1918 Retail Beginning 1913 – 1930 Start United Parcel Services 1930 – 1975 Expansion nationwide and expansion 1975 – 1990 International growh and UPS Airlines 1990 – 1999 Consistent Innovation 1999 – 2010 Global commerce and Evolution 2010 – 2012 The new logistic era 2 .HISTORY 1907 – 1913 Creating a messenger service 1913 .

2001:2-5) Kotler and Keller define brand positioning as an "act of designing the company's offering and image to occupy a distinct place in the mind of the target market. A recognizable and trusted customer-focused value proposition can be the result of a successful positioning without doing something to the product itself. 2006:310) • 3 . (Kotler & Keller. but to manipulate the mind set and to retie existing connections (Ries & Trout.BRAND POSITIONING • Brand positioning is the sum of all activities that position the brand in the mind of the customer relative to its competition. Positioning is not about creating something new or different.


web. Customers can reach them by phone. • They offer products and services that are state of the art in lo gistics. and consulting services. This level of reach to customers is n ecessary if UPS expects to gain market share from FedEx.FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS • UPS is targeting a global market of producers and consumers. retail outlets. while making a move to become the supply chain integrator o f choice in e-commerce. • There are 150. cust omer service centers. which include the use of bar codes and RFID.000 different places to access UPS. high spe ed package routing systems. 5 . worldwide. distribution centers and any of the drive rs will pick up packages.

1 Billion dollar Todays stock price 77.8 milion package delivered daily ( Have 65 % market share in domestic package 2011 profit is 53.FACT ABOUT UPS • • • • • • • Over 400.000 employers 152.000 vehicles 238 aircraft More than 15.16 dollar 6 .

UPS we love Logistic Commercial [Video].2012. Keller.ups.REFERENCE • • Youtube (2010). K (2009). Marketing Management [Ipad edition]. Company History 1994 . Kotler. NJ: Prentice-Hall • About UPS (2011). 3 7 . P.com/About+UPS/Company+History/2010 Al Ries. Retrieved from • http://pressroom. (1986) "MARKETING WARFARE". Vol. Jack Trout. Journal of Consumer Marketing. Upper Saddle River.


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