SAP Workflow Training 1. Introduction a. Workflow Terminology b. Use of workflow and workflow templates c.

Basic Customizing settings in the SAP Business Workflow system d. Inboxes: - Possible inboxes for work items 2. Workflow Development a. Introduction to Task, Workflow Template b. Workflow Builder c. Various workflow steps d. Agent assignments e. Containers & Binding 3. Business Object Enhancement a. Object Oriented Programming – Concept b. Attributes, Methods & Events – Programming c. Macros and their usage d. Event Linkage e. Triggering Events 4. Workflow Integration with Org Management a. A Sample Org Structure b. Agent assignment using Org structure c. Role Resolution 5. Reporting , Log Analysis & Debugging a. Work item analysis b. Reading & Understanding the log c. Restart workflow after error 6. Important Techniques a. Check Function Module b. Deadline Monitoring c. Startup Condition d. Routing work items to Portal/UWL 7. A Complete Sample Workflow Scenario to demonstrate all the functionality

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