Name: Fernanda León Barón Date: March 5th 2011

Group: 6°C Number List 14

Delivery date: March 24th, 2011

b.I. . 3. d. They have greater sexual appetite. a. e. What is the Homunculus and What do they represent? It is an approximate indication of part of the body to guarantee his all the neurons they give service to this movement. c. c. They do different things at the same time. Better to recognize lost items. Name 5 activities in which men are better than women (relating to the brain functions). They do arithmetic`s faster. Ability to play target shooting. b. e. The logical reasoning is easier. They imagine better the objects in three dimensions. They have better sense of orientation. 2. Answer the questions 1. They identify emotions with more facility. d. Name 5 activities in which women are better than men (relating to the brain functions) a. They have better capacity of language.

Finally. . I learnt that we don’t only have eyes is that we have to learn to recognize the things hearing or touching not only with eyes. Describe what it is.4. 5. and what did you learn after getting into it. and then they start turning the chair. 6. What is the most important function of the brain? Process the information received by the body`s sensations. In the spinning chair they sit a person. The Dark Tunnel. What is the name that the growth of the brain receives? Ontogeny 7. The dark tunnel is a dark hall where you only have to use your ears and hands. they stopped the chair but the eyes didn’t stop moving because they continue obeying the reflections what are trying to stabilize to the field of vision. What happens in the spinning chair? Describe the activity and what does it show.

What is the motor cortex? Where is interpreted the information related to voluntary movements. What is the interoception? An interior sense 10. .8. 9. What is thermoception? To perceive the temperature of the objects and imagine of what they are do.

Bring your ticket . Paste a photo of you at the museum III.II.

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