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Published by: Joshua Loke on Jan 28, 2013
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Special Report



Revealed Inside: A Top Secret Insider Report Revealing A Custom-Made Profit Generating Guide Especially Crafted ONLY For Tuition Centres In Singapore.
“If you want to be able to dramatically increase you r number of mon th ly student enrolment sign-ups, and expand your tuition business faster than you eve r thou ght possibl e, then you need to read, and follow the formulas contained in this report.”

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In this report, you will learn…
... a “time-tested” system to DOUBLE THE NUMBER of enquiries and leads within 30 DAYS OR LESS. (pg 7-8)

and students in 9 short months. (pg 6) … how to set your entire student attraction marketing system on AUTOPILOT… so that you have more time to focus on what you love doing most: teaching! ... top 3 myths that are holding your business back. (pg 4-5) … 3 FREE methods of drawing customers to the doorstep of your Tuition Centre. (pg 6) … how to convert potential customers into an enrolment in 3 EASY STEPS. (pg 9- 12) … how to SUCCESSFULLY differentiate your Tuition Centre so that customers choose you over “them”. (pg 12-14) … time-tested, sales closing TECHNIQUES that IMMEDIATELY INCREASES enrolments in your courses. . (Pg 15-18) ... mind-control tricks that DRAMATICALLY INCREASES the chance of a successful enrolment. BONUS: scientific proof that they work! (page 17) ... how to make your existing enrolment EVEN MORE PROFITABLE (Pg 18 -23) ... a 5 steps sales closing script that has INCREASED SALES BY 50% for our Tuition Centre clients. (pg 17-18)


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Exponential Tuition Centre Growth Model TM


Creating more enquiries for your Centre How to make use of your current student base to be even more profitable.

Preparing potential customers to signup with your Centre

Translating potential customers into more profits for your Tuition Centre.

Differentiating your Centre so that customers choose you over your competitors

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Top 3 Myths in the Tuition Centre Industry
1) Myth 1 -If you are a good teacher, the students will come: partially true Perhaps one of the most prevalent myths in this trade is that if one is a good teacher, or employs good teachers, the students will come and automatically enroll in your courses. While this myth is partially true, a huge portion of your market who want and need your classes will not have heard of how good your teachers or Tuition Centre is. IF you have no more room for new students, then perhaps this doesn’t apply to you. But if you are intending to add more teachers to your centre, or perhaps even expand and open a new branch and get even more enrolments, then just being a good teacher will not be enough. Word-Of-Mouth works, but they can be slow and depends on the goodwill of your customers. You need to break past the mindset of just being a good teacher- You need to start adopting the mindset of a business owner. A business owner is one who will do whatever is necessary to get more customers to come into the Tuition Centre and enroll, via active effort, rather than wait for referrals to come rolling to the front door. In the past, just being a good tutor will get you clients. But if you want to take your Tuition Centre business to the next level, then you need to embrace current marketing and sales strategies. 2) Myth 2- Internet Marketing is all that is needed to make a Tuition Centre successful: UNTRUE I am sure that in the past months, you have had countless calls and emails from “SEO guys” who wish to sell SEO packages to you, promising you all the profits in the world if you bought their internet marketing packages. While Internet Marketing is a very powerful tool in reaching out to parents and students, without the appropriate systems and strategies needed to convince and convert them to signup for your courses, this new awareness does not necessarily translate into more profits for your centre. Let’s say you own an A level Math Tuition Centre. A mother named Jane wants to find JC Math tuition for her son Austin. She googles for it and lands on your website. Like most mothers, she doesn’t want to make a decision before comparing what you have to offer against your competitors. She then clicks on the “x” to close her browser. After looking through 4-5 other Math Tuition Centre, she has completely forgotten about your website. Oh-oh, your SEO consultant didn’t tell you getting traffic represents only a small percentage of your quest to have a truly profitable Tuition Centre business.

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Internet Marketing cannot exist in a vacuum alone. Without a proper profit generating system to properly follow-up on these leads, you will have lost many Janes to your competitor. By having an opt-in form, where people can exchange their email address for a “free” gift, your chances of converting Jane’s son into a student is dramatically increased. We will be touching more about this opt-in form in the pages below. Having an opt-in form has SIGNIFICANTLY helped our Tuition Centre clients. In some cases, just having this opt-in form alone has DOUBLED monthly enquiries for the centre. If you don’t have an opt-in form on your website right now, you are shortchanging your business of potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for yourself. When we worked with several Tuition Centres in 2011, we found that after installing an opt-in form, the number of enquiries in a few cases nearly DOUBLED the very next month from 85 enquiries (give or take) to 160! This can be explained because the number of unknown Janes who were once uncontactable when they leave your site, can now be reached because they have left their email addresses with you via your opt-in form. What this means is that you can create an automated marketing program to ensure that your services remain on the forefront of their minds. Pro Tip> Creating an opt-in form can potentially DOUBLE your enquiries almost immediately. BUT, the incentive (Free gift) that entices people to leave their contact details with you has to be sufficiently enticing. 3) Myth3: Advertising needs to be expensive in order to be effective: UNTRUE Perhaps one of the biggest myth spread by multinational advertising companies, this one constantly crops up when we meet Tuition Centre owners. I firmly believe that the effectiveness of less expensive advertising methods, such as Google Adwords which we will be covering in subsequent chapters, can match and exceed more expensive advertising mediums such as radios, television and print ads on newspapers. One of our current clients was using expensive radio ads in order to reach out to parents. His reason for doing so is that decision makers were listening to radios in their cars between 6-8 PM…. Which is THE MOST EXPENSIVE media slot possible. Big brand names such as Courts/Harvey Norman are all competing for that slot. Furthermore, with many other distractions, parents are highly likely to forget about the advertisement (research has found that long-term memory can be as short as 7 seconds). And this means that even if they are interested, they may forget important details -such as how to spell your website properly, location of your centre etc- that causes you to lose a sale.

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  On our advice, we advocated that they switch to some of preferred marketing mediums such as Google (don’t worry, we’ve got this covered later) and this helped him to DRASTICALLY cut down on his costs, DRAMATICALLY increasing his profits thus ENHANCING his return on investment ratio. Without much further ado, we present to you some of the possible methods that you can use to draw customers BUT yet still keep within your budget!


Pro Tip> Most expensive advertising channels such as radio and newspaper ads are less effective when compared to modern ones such as Google. Modern advertising methods helps to create top-of-mind recall (this means that potential customers think of your centre more often)

Edu-Lead GenTM
- How to drive more customers to your centre’s front door.
Free Methods to increase enrolments 1) Referrals from existing students and parents. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful methods of getting more enrolments, and most Tuition Centre owners intuitively understand this. What separates the best from the mediocre is whether there is a formal referral system put into place to encourage referrals. A good example of a formal referral system for the Tuition Centre market would be giving out referral cards –such as the one on www.ripcard.com- for a free first lesson to all new clients. If one of these referral cards turned into an actual paying client, the referrer gets either a discount or a free month’s worth of lessons; this depends on the centre’s margins. ( Disclaimer: We are in no manner commercially or professionally affiliated with Ripcard. Our recommendation is only because we have seen the Ripcard work well ) With this small tip alone we have seen many of our clients alone literally DOUBLING the number of walk-in customers from referrals. Pro Tip> Install a referral scheme to encourage referrals. Don't leave word-of-mouth to chance 2) Free postings on classifieds online (gumtree.sg, craigslist.sg, singaporeexpats.com, 88db.com, adpost.com, etc). 3) Online Forums where parents frequent and ask questions on tuition. You can answer these parents online, and at the same time, place your company name or website address in the “forum signature link” underneath the answers, that when clicked, brings these parents to your website.

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  4) Setting up monthly 3hour workshop or seminar style sessions for parents to attend, on topics which appeal to them. At the end of seminar, pitch your services. Paid Methods to increase enrolments 1) Flyers distribution


These have a very low conversion rate and return on investment. However, when distributed near high-concentration students zones, such as schools along Bukit Timah road, can result in a higher success rate. Never ever attempt to distribute flyers in “general” areas such as mailboxes etc as they will be thrown away without a second thought. 2) Cold calling parents This is a costly method in terms of time, as one is essentially trying his/her luck hoping that there will be a few parents who are interested in the centre’s tuition services. Hence, the return on time invested is low. We do not like this method of generating leads. 3) Facebook Marketing The upside of FB marketing is that you can reach out based on specific demographics such as age, gender, interests (based on Facebook pages ‘liked’) as well as age of the parent’s child! This means that your advertisements are highly targeted and reaches out to your specific target market, regardless of how difficult they are to contact in the ‘realworld’. Every ‘click’ you get could potentially translate into a new customer. The downside of this is that people who click on these ads may do so out of curiosity, rather than out of immediate need. For ads that REALLY appeal to parents who are in urgent need to enroll their child in a Tuition Centre, kindly view point #4 below. 4) Google Advertising. This is the most powerful way of marketing. Done correctly, this single method alone will TRUMP all the other methods on this list, hands down. This method has successfully doubled or tripled the profits of art galleries, coaching services, interior designers, and will really bring your Tuition Centre enrolments and profits to the next level, guaranteed. How does Internet Search Marketing work?

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  Simple. In the past, business owners such as yourself have little options in terms of advertising. It was either expensive advertisements in newspapers – with low response rates leading to low return on investment), or TV advertising which has a HUGE cost with little guarantee of success. Today, Google is King when it comes to Tuition Centre Marketing. The newspapers, despite being read by many Singaporeans island wide, offers little chance of success because of their cost, and the fact that they are printed only for ONE DAY. This means that you have only ONE DAY’s worth of exposure to your market. Not to mention the small newspaper space With advances in search engine technology, millions of consumers in Singapore use Google when searching for a product or service which they want to purchase. You probably use Google when you want to find a restaurant to eat at, find a travel agent or a housing agent to sell your house. Google’s advertising appeal is the reason why traditional mediums such as Yellow Pages, Classified ads and Mediacorp are scared. It’s the reason why Newspaper classifieds are offering buy 1 get 1 free slots on their newspaper placements. They are all shaking at the knees because of Big Daddy Google. And rightly so.


Television advertising is slightly better, in terms of getting your message across . But the cost is SKY HIGH, with the average TV campaign costs in the thousands of dollars range. A prime time spot can cost tens of thousands. Obviously, these methods are not a good fit for tuition business owners! People who watch TV ads, who read classified ads, may not have a SPECIFIC need at a SPECIFIC time for your Tuition Centre. But parents, who sit down at their desks, and search for the term “Tuition Centre” or “maths tutor” in Google, are GUARANTEED to be needing tuition services or looking for tutors at that immediate time! So they make the best prospects out there, anywhere, needing you at that particular time. In fact, a quick search shows that other Tuition Centres have already successfully adopted this marketing method. Learning Media, SmartLab, IgniteTuition etc, are all early adopters of this next big thing in Tuition Centre marketing. It’s time you adopted this method too. BUT, reaching out to your target market is just the beginning of the battle for more customers, as you will have to convert potential customers into enrolments..

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Edu- Lead NurturingTM
-3 EASY steps to convince potential customers to signup for your classes.

Step  1:  Driving  customers  to  your  website  

Step  2:  Trap  their  Data  

Step  3:  Nurturing  the  Lead  
Step 1: Driving customers to your website Get them to visit your home page online, via methods such as Google Advertising, and targeted flyers distributed around school areas or Facebook Advertising aimed at parents who has children in the age groups of 9 years to 16 years (depending on which age groups your centre teaches) Step2: Trap their data. Legally of course. Once prospects (parents/ students) land on your website, your website needs to be able to successfully convert these potential customers into sales. In order to do so, it has to fulfill TWO Main Objectives. The 2 Main Objectives are: A. Capture their attention. This is why you need the Evolutionary Differentiation Strategy as outlined in the first chapter above (we’ll be covering this in abit). The online world is ruthless, and fast. Parents are quick to hit the Back button or close window button if what they see in the first 15 seconds does not appeal to them. This is a perfect chance for your company to project the differentiation and really make it appealing for these parents.
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B. Engaging them Second, once you have managed to make the parents or decision makers INTERESTED in your Tuition Centre, you will have to engage them. The subsequent question you are probably asking is: How do we engage them? The best way to engage a prospect in this tuition industry is to give them a free Lead Generation Bait. To briefly explain what a lead generation bait is, it is any free gift that you can give (such as an eBook like the one you are reading right now, or a free report like the one that you are reading right now) to customers in exchange for your email. Such lead generation baits typically takes the form of an educational piece of material which potential customers want and can benefit from. For example, if you teach exclusively English lessons, an effective lead generation bait could take the form of a free report titled “How English can improve your child's understanding of school lessons, and improve their overall grades in exams” If you solely conducted lessons for primary school students only, your lead generation bait could be called “ 7 Reasons Why Your Child Isn't Doing Well In School, and What You, As Parents, Can Do About It”.
(Example of a Lead generation bait. Copyright Eduplus Pte Ltd)

The first purpose of this free lead generation bait is to add value to the parents who visit your website for more information. A parent is more likely to engage a Tuition Centre that has added value to their lives and taught them things that other Tuition Centres haven't. The second purpose, and a far more important one, is to ensure that you are able to capture the data of the person who visited your website. I'll give you a quick scenario. A parent saw your ad on Google, and clicked on it. He is brought to your website address homepage, www.MyTuitionCentre.com, for example. When he lands on your website, he/she instantly is hooked because they see something that they want, perhaps because of your differentiation. As they read the website for more information, they see a free download being offered, a report titled “ 7 Reasons Why Your Child Isn't Doing Well In School, and What You, As Parents, Can Do About It”.
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In order to download this free exciting report, they have to enter their email address, name and telephone number. That is the exciting part. In the past, prospects who come to your website leave without leaving any personal contact details for you to reach them. Now, every time a potential customer downloads your free lead generation bait or report, you CAPTURE their details and data. What then, can you do with this data? Plenty! You can now email the person who downloaded your reports a welcome email and a link to your promotions. You can get your staff to call these prospects and give them a free trial to your classes. Because you are able to reach them, you can send out occasional emails to offer them things that your Tuition Centre rivals can't, because they do not have the data of THEIR prospects, while you do. This is a powerful way to truly dominate your industry. However, it represents just 5% of the true potential of this Tuition Centre Client Attraction System. Read on to learn even more. Pro tip> Creating a lead generation bait via reports is perhaps one of the most effective forms of converting potential students into actual students. We understand that writing an appropriate FREE report may be daunting. That’s why we are here to help; if you would like more information contact Joshua at 9108 5113 for more details. 3) Third Step- Nurturing the Lead Like a baby, potential customers need nurturing too, if they are to be groomed to become eventual paying customers. Customer leads need to be nurtured and taken care of, otherwise they extinguish and are never heard from again. This will kill any chance of selling to the customers who land on your website, as they will simply look for another competent Tuition Centre to nurture their needs. This is why this third step of nurturing is CRITICAL and needs utmost attention. What is customer leads nurturing then? Leads Nurturing is simply the process or steps that a Tuition Centre takes to follow up, and nourish the relationship with their potential customers or students. Once a parent or student has taken an initial interest in your Tuition Centre, but hasn't committed to pay the deposit, or first month's fees etc, it means that there are still some hurdles to clear. Some of the potential reasons why an interested customer have not signed up with your Tuition Centre are: a) They want to know more about your Tuition Centre b) They want to compare your centre with the competition c) They have not yet seen the true value of what your centre has to offer.
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  d) They find out that your pricing is not within their budget


In situation D (pricing), there is little you can do, because customers simply cannot afford to pay for your services. But for the first 3 cases (A to C), you can and should, do more to help them choose you as their preferred education provider. For prospects in Category A, once you have gotten their contact data, you should nurture the lead by providing more information, via email, or callback. But REMEMBER, when you reach out to them to provide more information, practice restraint. People rarely like being sold outright to. People hate pushy salesmen who are only interested in a sale. When you reach out to this group, always strive to add value each time you make a contact. In this report, we call it the “touches of concern” method. This simply means that each time you call, or email them, it should not be to ask them to sign up. Each time you make contact with them, it is always because you have something of value to share or offer to them. A short example would be to send out an email during exam periods (when students are extremely stressed) that gives free stress management tips, and THEN, you show how your Tuition Centre makes learning stress free and interesting by encouraging education through fun activities etc. Tip: You do not have to write a completely new email each time a new prospect comes in. You simply create a template that will be sent to all new prospects every time they ask for information. That way, you minimise your workload, while still meeting the prospect's demands for more information. This leads to a win-win situation for everyone.. except your competitors! If you get your staff to call them, remember its not to ask them generic questions such as “can we assist you further?” The prospect can smell a salesman from a mile away. Instead, ask them whether they would like to drop in for a complimentary session in your classes (if you offer this) Otherwise, you can also ask them if they had read your free report and THEN ask if they need other things to clarify about.

- How to ensure that your customers choose you over your competitors
Back in the good old days, all one had to do was hire some teachers, set up a Tuition Centre, hand out some brochures/flyers and wait for walk-ins to happen. Over time, parents would walk in with their children, and promptly sign up. But today, more and more people are catching up to this wonderful opportunity to cash into the well-paying world of child tuition education. Tuition Centres are
Proceed to www.EducationProfitSystems.com and enter your NAME as well as EMAIL for Up-To-Date, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE marketing and sales tips for tuition centres in Singapore

  popping up all over this sunny island, faster than you can say “Oh No!”


This means that as more competition enters this market, they will also try harder to pry away your students to join theirs, with new promises of “better teachers and better learning techniques” As more centres struggle to survive at the bottom of the barrel, the more resourceful ones are coming up with novel, never-before-seen strategies to survive, and thrive. These strategies are what we call Tuition Evolution Strategies… Tuition Evolution Strategies Adam Khoo truly made a mark for himself in the child education market, by differentiating. What he did was, he made parents realize that tuition was just a mere commodity. He made them realize that, in this industry, some Tuition Centres are way better than others, offering better programs, than others. What did Adam Khoo do? Adam Khoo, along with his team of advisors, came up with a clever strategy. Instead of waiting for parents to walk into the Tuition Centre and signing up, he INVITED parents to a one day seminar, where his team showcased the benefits of enrolling with them. He showed them real content, and added value to these parents experiences. He gave them so much value in fact, that at the end of the day, these parent attendees were literally drooling to find out if he was offering any programs for their children, and if so, at what prices. The last I checked, his programs costs thousands of dollars, and they were always filled up. What did Adam do that the rest of the market didn’t? He stopped asking parents to simply TRUST him and sign up. He took efforts to EDUCATE these parents at the day seminars, and in doing so, the parents saw him as the obvious authority on child learning and education. That was Adam’s Tuition Evolution Strategy. Another example is Just Education (www.justeducation.com) where, besides giving tutoring services, this Singapore Tuition Centre has this clinic session. The session is specially set up for those students who need individual attention and care in their school work. The in-house education officer will give free consultation services to assist the learning. What makes Just Education different from all other centres in Singapore are the clinic sessions. It gives the impression that they cater to students who need individual attention and care, and comes padded with free consultation services.
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As such, parents who think their children may need extra care, will find Just Education as more APPEALING to their needs. The two examples above are 2 examples of powerful Evolutionary Differentiating techniques. Other examples include 1) We are the only Tuition Centre catering only to China students EXCLUSIVELY. As an added bonus, it also gives an aura of specialization and exclusivity. 2) We are the only centre that pre-assesses your child behavioral test to determine the right teachers and teaching style for him/her. This shows a scientific approach, and parents love proven, scientific approaches 3) We are the only centre which provides a parent’s log-in page on the website, to track their child’s performance, and comments about the child by the tutors, updated real-time. (This shows care and concern for the student’s welfare, and involves the parents in the educational process- something which parents ABSOLUTELY LOVE) The key to being chosen over the 500 or so Tuition Centres out there, is to Differentiate. Be a specialist in something, a field of education, or a strength within the industry etc. Do not settle for being boring and be “just another Tuition Centre” in the minds of parents. This way, parents will feel more compelled, and see more reason, to choose your Tuition Centre over others. Differentiation is what sets memorable and successful Tuition Centres apart from the forgettable and mediocre ones. If you choose not to differentiate, that's fine too. But that means one thing- your Tuition Centre will not be able to command premium pricing and optimally attract new enrolments

Sales Closing
- Translating potential customers into more profits for your Tuition Centre.
After putting in all the hard work into generating MORE customer interest in your business, and SUCCESSFULLY differentiating yourself so that customers choose you over your competitors, the next natural step is to get the sale! IMAGINE this situation: after closely following the steps which we have outlined above, you find yourself OVERWHELMED with enquiries and visits from parents who want to find out more before making a decision to enroll with your school... but if you are unable to “close” or “transform” these interested enquiries into PAYING CUSTOMERS, then all your work will be wasted.

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We hope that we have emphasised the importance of having a sound sales process is to your business! The natural question to ask is: what are some of the uniting factors that ENSURES you close the sale? Before we go on, most people think of sales as a series of ‘cheap tricks’ on how to ‘deceive’ your customer into buying from you. While we agree that such tricks will work, we believe that a successful sale is more than a compilation of cheap gambits. The end-goal of our profit generating system is to provide so much value that potential customers ASK to become your customer. (We do, however, provide some research based sales techniques to help give prospects a nudge in the right direction. Read on to find out more) Let’s do a basic comparison between the OLD sales closing model and the NEW sales closing model The OLD way of closing sales


Cheap   tricks  

Student   Signs  up  

Dissatis@ied   Customer  

To briefly elaborate on the OLD sales model, parents would enquire about the Tuition Centre’s services. The business owner then uses “cheap closing techniques and tricks” to deceive the customer, which leads to the parent signing up but realises that he/she has been over-promised to. The parent then becomes upset and pulls the child out of the Tuition Centre, and tells everyone about the poor customer experience The above model in the past is what makes the word SALES sleazy. It is what has unfairly maligned the whole sales industry. Before you distance yourself from thinking that you ARE NOT in the sales industry, think again. Every business owner IS in the sales industry. You need to in order to survive and thrive. The NEW way of closing sales
Competitive   Advantage   Parents   automatically   enroll  



  To briefly elaborate on the NEW sales model, parents enquire after finding out more about the centre’s Differentiation. The business owner then reiterates their competitive advantages and benefits of their centres, and add value to them in the form of information, great customer service etc . Parents then ask the owner to enroll their child. Notice that there is no need for the business owner (you) to ask or beg for the sale, because the parent (decision-maker) sees so much value in enrolling their child, that
Proceed to www.EducationProfitSystems.com and enter your NAME as well as EMAIL for Up-To-Date, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE marketing and sales tips for tuition centres in Singapore

  THEY ask for the sale. Without much further ado, let’s get right down the 5 sales closing factors!


1) Communicating your Differentiation to potential customers, and consistently across all mediums! After deciding on how to Differentiate your centre from “them” (read our previous chapter), it is now time to communicate that to all your potential customers. Not only must Differentiation be communicated clearly at the first ‘touch point’ (the first time a customer comes into contact with your centre) be it through flyers/company website, it must also be communicated consistently. That is to say that across all your various marketing materials, be it flyers/name cards/website/handling customer enquiries, your unique Differentiation has to be communicated consistently and clearly. Most Tuition Centre owners we spoke with tend to be worried that if they say the same things over and over again, customers will be sick of listening to the same message repeatedly. We will liken communicating consistently and clearly to listening to your favourite song; how many times have you put your #1 song on loop and replayed it time and again because you loved it? Likewise, potential customers will not grow sick of repeatedly listening to your message! 2) Your ability to uncover their needs and wants during the call/email. Most people think of sales as a buffet of words where the salesman tries to drown the prospect with the sales pitch. Nothing can be further from the truth: a sale is about finding out the needs of the other party before making the appropriate ‘sell’. And the only way to do that is by asking questions. There’s a saying that all great sales people abide by: Ask Questions And Listen (AQAL). Adapting the AQAL format for Tuition Centres, the frontline person handling customer enquiries could try asking about some of the challenges faced by the student, the learning style, finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the student (feedback from teachers really help) etc. 3) Then, your ability to convince the person calling that you can meet the needs of their child. Once again, we can adapt a sales technique that top sales people describe benefits instead of features, with the objective being to persuade and motivate the decision maker to act. Instead of saying “NIE certified teachers”, say “Highly qualified NIE teachers to help students achieve an A”. Don’t say “using the latest learning techniques”, say instead “harnessing the most cutting-edge learning techniques that ensures students absorb more”.

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4) To show that your perceived value exceeds your price.

Have you ever delayed the purchase of anything because the perceived value obtained is less than the price? For me, the iPad comes to mind- fun gadget to have, but just not worth the price! Likewise, when consumers perceive that the value they can obtain from you is more than the price paid, they are more likely to purchase from you. However, sometimes it can difficult to convince parents that they can obtain more value from you than it will cost them. Hence, providing a free trial –something which is becoming more common in this industry- will further help them to see the value in your centre. Having seen the results for our clients, we are strong advocates of the free lesson. Furthermore, reciprocity (proven across numerous scientific studies to influence decision) is triggered; and this will further compel parents to signup for your courses. Pro Tip> Research has found that reciprocity is a POWERFUL weapon to influence purchasing decision. Aside from the free gift, are there any other free items which costs you next to nothing to give out to your potential customers? 5) Integrating it all together: a sales script that has worked AMAZINGLY WELL for Tuition Centres. The Basic 5 step sales Script closing system There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to closing a sale quickly. Some tuition sales closers mentioned that it is better to allow the customer to RAISE objections, and then address these concerns one at a time. But we find this deeply flawed. IF a customer raises an objection or concern- particularly if he does it on numerous occasions, it means one thing. It means that you have not presented your case strongly and clearly enough. No one is perfect, we all miss out on details sometimes, but if you
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sit back passively and WAIT until concerns are raised, then you will come across as someone who is trying to hide something from the customer. We devised a simple sales script that gave our clients PHENOMENAL SUCCESS. A Special Sales Script Written For Tuition Centres

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1) Can I know who recommended our centre to you please? (Openers) This question serves two functions. The first is, you imply that your centre is always being recommended to others. The second is, you get data about where your leads are coming from. This is important because you NEED to know where your customers come from, be it referrals, or Internet, or flyers etc. If you know where they are coming from, then you can then weed out the lead generation methods, which aren’t working, and concentrate your marketing dollars on the ones that ARE working. 2) What’s the age of your child? (Exploratory Stage) This explores whether the child is suitable for any upselling at point of sales. For example, if you ran a primary 4 workshop every 2 months, then you can then mention about the workshop to the parent to show that your centre does have programs specially catered to their child. 3) What are some of the immediate needs of the child? (Diagnostic Stage) This question is important! It shows the parent that you care, and you are here to help. This is what we call a “prescriptive” style of selling. Write it down, show the parents that you are noting it down and that you care. This list is very important, because when you conduct your sales effort later, you can always refer back to this list, to remember the child’s needs, and always be able to provide solutions to those needs. 4) Prescribe a solution. (Prescription Stage) Can you recall the last time you went to a doctor? The doctor would diagnose your illness by asking you questions, and then prescribe a medicine or solution. That is the power of prescriptive selling. You wouldn’t ask the doctor for a price discount of his medicine after its prescribed, would you? Once you have ascertained, or “diagnosed” the child’s needs, this is the best point in time to prescribe a solution. Tell the parents about your Centre’s special strengths and how to directly solves their child’s needs. Always position your centre as THE solution provider to their children. 5) Would you like your child to start this Saturday, or Wednesday? (Assumptive Close) This is called an assumptive close. You ASSUME confidently that the parent has made a decision, and the only thing left is to decide when the child’s first class would be. At this point, if the parent doesn't commit, this is the best time to offer your Free Trial class, if available. This will alleviate any parental concerns. Now, the above 5 steps is the most BASIC of scripts to be used with all customers. There are more advanced ones, but this will suffice if you want a slight increase in conversions and sales.

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Profit Boosters
- 3 ideas to make your existing enrolments EVEN MORE PROFITABLE

1) Upsell at point of sales (Definition of point of sales: the point at which the customer decides to purchase your classes) Upselling is a technique that you could use to add 30-50% of your revenue each month, without spending a single cent on marketing or advertising. This technique has been popularised by McDonald’s with great effect on bottom line profits! To illustrate an example, think of the last time you brought your child to McDonalds. When you order a meal, the typical response by the McDonalds employee is “Would you like to up-size your meal? Would you like an apple pie with that sir?” See what they are doing? McDonalds has trained ALL their front line staff to practice these upselling techniques- In a nutshell, upsells allow you to “bump up your sales sizes” How would a Tuition Centre use this nifty technique? Examples could be: A) Offer an upsell at point of enrolment- For example, if you have a holiday program for the June holidays, you can give a “Free” module from that program if the student commits to signing up 6 months with you. Not only does this encourage 6month enrolments, you also have a further opportunity to cross-sell your holiday program! The above is simply an example- If you offer other items than can be candidates for “upselling” be adventurous and experiment! The rule is that timing is everything! The best time to suggest the upsell is right after your prospect or client has said yes to an enrolment., And go immediately right into the pitch! Don’t go into any other details such as tuition class timings, or payment arrangements or contact details. Just launch directly into your upsell. The reason for this is that your client is in the "buying zone" at that moment and that is when you should make your upsell offer. Don't worry; they won't cancel their first order - that's already a done deal. What you want to do now is suggest an upsell (that you've scripted out and that is compelling) at this exact moment and then hit your mute button and listen. b) Upsells in continuum (this is when you have shown your true value, excellent to offer new services) The upselling efforts during enrolment process above, has, in the past resulted in about 20% of the enrollees parents’ to purchase one service or another, according to
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  our experience. However, the upselling does not, and cannot, end at the enrolment period alone.


Months into the enrolment, many of your students would have witnessed, and experienced the benefits of your Tuition Centre’s programs. During this time, it would be a great practice to regularly, at certain time intervals to offer upsells. I am not sure what other services your centre offer, but if you had programs such as “Holiday Intensive Programs” or “Exam-Preparation Intensive Boot camps”, it would be a great time to offer these to boost your revenue and profits. 2) Uncovering Hidden Marketing Assets Did you know that ALL businesses, including your Tuition Centre, already has HIDDEN marketing assets that you have yet to uncover? What are Hidden Marketing Assets? These assets refer to the existing areas of your business which has the potential to generate profits, WITHOUT spending a single cent on advertising and marketing. If you have not realised it yet, there are only 4 (FOUR) ways of growing your business. They are: A) The first is to get more customers (this has been covered under lead generation above). This method is the costliest; in terms of marketing and advertising dollars- It costs money to attract NEW customers or students. B) The second is to convert more enquiries (this has been covered under sales closing and lead nurturing above) This method is COMPLETELY free of charge because instead of paying more to get your centre known to prospects, you simply CONVERT a higher percentage of people who call or email to enquire. This is an example of Hidden Assets Marketing. C) The third way is to get people to buy more each time they come in (this is upselling, from point 1 and 2 above) D) The last way is to get customers to come in more often (client reactivation) Client reactivation is about re-activating former customers (students who have cleared the particular subject) to help you make more profits. Take for example, this particular scenario: ============================================================= John is a secondary 4 school student. After O levels, he left your Tuition Centre, and did not continue with your Centre because your Centre only had classes up to the secondary 4 and 5 levels. This though, does not mean that you can’t reactivate past clients! =============================================================
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There is a high chance that previous student such as John has siblings or relativeswho may not sign up with your centre because your previous students have forgotten about you! This is precisely WHY it is important to collate a DATABASE of your current and past students. This allows you to reach out to them on a monthly basis, sending them emails or SMSes with promotions or other efforts, which could lead to referrals. Many Tuition Centres are concerned about calling or mailing or emailing our present and former customers and clients. Some of the "reasons" for this are: 1) "If we keep bugging them they'll get upset with us." 2) "We just sold them our monthly tuition service and now we need a new customer." 3) "They know all the services our Centre offers and they'll call us when they want more from us." 4) "If we keep bugging them, they'll think we're desperate for money, or just out to make sales." These are all reasonable sounding excuses to not revisit selling to present and past customers and clients. Why should you be interested in selling again to past and present customers? Simply put because after you have spent all the hard work marketing, advertising and prospecting to these customers, they are already convinced on the value that you have to offer. Now that the hard part is done, it is a lot easier to sell to them again. There are 5 possible reasons why former and current customers will buy from you again: 1) They already know you and have used your product or service. 2) They already trust you because they know you deliver on your promises. 3) They want to do business with you again, because of 1 and 2. 4) They know it's easier to work with a known Tuition Centre than to get to know a new one. 5) They know you already have their information and a good idea of what they need. So, rather than just making efforts on finding new customers for your Tuition Centre, spend at least as much time and effort on asking your previous and present customers and clients to come back and do more business with you. Your revenue and profits will soar in comparison. 3) Cross- sells with added value products such as holiday boot camps, exam intensive boot camps, skill specific workshops such as logical writing skills, etc.

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