Hand-Held OTDR Global Market Forecast and Analysis (2013

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An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. OTDRs can measure the attenuation coefficient of fiber and are extremely useful to analyze discreet events in a link such as splice points or connector pairs. The OTDR is used as a troubleshooting device to find faults in the optical fiber link. The telecommunications market has changed from a long haul point-to-point network to one that is also bringing service to the home (FTTH). The trend continues to bring smaller, lighter (hand-held) and lower priced OTDR test sets to market. These sets are increasing in (new) features and flexibility.


Hand-held OTDRs and OTDR Modules OTDR devices are generally classified or segmented into three groups: (a) station or bench-top; (b) rack-mounted; and (c) hand-held. This study report provides information and a forecast only for the hand-held OTDR devices (dedicatedhandheld or modular solutions) and OTDR-function modules, which could be used in handheld optical test modular devices. Market Forecast by Region This ElectroniCast report provides the review of 2012 and a 5year (2013-2017) forecast of the of worldwide market consumption value; volume (quantity) and average selling price of handheld (portable) OTDR devices with the initial ―dedicated capacity‖ or with a module, as well as the supplementary or secondary (add-on) modules for hand-held fiber optic test device units. The market review and forecast is segmented into the following geographic regions:


• North America • Europe • Asia Pacific Region (APAC) - People’s Republic of China - Rest of Asia Pacific • Rest of the World Market Forecast by Function The market forecast data are segmented by the following functions: • Consumption Value (US$, million) • Quantity (number/by 1,000 units) • Average Selling Prices (ASP $, each)


Market Forecast by Application The ElectroniCast global (hand-held) OTDR market is segmented into the following major application categories: • Telecommunications • Private Enterprise Networks • Cable TV • Military • Specialty (Sensor, Industrial, Laboratory, rental units, other applications and non-specific/miscellaneous)


Market Forecast by Product Category The ElectroniCast global (handheld) OTDR market is also segmented into the following major product categories: • Handheld OTDR devices, including pre-installed (initial) capability (embedded/dedicated or module); this category is limited to portable (compact/handheld) optical test units/devices that are initially purchased for the main purpose of the OTDR function


Supplementary OTDR modules, which can be added-on (plug into) existing handheld optical test modular units (devices) Some hand-held OTDR device units are ―dedicated‖ OTDR devices, which have the OTDR operational capability built-in (embedded) to the device; and some OTDR device units are modular, which accommodate one or more modules to provide the device with the OTDR capability. ElectroniCast quantifies the ―dedicated‖ device units and the modular device units in the same category. We quantify the OTDR module device units with an (one) OTDR module attached. (Additional OTDR modules, which may be added-on to the modular hand-held device, are not counted/quantified in the OTDR device unit category; they are counted in the supplementary module category).


The (initial-capability) modules that are counted in the hand-held OTDR device unit category are NOT ―double-counted‖ in the supplementary (addon) module category in the ElectroniCast market forecast. According to ElectroniCast, the worldwide consumption value of handheld OTDR device units and OTDR modules used in handheld test units in 2012 reached $259.4 million. The Telecommunication application held a 75.9% market share of the total value and the Cable TV sector held a 17.6% market share in 2012.


Consumption of in the Private Enterprise networks, Military/Aerospace and various specialty/other applications are also quantified in this report of the ElectroniCast study. It is important to note, that OTDRs used by contractors are often classified the non-specified end-user application category. Consumption of (handheld) OTDRs for the deployment and maintenance of optical fiber in Private Enterprise networks is forecast to increase at a factor of three-times (3x) during the forecast period, as fiber optic testing within LANs (local area networks) and data centers (DCs) increase, driven by critical high-speed data applications. (DCs) increase, driven by critical high-speed data applications.


Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 1-1 1.1 Hand-Held OTDR Global Market Overview 1-1 1.2 Enterprise Optical Communication Network— Protocol Overview 1-15 1.3 WDM Filter Overview 1-25 1.4 Fiber Optic Networks – Overview 1-52 1.5 Fiber Optics Industry: Decade-to-Decade 1-100 1.6 Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Overview 1-108 2. Market Forecast, by Region 2-1 2.1 Overview 2-1 2.2 North America 2-22


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