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Peta-gaye Brown

INT. SURGERY ROOM. DAY The sound of a snapshot is heard and we see the the front view of an overweight woman (snapshot sound) and the side view. We fade out. We see the mas ed surgeon peering into the camera. the camera blin s and goes blac . The camera lens opens and blin s woman appears standing in front of the mirror in the surgery room and we watch as her appearance changes in front of the mirror. It stops when she finally loo s loo s young and slender with long flowing hair. The camera zooms out to see the surgeon standing beside the woman. The scene cuts to side view of the the surgeon down on one nee. INT. SURGEONS OFFICE. MORNING The camera is zoomed in to the surgeon and the women's wedding photo.The camera zooms out and pans across the surgeons office, to see a delivery man unload a huge box. The surgeon then enters with his wife who is excited to see









the new delivery she then hugs her husband. INT. SURGERY ROOM. DAY A machine is now set up in the office. A close up of the large box which is now empty with bubble wrap coming out. A close up of the woman inside the machine. The scene fades out and the words 5 minutes later appear on a blac screen. The camera cuts to a sha ing machine then cuts to a close up of the ball bearings falling out. Then zooms bac out to see the machine doors open with smo e everywhere and the ball bearings fly out of the machine. The camera zooms out to see the machine doors open. There's smo e everywhere the woman loo s the same but she's dead but perfectly preserved. 00:00:53

The screen fades to blac and the words 20 years later come on screen. INT. SURGERY ROOM.DAY The machine is covered with a white sheet in the corner of the room which is aged and dusty. The surgeon who is now old wal s over to the machine and pulls the sheet of the machine. Inside is the surgeons wife still preserved in the same position. The surgeon steps inside of the machine and starts it. The scene ends with a close up of a young surgeon now holding the hand of his wife.


The camera zooms into a shoc ed surgeon then cuts bac the face of the woman.










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