This blog is going 2 publish the Fake Companies in India. Each month it is going 2 update the fake list so people aware if these companies.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hi Friends The main aim of this blog is to make aware of ppl's who spend money in those companies who give u a fake certificate but later u didn't get any call or u have been rejected by some MNC's like satyam,infy,tcs,etc,. Each and every MNC's maintain their own database.If ur company is in that list means u cant get a job even u done very well in interview. This is a special blog designed 4 person who search job..... This is List of fake companies which was identified in SATYAM and Infy..... So be aware of this companies....All the specified companies r conformed fake ...........

outset Technologies

Access Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Adira Technologies Adroit Claretdene Infotech ADVENT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Allsoft Corporation Limited, Hyderabad Anthesis Technologies Pvt Ltd Aptra Infotech Aventies IT Solutions Beacon Software Solutions Bizicon Infotech Pvt Ltd, Bonafied Digital Services Brainware Technologies C Wave Technologies CBK Infotech Cecil/Cicil Cegon Info Solutions Cogent Technologies COVA INFOTECH Cusat Systems, Bangalore Datavision Dextrous Innovators Dice Technologies Digital Orb Technologies Digital Orb Technologies e Matrix Enterprise Solutions

e Matrix Software Solutions Earthware Technologies elbrus Global elixire software solutions EmpowerMinds Flash Infotech Focus Associates Futuretech Consultancy Services Genex Globals Infotech Icamberwell IGI IMAX Technologies Impact Technologies Infinity solutions Iris Consulting itech Software solutions Juniper Solutions JVS Consultants/JVS Info Systems Keyoon Solutions Lavanya Technologies Leciel Technologies Lecil Lemuria Technologies

M/s Ehastha Global Services M/s. Nivetho Outset Technologies Power Views Technologies Propus Infotech/Propus Software Solutions Chennai Proximo Consultancy. Magnus Infotech Marc4 Technologies Marques Consulting Mindrome Technologies Private Limited Miracle Software Systems MSD Technologies MYM Technologies Limited NAAT consulting Nex.G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Bharathi Business Solutions M/s. Info Links Technologies Ltd M/s. Ltd. Bangalore Sanders Tech Seninsis tech Sigma Soft Silpa Informatics Smirk Technologies Softage technologies Softlink Solutions .

Ltd..Net Pvt Ltd..Sorix Solutions Pvt. Triton IT services Unit Force Technologies Version Technologies Vidhata Infotech Vimukti Tech(under verification) Zombie Software Solutions Hi frnds this list of companies is under investigation so offers to stop it also. Source Horizon. e-Fort Integer Software Realsoft Technologies . Sunsilica Surya Software Solutions Suyoga Technologies System Domain Team infosol Time Technologies... Jaipur Sphinx Networks SR Soft Sol Starex Step Online Pvt Ltd.

3rd block.Bangalore -560032 Chennai Bangalore Bangalore Hyderabad Hyderabad Bangalore Aptra Infotech Aventies IT Solutions Beacon Software Solutions Bizicon Infotech Pvt Ltd. NAT Street.Yelahanka. 2nd Stage.560064 Hindipracharsabha Road. . Bangalore .Softedge Technologies softpro Unique Consultancy Services UTL Now u can c the address of this companies: outset Technologies Access Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Adira Technologies Adroit Claretdene Infotech ADVENT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Allsoft Corporation Limited. T Nagar.560011 No: 980. EWS.Bangalore .Jayanagar.9th Main. Hyderabad Anthesis Technologies Pvt Ltd No.3rd cross.Ganga Nagar.2nd Main. 90. Basavanagudi. Chennai Bangalore #92. Bonafied Digital Services Brainware Technologies No.20. Bangalore.

India. Hyderabad-16 C Wave Technologies CBK Infotech 4/3. Gayatri Nagar. Behind Huda Maitrivanam. Bangalore Datavision # 261. Kukatpally. Hyderabad 500072 Hyderabad Bangalore COVA INFOTECH Cusat Systems. Vivekananda Nagar. Bangalore Cecil/Cicil Plot No. Secunderabad . Defence Colony. MSRCE Road Opp. 928. NIAS.94 Cegon Info Solutions Hyderabad Cogent Technologies Plot No. I st " N " Block . 10 th Cross .Bangalore – 560010 Dextrous Bangalore Innovators Hyderabad Dice Technologies . Sree Complex. Rajajinagar. Pin-560004 (Ph-26616867) #1A. 151-155.302. Sainikpuri.Shanthi Nilaya. Mathikere. Venkatadri Complex.Karnataka.

Somajiguda. Mahadeva Pura. Zeenath residency.1st "N" Block. 4th Cross.Rajajinagar.Bangalore-560010 No.5000082 Bangalore Plot No. HMT Main Road.Above ING Vysya Bank.10th Main.560011 261. Jayanagar.Road. Bangalore-01and #25/1.560054 Futuretech Consultancy Services Bangalore Genex AG . MTK Buildings. Mathikere.Bangalore. Bangalore elixire software solutions EmpowerMinds 2nd Cross.India. 2nd Floor.G.Digital Orb Technologies Noida Digital Orb Technologies Bangalore e Matrix Enterprise Solutions e Matrix Software Solutions Manadi Towers.9th Main Road. B Wing. Bangalore. 29. Indiranagar 2nd Stage. 2nd Floor. Karnataka.3rd Block. 4th Floor. Mittal Tower. 17. Bangalore Earthware Technologies e-Fort elbrus Global #853.Marthahalli.10th Cross. Bangalore. Outer Ring Road. 20/233. Hyderabad Flash Infotech # 216.4. M.Hyderabad . Metropalm Groove. Sri Globals Infotech Icamberwell .

2nd block 3rd phase . Bangalore 254.10th 'B' Main Road. Jayanagar. Senapati Bapat Rd.India. Banagalore. 19th cross. Karnataka. Hyderabad Hyderabad #5. Bangalore. 1st Block.. India.500073 IGI IMAXTechnologies Impact Technologies Plot No. Pin-560095 (Ph080-41310124) #186/25 . Dwarakapuri Colony .9 Nishigandha Apts. 7th main. Pin- Juniper Solutions JVS Consultants/JVS Info Systems Keyoon Solutions Lara Technologies Lavanya Technologies .Nagar Colony. Karnataka.koramangala. 1st cross. Bangalore.BTM 2nd phase. Pin-560085 (Ph-26676071 501. Pune Infinity solutions Integer Software 197/A. Soc.17.2nd floor. Punjagutta.80 ft road.2nd Floor. Hyderabad .Chhabria Chambers.. Bangalore Iris Consulting Bangalore itech Software solutions 347/10A. Karnataka. Navarajasthan Co-OP Hsg. Indira Nagar.India.5th Floor.Double Road.5th block... Flat No. banashankari .

Bangalore. Canarabank Building. Shenoy Nagar. Karnataka. Info Links Technologies Ltd M/s. Moosarambaug. 2nd Floor.97.4th "A" Main Road.India. 3rd Block. Vishakapatnam.3rd Stage.Leciel Technologies Lecil Lemuria Technologies M/s Ehastha Global Services M/s.79 #36. AP Sanders Tech Seninsis tech #1. Nivetho Outset Technologies Hyderabad Power Views Hyderabad Technologies Propus Infotech/Propus Software Solutions Chennai Chennai Proximo Consultancy.Hyderabad . Ltd. Noida. Vijetha Garden Empire. Sector 22. 202. Hyderabad 36 No. Miracle Software Andrapradesh.chowdeswari layout.500020. First Floor. UP-201301 Solutions Pvt. Bangalore .. Pin-530017 (Ph-0891 Systems 2531569) MSD Technologies Hyderbad MYM Technologies Hyderabad Limited NAAT consulting Hyderabad Nex. Airport Sigma Soft Road. Basaveshwar Nagar. Magnus Infotech Marc4 Technologies Marques Consulting 560011 (Ph-080-26565729) Hyderabad Flat No.maratha halli. Lawsons Bay Colony. Gandhinagar. Pin-560037 (Ph-08055377407) Hyderabad Silpa Informatics .G Exuberant A-6. 8th main. Chennai-30 Chennai Chennai Hyderabad Chennai #312.bangalore-37 Mindrome Technologies Mumbai Private Limited MIG-49. Harrington Road.India.Dilkhush Nagar. Bharathi Business Solutions M/s. Bangalore Bangalore Realsoft Technologies 1-1-591.

Ltd. Bangalore .Nilgiri Block. Kanakpura Main R.RV Road. Bangalore – 560 025 Kodiyattu Chambers.T. KHB Colony. 1st Stage.Bangalore-30 #32&32/1. Shivajinagar. Cochin .indira nagar.35 12-5-149/19/2. 2nd Floor. Himayat Nagar. Bangalore # 928. Opp. Dharsons Building. Langford Gardens. Liberty Plaza. SECUNDERABAD 501.2nd floor.Wilson Garden.Rajaji Road. Jayanagar.28th Main.Smirk Technologies Softage technologies Softedge Technologies Softlink Solutions Softpro Hyderabad 25. bangalore MIG 15.299. STG Sunsilica Hyderabad Surya Software Solutions #12. 1st Main.S. Rajiv Gandhi Road. Bangalore – 560041 #465. Cornwell Road.Khaleel Plaza. Hyderbad Source Horizon.mottapanapalaya.560079 Sorix Solutions Pvt. Bangalore .East End .1st Floor. Basavanagudi.6th main. ICICI Bank. Bangalore -01 3rd Block.(Opp Vijaya Main College). Ameerpet. Bowring Hospital Road. Hyderabad #8.B. . 6th Cross. Jaipur Jaipur Sphinx Networks SR Soft Sol Starex Step Online Pvt Ltd. Opp. 1st Main Road. Basaveshwar Nagar.NIN Tarnaka. Bangalore Suyoga Technologies System Domain Team infosol Time Technologies. Aditya Enclave. # 5. Hyderabad 500029 No. Jayanagar.Net Pvt Ltd. Chinnayanpalya.

7th main....Bangalore .well i work with vimukti tech hyderabad which is there in ur fake list.2nd Floor. thank you Regards Devesh Satwani Vimukti Technolgies Pvt. Bangalore Zombie Software # 2455.well u have gathered information about so many companies..Triton IT services Unique Consultancy Services Rajaram Colony. hi friend how r u? i thank you to providing information about the fake companies across india.BSK 1st Stage. Industrial Suburb.. Bangalore -560022 Pune 347/10A.. Unit Force Technologies Basaveshwarnagar. 19th cross.560079 UTL Version Technologies Vidhata Infotech #19/6.9th Main. Kodambakkam...com or u can call me on 09966811304 and i also request u to first get comfirm about your information then post ur blog in public... Bangalore .so i kindly request u to remove the name of vimukti tech from fake company list and if you want more information regarding same u can contact me on my mail devesh@vimukti..i am working with this company from around last one year and they have not offered me any course even i am getting my salary from first day of joining..17th E Cross.i don't know how u get information about all this company...Bangalore . Bank colony. . Solutions Banashankari 2nd stage.BTM 2nd phase. Chennai.. #1638.Yeshwanthpur. 80 ft...560050 # 3/23..80ft road.so may be sometime u get the wrong information about some companies like u got about the company i work with. Road.560070 Posted by Surya at 5:43 PM 285 comments: «Oldest ‹Older 1 – 200 of 285 Newer› Newest» Anonymous said.. Ltd... KHB Colony.Ashokpuram school road.

hi frnd this is moderater message. July 1..The list was used in SATYAM. 2008 4:05 PM vimala said. Pin-530062 (Ph-04040119914). well i would like you to find out the the truth and update your list..devesh@vimukti....Mobile :. hi friends please give the latest fake list company in tamilnadu? July 7..com July 1.. the list consist Company name:Vimukti Tech..some o the company r conformed by them. Ltd. hello friend Thank you for giving reponse for my request. A.Rao nagar..S.India. 2008 4:33 PM Anonymous said... laxmipuram colony. Andhrapradesh. ok anyway v r considering ur request and our team will try 2 ind the truth. 2008 2:52 PM Surya said. ECIL(post).+919966811304 E Mail :..... 2008 3:04 PM ... Hyderabad. Thank You. Regards Devesh Satwani Vimukti Technolgies Pvt.. D-17. Mobile :. first floor..com July 3.+919966811304 E Mail :. untill that the name of ur company is i check list.. Status:Confirmed Address:plot no... well i don't know on what basis satyam has given the list.devesh@vimukti.

.. hai iam naveen iwant know the latest fake companies list in hyderabad plz send to my mail: naveen.hyderabad is fake or not. hi this is marri manjusha i want to knoe the e-conduit bridge solutions in hyderabad is fake company or not. 2008 8:25 PM naveen said.. August 9. company email id :www.. 2008 3:05 PM veerababu said..vimala said.tanamala@gmail.. 2008 11:44 PM Anonymous said. though these are fake companies (now) many experienced persons working in mnc's got experience from them.. hi friends ..com .tanamala@gmail. July 7.com September 12.help me please.. 2008 9:45 PM naveen said..econduitsols.com plz send to my mail id: naveen. i want to know whether tarkshya computer solutions company....... 2008 9:40 PM naveen said. it is very urgent.com September 12. Hi Friends Please Give me Pune fake Companies or Consultancies list Urgently July 19..company id: info@tarkshya.. please give latest fake list company in chennai.

IMS. GPRS. CDMA2000. We have observed that our companies name has been displayed as fake company in one of the link in your website:http://fact-behind.htm 2. Corporate & individual trainings in niche areas of telecom like GSM. Hello Sir/Madam.com/mobiletechnologyacademy. Kindly remove this entire blog/post from your website within 7 working days or we will lodge a legal petition against your website/company in Delhi High Court (Govt. UMTS. .Of India).exuberantsolutions. People are getting mislead and we are loosing business. We have all the legal proofs to justify that the mentioned information in your website is false. HSDPA.September 12. Currently our team is working with GSM. as there is no mechanism by which you can verify the authenticity of any information posted on your website.com/mobiletechnologyhrsolutions. WiMAX. Man power sourcing. WiFi. specifically in telecom and wireless domain. GPRS. VoIP and Mobile Applications using SYMBIAN C++. http://www. HSDPA and WiMAX development/integration project with one of the world's leading semiconductor company with multi billion dollar turn-over. J2ME. About Our Company ================= We are a tax paying private limited company registered by ministry of corporate affairs. Govt. Some of our non-competitive competitors are trying non-professional ways to spoil our name by posting misleading information using help of your website. 2008 10:09 PM Asha Ahuja said.htm 3.com/2008/06/fake-companies-list.html This allegation is completely baseless.exuberantsolutions. As per section 499 and section 500 of the Indian Penal Code for offence of defamation and financial damages worth 10 lakhs INR (2500 USD) per day. UMTS.blogspot. Technical consultancy in system and application software development for mobile communication systems/devices... http://www. Windows Mobile and BREW. of India with registration number U72300DL2006PTC153886 and working in following areas:1.

. sir iam placed in a company named legend technology coimbatore i dont know whether its a genuine company. Let me say something.htm Expecting immediate action from your side.exuberantsolutions. one more snake oil company in ap http://www. Hello Friend How can you tell all those companies mentioned here are fake.sinertel frobats. 2008 5:11 PM Anonymous said..neon-technologies.. recently they changed their name to horizontech can anyone help me n some of the candidates placed there to find its a genuine company or not.. 2008 9:36 PM Anonymous said. 2008 1:06 AM Anonymous said.com/mobiletechnologysolutions. Ltd. hi guys becareful dont join this type of companies 10planet.com Ph:. only based on some employees only and not for all. http://www.+91-9312965029 | +91-120-4349271 September 15.exuberantsolutions.ventech solution September 24... Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt..http://www. September 20. Asha Ahuja Director. regards.com September 17..extremetechnologiesand cybermate infotek. 2008 6:39 PM Anonymous said. . these referral systems and back ground checks are done.

Basavanagudi. and at Basavanagudi.in.. Subbarama chetty Road. Bangalore (by name Mysoft Global). My Personal emailid is sivahill_1990@yahoo. Please give u r mailid so that i can tell u my company name and let me know first. September 26.mysoftglobal. the candidates were given fake offer letters/pay slips and relieving letters in the name Mysoft Global.' or some such suffix. "Mysoft Global" is one such company in Bangalore. Don't mention others data base here September 26. There are many such companies in Bangalore. Where is the proof?????... . You can find out whether the company is fake or not just by looking at its full name. Earlier. hello sir I am working in a company which you have mentioned as under investigation... it will have 'Pvt. 2008 3:24 PM Guru Prasad said. 2008 12:18 PM Anonymous said. Yes. to the office of a famous water purifying filter distributors. you may be right. www. Don't spoil the others life mentioning these companies as fake without any proof on u r site. 2008 12:21 PM Anonymous said. Bangalore-560004 080-32007511. Just visit this website & you will be surprised to see that they have not posted their contact address anywhere. If the company's name is registered. Sri Sanjay Towers. They have their offices (training centres) at BTM Layout 12th Main (by name Global-I or GIT training institute) Opp. 1st Floor.com.. They operate by the name "Global-I technologies" also. Thanks In advance September 26. Their exact address is Mysoft Global #193. They have just mentioned their email. Ltd' or 'Inc.Please.

But now since the bigger companies have black listed this name & are not entertaining candidates with this company name in their resumes, they have started giving certificates in the name "Global-I Technologies". They operate as training institutes, but when you go for an enquiry personally, they agree to give you fake letters. They take Rs.6000 to Rs.8000 initially for registration & first month's salary if you get placed (by your luck). This amount is only for getting registered in their company. They do not give all these documents till the candidate clears all the rounds of interviews in a big company, no matter how many times you ask them. So, aspiring fresh candidates, please do not fall a prey to such companies. Four friends of mine have been cheated by this company as they neither had a good score in their graduation, nor the technical skills required to secure a job in a company, and are not placed till date. Also, they have not been given the pay slips, offer letter, etc. Upon asking the manager there, they get a ready reply that those documents will be given only when they show them the final- round interview call letters from other companies. I pity their condition as they are frustrated & wear a dejected look on their faces. So beware guys... There is a person by name Prasad who calls himself the Senior Project Manager there. Call the receptionist there and you get a reply that he is busy in a meeting/discussion with the client etc. Believe it or not, The receptionists in their offices are also technical graduates who once went there looking for a fake experience letter 2-3 yrs back. Now they have been 'absorbed' to work as Receptionists and Faculty/trainers for a minimum salary, to train the new fresh graduates who join the company. I have written all this only because I cannot see the dejected look on the faces of my close friends whom I have spent my college days happily with. October 6, 2008 5:23 PM Anonymous said... Hello Friends......... I am giving some Important informatation.Please take necessary actation. Thing is that In Bangalore so many FAKE Software Company are provideing Experience Letter. I have faced 2 company Last week me and my friend gone to a consultant . we found that the receptionist (her name is Pragnya number is 9739034499)of that consultant told us that we r providing exp letter to the candidate. Then we asked who is the owner? He told us Mr Sudheer Kumar Reddy B (mob no.- 9986188763) mail id –sudheerkumarb@in.nds.com ,who is working in NDS Bangalore is the owner of the fake company.

(Thing is that this consultant is present near to madiwalla, So if u call to that receptionist that I want to take experience certificate from ur consultant and MR Sudheer kumar has been send us..then she will tell u the perfect address. After doing so u can catch that receptioniest) He takes some money and providing Exp letter. These gays are making fool to the people and take money. from them. there are 4/5 people are there with that lady. The name of the fake wabe site are—– http://www.softwavetechnologies.co.in (080-65463549) different location http://www.potenttechnologies.com ( same number ) So kindly take necessary actation on that employ. The Owner of this company is a Software Engg in Bangalore( NDS Kormongala ) So my request to all of my friends to take some action Thanks & Regards L Srinivasa Reddy lsrinivasa.reddy@rediffmail.com Kormongala October 18, 2008 3:24 PM Anonymous said... I don't know how people are getting time to do all these things. Do your work or if u r jobless, find some job. October 26, 2008 12:40 AM Anonymous said... Hi friend, thanks for giving us all these information regarding the fake companies in our country. But the question that still remains is- If you are so concious about fake companies, then why did u go to that company seeking an fake experience certificate. since u are denied of the fake experience, now u are shouting of FAKE..FAKE..FAKE. October 26, 2008 12:53 AM Anonymous said... hi guys becareful dont join this type of companies 10planet,extremetechnologiesand

cybermate infotek,sinertel frobats,ventech solution October 29, 2008 7:50 PM Anonymous said... hi frendz, THANKS for giving me information about fake companies.THANKS A LOT October 29, 2008 7:51 PM Anonymous said... ir iam placed in a company named legend technology coimbatore i dont know whether its a genuine company. recently they changed their name to horizontech can anyone help me n some of the candidates placed there to find its a genuine company or not. October 29, 2008 10:54 PM Anonymous said... ir iam placed in a company named legend technology coimbatore i dont know whether its a genuine company. recently they changed their name to horizontech can anyone help me n some of the candidates placed there to find its a genuine company or not. October 29, 2008 10:54 PM Anonymous said... ir iam placed in a company named legend technology coimbatore i dont know whether its a genuine company. recently they changed their name to horizontech can anyone help me n some of the candidates placed there to find its a genuine company or not. October 29, 2008 10:55 PM Sanjay Bhardwaj said... Hi Surya , this is to let you know that Kaashyap Technologies Limited is a public listed company with more than 12 projects executed in SAP . It is also a client of SAP India and posses 25 SAP Licensees on ECC6.0 ; Currently KTL is executing outsourced project of a leading IT Player and has pilots running for 3 clients , one on egypt , one in cochin and on ein delhi ......for more details visit www.kaashyap.com November 1, 2008 3:24 PM

. I checked it! Its True!! November 19. November 8....PLZ HELP ME OUT December 11.. this is to let you know that Adira Technologies Limited is a public listed company with projects executed in SAP and previously it executed java. I WUD LIKE TO KNOW IS "ADEPT SOLUTIONS. HELLO. Please visit www... 2008 5:24 PM Anonymous said. 2008 2:10 PM Anonymous said.desicrunch. if we accept to give the specified amount they will select us for next round.. Hi . 2008 8:53 PM pramod said. They will cal for the interview. 2008 3:46 PM Manju said.. HELLO. 2008 10:58 PM Anonymous said.aspx?company=iServiceGlobe_Pvt_Ltd November 14. I WUD LIKE TO KNOW IS "ADEPT SOLUTIONS" A FAKE COMPANY.mainframes also ..Anonymous said.adiratechnogies... Please go through it u will realize http://www..com and pleas remove from fake list otherwise legal action will be taken against this site November 20... abuse you and ask us to leave. Vision labs Private ltd near jubilee hills is a big fraud company. Hi Friends! VETRI MANGEMENT in chennai is also a fake consulting company..com/DisplayReviews.Banshankari 2ndstage" A FAKE .net.otherwise the technical interviewer who comes for next round will insult you. after first round they will ask for some amount of money. If you go to the address mentioned in their site is not true.

.when i was joining in this company i will paid 1. every day spent at Bloom Software solutions is a nightmare. Hi Frinds iam presently doing job in Alberg software Ltd. they claim to have a branch office at san ramon. no releving letter!!! nobody has got al three in the history of Bloom Software Solutions. end of the day you work for 6 months without a pay and offer letter.and thy give sal 8k. 2008 8:54 AM Anonymous said.but still to date he is not give my salarie.T.PLZ HELP ME OUT December 11.. after successfull completion of 3 months they throw you out stating that your performance is below their expetations..4 no offer letter. this is a fake company which recruit freshers saying they will be on probation for 3 months & no sallary will be paid in the said period. even if you are good at work they will extend the notice period by another 3 months.And Bikhari yedhva. December 26. Nagar called as Bloom Software Solutions. .rbaskar@gmail.3 This is to bring to ur notice about a company put up in R. which doesnot exist. 2008 11:01 AM ..COMPANY.2 1. no pay.froad. 1.20k.. Thank you. hai i have got a job in legend technology service coimbatore please i want to know whether it is a good company or not please if you know about this company please send information about this company to my mail id(iyerbaskarr@yahoo.. you are not even entitled for a offer letter. 2008 9:06 PM Anonymous said. they even promise to send you on-site (which actually does not exist).1 Hi 1.com) please anyone send it soon please December 12.so plz dont join in this company. Your Frind December 29.in)(baskarsweet. think twice before you join.This company MD "Venkatesh Gupta" is cheater.. 2008 7:31 PM Anonymous said. 1.

. KODAMBAKKAM CHANNI-600012(NEAR RAM THEATRE) .. February 7.... My email : jafar_ds@yahoo.co....... ARCOT ROAD . Can anyone find information about SAPTREE Technologies Bangalore as they are also asking to deposit 50K for fresher job. hi friends . can u plz inform me about zen cybertech in hyderabad.in hoping to reply January 1. COMPLEX 2 nd FLOOR .... regards.jafards said.R.. hi friend... A.. E. 2009 8:50 PM Dreamcatcher... March 1. 2009 8:51 PM Anonymous said...... NEW NO:147 .. They have to work for 6 Months and get certificate after 6 months. said..plz do reply it ll help for my future..I request to guru prasad and also to blog friends to conform abt this company. 2009 12:14 PM Anonymous said.GANESAN. 2009 5:46 PM chinna said. Its a great post.. can any one inform about the following person? MR.. I came to know that MYSOFT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS at Basavanagudi Bangalore is fake listed company ( Gru prasad has written abt this).. Their office is in Jayanagar and Kadirgupe January 4.. Thanks for providing information about fake companies. OLD NO: 76/3 ..is it original or fake???? plz.... i checked this all.

Gnix Info 18.M. Can any one tell me abt Trendzsoft company.. . Famous Personality 13. Jiyoun Systems 19. IT Brain Shapers 22. Business Info System 12.. Soft Cell System 14. TT Tech 29. R. Enigma Software Solution 11. eSmart Web Solutions 6. Millennium Software Solution 8. Ablaze Info Tech 5.March 10. ERP Solutions Asia 24. 2009 3:49 PM Anonymous said. Meera / SR Infotech 31. Aquity Design 4. Raython Technologies 3. 1. Valid Page 26. VRI Solution 15. Hope for All info 27. Alien SoftNet 30. Infotech 16. 2009 7:23 AM Anonymous said. E-ware Technology 21. ICS Solution Info Tech 7. Mosaic Technology 25. Hyderabad. The Metricsoft 23. Hash Infosys 17. Fake experience in the name of following companies are provided by ITBrainshapers Institute in Delhi.. Broin Tech IT 10.. ATS Infotech March 13. Radix Info Solution 28. Sanmati Solution 20. Soft Tech World 28. It is located at Srinagar colony opposite to axis bank. Prophecy Tech India 9. Vedic Info Tech 2. Please add these companies to the list.

plz its very urgent..... 2009 10:56 AM Anonymous said.. Bangalore is one of the wisest fraud in SAP training[u cant say that they are in implementation just becoz they have only a customer licence (they cant implement project for other partners. hi anonymous...... May 9.. NEXT g EXUBERANT SOLUTION IS A FARUD I WAS A STUDENT OF THIS INSITUTE THOSE WHO WANT TO KILL THIER FUTURE PLEASE FEEL FREE AND GET YOUR FUTURE KILLED ROBIN IS A FRAUD I THINK GOD IS SITTING AND WATCHING THIS ONE DAY HE WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR SPOILING THE FUTURE OF SO MANY STUDENTS. May 2.March 31... May 9... i have got to knw that SAPtree Techonologies Ltd in Kathriguppe.. they are not channel partners) with which they just dont knw aht to do]. if u pay 50 k for 6 months all u can get is tea or coffe twice a day and ofcourse an ID card. 2009 1:15 PM Anonymous said.. plz give the details of fake companys working in delhi ncr.... 2009 8:13 PM Anonymous said.. biggest fraud satyam Cadli ....... HOPE THAT TIME COME SOON April 29. and if u are really smart u can learn art of cheating people from them. 2009 4:26 PM Anonymous said.. 2009 1:49 PM Sandra said... The Biggest Fake Company in India till date is SATYAM itself! SATYAM=FRAUD and the world know this. hi friends...

. wherer i have been selected as a Corporate Trainer over there and later when i saw tht company they r not at all registered properly.nor have they asked my to join one of their courses....some one please help me.But i have been asked to move to Hyderabad n they hav been listed as fake in this blog n a few other places........ Is that true? Please help me in knowing the information because i got an offer to join this company.......... June 25. Ltd . 2009 12:43 PM Anonymous said.reply asap.. Hi friends my name is Sandheep V H i have joined in a Company called as DataGrid Technologies pvt..hyderabad a fake or gud company? Are the people r working there? They said that they shifted to Madhapur.. i have the perfect documents of that so i want to know where should give d complaint on them and also i request every one that plz dont get into those fake companies... 2009 7:40 PM A poor guy said. Can anyone please help me in finding if Vimukti Technologies . 2009 11:57 AM shreyas said. and also they are making use of illegal softwares... where they didnt gave me any sort of work to do over there later even they didnt pay me the working days of my salary also. 2009 7:00 AM Anirban said.. later when i asked they removed me from the company for non-performance after 10 days joining the company.June 3. where that company address is : Data Grid Technologies Pvt... Is the company named Systems Strategies in Hitech city....... June 21...... 2009 11:36 AM Anonymous said. pls let me know list of fake companies in hyderabad June 13.. Is Primeline solution..they have not asked for any money..Hyderabad a fake company? June 4. Ltd on november... Hyderabad is fake or not..

.. that is truth. but tech guys needs to be struggle from the colleges days itself.#2336 1st Floor. 2009 12:59 PM Anonymous said. So give the training to the employee.. 2009 7:58 PM Anonymous said.560070 India. Fake companies produced by the orginals employers. thanks for sharing precious information it save lots of freshers career . Banashankari 2nd Stage. K. Jai Hind June 25. The fake companies provided more employees to the big mnc's according to the current opening and project requirements. since begging from the united states and united kingdom. take actiona against the company. That worst task in the world. My openion. Big MNC's having much balance in the project amount. do not take any action against fake employee. All big employers are beggers because they are not doing any production work apart from the accounts.thanks alot June 28... Give the training instead paying tax to the government or making fake stock report. 60% fake HR executives and HR manager also.. but they are not giving a training to the employees. June 25. So HR could be get fake since there is not struggle in their works. Consider technical guys awesome fake certificates . Road. if they found he have had fake experience certificate. and train the employee. R. 2009 8:52 AM . Bengalooru .... Employee giving all successfulls to the employer. Do not make fear on the employment.

com July 19. mobile no . or mail me on : er. Astound Consultancy services. Dear Friends ! Plz provide me the information about the Mumbai Based IT Company which will provide fake Experience letter and will manage verification process ! Thanx ! Parvin.pushpendra... These 2 also fake companies in chennai.. pls kindly inform on attu4u@yahoo..9394716330/9392463636/9397893663. Chromepet Chennai. Vikrampuri Secunderabad. 2009 11:56 PM Anonymous said. . i got an offer from the company to join. 2009 6:51 PM Anonymous said.Guraon.85@gmail. BUT they asking for 38500 as deposite for 1 year. LM Technologies. someone please help me out to get rid of this shit.. July 14. and i have a joinig in 2 days.pushpendra said.... 2009 9:57 PM Anonymous said. Please any one can help me out in tracing the whereabouts of the below mention person.. can anyone helpme out to find out about ARRAY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED.since he collected money from many by making false promises of getting job in MNC companies...... Chromepet Chennai.his fake details are Raja Narendra 303 Kanaka Durga Apartment....com July 5. Hi..

. 2009 1:36 PM Anonymous said.. 2009 4:15 PM Anonymous said.... It is located in ashok nagar. 2009 11:06 PM ramesh said.i want to do a training from there and they r promising a good placement after the training.Ramanathan will ask the students to conduct classes.... August 9.. can someone tell me about the company nex g exuberant solutions.July 20.The owner of the institute... 2009 6:24 PM raman said. thanks raman August 1.chennai. 2009 12:01 PM Anonymous said. Business Intelligence & Solutions(BIS) is a worst data warehousing training institute. whether veritas infosystem which is located at chennai is a fake company or not? August 13. if u knw anybody abt this company pls tell me... They recruited students from ... Hi guys..if somebody knows please help me. 2009 3:40 PM Anonymous said.. July 21... Legend Technologies and Horizon Solid WebTech are two fraud companies in coimbatore run by same management at different place.He also provides fake experience certificates. hai friends i want to kow about sray technologies.hitechcity in hyderabd. can you tell me if Primeline solutions pvt ltd is a fraud company or not July 29... Can anyone say.

000 with 1.. Dear IT GUYS. So friends dont fall into such traps. 2009 6:57 AM edwin said. IAm CEo . Propus infotech has helped poor .000 per month and designation as a Trainee Programmer and for first two months there is no salary. So friends be aware of such companies which asks bond amount from you and promises you with good pay dont join such companies. They are recruiting candidates who apply through online and ask them to deposit refundable amount. Let Lord jesus christ will give punish Infosys. They have also asked them to deposit a refundable amount of Rs 22.various colleges through on campus and promised them a pay of Rs 11. .5yrs bond while joining. Don't accuse good company like propus infotech. Actually propus infotech is not a fake company. IN God sight propus infotech is a good company. satyam and those companies who rejects propus infotech professionals. someone has specified Propus infotech as fake company. needy and blind. Many of the College students fell into this trap and they are struggling to get the refundable money back and also their salary. Before you join any company do research about their company throughly what all projects they have done and who are all their clients etc.. So according to bibble don't accuse others falsely. August 16.

with warm regards. 2009 10:42 AM Anonymous said. no proper class at all.. 3rd Block. SAPTREE Technologies Bangalore Banashnkari Balaji Institute of Information technology Jayanagar& Koramangala r d r rd l l re l re - Sansoft Technology Solutions # 349... Sansoft owner says he will provide placement to students as well as outsiders.. actually they are not a ceo. but they are developers of propus infotech what will be going next... If u get after one month company people will throw . dear all. Jayanagar. Their family is in poor condition. but after paying money u will not get any job. August 16. 2nd Floor Near Sony Center.. they died today by hanging themself in their house and ate poison. david and edwin worked in propus infotech as a developer for 4 years. they will not give any certificate.. Are the main fake institute. 2009 8:18 PM george said. because they waited for 2 year to get job in another company. george(manager) August 17.. They dont have the licence to conduct the courses like sap.java etc.BY EDWIN (CEO). Bangalore – 560 011. 10th `B' Main.

. Don't attend interview at this given below companies. Hyderabad .for sap course you do in siemens or reputed institute August 19. we had taken some good companies like propus infotech.. since they depend on GOd....u out from the company dont go to all these fake institute. IAm MANAGING DIRECTOR I will provide these fake companies .. Dear friends. -----------------------THe given below companies provide fake certificates for professionals. 2009 1:28 PM abraham said. ============================================================ outset Technologies Access Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Adira Technologies Adroit Claretdene Infotech ADVENT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Allsoft Corporation Limited. It is not fake..

chennai C Wave Technologies CBK Infotech Cecil/Cicil Cogent Technologies COVA INFOTECH Cusat Systems. Bonafied Digital Services Brainware Technologies * Broadline Computer Systems. Bangalore Datavision .Anthesis Technologies Pvt Ltd Aptra Infotech Aventies IT Solutions Beacon Software Solutions Bizicon Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Dextrous Innovators Dice Technologies Digital Orb Technologies Digital Orb Technologies e Matrix Enterprise Solutions e Matrix Software Solutions Earthware Technologies elbrus Global elixire software solutions EmpowerMinds Flash Infotech Focus Associates Futuretech Consultancy Services Genex Globals Infotech .

Icamberwell IGI IMAX Technologies Impact Technologies Infinity solutions Iris Consulting itech Software solutions Juniper Solutions JVS Consultants/JVS Info Systems Keyoon Solutions * KALS Information Systems Ltd.bangalore Lavanya Technologies Leciel Technologies Lecil Lemuria Technologies .

Bharathi Business Solutions M/s.M/s Ehastha Global Services M/s. Ltd. Magnus Infotech Marc4 Technologies Marques Consulting Mindrome Technologies Private Limited Miracle Software Systems MSD Technologies MYM Technologies Limited NAAT consulting Nex. Nivetho Outset Technologies Power Views Technologies .G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Info Links Technologies Ltd M/s.

. Jaipur Sphinx Networks SR Soft Sol Starex Step Online Pvt Ltd. Source Horizon. Ltd. Bangalore Sanders Tech Seninsis tech Sigma Soft Silpa Informatics Smirk Technologies Softage technologies Softlink Solutions Sorix Solutions Pvt.Proximo Consultancy.

Triton IT services Unit Force Technologies Version Technologies Vidhata Infotech * VIRTUSA.chennai Vimukti Tech(under verification) Zombie Software Solutions ZOHO India pvt ltd =========================================== This * indicates most fake companies cheated many professionals.Sunsilica Surya Software Solutions Suyoga Technologies System Domain Team infosol Time Technologies.Net Pvt Ltd. .

.If you need job after 2 years of job search you have to depends upon this type of comapany..i know about two companies in Hyderabad who recruit freshers and give the joining date..... Dear friends. why u need to list all fake companies like this?... Don' t spoil others life with some stupid comments . Friends can u explain me what mistake my friend did and what he need to do again?..No body is perfect comp any showing fake resume of employee to client get a project.teststing.the professional had to pay 1lakh rupees.com August 28. I got selected as a trainee programmer in segate. i know one of my friend also had the same incident. my name is sanju.net java cource etc etc .Then they tell you to face the . only because of that his career was spoiled.. ============================================== August 25... August 27... old company start giving fake experience and listed that name also like this site.. Starting of his career he got a job in small company. 2009 12:07 PM SANJU said.. hello. did he need to took fake experience for that period(which he have real experience)?.... September 4... after 2 years he changed the company.. 2009 4:44 PM Anonymous said. Is that you are expecting?.. now he is out of company. hello friends.coimbatore and they r asking me to pay RS 8000. 2009 11:19 AM Anonymous said. again after one year.None of the comapany will call you as fresher after 2 yers whether you have done sap.Keep trying the job with all the way. plz reply to sanjupmy@gmail.. 2009 12:24 AM Anonymous said... I want to know more information about this company.. Now he is not getting any job now because of first company name in fake company list(from these type of blogs).. only because of these type of blogs many of the peoples life was spoiled.this website is really helpful to find the truth.

40178782. Hari Puri Colony .s3groupindia..They are SRISAA Technologis 2nd Floor. If sombody know more about these companies then please inform me at rohit_verma_00000@yahoo.in/MCA21/ then selecting "other services->check company and LLP name".gov. September 7.They give u time of some days to reappear n then through u out.srisaa.. Hi friend. Hyderabad-500038. www.no 040-40178781. Can you let me know whether Reliance Global Services Bangalore and Olive Consultancies fake institutes or real and good for SAP courses? September 10. 2009 1:12 PM Anonymous said.Plot 50 Srinivasa Colony-West.com/ One can check if a company is registered or not on www. Ph. 2009 7:41 PM Anonymous said. I will like to add names of two more unregistered fake companies. India.com S3 Group India Plot No: 69.mca.. Road No: 5.companies are CHEVRON IT SOLUTIONS and NET INFOVISION.test on some technology and will ask the questions of very high level programmer which u could never pass.in September 4..cancelling your employeement. TRINITY. 2009 12:52 AM .co. Hyderabad PH : +91-40-24034144 http://www.

. so don't study oracle.moses said. This oracle software is 666.. He murdered david son and daniel son name "solomon". Oracle ceo son will be the antichrist 666. 2009 11:34 PM Anonymous said.. Dear IT people There are dangerous companies in the world... It is a fake and antichrist company. Don't take oracle as your subject. 2009 3:04 PM hello said. by your's sincerly.. Which one is oracle company. then why you fall behind those fake companies for experience certificates.. oracle ceo murdered solomon chairman of RAT company and burnt him this week. Pastor Moses September 26. please produce genuine exp certificate with whom u work September 26.

Recently i visit the trade office at hi-tech city. wants to share information about the company. October 1. can anyone forward the latest fake companies in hyderabad....hi.. company name is CalydonTech October 1. sory guyz.pl send me details that u know...plzzzz this is urgent September 28.I want to know d details about CandylonTech company in chennai. 2009 4:49 PM Anonymous said... 2009 2:28 PM Anonymous said.please contact me as soon as possible.. 2009 4:50 PM roni said. these fake companies gave life to many people who are now seniors to u and became like this September 26... 2009 2:29 PM Anonymous said.. October 1... If anybody from CONVALLIS MICROSYS.. October 1. hi guys.whether they r providing training alone ? and som more info which u know. Hi frnds. can anyone forward the latest fake companies in hyderabad... 2009 11:36 PM Anonymous said.can u plzzz tell me whether primeline solutions is a fake company or a good company. 2009 5:24 PM Nagaraju said. My mobile number is 09800829496 . i found this blog useful for my job search.......

. 2009 3:48 PM Anonymous said...HYBD wants to exchange or share any information regarding the company please contact me as soon as possible. October 3..they asked the details about Provident fund.thank you. 2009 3:17 PM ..etc but magweb doesn't provide all these doc'ts. October 6... thanks.. myself RONI frm kolkata. My mobile number is 09800829496 My GMAIL ID IS STARRONI.HI-TECH CITY. Recently i visit the trade office of the company at hi-tech city.. i need it very urgent October 7.information also wellcome...i will be thankfull to him/her.but this company doesn't registerd in STPI.Profession tax.is it possible to provide such documents in a smallcompany.com.i have 3 years of exp.plz reply urgent to shiva_song@yahoo.i want to know is it compulsury any type of registration need to run a software company.. I am going to join the company CONVALLIS MICROSYSTEM.my email id at GMAIL is STARRONI October 3. iam working in MagWebTechnologies. Anybody those who related or going to join CONVALLIS MICROSYS.. If anybody also wants to give me any shorts of advice. 2009 3:32 PM Anonymous said.hyd.... hi guys can i get weather japps infotech is fake company or not..and i want to know to know ur mail id & contact no for more details.HYDERABAD. 2009 7:56 PM rama krishna said.i got the job in another company.Form16... Hello friends. Please reply me soon...

Ltd. Ltd.. Ltd. Allied Media Solutions Allied Technological Laboratories Pvt. Afrocom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Adroit Claretdene Infotech ADS Solutions Pvt. 2009 2:40 AM Anonymous said. Aalayance Ecom Services Pvt. 3W Zone (Software) Private Limited AAI India Pvt.. Ltd. Ltd. Allied Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. Ajaxdotcom Private Limited Ajilon Akash Software Pvt. ACCPAC India Pvt. Adit Microsys Pvt. ADG Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. AnswerPal Pvt. Ltd Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Adamya Technologies Pvt.Vijay Jain said. Ltd. Ltd. Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Antares Systems Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Adstock Business Networks INt. 24/7 Customer. Ltd. Accent Technologies Access Automation Pvt. Ltd. Ad Astrum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Advanced QSoft Affinity Software Ltd. Ltd. Alps Infosys Limited Alysis Solutions Pvt. Ltd. .com Inc.. Acionyx Technologies Pvt. Ampersand Software Applications Limited AmSoft Information Services (India) Private Limite Ansata Computer Systems Pvt. Aliment Software Technologies Pvt. AdSOFT Solutions Pvt. Aashritha InfoSolutions Absolute Infotech Private Ltd.. Ltd. Are u in HR? need to know October 11.

. 2009 12:24 PM Hariram said. 2009 6:20 PM intellect said...i got selected in convallis microsys . hii roni frm kolkata ...leave a comment on this site ..also tell me the correct address of the comp.. Like Satyam and some big companies Intelligence Fraud.leave a comment on. 2009 6:23 PM Anonymous said.i am ashish ....also tell me the correct address of the comp. 2009 11:28 AM .. hii roni frm kolkata . Good Job.plzz helpme . 2009 2:16 PM intellect said..... October 27. October 27.i got selected in convallis microsys ..i ve been listening to some of my friend saying that the company address is wrong .i have my joining on 28 nov. ANZ Information Technology Private Limited Apar Infotech Ltd.plzz helpme .is it a genuine company??.is it a genuine company??.plzzz tell me about the company .Anuroopi Technologies Pvt. But Satyam gave the list of fake companies These list of fake companies are small fraud... thanks October 28.i have my joining on 28 nov. electronic city post in bangalore? i need to find out about the genuineness of this company. hi..plzzz tell me about the company .. hi! you Showed list of Fake companies. Ltd... has anyone heard of leo-infotech at hosa road...i ve been listening to some of my friend saying that the company address is wrong . November 3....i am ashish .... October 23..

we are varyfying their client base. 2009 11:26 PM Anonymous said. this is the best program! November 21. Roni. Do not give any money to any company. Even if they talk about bond.tell us about ur company if it's in hyderabad.. it seems.. Use ur brain and do not let them fool u. www. 2009 11:21 PM Anonymous said. We are commited to help you out. please. November 20. Look at the arrogance of few fake company and fake people.Anonymous said. They r giving wrong info about clients . All recommend this program to effectively advertise on the Internet.com has all the symptoms of fake company. November 20.... Careful November 20. They r talking about leagal actions. 2009 1:22 AM .. These fake companies and fake people will be chased and prosecuted.0 Palladium? Help... 2009 11:24 PM Anonymous said.exuberantsolutions.. It seems to be a training company and acting like software company. Who knows where to download XRumer 5...

t nagar chennai.. they are offering course for Data warehousing with placement.. 2009 3:41 PM Anonymous said. Dear friends there are many false pastors in this world... So jesuscalls. william . 1) AT 2008 the death of 50 persons one george . solomon. inform to tamil nadu police to arrest george . and another one is Paul thinakran. other one is paul thangiah. Actually aim of them to rescue the women which selvan a project leader try to spoil them. 2009 8:06 AM . December 16. and david. Do u know any idea about seventh sense.. Thus they killed the innocent blood. and david.. December 3. william . 2009 6:58 PM Anonymous said. Next you see bennyhinn .paul thangiah..They wear costly clothes. finaly they commited sucide.. THis pastors bennyhinn. solomon ... paul thangiah. paulthangiah gospel belongs to satan.One is Bennyhinn the false priest .can anyone help me out? its very urgent. Project leader of kals information system behaved more arrogant and wickedly. i need recent list of bangalore fake consultancies. paul thinakran.. Be aware of this false pastors. bennyhinn. "Jesus never said to wear costly clothes" -John (Project manager) November 28.Anonymous said. and paul thinakran live luzury.

. chennai ..Anonymous said. Can you give me the detail about this company whether they are fake? 1 ANDROIT SOLUTIONS 2 tenth planet technology 3 Career Tree Brain search firm January 5... kodambakkam.. can anyone tell me whether Horizon Tech.mahavir lok bldg.its urgent pls January 11. January 15. January 15. Horizon Tech #303.Is it fake or not... hi.Fake concern r not. 2010 1:41 PM Anonymous said.... 2010 3:39 PM Anonymous said.. addess of that company is.. all this about is bullshit.hyderabad is a fake company or not?this company provide computer and LAN network maintenance services.. 2010 11:22 PM Anonymous said.. Please dont believe January 16.. 2010 2:30 PM Anonymous said.. Please tell me about CINT hydrabad software company.. 2010 12:03 PM ..plz anyone tell me about that company.hydrabad 500029 Call – 040 66251803 / 040 66662404. above tata indicom office. can anyone provide is that Dream Infotech. himayat nagar...the company demands 10k as security deposit for the toolkit and softwares and a 11months of bond.

com/ Please tel me is it fake or really they are providing live SAP project experiance Thanks please help me February 1. Asmita Business Services Pvt.Anonymous said. leisux.. Hi my friends this is gayathri doing my Masters in a deemed university in chennai I recently got placed in a Leisux Software Inc as Business Managers Please do tell me about the company. 2010 6:07 PM vinay said. March 1. 2010 8:24 PM gayathri r said. Asmita group of companits we site is http://www. some of the other FAKE LISTED COMPANIES are "OLIVE SOFTWARE SOLUTION" ANNA NAGAR.. Ltd...asmitas. March 1.. 2010 10:46 PM Anonymous said.. 2010 1:05 AM Aravindan said.. This post has been removed by the author.. DONT BELIVE THIS COMPANY February 8.. 2010 8:22 PM Aravindan said..... The Joining date is only by oct2010 .thrissur February 25. This post has been removed by the author.is the latest one frm kerala ..

.plz do post to my id. This post has been removed by the author. 2010 1:02 AM Anonymous said.. March 17.. pls help me.recently i got placed in Leisux company. I got selected to the Company called called Unisoft Infotech Private Limited Bangalore .i got placed in leisux company... 2010 11:59 PM Anonymous said.com. This post has been removed by the author. 2010 10:59 PM rakesh chaubey said.can you please send details about the company to my mail id mailtosylvia@ymail.i want to know whether this is a fake company or not. Hi Surya.com March 11..pavankumarece@gmail.can you give me the details of the company and also whether it's fake or not. hiii friend.. March 2. 2010 10:11 PM vani said..i got placed in leisux company.They asked me to join in october.. hi am a MBA student.pavankumarece@gmail..plz do post to my id. March 7...can you give me the details of the company and also whether it's fake or not. 2010 1:37 PM pannu said...mail me the details in gayathria2@gmail.com March 11.. hiii friend. 2010 10:58 PM pannu said... i need ur help.com Please friends help me Thanks and Regards Gayathri March 1.

i never heard about that..I want to know about this company. any idea about LEISUX Software Company please tell me the details April 10. .is this company a fake or real....and also for 27 months bonds for only 10. 2010 6:49 PM Anonymous said...How to check all these details.. Bangalore is it a good or fake company?somebody plz answer.recently i recruited in leisux software company. March 31.000rs salary.. 2010 5:25 PM poulami chowdhury said..they called for interview and seleted me.as well as all my original certificate frm class 10th onwards.but complition of interview they came to their own way.. can anybody tell me how is the company unisoftinfotech bangalore.Is it a registered company with the Govt Of INDIA. 2010 10:21 AM Sujata said.as a Junior SAP Consultant. hi sir .they asked me 2lakh security bond as post dated.Next week is my joining date. Regards Raj March 21.can u please intimate me about that company March 22. This post has been removed by the author.Please Help Me out. April 8...whether it is a genuine or nt i was nt understanding. 2010 1:46 AM Anonymous said..... 2010 10:05 AM Aravindan said... unisoft infotech pvt ltd. March 26. manipal center. 2010 12:05 PM veena said..

Hey Surya. You should include satyam on top of your list. 2010 1:58 PM Anonymous said. Kpro technologies a company in chennai .ome of my friend gave 22 thousand and suffered..org is not working. This is another fraud/junk/ fake company..The company is not registered and the manager there is a fraud he will say they will register April 19.tarkshya.. April 14.. . Hey Surya.Mr kamran khan the HR of company takes money.on the date of joining they tell that it is not their.psi3axis is a fake company in bangalore. First of all SATYAM it self is a bogus company man. They have complete business from INDIA and they speak wrong and gives virtual US address. hi Friends any one gave the details of leisux softwares i was selected in that company as a programmer.. First of all SATYAM it self is a bogus company man.they dont give salarys .they have no projects no employees. April 13.their url psi3axis.com April 26... 2010 3:38 AM Anonymous said. 2010 5:07 AM Anonymous said... hi guys. April 28.they took money as consultancy fees and provide false offer letters on off campus recruitment. You should include satyam on top of your list. 2010 7:01 PM Anonymous said. April 14.. 2010 5:12 AM Anonymous said.http://www. 2010 8:01 PM GANESH said.. send details to my id ganesh_gk31@in. offer letter..com/ company has no branch in US.

Its website is www.. Many big companies have blacklisted it not only in India but also abroad. 2010 6:26 PM Anonymous said. ...in It came to a pooled campus drive in orissa. 2010 2:06 PM Anonymous said.u may be ruining the life of thousands unknowingly!!! May 3.. The company maintains very big buildings (Of course constructed on farming lands near Bhogapuram.. Please be aware. do u realize ur also spoling carreers of thousands of other people who got a job (and doing very well in reputed companies right now) by showing some fake experience? on one hand yes you are helping some. could you please find out if pear-group located in ameerpet.pentaware.Hi is SANSOFT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS A BLACK LISTED COMPANY. vizag)and dupes people showing those buildings.. hyderabad is for real or fake it company...? May 3.so just be aware of both the consequences. Hi.. Inside.. Your list includes a VIZAG Origin company Miracle Software Systems. 2010 12:55 PM Sukumar said. You are doing absolutely fantastic job in displaying the list of fake companies to public...but there are many who are employed by showing fake certificates.. 2010 6:12 PM gopinath said. Thanks Sukumar May 10. its really important i have got an offer letter from that company and i am supposed to pay a security deposit... Please highlight this company as this is a fake company at the highest level conning innocent students and job less youth.. it has nothing.. May 8. Hello friends Can u please give me information about a company names as PENTAWARE TECHNOLOGIES Situated in kakanad kerala & trichy road coimbatore.

2010 3:29 PM sidhartha said. hi friends this is ayyappa .. as it website is registered in 2010 but in its website they r writing as copyrights 1999-2009. 2010 1:57 AM ayyappa said.can u please tell me whether its a fake company or genuine. is pentaware techonology present in kerala May 17. May 11... 2010 12:37 PM malli said. 2010 7:31 PM sidhartha said. Please give me the information. can u please help me that the company is good or not. i selected for "LEISUX" which is located at kerala. we totally 30+ students selected from our college. Hi Can somebody publish the list of blacklisted companies in Orissa and Kolkata May 15.. Actually the real pentaware is situated in USA.. they taken 3000 from us May 14.. i was selected for "vexsys" which is located in noida. But this one is totally different. can u please help that company is genune or fake . hi friends this is malli. plz help us May 14. 2010 2:01 AM Anonymous said... hiiiiiiiiiii this is sidhartha i had selected for pentaware techonology please tell me about that company May 17... 2010 3:33 PM .

.. 2010 4:21 PM Anonymous said. pls post it .I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT THROUGH SANSOFT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS AND LEAD CONSULTING I HAD A BREAK IN A COMPANY I GOT A BREAK IS ONE OF INDIA'S BEST RUN COMPANIES..com May 25. b'lore 2. i need this comany is fake comapny or not by NASSCOM 1.com" May 27... I ALWAYS FEEL THAT JOB HUNTS ARE NOT EASY THEY ARE TOUGH LIKE ME U NEED TO TRY AND GET AN OFFER LETTER INSTEAD OF BLAMING ON CONSULTING COMPANIES ASHA LATHA : asha_latha@gmail.B'lore Its very very very very urgent.. Hi friends.... It's official address is "www.ivensys technologies ..leisux... HI FRIEND . which are keep blacklisted by naascom June 7..Anonymous said.Surya June 7. 2010 6:01 PM Anonymous said. can anybody have NASSCOM account to check the fake companies from 2005-till date If anybody had it .Will u kindly tell me about the company named "Leisux". Mr. Noxitsolutions. 2010 12:51 PM Rajeswar said. . 2010 4:28 PM Anonymous said. i need latest fake companies list in b'lore .

2010 6:17 PM Anonymous said... my friend selected for Leisux ...... he is in dialoma.. its urgent. recently he received a mail from them to give a 4000rs dd in their name. hello sir...... may i know about the company X-STREEM in chennai. it is having its head quarters at kerela and branches in chennai and coimbatore ... whether its fake one r real. he is in dialoma. Hi... whether its fake one r rear. 2010 8:28 PM Anonymous said...vzm@gmail... 2010 8:17 PM sanjana said.. June 12. so please give info about that ......this is raju. i couldn't find it.......... i would like ehwther LEISUX is a fake company or not ? ... whether it is fake or real comapany.. recently he received a mail from them to give a 4000rs dd in their name.. my id is:raju..... I didnt get any details from that company and i searched lot about that company address...... June 12....com June 12. helo sir .its urgent .. can pls search for me? June 11.this is raju.Its very uregent June 7.. 2010 8:15 PM Anonymous said.. my friend selected for Leisux ...... please sir.. I got placed in Leisux coporation ltd... 2010 4:30 PM kalpana said. Hi...

Whether that company is fake or not. 2010 8:49 PM sharathchandrahs said. which some one have posted in your blog. 3. June 20. This post has been removed by the author. website address http://nobelsoftwares. when we visited that company 1. and they also said that they will finalize in 3 days. 2. With lot of difficulty we were able to find that company which was above the piazza hut and there was no banner or name mentioned out side the building. This post has been removed by the author. 3. June 20.June 18. Dear sir... and they have not yet finalized their building. send me the details to devadvrk@rediffmail.. 2010 1:20 AM sharathchandrahs said.. when we asked about their corporate office they said they will hire the office based on the number of candidates joining their company.. Their company name does not end with Ltd or Inc.com/# they have asked me 10k deposit for which they will provide training for 3 months on dotnet. and possible to open a new working office in 3 days. 2.. Inside there were 3 persons out of which 2 of them had searching for address of the engineering colleges. can you provide fake companies list in chennai for java 3+exp. 4. she said some residential address were they have planned which was not clear. 2010 12:52 AM sneha said..com . They have heired one room which they were telling a branch office and also head office of nobel softwares.. When i saw their website 1. I have got recuirected in a company name NOBELSOFTWARES. 2010 1:27 AM Anonymous said. Kindly Let me know. this is Ragava. 1. hi. after forcing her. 2. They have not mentioned their registration details. They have not mentioned their other branches contact details. else registered company would end with Ltd or Inc. June 20.

.. Agile Technosys How they operate ..... 2010 3:42 PM . its Not a company. 2010 1:46 AM Desparate Job Seeker said.they asked us to pay 2800. company is a No. Stupid. 2010 5:01 PM Anonymous said. hi sir. June 26. Such a big list does not carry Pune's biggest fraud company .. OLIVE SOFT Technology Solutions PVt.. Designing training.. anonymous...Cheating Fellow.....T DARWIN(9710439501) is Worst Fraud. 2010 6:31 PM Anonymous said..he is Fraud. he giving a Fake Certificate For All which are all give money.want to update u people with the string of fake company own by a single group.. like anything.10000 money. for 100% job guarantee.. i got placed in leisux company...LTD-Chennai. 2010 11:43 AM Fake said.... No pay will get....there is no more i nformation about this company.. ARRAYS Technosys. Their they will torture u like hell... Rog.... And thats they want.? They will ask for 40-50K rs for PHP..pls give me information about leisux. its doing Business in Fake only...I lost Rs..this is mrudula. Till now its fine....the Darwin(Managing Director )Cheated Me and Worst Character Idiot Fellow......im amazed..1 Fake company The Managing Director C.... Dont Belive this company.. July 1..n i too paid. i got placed in leisux...coimbatore.. any ways .can any one pls reply me.. Every time they will try to dominate u ..aggidi@gmail..com July 3. is it a good company or fraud my mail-id is mrudula... Once u left.June 24... Another batch is ready at Arrays .? Now they ( Arrays ) will send u on board in Agile Technosys. Idiot.. i got mail from them that they asked me to pay 4000rs. June 25. finely u will decide to leave..

. I have got offer in Leisux company and they are asking to send a DD of Rs 4000/-.Anonymous said.. July 5. UTL(united telecomslimited is a company tht i am working frm 1 year not a fake company...plz plz plz. 2010 5:39 PM Anonymous said. Hi... before saying abt company you confirm first and say.any body can u plz give the details of company July 4... 2010 6:58 AM Anonymous said..com Thanks.. July 10.... July 5.. before saying abt company you confirm first and say.. Hi all.. it's an organisation has lot of branches to. 2010 9:35 PM Anonymous said. HI Sir i got placed in BLOOM SOFT TECH in lakdikapool.... Nex-G Exuberant Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.... All allegations against it are baseless. Hi all. . it's an organisation has lot of branches to. 2010 2:18 AM Anonymous said.. They asked 20000.. Kiran July 6..pls tell me is this a fake company or not.. 2010 2:18 AM Kiran said.my mail id is : skiranbabu@gmail.... UTL(united telecomslimited is a company tht i am working frm 1 year not a fake company.

.. 2010 3:52 PM andreo said... written and interviews are scheduled in Bloom Softtech office only..most of the fake company are from hyd and banglore beware of that .. Now the problem.. Now the people started reverification by having doc form16 & bankstatement. Hi. will i get through. Rply plse July 25....recently they visited Indu institute .. since this softpro is blacklisted i am in trouble the background people of offered company as kept in hold to join the organization. 2010 2:39 PM Anonymous said. like so many r there in HCL...they hire freshers via People connect consultancy. HCL hr proposed to collect offerletter from Softpro software professional private limited Bangalore.without checking that they vl terminate the employeee ...... collected & reported to HCL worked for 9 months_till 2008... also i had received PF amount........ July 22.........even the orignal company when comes to list it vl affects the carrer of some people .its big cmm level company please check that . 2010 2:33 PM andreo said. and also sending the fake list u should very careful in posting that ...... After some investigation i found that Bloom SoftTech located at lakdi ka pool. July 22. so i had filled ITreturns. Me selected for a company in the month may 2010 they had given a very good package.. 2010 1:47 AM Anonymous said..LEISUX IN CHENNI IS A FACK COMPANY OR NOT PLEASE SEND DETAILS TO MY MAIL ID RADHAKRISHNA_NAMA@YAHOO. Presently i relieved HCL from permanent position worked since from 2008 to 2010. monthly salary was getting from softpro to our bank account.hyderabad is 1 year old company. by seeing our performance HCL confirmed for permanent position in 2008. hai is it Version Technologies is a fake company . Then collected work experience letter & reliving letter from softpro & also they had given form 16 to file returns at that time... Hi.COM July 17. see i went for an walk in einterview in 2007 & got selected for contract employee..

html They have a client list of fake companies and their website contains fake testimonies. so just keep away from these money sucking people. Currently they are unable to provide placement for anyone.. 2010 6:31 PM Anonymous said.no batchs released till now.hyderabad and gave offers to around 25 students. http://www. BLOOM SOFT TECH in lakdikapool..consumercomplaints.. 2010 8:58 PM Tom Smith said...we would need someone from the company to reply. Thanks Srini July 26. Cegonsoft is a total fraud institute promising you the best jobs if you join their courses.in/search-terms/?cpage=163 http://www. might be listed out in a fack group in the coulple of months.there is a bond of 1 year also.They claim to return 20 k by end of 1 year. is one year old company.. Many are fooled by their offers.. July 26.... 2010 1:42 PM Anonymous said.in/search-terms/?cpage=471 Regards...in/complaints/cegonsoft-c301771... for now they demanding for 45k.not sure how many of them joined. but need to wait for the result how they giving training. i fould 2 links in the consumer complients http://www. July 26. Hi. i could not found any clients and projects for them. I am not sure how much of the cliams are true.after training there will be a test and if a student clears it then he/she will be put into project with a salary of 10-15 k.If any one of the employees are reading this blog then please clarify.. Hi .The joining condition is that one has to pay 30 K initially and would be payed 7k everymonth for the first 4 months during training period.consumercomplaints..since may10 they started giving publishing too much.consumercomplaints.of engineering technology.. Ravi.

CYSCO ENGG.. 2010 1:45 AM karthi said..I am working for IT company in California.hotelogix. They are still recruiting students from various college and demanding them to pay certain amount by taking DD.. Can any one tell the list of fake companies in coimbatore. Our team gave project to small IT company in Noida India called Blue Apple Technologies. 2010 9:44 PM Golden Eagle said. SUSE TECH. Recently heard that a Technology Services company shifted their office from Gandhipuram to Othakalamandapam were it is known in the name of that sound similar rather very much the same to that of a leading software developer. can u post a fake consultancy list in hyd. HIMARK. July 28. SPANCO ENGG. SSI.in August 6. if u hv the information about good consultancies in hyd n even u hv the fake list companies in hyd plz send those two dettails to my mail id praveen_seven@yahoo. ELMAC ENG. 2010 10:41 PM Anonymous said. INFOCON.in with regards.com..co. Macrotech . This selfish people are making fool of innocent freshers with the biggest lie that every position is available. Some of them are named as DECON.D of 550..etc They ask you to pay D... Fake Companies in Coimbatore Many fake or fraudulent companies based in coimbatore are sending mails from various addresses and by various name.co. plzzzzzz i am searching for job in java platform n i unable to get god consultancy in hyd. 1250. Neltech. Don't get cheated by them.send the mail to me karthii_keyankvp@yahoo. praveen August 8. These guys are running fake company with different website www.. They cheated students who joined in Gandhipuram batch and started with another company name in order to hide their true fraud identity.. Already our company lost money and project time because of them. 1750. hi frnds this is praveen. Please don't buy or send any money to these guys. 2500. 750. .

2010 5:35 PM raggs said. August 11...Please Help Me out.4000/= When I ask them. August 26. 2010 10:18 PM savi said. after 3 months we'll give you 1yr exp certificate.. hi thank u for the information about list of fake company and i would like to know whether LEISUX which is situated at coimbatore is a fake company bcoz they were asking 4k for joining let me knowq as early as possible . Hi Pl add the following consultancy in the fake list Aacers World in Chennai I got a call from this consultancy inquiring about my qualification.10. i need ur help. 2010 1:36 PM jpu said. Hi.2000/=.. Can you please update recent fake companies with websites. I said am a engineering graduate. they said just work for 3 months.is this company a fake or real.Next week is my joining date... With the help of that certificate you can search a new job. That HR person said I'll offer a job of Rs. After I pay the money they offer me a job which was fit only for a person who have the qualification of 10th std with pay of Rs.Is it a registered company with the Govt Of INDIA.... I got selected to the Company called called Unisoft Infotech Private Limited Bangalore as a Junior SAP Consultant.How to check all these details..I want to know about this company.August 9.. 2010 3:53 PM rajesh said. So pl do not get cheated by these type of consultancies August 17..000/= but you have to pay me Rs..

. .com/contact_us.sressree@gmail.. Yogesh Mishra provide Fake experience cirtificate http://raipur-fake-company. 2010 12:26 AM Ahmad said.i want to know Comfyi solutions in Chennai is a fake company or not... 2010 4:47 AM Sreekanth said..blogspot.. http://www. 2010 4:19 PM Anonymous said... India CONTACT PERSON: NITIN BARVE September 2..com September 3.galaxy-soft.com/2010/09/galaxy-software-solutions-is-fake.pls inform me to my mail. 2010 1:17 PM neeraja said. PLEASE ADD TO FAKE COMPANIES LIST THIS COMPANY: SCI-TECH ENGINEERING PVT LTD Maharashtra. hi friend. DEAR SIR.com/2010/09/galaxy-software-solutions-is-fake. 2010 1:15 PM NITIN KUMAR GUPTA said..html September 5.. 2010 12:05 PM Anonymous said.....html Galaxy software Raipur is also give fake experience. Raipur fake company list http://raipur-fake-company. September 4.html September 5.August 31.blogspot..

pls giv the ddetails abt "LEISUX" company.) India Contact Numbers India: .www.... well. E-66.. Ground Floor. Address : Blue Apple Technologies Pvt.(NX-1047) in Hyderabad. plssssssssssssss September 11.com September 19. This company is fake. September 15.... bcoz they have address and website the client whom ever they are telling its there client is not original. 2010 2:26 PM kumar said.. 2010 5:16 PM jayaram said.. thank you for providing the fake companies list.. is it a fake or genuine company.com September 22.. so be carefull.Hi frnds thanks for giving the information abt fake companies.. Banjara Hills. can you let me know about the Netix Informatics Pvt. please add loukya systems from chennai in the fake list. 2010 12:39 PM Anonymous said.. hi frnds wt abt leisux company at coimbatore..P. Dear Customers Please beware of this fake company which tricks people and takes money.....chandu@gmail. they telling some client name which belongs to some one else... Ltd. they have company in chennai they are issuing experience letter by getting lump some money..ltd (NX-0225) & sysven Technologies Ltd.. Sector-6. Noida-201301 (U...leisux. R they genuine companies or not? plz inform me on my maid id jayram. 2010 4:38 PM Anonymous said.

. Please check with some one regarding Sysven technologies in hyderabad. Please check with some one regarding Sysven technologies in hyderabad. @ jayaram Netix Informatics Pvt.. 2010 12:00 PM Anupama said.while i worked there our company used to provide different services.USA: United Kingdom Fax(US): 91-120-4273460 91-120-4273461 +1-877-806-4615 (Toll-Free) +1-989-548-7178 +1-212-202-1696 +44 20 7183 0794 501-633-8032 Already this company also trades in name of Hotelogix with same address.. October 2.I worked there for 2 years they provide. @ jayaram Netix Informatics Pvt.. 2010 2:30 AM Anupama said.ltd (NX-0225)is a 100% genuine company in Hyderabad.Now iam working in an MNC. Customer Protection September 23. .ltd (NX-0225)is a 100% genuine company in Hyderabad.I worked there for 2 years we used to provide.while i worked there our company used to provide different services.Now iam working in an MNC.

October 4.October 2. pls tel me whether should i do a testing course from IT BRAIN SHAPERS in noida or not. October 2.this is naveen i want to find PLATINUMTECHNOLOGIES is fake consultenci or not y bcoz i want to take fake documents for 3 yrs from this company please give info to my mail naveen86. Hi friends.... plz rply soon 2 my mail id: ponnada.vandana@gmail.. Hello Sir.com Itz urgent..com October 12.mails@gmail.com please. 2010 12:03 PM aditya said. 2010 12:15 PM Anonymous said. October 11.. @ jayaram Netix Informatics also provides consulting services so some of our company employees used to work in other companies on Netix pay roll..... 2010 11:51 AM Anonymous said. Please let me know about LEISUX. .. 2010 11:05 PM Anonymous said.....please suggest me the real fact of thi training institue and whether it is a real job assistance or only doing fake promises October 2.. if anybody know anything about Leisux mail me at nisha. 2010 12:00 PM Anupama Sr Software engineer said.sandy4@gmail....Plz let me know whtr Leisux is a fake r genuine company as I'm selectd 4 dat comapny & ws askd 2 pay 4k in d startng. n latr 15k which is a refundable amt it seems which will b retnd back 2 us aft r training period.. Help me please.. 2010 1:11 AM Anonymous said.it is situated in sector 15 opp nirlas hotel....

its very urgent. 2010 7:52 PM naga said. IN THE START OF MY CAREER WHERE I WAS LURED FOR A GOOD SOFTWARE JOB BY PAYING 8000 RS.Please help me they take our Rs 3. ONCE I WAS ALSO A VICTIM.Lions Club Sector 18 D CHANDIGARH. I have few friends working there from last 2 years..First with mentioned address even there is no board representing their company..(NX-1047)is genuine firm .They asked me to pay RS.This is a fake company.this is z big fake company plz my friends do not pay 20000.R who responded useless and confused answers..there is 1receptioned who dont know how to behave with people and another person H.. 2010 1:46 AM Anonymous said.plzz any one give information about leisux software. . October 26.I got selected to leisux in jntuk. sysven Technologies Ltd. @jayaram : yes. 2010 8:11 AM Anonymous said..Myself and my friends gone to coimbatore to see the company. hai dis is usha.however we reached there which in located in two rooms . October 26. HELLO FRIENDS AND JOB SEEKERS. Hi I have done my Bsc in Animaton and VFX from Picasoo animation college. LIKE YOU GUYS.50 lakh and not taught us the full syllabus regards Ashish November 6. 2010 7:14 PM Anonymous said.But when i shown my certificate to Delhi Picasso they said it's fake they fraud you in the name of Picasso. STRANGELY.this is my request November 4...20000/-.. I WAS DESPERATE ENOUGH TO GET INTO A JOB AND I PAID FOR IT. i AM A CEO OF A COMPANY WHICH I STARTED 3 YEARS AGO.

. YOU NEED NOT ASK ANY ONE ANY QUESTION ABOUT GENUINITY. sorry i forget to write my e-mail id: u can send ur reply my mail also..com. THE MOMENT SOMEONE ASKS YOU MONEY FOR EMPLOYMENT . 2010 11:11 PM Anonymous said. November 9... hi friend can u do a favour to me. 2010 11:18 PM «Oldest ‹Older 1 – 200 of 285 Newer› Newest» Post a Comment Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive  ▼ 2008 (3) o ▼ June (1)  JUNE FAKE COMPANIES LIST o ► May (2)  FAKE COMPANIES LIST  FACT BEHIND BERMUDA TRI-ANGLE .. 2010 1:25 PM Anonymous said. WHY WILL ANY EMPLOYER ASK TO PAY MONEY? WHY IS SECURITY REQUIRED? WHEN BANKS CAN OPEN ACCOUNTS AND CREDITS USING YOUR PHOTO ID AND ADDRESS PROOF. WHY DOES A COMPANY REQUIRE FINANCIAL DEPOSIT. I THINK ABOUT IT. ITS VERY SIMPLE.recruiter Pls reply me soon November 9...praveen759@gmail. FORGET IT!!!!! THANKS November 9..TODAY WHEN I RUN A SIMILAR FIRM. singh...pls tell me following companies are fake or not: Focus Management Consultancy Free Lance.

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