and the
more things spinning together, the greater
their force of gravity becomes, similar to water

going down a drain. My intention in asking
was not to pioneer a new physics theory but
merely to see if the spirit could answer such a

I said that I had many more things to discuss,
and would discuss these topics further but it
would take all day. The spirit said it was




I asked about a familiar, as it is supposed to be
capable of providing. The spirit immediately
said it would lead me to treasures, something I
had not yet mentioned. I asked what is
required to obtain it, to call it, and to maintain
it. It said that it is given freely as a gift, that it
can be called by speaking its name aloud while
holding the spirit's seal, and that there was no
other obligation or restriction (like the time of
day) for communicating with it. I asked how it
would speak with me, and was told it would
speak audibly to me only. I requested it, and
was given the name "Samalnagol," meaning
something like "Sergeant Revelation."

I asked for a great treasure, something worth
many millions of dollars, in a place accessible
to me. The spirit said that it would reveal the
location of the "golden cavern," with so much
gold that "ten men could not hope to exhaust it
all in a lifetime" even if they were attempting

to do so. It described a place I know very well,
and mentioned the directions to the vault,
supposedly unknown to any living man. I was
to scale a steep hill and find a trail marked by
white rocks on the other side, leading to a lone
tree overhanging the river gorge. Beneath the
tree there is a hole in the rock, sliding
downward at a steep angle, and inside there is
gold being ground to sand by moving water.
When the water gets too high, some of the
churning sand falls out the hole and goes into
the river. In this river, during the late 1800's, a
miner found a gold nugget roughly the size of
an axe-head, indicating a substantial vein of
ore in the area, although it was never located.

I reached over and laid my hand on the hilt of
the sword. I said that I do not want to be led
around on a fruitless and dangerous
exploration, and that it would submit to the
greater curse if I found that it had lied. I
threatened the spirit by saying that I would
melt its seal (pure gold) and bind it in the black
box. At this point the figure on the bear reared
up, and the bear looked at me. Its eyes were
like sparkling diamonds, not at all like eyes.
The spirit spoke, saying that I had mistaken
Purson as its name. It corrected me, and
advised me that it was the one who was
responsible for maintaining the bindings of the
vessel even in the inevitable outcome of the

seals being melted or corroded away. The
Cardinal Kings are the ones who release the
spirits from torture, and it would not be well to
bind something that looks to itself for appeal
for release.

Having been satisfied thus far, and planning to
further investigate the subjects of interest by
means of the familiar, I stood and gave the
license to depart. It gave a hearty laugh as it
went away. In all, I am unsure whether to
consider this a useful exchange or not. It may
have to rest at that until I can check for the
mine location, as there is little way to verify
anything else spoken by the spirit. I will call
the familiar spirit in a few days, expecting
more of the same but curious about how it will

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