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Published by: Ivan Avramov on Jan 28, 2013
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19 – 21.09.2012, Varna, Bulgaria

The 9th International Congress "MACHINES, TECHNOLOGIES, MATERIALS′ 2012" was held in the hotel "Aqua Azur", "St. St. Konstantin and Helena” resort near Varna, from 19 to 21 September 2012. It was organized by the Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering, Bulgaria, with co-organizers: the Federation of Scientific and Engineering Unions, Technical Universities in Bulgaria and the Polish Association of Mechanical Engineers. The Congress program included totally 168 presentations - 3 plenary, 89 sectional and 76 posters, which were divided in three thematic sections: "Machines", "Technologies" and "Materials". The scientific program consisted of six separate Symposiums: "Nanomaterials", "Industrial Informatics", “Knowledge, Creativity, Innovations”, “Power Transmission”, "Design and Ergonomics", and “Bultrib”. 65 papers of Bulgarian scientists were presented, while the foreign scientists works were 103 from 32 countries (Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of China (Taiwan), Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and Bulgaria). The Congress papers were published in three proceedings’ volumes of 425 pages and in the international virtual journal "Machines, Technologies, Materials" – ISSN 13130226.

Opening ceremony The Congress was opened by Prof. President of the Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering and Chairman of the International Program Committee. Materials 2012” Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria . At first. transfer and cooperation is act of will and efforts for good perspectives. He gave a brief overview of the Congresses history and information on the course of this Congress. I want especially to highlight the contribution of Bulgarian Science for variety of high quality projects which are already a fact. the welcoming address of Prof. connected with expansion of ideas. Technologies. Sergei Ignatov. I truly believe in beneficial work of this Congress and the good results and wish good health and will for new success! Prof. it summarize and gives directions for developing of machine engineering science and for realization of innovative thinking. Technologies. Every initiative. I am confident that the discussion and conceptions of this forum will give answers for current needs and will definite area of progress of scientific cooperation. Sergei Ignatov. Materials” which become traditional. to the participants and guests of the Congress was read. Your participation here is a prove for the results of outgoing work. Georgi Popov. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria. To the Participants in the 9th International Congress “Machines. Take my best regards about the International Congress “Machines.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Governor of District of Varna. sent the welcome address to the Congress participants. Participants were greeted by Mr. Dancho Simeonov. Ivan Yatchev. There is no doubt that the present edition of the congress will strengthen its position as a respectful international forum in the field of mechanical engineering. Prof. President of the Federation of Scientific and Engineering Unions in Bulgaria. Materials 2012” Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. The MTM Congress has proved itself as a major event in the area of mechanical engineering in Bulgaria by representing leading edge technologies and modern trends in the machine building technologies and new materials. TECHNOLOGIES. To the Participants in the 9th International Congress “Machines. MATERIALS! . Please allow me to express my sincere wishes and also wishes of the Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions of Bulgaria to all the participants in the Ninth International Congress Machines. We would like to point out the exceptional role of the Scientific Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering for the excellent organization of the Congress. The Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions is proud to be Coorganizer of this remarkable and prestigious scientific event. I would like to wish you successful and fruitful work during the Ninth International Congress MACHINES. Technologies. Technologies. Materials 2012. I would like to thank for your consideration and the extended invitation to participate in the Honorary Committee and the official opening of the forum and I wish its organizers and participants beneficial work in the thematic sections and to continue to raise the level of the Congress both on national and international scale.

Ovid Farhi. welcomed on behalf of the Rector Prof. combined with the contact with colleagues and adherents will contribute to the creation of beneficial atmosphere during the meetings and debates. welcomed the participants and guests of the Congress. technologies and materials. It is my profound conviction that during this forum all of us that have devoted our professional and creative course to the applied and scientific searches will unite efforts and skills to present our visions. researches and business representatives from the industry from around the globe are gathering to open a popular international forum with numerous adherents. good practices and new approaches for the modernization and the contemporary vision of the machines. used and integrated in the industry. ViceRector of the Technical University of Varna. I believe that the discussions during the congress will consolidate our conviction for the benefits of our mutual work. Once again scientists. I would like once again to greet all participants in the congress and wish them successful and fruitful work! Prof. Dear Mr. Here is where theory meets practice. Dear colleagues. contributing to the integration of the science and its application in the technologies development. At this hall presents outstanding scientists with established contribution to innovations in this particularly important branch for each country. It is my honor and utmost pleasure to greet you on behalf of the academic society of Technical University of Sofia and me personally with the opening of the 9th International Congress “Machines. Chairmen. will open new opportunities for prospective contacts. Rector of the Technical University of Sofia. Materials MTM`12”. Technologies. . Marin Hristov. Ventcislav Valtchev. All of this.Prof. merging in common and mutually beneficial solutions.

realization of beneficial contacts and meetings between the participating scientists and a nice time in our sea capital Varna. The rapid development of science and technology impose increasingly higher requirements to technologies. Prof. All this is a result of the research conducted at TU-Varna for 50 years. machines and the new materials for their construction. The subject matter of the congress is topical and allows discussions and exchange of opinions and the obtained results.A POSSE AD ESSE! FROM BEING ABLE TO BE! Dear participants in the 9th International Congress MTM`12”. Ovid Farhi . I would like to thank for the great honor you rendered me by including me as a member of the Honorary Committee of the Congress. May I take this occasion to remark that the University I represent works actively in these fields and has achieved results that are interesting to be discussed. I wish success to the forum! Best regards. I would like to wish successful work to the congress.

creativity and innovations. as well. I let myself point out that the University of Ruse works with initiative and energy. strategies and projects. Let this short message be the best wish for fruitful congress work. Rector of University of Ruse . Kjutchukov from the Rouse University “Angel Kantchev” welcomed on behalf of the Rector Prof. DSc. and in some cases the first. Dear participants and guests of the International MTM Congress 2012! Dear Colleagues! I have been impeded from the ability of direct participating and discussing current higher education problems. Therefore. Hristo Beloev. Hristo Beloev. found fast effective response from the organizers of this congress. We are glad that our mutual initiative found concrete solution with the including for the first time in the program of the congress. We are ready to share and commonly solve the permanent bid of the age of changes with knowledge. We all together carry the weight and the responsibility of an extremely complicated and unprecedented transition from postindustrial age with the need of solving complicated and important issues with no analogy in the nowadays educational and academic practice.Dr. I want to cordially greet you and wish you a successful work and remarkable scientific activities. a symposium “Knowledge. we cordially thank you on our behalf. but let it be a link towards mutual international scientific and academic cooperation in the European Union and beyond it. and on your behalf. A very good opportunity has arisen for me and my colleagues from the University of Ruse to share with you ideas for the effective and successful overcoming of objectively common issues and tasks. With sincere regards. Creativity. For this deed. scientific research and latest creative achievements with you. Innovation”. Prof. building a vision. widely shared and taken to positive end. Exactly this preparation and readiness to be one of the most initiative universities in the country.

Professor. Doctor of Science Vadim Kovtun . dear friends! On this auspicious day of the 9th International Congress call on all members of the Steering Committee members. I want to sincerely wish all the organizers of the Congress and the President personally Scientific and Technical Engineering Society Bulgaria Prof. On behalf of the International Programme Committee of Congress had read a congratulatory address by Prof.Sc. colleagues. Vadim Kovtun. D. and always with success to persuade business partners in the undoubted significance and practical line of work. Dear participants of the 9th International Congress "Machines. all colleagues and friends who have come from different countries. Over the years. allowing scientists and businessmen from different countries to exchange new ideas and practical material to accumulate experience. from the time of the I International Congress by a large number of national and international projects. Technologies. good humor and sunny weather. From thousands of kilometers away from Bulgaria. colleagues and friends with warm words of welcome and congratulations! During the existence of the Scientific and Technical Engineering Society Bulgarian organizers and instigators of the International Congress managed not only to collect and combine a large number of like-minded people. pleasant moments associated with this significant for the community forum. successfully combining a scientific approach to the solution of current problems and the practical implementation of ideas. Russia. I am proud to be able to share with their Bulgarian peers. VicePresident of the Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) brought greetings to the Congress participants. I mentally present with you in this room.Prof. Andrzej Golabczak. but also make a huge contribution to the development of the Bulgarian science and industry. Always yours truly. Georgi Popov continued success and new achievements in their noble cause. As a member of the International Program Committee of the Congress. Materials". I wish all the 9th International Congress of productive work.

Beloev on “Higher Education for the Knowledge Economy”. Prof. Prof. in which three papers were presented. Prof. . Rumen Petrov from Ghent University presented the report “Ultra-fast Annealing of high Strength Steel” in which co-authors are researchers from Belgium.Plenary session The plenary session. Orloev by the University of Ruse presented the report of Prof. the Netherlands and Bulgaria. Tsanka Dikova from Varna presented the work “Growth Mechanism of TiO2 Nanotubes on the Ti-6Al4V Surface” in which co-authors are researchers from USA. was led by Prof. Georgi Popov.

Photos of the meetings of the Congress .






Welcome-cocktail Prof. But one Congress should include also other activities in its program and the current meeting is one of them. Therefore. Many papers were presented and many fruitful discussions were conducted. The work of our Congress began today. Georgi Popov congratulated participants in the Congress. Let me congratulate you once again and wish you to continue our discussions. We should be able for achieving this. I am telling you: "cheers”! . Dear Colleagues.



information and experience.Closing of the Congress – Wine and Cheese Party Prof. and more … Dear Colleagues. We had opportunity to exchange new knowledge. success and luck. Cheers! . I hope we will meet again here. I wish all of you: health.. I think its goal was achieved. during the next 10th Congress MTM `13 on September 2013.. We established new acquaintances and friendships which will allow us to work even more effective next year. Georgi Popov closed the Congress with a glass of wine . Our Congress has finished its work.

Goodbye to September 2013 .

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