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The Spirit Yet To Come

The ghost of FUTURE

It is the more fearsome of the spirits. Because it represents the future. It represents death. It appears to Scrooge as a figure entirely dressed in

The Ghost's muteness & undefined features represent the uncertainty of the future. We don't know or foretell what comes next. The fear of the unknown.

The narrator describes the ghost!

The phantom slowly, gravely, silently

approached. When it came near him, Scrooge bent down upon his knee; for in the very air through which this spirit moved it seemed to scatter gloom and mystery. It was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing of it visible save one outstretched hand...

...One great heap of black.



3 Wealthy Gentlemen making light of a recent death, remarking that it will be a cheap funeral if noone shows up.



Old Joe Scrooge is shown the same dead belongings being stolen and sold to a receiver of stolen goods called Old Joe.

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A poor debtor rejoices because someone to whom he owns money is dead.



Bob Cratchit's Family. Tiny Tim is dead.

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Scrooge begs to know the identity of the dead man!

The Phantom shows him a gravestone with Scrooge's name on it.

Epiphany is a sudden revelation that encompasses all time PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE. Iam not the man I was... I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. His transformation is completed.


Free will: Scrooge understands that his fate is alterable. Tiny's Tim Death: It suggests the ways the person has influence beyond his/her lifetime. Bob after Tiny Tim's Death implies that his son's memory will live on and remind them of the good in the world. Epiphany: Scrooge has a redemptive epiphany. He has been gradually learning throughout his travels in the past, present and future.

Scrooge learns


Reading Comprehension
1.Explain the lesson Scrooge learns from the spirit of Yet To Come. 2.Scrooge says, Iam not the man I was. What does it mean? What causes the change? 3.Explain why the visions of the future would convince Scrooge to alter his life.