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Abundant Evangelism

Gospel Sowing

Noel Livesey
Prayer Links CMM to God,
Evangelism Links CMM to
Essential to every CMM
is the principle of over
sowing. In CMM’s we
find hundreds &
thousands of people
hearing the gospel
daily. Out of this
abundant sowing, a
growing harvest begins
Principle of Nature
 You reap what you sow
 Sow abundantly, reap bountifully
 Sow sparingly, reap meagerly
 A tree drops thousands of seeds to
yield one sapling
 The body produces hundreds of
seeds to yield a single baby
 Matthew 28:19 – all nations
 Mark 1:38-39a – villages, throughout
Galilee, in their synagogues
 Mark 16:15 – into all the world, all creation
 Acts 1:8 – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to
the ends of the earth
 Acts 17:17 – in the synagogues, market
place, daily
 Acts 19: 8, 10 – synagogue, spoke boldly,
arguing, persuading, 3 months to 2 years,
all in province of Asia heard
How Do We Do Abundant
Mass Individual


 No need to see them as

competing options
 They reinforce & contribute to
one another
Quantity and Quality
 Evangelism is Gospel proclamation –
John 3:16
 True evangelism is beyond
proclamation to communication
 Language & Culture important
 Understanding worldview essential
Just do it
 “Willing to do
whatever it takes to
make the Gospel
 Sow as far & wide as
 Start NOW