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The New First Aid in English 2nd Ed ANSWERS

The New First Aid in English 2nd Ed ANSWERS


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Published by: Mario Angosta Tabares on Jan 29, 2013
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This book provides the answers to the questions in The New First Aid in English Second Edition (NFA2nd). From the Students’ answers a Teacher will see the weaknesses of their work and can refer them to the relevant sections in NBA 2nd. For Students working on Language Studies at home there follows a list of topics which might be studied. It is suggested that one or two examples from each list be tried and checked against the answers given in this book; mistakes will show up particular weaknesses to be dealt with by further study.

Words for Things, Creatures, Activities, Happenings, Ideas Names Masculine/feminine words Members of families Dwelling places Collections Occupations Places Fastenings Receptacles and contents Places, countries, cities, buildings, rivers, races The senses Sounds and motions Shades of meaning Small quantities Relationships denoted by Words Classifications - things and creatures Gradation by size, intensity, speed, time,parts of things and creatures Analogies and absurdities Antonyms Homonyms Synonyms Modifying words - adjectives, adverbs,comparatives and superlatives Relativities expressed by conjunctions and prepositions

NFA 2nd

Page No. 12 5 9 11 15 22 24 127 25 128-135 117 26 94 107 32 36 40-45 50 57 54 65-71 85-91

Roles of Words and Parts of Words
Roles of Words in a Sentence Parts of Speech Relationship Words - conjunctions and prepositions 1 85-91

69 106 72 74 Sentence Structures Sentences.pronouns (varieties of) Auxiliaries . 98. Abbreviations and contractions Spelling Pronunciation 1 77. possessive (nouns and pronouns). clauses Clause varieties Simple and complex sentences Phrases and equivalent clauses 85. etc. objective (pronouns) Comparative. 98 98 100 99 Common Special Usages of Words and Phrases Doubles for emphasis Phrasal verbs Popular phrases Colloquial expressions Proverbs Similes 115 188 114 111-114 108 19 Mechanics of Communication Basic grammar Sentence structure Punctuation. infinitive of verbs Cases. participles. 100 103. 80 61 119 2-6. 180 175 . 92. 106 46.tenses of verbs Roles of Parts of Words Prefixes Suffixes (singular/plural. 120 117 61 80. superlative of adjective and adverb Diminutives Word-building Compound words NFA 2nd Page No. 103 66.Preface Substitutes . male/female. apostrophe. 104 137. comparatives/superlatives) Roots and derivations Roles of Various Forms of a Word Past tense.

oxen. hoof. lady. police-constables. The men shot the deer. The women caught the geese. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) 0 0 k) 1) a) b) c) d) e) f) 8) h) 0 We heard the echoes in the caves. The fishermen caught trout. r) The old women sat on those seats. They were men’s boots. glass. roof. 3. The mice ran into holes. o) The boys robbed the birds’ nests. swine. pianos. The sheep ran in the valleys. deer. q) They took their pencils. goose. The thieves stole the valuable bags. The knives were lying on the tables. sheep. woman. halos or haloes. child. The ships struck the reefs. 4. lookers-on. q) The farmers plough their fields.armies. knife. shelf. Their feet were badly cut. man. fly. dwarfs/dwarves. feet. The girls wore blue dresses. box. 5. daughters-in-law. fish. 1) They were men of means. cargoes.Number Pages 3 -4 1. loaves. penny. city. thief. 2. Our feet troubled us. The ladies preferred the roses. P) They had sharp knives. The dwarfs gave them sticks. pence or pennies. The ladies spoke to the children. n) They wrote our names. t) These are the houses in which we stay. passer-by. P) Their teeth hurt them badly. The men fed the calves. mouse. leaf. potato. men-of-war. r) The horses are eating raw carrots. foot. The boys went for loaves. lives. s) The men walked slowly to their jot t) The mice scampered from the cats . trout. m) We kept the birds in cages. hero. firemen. cupfuls. housewives. echoes. s) The children cried because they were tired. The sailors swam to their ships. The burglars tried to rob our shops. tooth. step-children. D k) The children ran to the tables. The rabbits ran from the dogs. sons-in-law. n) The girls’ hats were on the pegs. o) They told us so. The oxen ate the potatoes. m) The prisoners say that they are innocent.

d) female. uncle. heiress. hen.cub. d) The Duchess chatted to the woman. parr. cub. manservant. nestling. cub. piglet. fry. gosling. Jean. “How are you. goose. waitress. bull. Jane or Joan.” said the empress. swan. foal. deer. j) tabby cat. buck. nun. hare. gander. 3. lamb. f) cow. m) The hostess was extremely puzzled by the twin sisters. Henrietta. horse. nanny-goat. calf. heroine. c) tutor. mare. eaglet. 0 The mistress gave instructions to the maidservant. 4. eaglet. buck. ewe. 6. billy-goat. She owned a pet goose called Josephine. tomcat. 2. The lioness sprang at the filly. spinster. sheep. c) The witch spoke to the princess. headmistress. owl. r) She was the step-daughter of an elderly countess. nanny-goat. drake. kid. s) The headmistress rebuked the girl for her conduct. o) The mayoress talked to the mother of the little girl. 2. b) lord. 4. drake. g) grandmother. 3. daughter-in-law.” she replied. tabby cat or queen. h) “She was indeed a heroine. q) Her mother-in-law spoke to the manageress. 5. My landlady is a widow. mare. . wizard. bitch. 0 Families Page 10 1. elver. e) actress. stallion. madam. a) lioness. who was seasick. ram. husband. ewe. step-mother. 7. niece. my little lass?” 1) The stewardess brought a glass of water to my aunt. n) The daughter of a queen is termed a princess. madam. piglet. Patricia. 8) The waitress served her own sister. i) widower. P) The old woman told her shepherdess to search for the ewe. colt. e) The heiress to the estate is a spinster. lion: masculine: cousin: common: mistress: feminine: friend: common: pencil: neuter: steward: masculine: sister: feminine: book: neuter: child: common.Gender Pages 7 -9 1. j) k) “Well!” said her grandmother. h) stag. bridegroom. duck. Josephine. duke. f) “No. dog. Charlotte. cock. cob. fowl. goose. hind. a) b) The bride is my niece.

igloo. a) flock. eggs. 4. Pages 1 7 -1 8 1. 6. h) neat. c) swarm. b) staff. d) monkey. e) brood. i) pack. e) leech. j) soldiers or ants. a) a needle or a razor. a) a pancake. 5. horse. h) a bell or crystal. e) shoal. d) pair. nest or vespiary. j) library. rabbit (tame). f) an eel. 8. pack. f) congregation. i) timid. hare. f) stars or diamonds. vicar. d) locusts or insects. e) single. b) mustard.a) group. c) host. b) flat. f) shoal. b) a rock. 3. c) rooks. g) hay. a) pups or cubs. fleet. 2. h) wool. rags or papers. hive. . 4. c) fish. e) wind. b) litter. c) a lion. c) brace. c) pleased. b) musicians. Group Terms or Collections 2. lair or den. choir. earth or lair. d) tender. gang. e) a lark. a) mirror. nest. 3. swarm. i) sailors. byre. monastery. sheep. e) rabble. g) a deer or a hare or a hawk. corn. d) honey. g) hail. 7. litter. eyrie.i) brood. e) troop. e) busy. i) a feather. d) a peacock. f) crowd. 2. throng. c) flock. palace. parsonage. log-cabin. 3. c) crowd. d) gold. soldier. prisoner. a) fleet. 5. c) a deer. team. soldiers. herd. f) gaggle. b) glass. squirrel. rioters. forest. d) mob. e) ice or charity. g) herd. g) hard. e) flowers.Traditional Homes Page 11 1. a) dozen. nun. a) leaf. f) steady.h) board. a) agile. b) ice. h) j) board. school. a) b) c) d) e) soloist monocle unicorn bicycle biped f) 8) h) 0 j) biplane duet twins duel tripod k) 1) m) n) o) trio tricycle quadruped quartet decade P) q) r) s) century centenarian centurion centipedes Similes Page 21 1. b) gang. sty. c) crystal. b) couple. d) army. 4. a) audience. manse. kraal. d) bunch. king or queen. kennel. wigwam or tepee. burrow or warren. j) old. d) herd. b) congregation.


Page 22

Note There cannot be only one correct sentence describing these occupations. The following are merely examples. The artist sold all his paintings at the exhibition. The race was won easily by the healthy athlete. Men go to the barber when they need their hair cut. The blacksmith made iron gates for the big house. Housewives buy meat from the butcher. Much of our furniture is made by a cabinet-maker. The golfer paid his caddie for carrying the golf-clubs. A caretaker looks after flats, houses and other property. The carpenter repaired the wooden door. The cashier counted the takings in the till and took them to the bank. Chauffeurs are employed to drive people in motor cars. A chemist studies chemicals, and prepares medicines. A cleaner works to clean other people’s houses, offices or schools. The circus clown made everyone laugh with his antics. The coastguard keeps watch for smugglers and ships in distress. A cobbler works with leather and mends shoes. The computer programmer wrote some software. A bus conductor collects passengers’ fares. A confectioner sells sweets. A decorator paints homes and other buildings, both inside and out. The dentist said I did not need any fillings in my teeth. The criminals were caught by the clever detective. The doctor gave his patient some medicine. An engineer works with machinery of all kinds. An explorer hopes to discover new places on his travels. We obtain wheat, barley and similar crops from the farmer. A florist sells plants and flowers. A gamekeeper protects wild animals and birds on an estate from being caught or killed unlawfully. A glazier puts glass in windows. The greengrocer keeps a variety of fruit and vegetables in his shop. Today I bought coffee, tea, butter and jam from the grocer. I am a hairdresser and I shampoo, cut and style people’s hair. The ironmonger sells tools, pots, pans, nails and screws. A iockev rides horses in races. A joiner works with wood, usually making smaller items than those made by a carpenter. A journalist writes for newspapers and magazines. The judge heard the evidence and passed sentence on the criminals in court.


A lawyer studies the law and represents others in a court of law. The locksmith makes locks and keys. A magistrate administers the law in local courts. A mason builds and works with stone and brick. The matron of the hospital was in charge of the nurses who worked under her. The mechanic skilfully repaired the broken machinery. Miners dig underground for coal and other minerals. A minister conducts services in a church. A newsagent’s shop is full of newspapers and magazines. A nurse works in a hospital and looks after sick and injured people. An optician tests eyes and makes and sells spectacles. A physician is a doctor who knows what medicine or other treatment will help sick people. The pilot flew the plane from London to New York. We had to send for the plumber when our water pipes burst. A policeman protects life and property and can arrest anyone breaking the law. Some porters are doorkeepers, others carry loads in markets or warehouses, or luggage in railway stations. A postman delivers letters and parcels. A reporter collects news and information for newspapers. A sailor works on a ship as a member of the crew. The statues in the palace were the work of famous sculptors. The secretary ensured the smooth running of the office. The old shepherd never tired of looking after his sheep on the hills. The shopkeeper owned a small general store. The soldier had been in the army for many years and had fought in several battles. A stationer sells paper, pens, ink and other writing materials. A steeplejack works at great heights, mending steeples and tall chimneys. The surgeon had to amputate the patient’s foot as the bones were so badly crushed. The tailor makes clothes, particularly suits for men. A teacher tries to pass on knowledge and skills to children and other students. Associations blacksmith cobbler gardener or street trader orchestra conductor or policeman businessman/woman butcher surgeon stoker glazier soldier police officer saddler butcher or cutler surgeon postmanAvoman witness artist carpenter farmer chemist or pharmacist clergymanAvoman barber soldier slater miner joiner or carpenter butcher, grocer, greengrocer or confectioner shepherd stoker plumber mechanic optician astronomer conductor tinsmith farmer musician nurse judge, advocate or barrister


Chief Persons general or fieldmarshal bishop or moderator or superintendent principal chairperson judge Page 23 1. a) mason, a) b) c) d) e) 3- a) b) c)

superintendent admiral editor conductor Prime Minister (Commons), Lord Chancellor (Lords) c) journalist,

superintendent or inspector postmaster/mistress governor stationmaster/ mistress brigadier

head teacher captain leader or superintendent captain foreman, overseer

b) porter,

d) jockey,

e) butcher. f) g) h) i) spectacles three brass balls horse clock or watch j) k) 1) pedlar astronomer auctioneer

boot red and green bottles or mortar and pestle fish barber’s pole key dentist sculptor explorer d) e) f) architect aviator, pilot detective g) h) i)

optician nurse cobbler

4. best assorted chocolates, fine ripe tomatoes, sweet juicy oranges,

good fresh herring, splendid cooking apples, young spring onions.


Page 24

Business Places where made: brewery, bakery, studio, mill, foundry, tannery, Mint, paper-mill, shipyard, distillery Particular shops: baker, tailor, fishmonger, florist, fruiterer/greengrocer, grocer, butcher, dairy, newsagent, poulterer, optician, confectioner, tobacconist, greengrocer, stationer. Sport court, green, ring, pitch/ground, lawn, pitch/field/ground, course, pitch/field, green, pitch/ground, track/stadium, rink, run, court, ring. General hangar, apiary, aviary, ring, garage, incubator, kitchen, jail/prison, surgery, cinema, aquarium, orchard, gasometer, granary, vineyard, museum, court, operating theatre, orphanage, cemetery, restaurant, theatre, school, rookery, barracks, reservoir, zoo, nursery, nursery.

screams. faithful dog. brays. bear lumbers. monkev climbs. grunts. growls.Receptacles 1. The The The The 5. lamb bleats. tireless seasull. lark soars.rather ungainly in appearance and behaviour. The The The The The 3. bells. cock crows. chatters. purse reservoir/bowl/tank bottle Page 25 clothes wine bottles face powder tea/coffee crockery/clothes wine oil letter cider tea/spirits gas wine food purse/keys jam/ointment milk beer/gunpowder water uniform books biscuits food cooking water banknotes papers food cooking strawberries money money/valuables schoolbooks sword knife whisky water/petrol beer tea hot drink cash clothes water/ice-cream water tea/ashes flowers liquids money clothes jar scuttle envelope scabbard vase cask/decanter/goblet Sounds and Motions 2. crow caws. lamb frisks. . beer/oil/tar water fruit/groceries water rubbish/garbage water milk/wine/beer fruit tools/sweets documents wine/beer/water tea fruit/soup/ vegetables tea/shot wine milk/juice 2. duck waddles. turkev gobbles. fat pig. frog leaps. sleek cat. neighs. cunning fox. gentle lamb. The The The The 4. Pages 2 8 -2 9 1. lows. The The The The The The The The The The The The The frog croaks. trumpets. An ass . seagull swoops/glides. cat purrs.stupid in behaviour. loathsome serpent. lion roars. duck quacks. obstinate mule. snake hisses. An ape . howls. wolf lopes. a) b) hound bavs.

walked silently like a cat. Canine . . A fox .a greedy or ill-mannered person. nervous person. The creak of a hinge.heavily ponderous and slow thinking.a scoundrel.a despicable person. An elephant . a) b) c) d) e) Aquiline . The hissing of steam. rage. horses neighing.a slow-moving. slow-thinking person. A dog .a nose hooked like an eagle’s beak. pain.someone who is cunning. I heard a cock crowing. f) frog. A swine .resembled a cow or an ox. Page 31 The crack of a whip.teeth resembling those of a dog. cruel and selfish. pigs grunting. o) hyena/wolf/dog. A hound . 1) bee. A viper . Feline . indifferent acknowledgment. cows lowing. The tick of a clock.someone willing to burden himself with problems and/or tasks of others. c) bees/wasps. n) horse. A donkey . A pig . The screeching of brakes. A lamb . snobbishness. usually rather fat. a) bull. fright/timidity. 6.a courageous person. Sounds made by Objects 1. lambs bleating. surprised excitement or pain. The rustle of silk. i) horse.behaviour like that of an ass .an unscrupulous person. A goat . lumbering and clumsy. k) hen.someone meek and placid in nature.somewhat stupid.timid. 9.someone who angrily insists on getting his own way.someone who follows the crowd rather than acts as an individual. A rabbit .someone who is cunning in his dealing with others. amusement. j) wolf. coarse in behaviour. d) cock. Bovine .large. g) pig. A bull . 0 0 k) 1) relief or regret. anger. contempt. b) camel. anger.someone who is spiteful and treacherous. A wolf .someone who behaves foolishly A horse .a slow-moving person. The patter or tramp of feet.someone who can be rather stupid and obstinate.Sounds and Motions c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) 1) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) A bear . A sheep . e) dog. m) parrot. Asinine . turkeys gobbling. A lion . The call of a bugle. a) b) c) d) e) f) 8) h) scorn or derision. A tortoise .On a recent visit to a large farm I heard various animal sounds. p) owl. h) monkey. A snail . and a dog barking. 7. ducks quacking.

3. throb of an engine. Crash! The tray of crockery fell to the ground and everything on it was broken.Classification 2. toot of a horn. The The The The pealing of bells. (1) turban (2) bowl (3) owl (4) rose pearl Mumbai Mexico biscuit heat milk shield yacht ear iron trout sofa warehouse tomatoes maize princess palm Maria cupboard potato cotton wagon fork radiator Delhi crocodile plate uncle lion peach zinc fly Abuja trawler toffee penguin (17) (18) (19) (20) blouse bicycle barracuda volleyball . skirl of the bagpipes. The passengers heard the loud screech of brakes. crinkle of paper. Classification 1. The rain patters on the window. Rat-tat-tat! The knock on the door told the family that the postman had arrived. The The The The popping of corks. Thunder rumbles. Ting-a-ling! Tohn was so proud of the new bell on his bicycle as he warned everyone of his approach. The north wind howled in the chimney. Frying fat sizzles in the pan. (1) tomato (2) hare (3) violet (4) slate (5) lemon (6) cement (7) loaf (8) whale Page 34 3. Coins jingle in the bag. We were awakened by the chime of the big church clock. a) b) c) d) animals (mammals) clothes birds occupations (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (5) (6) (7) (8) page 32 e) insects f) vehicles g) flowers h) crockery (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (9) (10) (11) (12) i) j) k) 1) fish seasons footwear vegetables m) n) 0 ) p) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (13) (14) (15) (16) trees foodstuffs fruit liquids q) r) s) t) (33) (34) (35) (36) cereals relatives numbers games carpet barber penguin kettle Page 33 2. Splash! The silly man fell over the edge of the pool into the water. Tick-tock! The grandfather clock marked the passage of time. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Toot! Toot! The sound of a horn warned us of danger. I heard the report of a rifle. The heavy bar fell with a crash. Plop! The rain fell in steady drops through the broken tile. Bang! The heavy door slammed shut behind the children.A boiling kettle whistles. Suddenly we heard the thunder of hoofs. The rude boy slammed the door behind him. slam of a door. Boom! The noise of the large cannon resounded across the bay. booming of a gun. 4.

6. bean. decalitre. roared fingered. sea. elephant cup. tapped. million millilitre. bungalow. butterfly letter. country. yodelled glimpsed. 16. whale robin. trombone. ant. galloped whispered. melon flute. wallet. 3. ocean cherry. city. slapped. pigeon. 19. sang. town. onion. stared. 10. ten. cod. child. palace millimetre. cabbage spring. sheep. cow. day. orange. month. safe. river. turnip. hour. year. giggled. 15. minute. turkey. kettle. pail. 12. shouted. guffawed touched. litre. metre. 14. 9. piano. lilted. hectolitre day. 2. shrieked. battered walked. 18. sentence. pipe-organ purse. man one. shark. kilometre sardine. fly. youth. 4. centimetre. punched. 13. banana. cantered. teapot. laughed. strode. snapper. walloped shuffled. caressed. looked. ostrich village. patted. week mouse. handbag. continent pea. paragraph. boy. sauntered. 8. walked. baby. stream. talked. knocked. thousand. Pages 3 6 -3 7 11. trotted. mansion. chapter smiled. hen. millennium second. chuckled. tub hut. cat. hundred. word. a) price b) ascend c) welcome d) watchful e) observe (23) guitar (24) yam (25) shoemaker (26) thigh completed quietness assist plodded vanquish k) 1) m) n) o) (27) bin (28) spaniel margin industrious obstruct vagrant abandon (29) slippers (30) teak P) q) r) s) t) grave whimper cheerful absurd irritate f) g) h) 0 j) Gradation 1. wasp. marched hummed. cottage. 5. crooned. glanced. 17. 7.Classification (21) rose (22) soup Page 35 4. violin. vault midge. gazed (sound) (feeling) (speed) (sound) (feeling) (speed) (sound) (tim e) . strode. century. decilitre. paw-paw.

41. floor trunk. 46. 2. 18. face stem. tyres Pages 3 8 -3 9 15. 2. 8. 49. 23. 17. 5. 6. wheels cords. 38. hinges pedals. 8. blinked smile. 7. 25. 48. 30. hoops ear m outh nose eye face deafness. trigger prongs. 28. 26. 25. 22. rays. pane upper. 13. listening tasting. handle spout. book gable. booth staves. 17. 40. lid glass. 28. 26. tail bridle. peelings. chewing sniffed. nodding folded. 37. 33. battery knob. heat neck. waving writing. 47. 39. 31. brim brakes. 4 3. 51. 21. spire tree shell poacher run eye . 11. 31. 12. leg 15. 29. curtains engine. clasp crossed. 36. mane smoke. heel. 16. 34. bough hands. 16. 35. 12. 19.Association 1. 910. sponge ceiling. 2324. 32. running dancing. petals wings. handle gills. 37. 44. stem fork. 33. 35. 34. 19. joy 14. mouse pork platform man April up South nephew army bray finger feathers pleasure. 27. pump slip. 4. hundred bullet dog hoof son picture ice swan shoal bee fish modern double herd this 30. 11. 18. 34. sole arm. rind teacher. pedals head arms hands legs feet 29. gas steeple. blanket soap. 53. tongue bowl. foliage core. 4 0. paddling Analogies p g s40-41 ae 1. 20. eaves receiver. happiness. 20. 39. cork barrel. grin ache. leg mattress. 52. chips crown. bow wings. 38. 42. cut wall clumsy depth water. fins bulb. 55. 7. 6. 14. odour lashes. 36. 24. 22. 3. 910. honey blade. 5. 21. 27. bolster bridge. beak sting. 32. 50. 13. month ate can hot water pig hot water glass thirsty author petal tongue neck fly lake 45. flame keys. 54.

(1) Robinson Crusoe went to sea when he was nineteen years of age. the ship encountered a terrible storm and foundered on a rock. 8 The beggar could not have spoken if he were dumb. 11.It Makes You Think Pages 4 2 -4 3 1. 8. 14. The blanket would remain the same length. 10. Number 12.30. 3. 5. the streets should not be dry. 2. (3) The lad was cast ashore on a lonely island near the scene of the tragedy (4) Luckily he managed to obtain from the wreck many things which proved useful to him during his stay on the island. a) b) saw and fishing rod grapes and knitting bag c) d) razor and cigarettes diary and chocolates. . 2. 7. 6. even if in two pieces. If it began yesterday three days have not yet elapsed. Absurdities Pages 4 4 -4 5 Oral or written answers can be given in this section. Water needs a container. If you gave away three pencils you could not then have more than you started with. The witness must have been near the horse for it to make contact when it kicked. but if there was rain. Rain does not snow. could not nest in rhubarb trees as there are no such trees. never mind swiftly and silently. Three socks. (2) On his first voyage. 1. It should be “month of July”. 6. a cow does not whistle. 12. 13. 9. (5) After many exciting adventures she returned to England none the worse for his experience. Elephants are not birds. Jim Baker. 15. 5. If everyone stood still there would be no one needing to get past. 5. 3. If the son does not receive the letter he will not know he is to write back for the postal order. The train could not move at all on square wheels. Salt would not sweeten the tea. 7. Words cannot freeze and be heated. . 4. 4. “city of Liverpool”. The event has already taken place so cannot be anticipated by anyone hoping to attend. Once you jump you cannot go back. The baby would have grown to a man’s height and the man must then certainly be taller than the child. 16.

International Direct Dialling. Dec. yd m m Oct. 74 Abbey Road. James could not have embraced his father with both arms. a) b) c) d) e) . sec Sat.Abbreviations 17. ultimo . in g ft kg Aug. a) b) 5. a) Page 49 Bachelor of Science. He telephoned for news of the missing aeroplane..last month. Member of Parliament. Nov.before noon. Westminster. a) b) c) 3. The examination was held in the gymnasium. was appointed MD of Messrs Cook & Co. Mr G Woods. lb mm km ml cl 1 mg Robert Brown. Doctor Thomas Smith. Post Office.after noon. United Kingdom. Mister. His/Her Majesty’s Ship. Before Christ. James could not have left home twenty years ago if John Smith was really thirty years old. pt gal Fri. He had only one. leg before wicket. There would be no trees on a barren hill. I saw his photograph in a weekly magazine. Esquire. Wm Miller of HMS Newcastle was awarded the VC for gallantry in action. We boarded a train as the omnibus was full. cwt cm m Wed. He could not watch the setting sun from an easterly facing cottage. was married on the fourth instant in Saint Margaret’s Chapel. Shadows cannot cause wear. British Broadcasting Corporation. 19. instant . Member of Parliament. 20. “Old” John Smith would not be thirty. A horseman could not ride “down to the cottage” which was on a hill. Glasgow.A widow’s husband is dead and so could not marry anyone. post meridiem . Ltd. Sept. hr Feb. street. min Jan. ante meridiem . Master of Arts. a) b) Tues. The relative safety of train and car depends on the ratio of injured to uninjured over all journeys by each means. His/Her Royal Highness. Esquire. 4. a well-known local JP. Abbreviations 1. 18. a brother of the famous Harley Street surgeon who recently toured the United States of America. 02 b) 2.this month. The spectacles were discovered in the perambulator. Mon.

Antonyms p g *5 -5 ae 0 1 home presence refuse child dead descendant modern question depart awake disperse/ dismantle front forward good fertile ugly straight worse small sweet white curse timid top stern dull narrow sell free freedom expensive/dear slim dirty stupid smooth hot go reveal praise free deny expand incorrect hero bless dry light/fair night shallow victory attack admit arrive height live easy clean assemble/gather multiply up sober wet bright giant late west difficult flow uneducated full friend/ally exit morning never nowhere entrance contract success bold unfair/dark foul play true unfamiliar unknown simple/plain near thin strong barren many last ebb friend/ally wise native lost confined captivity enemy/foe back smile empty past obese mean dwarf come bad innocent soft love light depth heaven there villain unheroic reveal low solid abroad dishonest cold proud knowledgeable minute superior guilty separate senior adult sea first early fat captivity heavy/dark dead/die short found soft hate high sane minimum sad maximum majority spendthrift happy ancient evening pedestrian valley stationary divide wide foreigner far always old day silence all south everywhere few seldom new transparent shut in future war motorist temporary/ transitory ornate/fancy unpleasant singular rude rich wealth powerless condemn absent public poverty humble sell answer .

opaque. ignoble. everywhere. misbehave. foolish. g) seldom. a) south. disobedient. c) smooth. 2.Antonyms noisy slow accept advance advance conceal poor wrong/left polite/courteous happiness danger often unselfish buy junior deep long hide open plural smart fast large slovenly rough drunk hard hollow sweet north cramped miser fresh mobile gradual bow crooked weak clever failure winter inferior bitter give short illegible dislike unlock disloyal immodest immoral immortal unnecessary ignoble abnormal disobey interior merciless internal pitiless wild permanent here those these bold enormous bottom opaque untruth beautiful separate occupied clear mountain/hill disorder impatient imperfect displeasure non-poisonous impolite impossible improper impure irregular irreverent decrease useless outside defeat wax peace wane strong poverty east dry black tame unwise better right old age unsafe insane unscrew unselfish nonsense untidy intransitive mistrust untwist invisible unwise By adding Prefix indirect disadvantage inessential disapprove unfair inaudible unaware infamous misfire misbehave uncomfortable unhappy inhuman uncommon unjust disconnect discontent unkind unknown inconvenient illegal incorrect Changing the Prefix descend discourage import Changing the Suffix careless cheerless joyless Pages 5 2 -5 3 1. i) sweet. . depart. foul play. unknown. inaudible. illegible. 3. immodest. invisible. unpleasant. irregular. nonsense. d) motorist. e) innocent. f) impossible. modern. h) friend. j) junior. b) exit. fertile. failure. condemn.

h) a peaceful meeting. see. The proud king laughed at the vain little girl. Synonyms Pages 5 5 -5 6 1. a) shining. d) permanent. b) re-captured. b) I am glad. On a sultry day don’t drink hot liquids. a) b) c) d) e) In the evening the sun sets in the west. It is probable that they will succeed as they have tried so hard. 5. 2. a) a stupid boy. b) suitable/handy. c) a quiet boy. j) anger. a) ugly. buy. He tried to teach him to swim. understand. b) dull. f) strange/odd. g) a sharp answer. i) smooth. It was difficult to discover the whereabouts of the missing child. unoccupied. j) barren. 5. c) descent. i) edge. Her loving hands had prepared a tender chicken. d) a genuine gift. dangerous. f) industrious. e) a light load. d) trick. vacant. I will learn to drive. The old man was fond of antique furniture. e) sold. f) to sing out of tune. h) join. 4. d) rude. 3. e) forgotten. They were all admitted to the hall. The day was dull and we felt quite sad. h) a weak army. The coward was blamed/condemned for his foul plav. c) full. She had to accept the offer for the house. foes. e) bravery. g) dearth/scarcity. h) unintelligent. 7.Antonyms 4. g) a dim light. e) a smooth sea. A stout woman should not eat fat meat. “Don’t hide your real feelings. understand.c) I was surprised to find the house empty. 6. It was not possible to get all the books on one shelf. a) an unarmed man. up-to-date. enough. g) high. i) a cultivated flower. c) vanish. new. tried. notice. neighbourhood. The plain box was small and light. a) b) The bucket fell into the well. c) to be out of step. i) she was fair. .”d) He changes his plans yearly. He tried to invent a new rocket. Weak tea will not refresh the feeble old lady. b) a calm day. The weak army retreated after its failure. except one family. The pretty girl admired the handsome prince. 8 . a) answer. d) a dull colour. f) a tame horse. Losses on inferior articles made him poor.

She picked the flower in the garden. He hurt his right hand. 3. We must hire a car. He will give no peace until he receives a piece of cake. Pages 5 8 -6 0 The children ate the cakes. “Waste not. The maid admitted that she had made a mistake. Their books are on the desks. Their pencils were new and unsharpened. He heard her call. 4. Flour is used to make bread. They will write letters to their friends. A hoard of coins was found under the floor. The ground was completely bare. Steel is used to make cars and ships. The bicycle was for sale. The two dogs ran away. There was a dog in the wood. It started to rain in the afternoon. The joiner bored a small hole in the wood. want not”. 5. said the woman with the thin waist. The wounded soldier uttered a loud groan. She bought some steak. The cat cleaned her paws. He was told not to meddle with the toys.Homonyms and Homophones 1. “Did you get the scent I sent you?” I saw him stare at the man on the stair. I saw the lambs gambol in the field. and could not do his work. The boy broke a pane of glass. We walked to the golf course. He shot the bear. a) b) ewe yew beach beech led lead d) key quay plain plane pain pane 8) h) 0 ball bawl coarse course bow bough j) k) 1) profit prophet stair stare hour our m) peace piece n) o) fool full there their e) f) c) . It is not allowed to speak aloud in class. The business man made a large profit on the deal. There was a pause in the conversation. We were too late for the dance. The whole army marched into town. Queen Victoria’s reign was one of the longest in history. They tried to steal the money. We arrived at eight o ’clock. The girl had to wait till four o’clock. His name was printed in large grtt letters. 2. The herd of buffalo was chased by the cowboys.

3. I was worried till you came. The sheep were worried by dogs. 8. You should not have been told. After he had run about five kilometres. 6. b) to burn. 6. The old man had fallen asleep in his chair. Past Tense was did forgot grew wrote 6. Uncle may be coming today. He was awakened by the noise. 5. flown. spoken. giving. lose. beginning. sell. It is sunny today. 8. freeze. drank. 10. 5. 3. he sank to the ground. Day is dawning. awake. arose. given. Present Tense I rise I forget I cut I sing I blow 7. to stand. Some cloth is woven from wool which has grown on sheep. I do not smoke. blow. The boy was dreaming about pirates. chose 2. bit. 12. hurt. borne. . firing. 4. Yesterday the boy rose at five o ’clock. The sun had risen in the sky.Verbs 1. I could hardly see. 4. She had gone for a walk. hide. We should have been patient. Rain fell yesterday. shook. come. eat. broke. The tree had fallen across the road and many of its branches were broken. Page 63 1. sold. to sweep. We have been robbed. beat. 3. speak. 2. 7. 2. Page 64 1. driven. to drive. kept. to speak. We drank our tea before we sang the carol. The vessel sank before they had swum a great distance. said. ridden. swum. 4. a) b) c) Past Participle been done forgotten grown written Past Tense I rose I forgot I cut I sang I blew Past Tense sang tore hid went began Past participle sung torn hidden gone begun Past Participle I have risen I have forgotten I have cut I have sung I have blown d) e) She tried to raise the lid. Page 61 7. The timid creature was driven into a narrow valley where it was slain by the cruel tiger. 11. fell. They are not looking well. He saw his uncle yesterday. He raised his hand to greet his friend. I saw him rise from his seat. a) throwing. 9. cut. 5. springing. He had given me the parcel before he was taken a prisoner.

.... most handsome..Adjectives 8....... After we had eaten our supper we went to the pond which was frozen over....... 10...... 14.. comparative .. Comparative longer farther better more generous later more cautious ..... Positive long far good generous late cautious nearest .. He began to look for the toy which he had given to his brother.................. 13.... taller... The man had thrown away the purse which was stolen from the lady.. 9.. more beautiful.... f a r ....... Page 65 The tail gentleman wore a blue overcoat.......... The lost ball was found near the wooden gate... better . positive ... 11.. better........ more gracious..................... The weather was wet and foggy........ comparative ......... Comparative more hotter worse more famous less Superlative most hottest worst most famous least Page 6 7 Positive many hot bad famous little faster.. The bell rang just after I had written the letter.......... The jacket had been well worn and the cloth had shrunk. most wonderful b a d ...... Adjectives 1. By the time the sun had risen the aeroplane had flown across the sea.......... comparative superlative positive comparative superlative 21 ... They had just gone when we were seen by our friends.. No sooner had he spoken than a deer sprang into our path..... thinnest... shorter ..... most comfortable. 4.. A nest had fallen to the ground. more certain surest .. where it had been blown by the wind...... The ugly old witch spoke in a hoarse cracked voice...... 16............ superlative .. 17...... 15... most... 12.. Little Tim was a delicate boy with pale cheeks.... The picture was drawn by a famous and wealthy artist who had risen from poverty.... superlative Superlative longest farthest best most generous latest most cautious larger ........ 5.... 2... biggest.. 3.

He decided immediately. quickly . Fred was the fastest of all the runners. A worse boy I have never known. The clerk wrote carefully.longer. sick . The river flows gently. The stars shine brightly. 7. He crept silently.fastest. There lay the object of our search. easily Positive long happily late willingly ill Comparative longer more happily later more willingly worse Superlative longest most happily latest most willingly worst . 5. Page 71 1. The better team won the football match. The girl sings sweetly. Positive soon briefly well early clearly Comparative sooner more briefly better earlier more clearly Superlative soonest most briefly best earliest most clearly long .Adjectives 6. a) b) c) d) e) f) 8) h) 0 j) James was the bigger of the twins. 4. Note: In many cases in this section more than one answer may be permissible. badly . Page 68 Dinner will soon be ready. 3. The apples were quite good. He fell heavily.sickest. I like George better. The sailor lifted the thinner end of the rope. carefully . 8 . He waited patiently. 6. Of the two. The cat walks stealthily. The patient made the most wonderful recovery. He spent sparingly. Where did you find that knife? The man walked slowly acrossthe field. He smiled broadly. Jack or Betty? He proved to be the most ignorant person. I once saw an eagle kill a rabbit. The lion roars loudly. He can certainly boast about his adventures. He charged furiously. The man frowns angrily. A kinder lady you could not meet. He slept soundly. Who is the taller. lai fast . 2. The child sleeps soundly.worse.most quickly. The artist paints beautifully. The horse gallops proudly. 2. The story ended happily. Adverbs 1.more carefully.

Word Building ability absence abundance accuracy acquaintance action admiration adoption advertisement allowance amusement anger anxiety appearance applause application approval arrival ascent assistance attendance attraction baggage beauty beggar beginning behaviour belief bitterness boyhood bravery breath brightness cashier childhood choice Page 72 Forming Nouns: Note: In many cases in this section more than one answer may be permissible. civilisation cleanliness collection commencement comparison conclusion confidence confusion contentment creation creditor cruelty curiosity darkness deceit decency decision depth defence departure description destruction development discovery division deed encouragement enjoyment entrance equality excess exhaustion expectation explanation faithfulness falsehood fame favour food fierceness or ferocity flight fragrance freedom friendship grandeur greatness growth happiness hatred heroism height holiness imagination imitation information injury interference introduction invention invitation judgment justice knowledge laughter laziness learning or learner likeness listener life length loss loyalty magician manliness marriage merriment missionary mockery morality mountaineer movement musician occupation opposition persuasion pleasure proclamation profession prosperity pride proof provision punctuality punishment pursuit readiness reality rebellion receipt recognition relief remembrance renewal repetition repentance resentment revelation revival sadness satisfaction scenery scholar science security sight selection serenity servant shadow sickness simplicity speech stealth streamer striker strength success superiority tale thought thrift type vanity variety visitor warrior warmth weakness weariness weight width wisdom worthiness youth .

Word Building Page 73 Forming Adjectives: able accidental admirable adventurous affectionate angelic angry anxious athletic attractive autumnal beautiful biblical boyish brazen breathless British careful or careless cautious central changeable charitable childish choral choice circular collective colonial comfortable conclusive continental courageous cowardly crafty creditable criminal critical cruel customary dangerous deceitful or deceptive decisive descriptive destructive disastrous distant dutiful energetic enjoyable excessive expressive faithful famous fashionable fatherly faulty favourite fiery fifth foolish forceful forgetful fortunate French friendly gigantic girlish golden graceful grievous harmful hateful hot high heroic hopeful or hopeless imaginary or imaginative industrious informative introductory iron-clad Italian joyful lawful learned long lifelike or living loving or lovable luxurious manly marvellous meddlesome melodious merciful or merciless metallic mineral mischievous mocking mountainous mournful moveable musical mysterious national natural neglectful noisy northern noticeable oaken obedient occasional opposite ornamental parental patient peaceful perilous personal picturesque pitiful or pitiless pleasant poetic poisonous proud prosperous quarrelsome ragged reasonable scientific sensible shadowy showery silken silvery sisterly skilful sorrowful southern spiral spirited starry stopping stormy strong studious successful sunny sympathetic talkative terrifying thirsty thoughtful tidal tiresome or tiring troublesome truthful typical united valuable or valueless vain various victorious vocal volcanic Welsh warlike watery wavy wearisome western wintry wise witty wooden woollen worthy wretched yearly youthful .

trickster. h) reality. c) knowledge. selection. j) gift. b) proof. succession. invitation. 3. receiver. 2. invention. d) pride. growth. a) pleasure. e) choice. g) strength. . receipt. inventor. blackboard bootlace cart-load churchyard coalshed daylight doormat dustman eggcup firefly football gentleman grandson gunfire hatstand heartache housewife jampot lamp-post lifetime maidservant milkmaid millpond outcry safeguard schoolmaster spendthrift strongroom tablecloth teashop timepiece tombstone toothpick waterfall witchcraft Pages 7 5 -7 6 Note: In many cases in this section more than one answer may be possible. action. assistant.astonishment. cowardice. repentance. f) encouragement. information. informer. enrol to sharpen sweetly terribly thoughtfully to shelve to shorten to simplify to soften to solve to sing to sparkle to speak to strengthen to succeed to terrify to think to tighten to entomb to try to widen truly wearily widely Forming Adverbs: happily ably heavily critically faithfully horribly Compound Words Sample answers in alphabetical order of first words.Word Building Page 74 Forming Verbs: to enable to act to banish to bathe to beautify to bleed to brighten to broaden to encamp to encircle to circulate to civilise to cleanse to clothe to colonise to compose to encourage to create to criticise to accustom to darken to do to describe to dictate to educate to falsify to fatten to fertilise to refine to feed to enforce to befriend to freeze to fill to glaze to glorify to gild to graze to grieve to grow to horrify to imitate to enjoy to justify to kneel to know to enlarge to live joyfully purely simply to lengthen to magnetise to moisten to nationalise to obey to imperil to please to prove to provide to purify to relieve to reside to resolve to enrich to roll. actor. loyalty. sickness. i) justice. division. loyalist. trickery. baggage. freedom. criticism. assistance. 1.

b) biblical. expensive. b) There was a light wind in the garden. a) The diamond was very valuable. c) talkative. j) perilous. to obey. b) The diamond necklace was stolen from its case. to sweeten. 5. b) The car smashed into the iron post. 6. . high. angrily. h) to enlarge. c) to describe. vain. to entomb. a) In the foundry they melted the iron. a) decisive. a) to kneel. fashionable. b) to strengthen. i) to glorify. f) mysterious. b) The brick wall fell down. senseless. excitedly. to educate. h) national. boyish. i) wintry. . to civilise. e) to accustom. freely. 9. anxiously. 8 . to purify. tunefully. a) The light in the room went out. frantically. silently. faithless. f) to tighten g) to grieve. seriously. b) The chief assistant helped the customer. d) circular. j) to feed. e) attractive. to bathe. a) The people at the concert heard beautiful music. angry. a) There was a hole in the sole of his shoe. b) The sole owner of the company lost his money in the slump. Adjective long strong broad glad able wide milkmaid buttercup/teacup tablecloth/backcloth bookcase/binder Noun length strength breadth gladness ability width grandfather/mother/child goalpost football/snowball footstool Verb to lengthen to strengthen to broaden to gladden to enable to widen 11 a) He threw the brick through the window. a) The flowers in the garden were beautiful. foolishly. faithful. British. b) The music stand fell down. to compose. worriedly. to live. 7. g) vocal. hot. a) He met the tribal chief in the village. d) to gild. sensible. to fatten.Word Building 4. b) The garden seat was broken. blackboard hatbox/stand/rack lamplight/shade toothache/brush 10.

...... Adjective The tourist played a round of golf.. b) The motorist had to turn very quickly to avoid an accident........ replied the man.... b) The television set was placed in a square box.................. a) The sandcastle was destroyed by the wave.. 13.................. a) It has been a very hot summer.. a) The heat was intense in the centre of the fire.... b) He set out to sail round the island...... a) They each took a turn on the apparatus. b) They saw the man fall to his death................. b) In the gymnasium the boys had to spring through hoops............. a) b) c) d) e) It was a large round table..............Word Building a) The square was surrounded by beautiful trees.......... b) She began to heat the soup on the stove..........Preposition The horses must round this corner.. Noun The speaker turned round.......... a) The sail was torn by the wind.............................. .. b) The young man was easily able to run in the marathon.... b) The woman began to step into the road without looking out for the traffic..... a) There was no hope for the missing fisherman............ a) There’s no smoke without fire........... 12.................... a) The window-cleaner put his foot on the first step of the ladder................................ a) The hyena lost her young in the bush................................ a) The notice said “Beware of the dog”......... b) We all went to London to wave at the Queen and her procession..... a) She used her brush to sweep the stairs....... a) He had a new cycle for Christmas........... b) “I did not notice the sign”. ..............Verb .... b) He set off to cycle to school.............. b) “I hope he is safe” said the girl.. a) He bought a blade for the saw............. a) The spring broke on the car’s axle........ b) Don’t fire without taking careful aim............ b) She asked if she could brush the stairs...... b) We are spending our summer holidays at home......... Adverb The boy ran quickly round the field......................

so James. Are Frank and Margaret happy. Either one or the other is wealthy as either one or the other has plenty of money. Page 84 He and I went for a walk. Jack is not as clever as he or I. The gentlemen and the ladies were wearing evening dress. 24. 9. All of us but David were on holiday so all of us but David are feeling relaxed. 3. as well as Donald. 17. 15.Every little girl desires a nice doll. as both he and she were complaining? 19. 22. has succeeded. Everybody was pleased as each of them was treated alike. 7. with several others. Both Agnes and Albert are here tonight. is smaller than Peter. so either he or she is wrong. . Nobody is unhappy at the camp because nobody isallowed to feel lonely. as well as Donald. Between him and me we ate the whole cake. so Arthur. Not one of the boys has a knife although not one of the boys is young. It was he whom we saw in the shop. when every one of them knows the arrangements? Pronouns 1. The miller and his wife are a happy couple. rises at eight. was going to school. but you and he cannot. Neither of them has failed as both of them are right in five sums. likes spelling and Cecil. Each of the boys is going on holiday so each of them has gone to bed eady. like John. Every one of us knows the answers becauseevery one of us wascopying. 18. 30. Cecil. 27.All of you but Andrew are good. Arthur. James. 5. 8. as well as John. 14. 16. like James. Weren’t they pleased when they heard we were coming? 29. so either she or he is in bed. 25. 2. 6. 6. She and I can go. 7. It seems to be they whom the police suspect. 4. 23. John. Each of the ladies is delighted as each of the ladies receives a prize. 11. Anybody is allowed to enter. Neither of the singers was present. Why does every one of us do stupid things at times? 12. as well as Annie. 13. 3. One of the men is married and so he gets preference. Neither he nor she wants to go. 31. Weren’t we sorry when we heard you were going? 5. 21. 2. is early for work. hates arithmetic. as well as Annie. All but William have behaved well so all but William get away early. is clever.Concord Pages 7 8 -7 9 1. The girl. Either Flora or Richard has measles. 28. so all of you but Andrew get a reward. No one believes it was she: everyone thinks it was I. Either Fred or Jean has made a mistake. 4. Why does every one of them do that. 20. 10. 26.

30. 5. 26. 14. 20. I can call whenever it is convenient to you. Her cousin is younger than she or I. 32. He left before darkness fell. but she is taller than I. 18. 3. 25. they sat down. but smaller than she. She and you sang very well together. 28. It is not she that I am angry with. It’s mine. It appears to be she about whom you should worry. Let’s go. Whom were you speaking to? Conjunctions Pages 8 8 -8 9 Time 1. and see who’s there. 29. 19. 15. He is almost as big as I. 4. 9. It’s not for us to run after them. you and me. but he. Wait there tiU I have finished. Was it I whom you saw there? I spoke to him and her about whom to tell. This discovery must remain a secret between you and me. Everyone that wants a ticket must bring his money. 2. We have remained here since you left. John is much brighter than he or I. Between you and me. 16. Neither he nor she knows what he or she is doing. I know all about Sue and her. It was he who knew the right answer. We are certain it was not he who was to blame. 24. Was it he or she who found the purse? Whom do you think we met? Anyone who’s poor shouldn’t buy one of these. 17. 34. 33. 13. That’s not your pencil. You must choose between them and us. 35. She and I are twelve years of age. Who are they? We lads were at the cinema at the same time as they. but not you and he.Conjunctions 8. 22. 11. 21. 27. Him I can excuse but not them. 10. 31. 29 . You and I could do it. After they arrived. Her sisters are smaller than we. 23. 12.

He ran quickly so that he was in time for tea. While I trust him. The dog lifted his paw as though he understood me. The boy is strong and healthy though he is not tall. My cold is much worse although I have tried to cure it. The boy ran quickly lest he should be left behind. 3. She will go if you ask her. 2. There were many trees where I sat down. As we left early. They followed whither he led them. 4. 3. 4. The man put on the light so that he could read. we did not see him. 2. Condition 1. they left early. 4. 4. She is older than I am. he will invite you. 3. Except that he is sometimes nervous. The man looked as if he was a foreigner. 5. 6. Whether you like it or not. 2. In order that they might be in time. he manages quite well. We will go even if it rains. Purpose 1. Consequence 1. I cannot work as he can. . They did not play so well as their opponents. He went whence he could not return. You cannot obtain admission unless you pay.Conjunctions Place 1.You ask him. 3. I dislike his companions. 2. 4. The dog ran so fast that he caught the hare. 5. You should go that you may be cured. Cause o r Reason 1. 2. I was afraid to speak lest he should tell. You are quite right as far as I can see. My uncle was angry because he was deceived. 2. 3. 2. 3. since you are friends. Concession 1. The faithful dog followed his master wherever he went. Manner o r Degree 1.

His opinion differs from mine. The main ran down/along/up/through the path. 10. The careless bov ran behind the car. John has broken his leg. 12. The farmer stored his hay in a large barn. As it was a fine day I went to the seashore. 13. . The dog leaped over the wall after a ball. 7. 2. The pencil lay on/under/beside/near/underneath/below/behind the desk. Above me. 8. Pages 9 2 -9 3 She was the older of the two sisters. That man is an authority on flowers. I cannot run any further. I am. 4. Whom did you see at the party? Neither John nor James was present. yours truly. My cousin put the book in the drawer. The mother was proud of her son’s success. For whom can it be? OR Whom can it be for? He was angry with me for leaving. The man rowed across/on/over/up/down the river The lady sat beside/near/behind/beyond/by/with the chairman. He placed the bat against/on/behind the wall. She takes great pride in her appearance. With that ticket you can obtain admission to the show. Mv brother received a letter from him. We chased him through a field of hav. The ball went through/towards the window. Beside the boxes lav several boulders. 2. It is an exception to the rule. The boy must apologise to the lady. During the vear manv people were injured in street accidents.Prepositions 1. The better team won the football match. 3. The books that we read were interesting. “Hurrah!” shouted the man. 11. a) b) c) 3. 9. 5. I stood on the bridge of the ship. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) 0 j) Correction of Sentences 1. 6. She is not as old as I. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) 0 j) Pages 9 0 -9 1 Note: Where possible give more than one answer in this section. I saw a cloudv skv.

He ran immediately to the injured man. 28. She had a bad accident. 52. 16. “Where are my boots?” . 47. There are five books on the table. 33. he is quite wrong. 26. I saw a dog. There are four books on the table. The fishermen saw a shoal of herring in the sea. 1920. They have done it again. Between you and me we saw many people. 43. 41. The lady bought a comb with plastic teeth for the baby. 40. A piano with carved legs was sold to a lady. 17. 48. OR He ran to the injured man immediately. 18. 46. I ___ 55. We found the ring made of gold.She Juirt her leg. It was he whom you saw. 44. 31. 51. 50. My friend and I went to buy coats for ourselves. I left home at a quarter to seven. This jacket is worn out. 25.Correction of Sentences t-3J 2 The letter was sent to Mr (John) Brown OR Miss/Mrs/Ms Jane Brown. 32. Someone has left his or her books behind. Each of the boys had his books. OR The girl said that she did it herself. 36. Is he the taller of the two? _ 54. She could not come any quicker. It was I that broke the window. belonging to the lady. The girl said that she had done it herself. 38. 35. We have never seen any of them. They sang the same song twice. 45. He couldn’t remember anything. 23. I intended to write. with his master. It’s no use my working. 37. He did his work correctly. His hair badly needs cutting. 39. The parcel was returned to the sender. He went to get up OR He got up. 49. which had a long tail. . 22. He returned home as quickly as he could. 21. He and his sister went to the cinema. I was so tired I could hardly have spoken. 24. Between you and me. We saw the rascal who stole our ball. A man and his dog were at the corner. 27. Neither of them is tall. 34. I have forgotten to post the letter. 15. OR We found the gold ring belonging to the lady. 53. 42. She and her husband are going. 14. 2930.

65... 67. they closed the fund. The animal did not take any notice. Neither of them has been lucky. 71.. staring .. We are quite sure he did it....... 70. He took the bigger portion. teaching . 75.. (Could use “completed”. It was a remarkably fine picture.. I like James better.. 74. Give me those oranges. He doesn’t speak very clearly. Of the two.shouting in a very loud voice.... (Could use “finished”... She sent it to you and me. He did not accept the gift.The Right Word in the Right Place 56. The Right Word in the Right Place 1.. 76. bawling ..... The two brothers divided the apple between them.. mumbling. The lady sings quite nicely. I have completed my lessons.. a) b) c) d) e) f) His watch stopped at six o’clock..using one’s eyes to see.. 61.. The man taught him to swim. 80. He and I went to the cinema together.) They have finished the alterations... running with all four feet off the ground simultaneously between steps... 69.... I do not think she will stay..pronouncing words indistinctly.. Who is the cleverer. Having enough money. galloping .... 66..) The meeting concluded with the National Anthem. learning .. I remember how the story ended... striding .. 64.. 60.. I was so breathless I could hardly speak...passing on knowledge or skills to others. 58.. To whom does this belong? The child rose from the floor. Neither one nor the other is right. looking . He is worse than I..... 63. 68.. 79. That answer is different from mine. I saw him go to the theatre. 73. Pages 9 4 -9 7 2.... 62. 59. John or Mary? A kinder man never lived.. 78. One of the horses was tired.... 72.....walking with long steps. .. 57. 77.looking with a fixed gaze.. to acquire knowledge by studying or being taught.

e) He was so ill that he went to bed. He muttered under his breath. He He He He ate greedily....... He said that he would come. He caressed fondly. g) He avoided accidents because he drove very carefully. He shouted with joy.” he answered.... a) That is the boy who broke the window.writing badly formed letters or words .. etc. e) That is the boy who told me that he broke the window... a pretty bonnet a pleasant/good walk an agreeable man a convenient train an interesting book... e) He arrived at the station in time. 5... “Look!” he exclaimed.usually doing so quickly and carelessly.. . d) They sang a Christmas carol. He bowed humbly... a beautiful garden a delicious cake a fine house a good/pleasant day an enjoyable concert 4.. . c) The Christmas holiday is in December. .... He explained why he was late... b) I switched on the electric light. ...hitting something heavily and continuously .getting into one’s possession. He pleaded for mercy..flinging something through the air... chalk... f) He was married last year.. 6. 8. . He frowned angrily.... He chuckled gleefully.The Right Word in the Right Place taking snatching tapping battering throwing hurling writing scribbling .flinging something violently through the air. d) He caught a bad cold yesterday......... He sang tunefully. 9.seizing something suddenly. 3.... f) The postman delivered the letters.. b) That is the stone which broke the window.. He whispered softly..... “That is so. He whispered quietly to his neighbour.. d) That is the boy whom I saw breaking the window..forming letters or words with pen. He smiled broadly... c) That is the man whose window was broken.... He listened attentively... pencil... He bled profusely. He pulled vigorously.. 7.... He charged furiously. ... c) He ate (had. strove manfully. a) A man who digs for coal is a miner.. took) his breakfast early. a) He rose at eight o’clock. b) He received a penny from his mother. crept stealthily. slept soundly. .hitting something gently.. He mumbled indistinctly.

fish. large timepiece placed on a table. . held in its eye. f) None of the boys knew the answer... pig’s flesh from back or sides. thin roll of tobacco not rounded at either end. My ruler is thirty centimetres long. ..... My exercise book is fifteen centimetres wide... footwear covering the ankles.. d) portable...... g) leave. .... The distance from London to Glasgow is about six hundred andforty-three kilometres. e) enter.... a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Did you notice any friends there? Never have I seen such a display... The string on the parcel was two millimetres thick.. . g) No.. c) descend. the inside of the roof of a room... roll of tobacco rounded at one or both ends. 12.. The soldier was one hundred and eighty centimetres tall...... wall or tower.... a) depart. is used for joining material with thread... d) advance.. a writing tool which uses lead.. . .. I have not. b) return. ... i) amble. The distance from Southampton to New York is about four thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven kilometres.... .. preserved in salt... We are not going there any more... .. ..... I never smoke....... h) Have you any marbles? No. .. not covering the ankles.. i) vegetable. a) table... f) cable. general name for a kind of fish. . is road transport. . . yacht steamer pen pencil pin needle clock watch cigar cheroot ceiling roof car ...... uses steam-engine power....... pig’s flesh from the thigh.. g) unable.. is air transport.... he is not well enough to eat any cakes..... h) run..... the whole top covering of a building. e) valuable....... b) stable.... We have not received any of the books..... small timepiece worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket.. footwear. The room was four metres high.... a) b) c) d) e) 13. j) breakable........ usually cod... .......... 14. 1 1 ... f) crawl...... The height of the factory chimney was seventy metres. No thank you.. j) ascend.... itself holds together two or more pieces of material or paper.... h) arable....uses sails and wind power........ c) fable....The Right Word in the Right Place 10. a writing tool which uses ink.... .... aeroplane .. . shoes boots ham bacon saltfish cod .... .

a seat for two or more persons.. a) The nature lover rambled through the woods...... .... k) The weary farmer plodded homewards....and the police if necessary... 16.preferably a policeman. and tilt your head slightly forward. with main features shown. c) Sit down. i) The baby toddled across the floor.. ... scale drawing representing an area of land viewed from above. and treat it with ointment. p) The sick patient shuffled over to the table.. 0) The burglar prowled through the house. rub the ankle. dry it gently and bandage it. g) Captain Smith paced up and down the deck. a seat for one person. a dark area cast by an object obstructing light.. g) Take it to the nearest police station... ..... a) Plunge it into cold water... b) The lame man limped across the floor. a painting or drawing of something or somebody. 1) Telephone the Fire Brigade ....... .. ... d) Sit down........ a rough or quick drawing. .. ... cut stalks of grain.. a scale drawing of a man-made object viewed from above.... 1) A gouty old man hobbled down the stairs.... is a man-made waterway.. an image sent back from a mirror or other polished surface.. and as soon as possible wrap it round tightly with a bandage. ... c) The happy couple strolled down the lane.The Right Word in the Right Place picture sketch river canal chair sofa shadow reflection hay straw map plan .. grass dried for fodder. d) The daring knight strode into the hall.. f) Roll her on the ground in a coat or rug. b) Ask someone ....... n) The angry man stamped into his office.... m) The hikers tramped many a long mile. .. .. e) Open the windows . h) Run cold water on it......... f) The soldiers marched to the station. 15. ..... is a natural waterway.. j) Proud Mr Brown strutted on to the platform.... h) The cunning thief sneaked into the room. j) Remove the sting.and find an adult to turn off the gas and phone the Gas Company.... e) The tourist sauntered through the art gallery.. .......

when I should arrive?” The dog .” I know the child . The little bov said . 19. 30.. 25.. Kind of clause adjectival noun adverbial (reason) principal noun adjectival principal adverbial (time) adjectival noun principal adverbial (time) noun principal adverbial (time) adjectival noun adverbial (reason) principal adverbial (time) adjectival noun principal noun principal adverbial (time) adjectival principal principal adverbial (reason) adverbial (time) adjectival noun principal adjectival adverbial (reason) . 21.Addition of Clauses p g 9 ae « 1... The unhappv scholar said .. 5. I will probablv forget all about i t .. I noticed . We saw the train . As the girl approached the house . Mv father scolded me ... when he rose to speak... 26.. thev will understand... We saw .. saved the child.... who was cutting his hedge. 13.. Do not go into the water . She bousht an umbrella . so that the rescuers would see. I do not know . if you are ill. 34... who ran awav from school. 35.. When I cam here . because she was late. The bov hurt himself badlv ... 14.. The messenger arrived . what was going on. that the audience quietened down ... plunged into the water and . which was blocking the wav.. when thev saw the queen. The dog barked loudlv . 9.. when we returned. 2.. I saw . that he was lost. 32.... I hope . 6.. 10.. 8. The man ... was caught bv the police.. Call the doctor ... “Will vou let me know . I bought a stamp . he was tired of his work. The bov lifted the box . when he fell down.. I saw the ladv .. 16... 11... where he died. how long it takes. 23. when vou have completed the work. Thev opened the door . The man waved franticallv . He stood up ... if vou do not send word.. She trembled . when thev reached home.. 33.. We stood on the verv sp o t... “Come to mv house . 17. 28. which cost twopence.. was mv sister.. no one was at home ... as she spoke. when it stopped raining. 20.. who broke into the house . 7... while thev listened...... as it entered the tunnel. I watched the man .. 15. 3.... if vou cannot swim. 31. when he saw the postman. because I had lost the ball. The solders. 12. who was run over . 36. 22... The girl ran quicklv . who had followed the enemv . who lives next door. 24..... The crowd rushed forward . 29. 27.. the place was just farmland... 18.. because it was raining.. she started to shout. 4. The ladv . were trapped in the wood....

A man . 7. which led to the fair .. 4.. I am certain .. One word replacement 6.. because of illness. 4. The sun disappeared behind the clouds.. His action showed . 8.. I was gazing out of the window when I saw a crowd. The concert is held annually. When his task was completed . 1. of your help.... 5. 9.. which had been stolen. The army advanced towards the town. 9.. The book. without working hard. 4. before sunset. 2. The concert was postponed for a month.. That boy is always punctual... The man could hardly walk because he carried such a heavy load. He wished to see him immediately. because he was careless... 5. On approaching . Sentences 1. The roads . 9. They decided to go to the party.. were crowded.. I am convinced . belongs to Jack. 2. that he was coming. 5. Clauses into Phrases 1.. The girl was absent.. 9. 5... 7. I saw several pictures. 3.. You cannot succeed . 6. Pages 1 0 0 -1 0 1 Simple to Complex I have a dog of which I am very fond. his mistake OR being wrong.. The boy was riding a horse which looked tired. I was travelling in a bus which collided with a taxi. of his sincerity. which is red..Replacement Page 99 Phrases into Clauses 1.. 10. has many responsibilities. which was near the sea. .. 7. 2. The child was in bed . The neighbours are very kind.. When I entered . where he is hiding. That is the man who stole my purse. 4. He met me . 3. 7. 3. He failed .. 3.. She lived in a cottage . I heard a great noise. 6... 8.. The police recovered the property . who stayed next door.. who has an important position . The man admitted .. that he had succeeded. his bravery.. He told me . 2... The witness described .... 8 . I was pleased to hear . 6. the boy went out to play. 8.. The sentry deserted his post. The man regretted his hasty words. the scene of the accident.. The girl went for the doctor. 10. The boy did not pass because his work was badly done..We do not know . on my arrival. 10.

Maria spoke to the soldier. The boy lost his ticket. The girl who wore a red dress sat next to me. 14. which was open. The lady who lost her purse was careless. He will arrive. 34. The woman lives in a house. The girl hurt herself when she fell heavily. who was poorly clad. Then the soldiers resumed their march. The child found a ring. 17. The boy took home the rabbit which he had caught. 6. 5. The woman who stood at the corner of the street was selling flowers 3 5 . He is very intelligent. 12. People study the stars. 20. The man stood at the door. 4. 36. my sister sings in the choir. He asked me. who were walking quickly. The tourist climbed the hill. He is a man. 32. 22. Tom made mistakes in reading because he could not see well. The teacher praised the boys because they had worked well. He works hard at his lessons because he wishes to succeed. 11. Then the clock struck five. . The horse fell as it was pulling a heavy load. We all believed it. The house. 11. I found a lady’s purse which contained two coins. When a loud peal of thunder came the children were frightened. 28. “Where do you live?” “Can you tell me? Which way is the wind blowing?” I saw him. He was saved. which was steep. Then I shall speak to him. 16. 24. was destroyed. The men. 33. I gave money to the man. 3. The boy cannot walk because he had hurt his foot. 29. The sun rose. It was very valuable. The girl found a brooch which she took to her mother. 27. 15. He saw many books when he opened the cupboard. saw me. He was careless. 13. 12. 25. 13. The lady sat in a coach which was drawn by four horses. 7. 2. It is very big. The lady lost the book when she was going to the library. which was built by Tom’s father. 30. We heard the news. The traveller told a story. I visited the little cottage in which I was born. 18. 26. . The man who caught a salmon took it home. They use huge telescopes. Mary entered the room which was brightly decorated.1 went to see my cousin whose home was in the country. How old is he? I can tell you. He was wounded.10. 19. He heard the sound of music as he was passing a church. Because she has a good voice. 8 910. 31. 21. 14. 23. Complex to Simple 1.

ne’er. displayed. don’t. In the book one finds the meaning of words. “Look!” “Oh!” cried the boy. 7. cocoa. brooch. o’clock. 14. 10. 8. correct. judgement. “What a lovely view!” “He has gone to school. course. I have made a mistake.” said his sister. The ladies’ coats were in the cloakroom. It took several hours’ hard work to repair the damage. Punctuation 1. balance. 5. The men’s boots were covered with mud. He looked very smart in page-boy’s uniform. beginning. dismissed. The register lay on the teacher’s desk. byre. language. 5. “It is on the table. collection. His father said. discovery. The child suddenly shouted.Sentences 15. business. The maid’s dress was torn by a neighbour’s dog. 4. 2. 3. coarse. 2. 15. ‘All right. 2. blossom. The man asked. Mr Smith’s watch is five minutes slower than Mr Brown’s. 3. 4. 2. Page 102 colonel. 6. “I have hurt my finger. I admit it. extremely. district. ’tis. 4. I saw that the object was a woman’s glove. complaint. The child’s doll fell into the pond. Alphabetical Order 1. My cousin’s hand was badly hurt. disobeyed. 16. necessary. 8.” said his mother.” “Come here. ’twas.” . My father’s wallet was discovered in the thieves’ den. 9.” replied his companion. 12. In the window was a special display of babies’ clothes. 13. He asked for the book. 7. 6. coffee. you’ll. Page 104 The Apostrophe as a Contraction 1. Apostrophes 1. “Have you seen the hammer?” “Yes. Page 103 The boy’s pencil lay on the floor. official.” replied the boy. disguise. biscuit. disease. condition. Page 106 “What time is it?” asked the traveller. bough. disaster. 11. in a quiet voice. “Where is your brother’s knife?” My friend exclaimed. vegetable. I’ve. immediately. 3. sou’wester. A duck’s egg is generally cheaper than a hen’s. The children’s books were left in my uncle’s house. Hallowe’en. We’ll probably arrive at seven o ’clock if there’s a convenient bus. needn’t.

“but don’t be too long at your aunt’s. muddle. a joke a mess. 5. fair or foul in a dangerous situation from which there is no retreat flitting randomly from one place (or attempted solution of a problem) to another an overall picture . “When I return. The child had gathered many odds and ends.seeing everything usually from above using spare time to do something which you normally do anyway not easily deceived someone tremendously excited. instant success. The stout man began to puff and blow with exertion. She tried to do it again and again. “will you tell me the story of the shipwreck?” “Very well.Doubles 9.” replied the other. Page 115 The police placed the man under lock and key He polished his boots until they were spick and span. ‘Are you going to the cinema?” “No. A boy said to his friend. awkward state of affairs in a straight line. never again achieved the major portion totally inferior to . “I’m on my way home. and unable to concentrate on one thing at a time a totally improbable.” Popular Phrases p g 114 ae horse play for a lark a fine kettle of fish as the crow flies a stiff upper lip a blind alley a dead cert a far cry a flash in the pan the lion’s share not a patch on bats in the belfry by hook or by crook back to the wall from pillar to post a bird’s eye view a busman’s holiday no flies on him a cat on hot bricks a cock and bull story with flying colours a fly in the ointment on the nail pins and needles a storm in a teacup rough.” said the girl to her father.” 10.” he answered. the shortest way self-control in a difficult situation a situation precluding further progress an absolute certainty something very different from the matter in hand a single. invented explanation achieving something with triumphant success trouble in an otherwise favourable situation payment for something immediately on demand a tingling sensation in a limb which has been cramped and to which the blood is re-circulating trouble over nothing. 3. . boisterous play for a prank. 4. out of proportion to the matter concerned Doubles 1. 2.not to be compared with eccentricity by any means.

decorator: one who . navigate: a ship... century: hundred. bully army regiment. 14. watch milk joiner oasis hypocrite braggart tributary century compass rungs Pages 1 2 1 -1 2 7 2324. 3. describe: to write. forenoon: before.Colours 1. 21. 2. transport: across. 2. anteroom: before. suspend: hanging: pedal: foot.. 3. international: between. 11. scholars shepherd valley school submarine garage leaflet bat orchard clock. 6. The little orphan was blue with cold. 8. cheetah surgeon bow. dime. 44.. explorer: one who . 10. 34. December: ten.. 19. factory: make. 3334. 37. 12. dollar. Page 117 The old colonel was purple with rage. simplify: to make. owl. platoon crew. 35. submarine: under. bicycle: two. edible: able to be . prow turban brewery dawn artist fillet ford bat. 29. General Knowledge 1.. 31. postscript: after.. 9. Derivations Page 120 1. careless: without. cigarette: little. 16.. cat feather (large and showy) cent. The bully turned white with fear. stem. can studio cemetery . His rival was green with envy. export: carry. contradict: against.. 17. mussel. tentacles: feel. 22. 40. 28. 18. whelk. dalmatian (dog). 7. 13. manual: hand. The pages of the book were yellow with age. heiress: female.. oyster mutton breakfast Paris barrel. leopard. 4. 42. 26. 15. 39. 5. unknown: not. sailors pupils. duckling: little. circumference: round. 27. 5. 2. courageous: full of.. quarter waitress hermit fracture winkle. 20. 41. 32. attendant: one who . 36. 25. 38. 43.. 30.

75. 76. 94. violet attic eagle kilt triangle hangar the oceans of the world vase horse for riding St George deaf mute cabin sergeant deputy. larch foundry Gobi. ham. 81. willow 105. plane. one who imitates another person’s actions 119. 80. indigo. 61. incubator 102 . oak. email. 54. 48. 8 9. propeller 120 . 82. British Guyana 108. 63. 86. 78. smell. 58. a three-legged stand 97. 93. dolphin. backbone 84. rum 98. psalm through its gills red. blue. contraband 100. Sahara. bacon Loch Ness imports tannery ass dynamo cream moving air a fruit often cooked and served with saltfish 96. 79. 91 . Havana 116 . green. 50. fir. hearing. 67. Western Arabian whale. blue. 64. 7374. telephone. 85. 88. touch. 60. gasometer. cholera. whooping cough. 49. leg before wicket 111. 57. 77. 65. Robinson Crusoe’s servant and only companion on his island 118. 72. taste herring sandals distillery atomic clock smallpox. guitar equator thermometer milk sight. gas-holder 109. The Great Wall of China 115. 92. 53. 68. a bicycle or vehicle which jolts the passenger 1 1 2 . yellow 104. aluminium 113. constable. tiger exports aviary martyr atmosphere miser hymn. 56. yellow. 6 6. 46. 52. 55. Latin 101. text message 106. 8 7. green and white zebra. 95. venison 99. aquarium 117. copper. cello. fax. 51. it carries out research into space flight 114. 71. Kalahari. substitute six beech. 59. red. viola. a space traveller 103. otter conjuror steam larvae pork.General Knowledge 45. . 62. hatchery. a band of stars stretching across the sky 107. measles red. the original inhabitants of the West Indies 110 . 6970. 47. pine. sycamore. bobby violin. 83. 9 0. polio. orange.

a heavenly body that revolves round the sun 122. 173. 191. Holland or the Netherlands 125. bassoon. 189. clarinet. 180. drum.General Knowledge 1 2 1 . 183. triangle 143. a one-legged character in Treasure Island 134. St Patrick 159160. 195. in Greece 157. 169. 165. 192. trumpet. 161. bee 152. Australia and New Zealand 139. Mercury 133.Tony Blair 140. lily. 164. usually in America primates Chinese two-wheeled carriage drawn by a man on foot or on a cycle tubers ice pack/float/floe New York aircraft a piece of equipment in space to send photographs of clouds back to earth mosquito yolk Roman god of war when he is short-sighted chart peel crustaceans cure cavalry .glider 150. 181. a picturesque cave 126. 197. 194. 186. 163. deliberately sinking your own ship 123. porcupine. 166. 196. 174. possum a deep inlet of water on a coastline microscope a Scottish explorer of Africa December citrus pansy. castor oil 145. the punishment by death for a crime 132. in an emergency . compass or compasses 148. 168. 190. right hand side 136.especially at sea 154. 182. flute 127. Ireland 142. 187. June 141. duet 144. explore life under the sea 130. 188. all the land drained by a river and the streams that flow into it 131. xylophone. a short sword used for cutting trees and fruit 156. nasturtium Scandinavia a level or tier of a multi-level building lion St David cartoon Peru aviator a hooded cloak worn by Arabs bunk six Canada a four-footed animal camel a tramp or travelling workman. tulip. 185. thirty-two 158. tambourine. the redwood (sequoia) 151. 162. 177. New York City 129. 171. one aged 100 years or more 147. forest or rainforest 149. horn. St Andrew 137. 170. ice weaving machine kangaroo. 184. 172. 193. 178. 179. X-ray 135. restaurant 128. hedgehog 153. 176. Be Prepared 124. thirteen 146. 175. rose. bugle. sailing across the equator 138. chrysanthemum. 167. 25th December 155.

used on the canals of Venice 239. 202. lion. a long narrow boat propelled by one oarsman. 212. sheep or deer 230. 218. 203. pupil magnetically formed streamers of light seen in the north of the northern hemisphere husky mortar an insulated container for keeping liquids hot or cold exit Jupiter summit rock-like remains of the bodies of tiny animals (found in the sea) a referee lariat walking one behind the other America hamlet a female spirit who shrieks just before a death in the family . O. banister 244. 224. U 232. A. 227. 216. 205. apples 240. 211. a “V” shaped holder used by bricklayers to carry bricks 257. 200. glow-worm. 225. vicarage. pay (very often monthly) walking side by side an American prairie dog it has almost no tail a plant producing coffee beans 228. a wide view from above an Arab chief boiling water and tea leaves crater from tin and copper student. a wheel with teeth round it 229. iodine 252. 221. 222. 214. 2 15.core . fox 238.General Knowledge 198. oak 237. 207. 201. equipment sent to survey the moon 235. 199.in Ireland or Scotland especially infantry quarry wallet hotel. 223. a waterfall . E. African grassland 247. giraffe 250. pharaohs 258. manse. cow or other type of cattle. weasel 233. the Pacific 253. reindeer. 213. America 249. a flesh-eating creature 241. 209210. atomic reactor generating electricity 245. I. tavern or public house albumen wages. moose and stag 256. tiger. firefly 254. a floating device to help save someone from drowning 236. 219. rectory 246. a horrific dream 255. he never grew up 234. Aruba. the meat of a calf 251. 204. antiseptic ointment. 208. ointment 242. stoat. 206. 217. London 248. 2 26. Bonaire and Curacao 243. 220. sapling 259.or an eye disease 231.

India. Inuit. Dutch cheese. India. Chinese/Japanese noodles. Venetians. Tibet. Arabia.Native Americans. Peru.Fastenings trousers gate/pieces. Indian/China/Kenyan tea. a) Kenya. Persian/Indian/Chinese carpets. Chinese. b) Greenland. 5. German sausage. Spaniards. Chinese. Spain. Nepal. 4. 3. Arabs. Turkish baths. whalers. 6. Canada. . Indian curry. Irish stew. c) Saudi Arabia. Australian aborigines. pirates/sailors. Spanish onions. Finland. Welsh. Greenland. Egypt. Jamaican rum. d) South Africa (Transvaal). USA. wood/metal trousers dress/kilt shirt/blouse/dress ship (anchor) bricks anchor paper Page 127 dressing-gown wood/paper/leather wrists horse and cart ship door clothes shoe or boot window/door door/safe/suitcase bricks/stonework wood gate/box wallpaper tent ropes cloth window glass metal plates sail metal paper/fencing shoe/bag/belt parcel wings of aircraft floor coverings clothing parcel clothes Useful Information Arabia Scotland England France Argentina Australia Netherlands/ Denmark Netherlands/ Denmark/ Switzerland China Japan Netherlands Germany USA Wales Turkey Pages 1 3 3 -1 3 4 Native Americans Egypt France/Spain Spain South Africa Spain/Mexico Jamaica Lapland China Japan England Scotland Arabia Hindu women Turkey Ireland Spain Italy India/China/ Kenya India Native American Netherlands India United States Russia Switzerland Scotland Netherlands France North America Argentina Germany Scotland Italy England Australia Scotland United States Wales India Italy France Finland/Norway 2. Native Americans. West Africa. policemen.

Italy.object case after preposition “from” possessive adjective. Ecuador. 10. Denmark. Russia. Spain/Argentina. France. Russia. London her that grizzly performed 3. Sweden. Britain/New Zealand. . lamb bleats. Kenya. knives. India. sheep. horse neighs. Brazil. Palestine. Cuba. describing “father” personal pronoun. 8 . pig grunts. Turkey. A piano with carved legs was sold to the lady. Venice. USA and Canada. Italy. England. It was I that took the pencil. Moscow. South Africa. Argentina. Italy. USA. France. Italy. Kilimanjaro (Kenya). frog croaks dog barks. wife. The The The The The a) b) c) d) e) proper noun . Switzerland. Russia. Rome. China. Istanbul. Rome. She told her father When the girl returned from London That she had seen a grizzly bear Which performed tricks in the circus 2. Austria. France. Tanzania. San Francisco. Germany. USA. China. Romania. Finland. elephant trumpets. Giza. Scotland. Germany. South Africa. spinster. Turkey. The man went to get the book. Poland. Egypt. Egypt. Ireland. He said that you did it. Wales. Spain. Pisa. pennies or pence. Belgium. Giza. pianos.General Tests 7.describing “bear” verb (past tense) waitress. London. Russia. Australia. General Tests Test 1 Pages 1 4 1 -1 6 2 Main clause Subordinate adverb clause of time Subordinate noun clause Subordinate adjective clause 1. Argentina. France. children. 11. maidservant.Jamaica. USA. Switzerland. Italy. England. USA. donkey brays. Italy. USA. third person singular possessive form conjunction adjective . England. London. Norway. Nepal. Italy. France. a) b) 4. Ireland. Netherlands. She is the bigger of the twins. New York. Japan. USA. France. Germany. The The The The The owl hoots. France. England. wolf howls. India. Jamaica. 9. Paris. Washington. USA. Agra. monkey chatters. India. mare. England. London.

b) Flowers will grow in suitable conditions.me.possessive adjective or personal pronoun (possessive). a) The child was in bed before sunset. Test 3 1. d) third person singular. .did. eyrie. 5. bites . resting .most evil.verb (past tense). infinitive. hot . b) impossible. when .adverb. form. seriously . e) I am convinced of his sincerity. hive.hottest.adjective 3. misuse.conjunction. insecure. near . e) We keptour birds in cages. As black as coal (or ink) As meek as a lamb As brave as a lion As sweet as honey As cold as ice/charity As fast as a hare (or deer) As happy as a sandboy As keen as mustard As steady as a rock As fit as a fiddle 4. b) does . secretly . 2. d) They had sharpknives.noun.us.bit.more famous .personal pronoun. caravan. unwelcome. train .least.noun.pronoun.General Tests c) where they found a resting place Subordinate adjective clause describing “cottage’ Subordinate noun clause. he . b) The girls wore blue dresses. 5.you. we . his .adverb.hotter . 3.more evil .sang. object of “told” Adverb clause of place. sings . 4.less . soldiers .verb. resolved .hid. hides .preposition. a) The rabbits ran from the dogs. evil . c) Remember to write on arrival. you . c) The sailors swam to their ships. illegal.them. many . a) I . possible .wrote. a) stable.more . little . discovered . writes . Test 4 1. a) b) c) When I heard I . they .most famous.him. e) man. famous . f) in. He discovered When the gentleman arrived at his home (That) he had left his umbrella in the train Main clause Adverb clause of time Subordinate noun clause 2. me .most. d) I saw her at 4 o ’clock.adjective.

3. We were thoroughly alarmed when information reached us the train had been involved in a serious accident in which our friends were travelling Main clause Subordinate adverb clause (time) Subordinate noun clause Adjective clause describing “train” 2. Greenland or Canada. Greece. The music was very traditional.noun. 4. readiness. and would not see anyone else’s point of view. Chris or Chrissie. Later through foolishness he went to rack and ruin. The problem will be resolved if everyone thinks hard about it. He was an obstinate man. . a) b) c) d) e) f) The boy was told not to meddle with the pencils.personal pronoun. and no one could explain it.” I replied. The child has been lost since Thursdav. a) b) c) d) e) The ship reached harbour safe and sound. a) b) c) d) e) 5. reasonable. The man took great pride in his garden. The soldiers would follow their general through thick and thin. She is head and shoulders taller than her brother.” said my friend. fortunate. The accident was a strange occurrence. which . in a whisper. train . we . Birds build nests by instinct. “Do you think. revival. The metric system was standard in France before being adopted in Britain. Fred. breadth. thoroughly . 5. I gave £10 and £1 respectively to John and James. 1 Netherlands. The man was an out and out rascal. New Zealand. Pat. wintry or wintery. Wales.adjective. a) b) introduction. parental. admired by many people.relative pronoun. 4. loyalty. 3. having been passed from musician to musician over many years. She felt ashamed of herself. “that there’s a chance of escape?” “Certainly.adverb. he he he he he he is poor is rather deaf is snobbish and class-conscious is very tired is listening very intently is dead 8) h) i) j) he is very brave he is taken advantage > treated he is an old sailor he is not feeling well Test 5 1. She was a very respectable person. serious . poetic.a) b) A or Bert.General Tests 2. Liz or Betty. He hurried home from school.

blame or condemn. 5.strength. object of the verb “reached”. swum.wealth.General Tests Test 6 1. retreat. ruins noun. calendar. rang. a) town .noun. poverty . rung. 2. hidden. Adjectival clause. 5. 4. . 3.adjective. which . atlas or map. a) Walk as quickly as possible. b) He has forgotten the address.obedient.Noun clause. c) Neither Tom nor I can swim.verb (past). import. hide. c) Mary told him that she did not wish to see him again. hid. diary. that .verb. 2. They knew that we liked to come here on our holidays. a) often. invisible. which . 3. walls . envelope. he noticed . Test 7 1. weak. b) foe. a) b) c) d) garden . broken.Main clause. which escaped through the woods.d) This end of the rope is the thicker.Adverbial clause of time. buy. a) We ran for shelter when it started to rain. flown.conjunction. courage . We had cousins who stayed on those little farms. mute . swam. few. that .dumb.relative pronoun. d) The cunning fox. curtains. c) Do not risk a second attempt at something when the first was a failure. Test 8 1.objective (or accusative) object of “had ruined”. 2.conjunction. dictionary.subjective (or nominative) subject of “had been deserted”. ruler.main clause in which he was born .encourage. broke.noun. . . for preposition. b) Too much help or advice can be a disadvantage. directory. b) city . obey . .objective (or accusative). some . spoon. was . strong . could not be caught.adjective. complex sentence. c) When the soldiers reached the city walls.subordinate adjective clause. see. enemy . reached . a) Leave well alone and don’t interfere. 4.e) The time was a quarter past nine. anchor. The teacher told the little boy not to meddle with the board as it had a loose hinge. b) When the rain stopped we returned home. The child went over to the waste paper bin hoping to find his pencil.

g. a plague or swarm of insects. a) The house. a litter of pups. MP UK ad A stitch in time saves nine. a team of players. a) b) c) d) e) 6. witch . a shoal of herring. which was built by Tom’s father. He sang tunefully He frowned angrily. a host of angels. wife .husband. blackboard. e) ambulance. . The lady who was rescued was my sister.Adverbial clause (time). in the [e. duck . army.m. c) The men were walking quickly when they saw me. was destroyed. . 5. eggcup. gentleman. He bowed humbly. He smiled broadly. foot. 4. b) steam. loaf. c) barrel or can. a) b) 3. vixen . . morning Company or County British Broadcasting Corporation General Post Office post meridiem. He listened attentively. a gang of thieves. sheep. a pack of wolves. afternoon Member of Parliament or Military Police United Kingdom Anno Dom ini. Birds of a feather flock together. dustbin. a. He mumbled indistinctly. BBC PO p. . first served. a) b) c) d) The boys ran away when the policeman appeared. hundredth] year since the birth of our Lord United States of America Justice of the Peace USA JP Test 9 1. 5. A rolling stone gathers no moss. a fleet/convoy of ships.m. 4. Co.Main clause.General Tests 3. The man saw that there was no one at home when he returned. headache. d) aviary.Adjectival clause. No one came before the child arrived. He whispered softly. e) The lady lost the book while she was going to the library. a) b) c) d) 2.drake. First come. b)He works hard at his lesson because he wishes to succeed.fox. roof. e) f) g) h) He chuckled gleefully. a) diver. d) As he was passing the church he heard the sound of music. ante meridiem. . a brood of chickens. aunt .uncle.Noun clause.wizard. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

He was passing. The strong current swept the bathers out to sea. 3. 3. e) tributary. Test 11 1. possessive adjective (or personal pronoun. James?” “Oh!” replied the other. a) b) c) d) e) 0 8) h) 0 j) 2. cygnet. preposition. attractive. He was tired when he reached the station. High is to Low as Up is to Down. seldom. The river followed its course to the sea. Shoal is to Herring as School is to Whales. depart. c) thermometer. affectionate. past. adjective. failure. They rowed down the river in their small boat. dangerously. Soldier is to Army as Sailor is to Navy. “I’m on my way home. igloo. The girl gave the right answer. natural. b) hermit. Bee is to Hive as Cow is to Cowshed. valuable. proud. She is intelligent. 2. He spoke to me.” 5. pastures. a) b) nominative or subjective case. She rode a horse which was as black as night. a proper noun. . 4.Sheep is to Mutton as Pig is to Pork. She found a currant in her last piece of cake. exit. He is very proud. nonsense. tigress. a) b) c) I was sure that he would come.General Tests Test 10 1. a) b) c) There is a boy. possessive case). A boy said to his friend. “Where are you going. The wood felt coarse to touch. The route was blocked by snow. d) optimist. He tripped over the root of a tree. common. oxen. The watch which he bought was broken when he arrived home. adverb of time. a) oasis. relative pronoun. 4.

feminine. boys .confectioner 3. who . e) He and I are twelve years of age.blacksmith. bell .gardener. spanner . It is very big.present participle. . playing . The geese make loud noises.dairy meat .vanish.optician milk .florist newspapers . c) George and he have gone on holiday. loudly .greengrocer/fruiterer hats . The valleys are broad.hatter/milliner fish . When he comes let us know. table .mechanic. hoe .Scotland and Africa Lloyd George .a) b) c) d) e) a pack of wolves a swarm of bees a shoal of herring a herd of cattle e) f) g) a fleet of ships (convoy) a choir of singers a gang of thieves You ought to visit her now that youknow where she stays. quickly .adverb. 2.common.Scotland Stalin .bricklayer.fast. palette .masculine. Test 13 1. 5. park .artist.within. cousin . gender .common.noun. b) It was I who did it.neuter.conjunction.Britain and New Zealand David Livingstone . He was rescued. a) William can run father than I. school . lair .Wales and Britain Test 12 1.Kenya Gandhi .adjective. friend common. cleaver . hod .butcher.miner.USA Napoleon . We received word. a) b) c) The ladies are very beautiful. awl .plural.fishmonger tobacco . a) b) c) d) 3. inside . Robert the Bruce . George Washington . fruit . solder . Are the salmon fresh? The sons-in-law are ill.shoemaker/joiner.tobacconist 4.General Tests d) e) The man bought a boat.butcher d) e) flowers . anvil .den. safety-lamp . subject . The boy tried hard but he failed. disappear . Write down the answers as you were taught.Russia Captain Cook .objective (or accusative). that .vacant.Ireland Jomo Kenyatta . empty .newsagent sweets . The man was careful lest he should fall.India 5.France De Valera .boys. waitress . d) Between you and me I think they were wrong. a) b) lion .tinker/plumber. 2. spectacles .pronoun.

f) minister. b) chemist/doctor. French. At that moment a car came dashing round the corner. heavily. began. drake. 5. to be very showy. c) astronomer. duke. quickly.short of money. patiently.General Tests 4. from. sprang. of. is. to make peace. lilies. Test 14 1.” said the old gentleman. a) b) c) d) e) How he managed it remains a mvsterv. “what is your name?” b) reasonable. When. His opinion differed from mine. beef. e) postman. mice.a quick-tempered person: out of sorts . 3. nephew. written.annoyed and angrv: Test 15 1. beside oneself . e) I hope I can rely on you. stealthily. Suddenly her ball rolled into the middle of the road. The remedy or cure is very simple. Fortunately he saved her from serious injury. 4. 2. actor. for. was. than. 5. a) nor. teeth. southern. that. and she ran after it. 3. rang. with. d) That hat is similar to mine. down in the mouth . I. me. are. women. successful. a) author. b) He was told not to meddle with the toys. h) aviator/pilot. The stranger asked if I could direct him to the station. vase. have. d) optician. bull. b) bitterly. a) b) deer. A little girl was playing on a busy street. a) was. James was honest and diligent. g) shepherd. with. a) The bottle was filled with water. to be cowardly. miser. b) he. t£h . c) The two brothers divided the apple between them. I. 4. a) “Tell me. a) soldier.not well: hard up . foolish.in low spirits: a peppery individual . b) of. b) to act fairly. 2. A passer-by saw the girl’s danger and ran to her aid. bunk. to be suspicious. me. a) grown.

e) kennel. quay. a sandboy. monkey. exit. a daisy/paint. was. found. 4. innocent. The surface of the wood was rather coarse. 5. slowly. horse. The lion preys on smaller animals and kills them for food.selection. acquaintance. sweet. 6. donkey. 9. chicken. opened her mouth to sing. raisins. 4. They went shooting grouse and other wild fowl. She picked it up and flew to a neighbouring tree. The Governor wished to punish him for his disobedience. impolite. teeth. c) cousin. mouse. sank. joyfully. anything. hide/conceal. attack. couch. his.General Tests 5. highly flattered. noon. December. cat. leather. uncle. This he did to the great joy of the onlookers. Test 17 1. border. lance. cheetah. 2. The cheese fell and was soon eaten by the crafty animal. insult. hearty. Test 16 1. wander. elephant. west. needle. lamb. 3. beach. William Tell was a famous archer in Switzerland. ice. glass. c) capsized. a mouse. collar. a needle. donkey. catch. 8. Heroine. He ordered him to shoot an apple from his son’s head. allowed. . dog. Attractive. water. d) invisible. dawn. One day a crow spied a piece of cheese on a window sill. a bat. 3.Whom. nor. has. whom. cold. pig. a lamb. a) b) earth. The bird.broken. stop. etc. grandfather/grandmother/grandson/granddaughter/grandstand. camel. gold. allow. fish. mule. blacksmith. coarse. I. gone. hamster. flock. d) cavalry. lion. a) b) 6. granite. b) audience. a) reduced. b) greengrocer. A cunning fox approached and praised her voice. 7. 5. broaden. a) glutton. morning. knee. pale. taste. absent. were. bravery. to. night. They lost their way in the forest. saw. weren’t. cow. safety. brim. 10. He refused to bow to the Governor’s hat. thirsty. 2. tributary. deer. dusk. me. tiger. evening. me. The boat was soon out of sight up the creek.

have. b) cautiously. empty. 9. sailing-ship. pansy. c) regretted. February. b) artificial. etc. me. e) horizon.buttercup. gang. nephew. protect. 5. who. teacup. He seized the ball from his friend and threw it across the field. seagull. I. for. belief. barren. bitter. The child read aloud to her mother. chrysanthemum. Her hair was set in the latest style. common. 8. brass. wood and cement-mixers. quickly. thrush. is. 5. buzzard. He came fourth in the class tests. gone. 6. rook. flamingo. canoe. oxen. horrify. locomotive. starling. The building site was full of bricks. critically. nor. steam-ship. depart. heron. 2. minority 3. wings. c) skidded. 3. horse. Spinster. steeple. cupboard. coracle. between. sold. land. wheel. tit. easily. shoot. spotless. November. The shoes were quickly soled by the shoe repairer. 4. husband. poppy. a) forbidden. wires/cables. Circular. violet. d) belfry. d) suffocation. rose. 7. tulip. 6. primrose. hyacinth. crocus. submarine. wearily. adult. daisy. Test 19 1. narcissus. . lily. is. ostrich. blackbird. hidden. Vocal. The bus followed the correct route and arrived punctually. modern. carnation. jealousy. e) glue. pigeon. vegetables. choice. illegal. kid. buttercup. cyclist. miner. public. orchid. chariot. pelican. eagle. 8. taught.General Tests Test 18 1. youth. aeroplane. 9. swallow. join. 2. finished.a) avoided. football. She finished her sewing and put away her needle and thread. 10 . or. author. insects. cure. daffodil. class. do. cupful. crystal. sparrow. to. fallen. sadness/sorrow. cub. 10 . mice. 4. car. amongst. War causes terrible waste of men and resources. rocket. height. Witch. I. She wore with pride the medal she was given for bravery. floor. Whom. elephant. etc. rude. 7. foe. wren.

pry . plum. choir. begin. d) disguised. multiply .delayed. prey . The liner on which the party were to take a cruise was large and very luxurious. pray . mortify . ably.deniable. trivial.relayed. His injuries caused him to groan. Add -mg ally . relay . pear.buying. reply replied. display . wolf/coyote. etc. play playable. minerals.preyed. badly. 7. fussy .pitiable. Filly. deny . replay .implied. pity . monk. peach. reply . lime. risen.prettier. candle. cherry.buoying.trial.variable. gas.dutiable. papaya. dirty . Add -al betray .multiplier. b) unconscious. fry .greyer. shell.fried. Biblical.displayed. duty . mend.sprayed. The cereal we eat for breakfast consists of cornflakes and bran. to. tombstone.multiplied. 8. try . rely . grape. contract.Spelling Guide Test 20 1. lemon.plying.defied. twenty-first. banana. multiply . grape. fame. nor. oil-lamp. pineapple. blackberry. stonework.denial. ply . forest. obey obeying. c) interrupted.flayed. 5. has. gooseberry. leveret. ally/friend.complying. place. buy . patient. a) exhausted.allying.dirtier.worrier. 4. failure. 6.reliable. spray . e) excitement. vary . grey . ply . flay . The sun’s rays lit and warmed the room. apricot. defy . Add -er busy .prayed. 10 . forbidden. .replying. graze. electricity. 9. apple. buoy . 3.justifiable. me.enviable. ply . pray prayer. envy . orange. firebrand. spendthrift. justify .buoyed. vary .busier. Spelling Guide Pages 1 8 2 -1 8 5 Add -ed buoy . comply .fussier. We rowed the boat ashore. imply . mustard. silly . defy . play played. mango. Add -able deny . smell/scent. delay .sillier. I. receipt. deer. grapefruit. worry .complied. blackcurrant.replaying.pliable. hidden. pretty . date.plied.defying. 2. at. fig.betrayal. Whom.mortified. artist. run. touchstone.varying.pried. comply .

refusal. dye dyeing. dally . dispose .removal.nervous.removable. Add -ance ally .prestigious. excuse . pierce . deplore .racial. . Add -al approve . revere .defensible. pursue pursuing.luxurious.suing. sparse .arguing.disposal.dining. refuse .believable.solvency. ignore . die .deplorable. contrive . menace . separate . cohere . peruse .perusal.peaceable. subside . solve . joy .completely.coincidence.writing.barely. separate . guide . true . Add -age carry .spacious. service . Add -ance.reversal. fame .victorious.separately.separating. resemble .guidance.ignorance. write . The “t” has two vowels in front. dine . defy .duly.wholly. Add -ous caprice . ” The “w” is never doubled when a suffix is added. penury . shoe .conceivable. space . sue . The “1 has two vowels in front. emerge . Add -ly bare . and suffix begins with consonant.compliance. peace . -ence or -ency coincide .judging. luxury . vary .serviceable. ” The “d” has two vowels in front.capricious. Add -able or -ible believe . page .changeable. urge .piercing. conceive .penurious.carriage.joyous.glorious.solely. The “1 has two vowels in front.defiance. slope sloping. bridge . The “1 has two vowels in front. nerve . judge . comply . ” The “n” has two vowels in front. whole .bridgeable. serve .famous.urgency. change . defence .subsidence. Add -ing agree .menacing.contrivance. become .excusable.truly.sparsely.emergency. like likeable.reverence.desirable. remove . remove .paging.shoeing.approval. reverse . prestige . due .marriage. complete .coherence.alliance.variance.becoming. grieve .agreeing.dying.grievous. reverse .resemblance. sole .dalliance. marry .Spelling Guide Add -ous glory .reversible. argue . outrage outrageous. Page 185 act-or sail-or bow-ing toil-ing loud-ness neat-est reveal-ed refrain-ing The final consonant is not doubled because the letter in front of it is not a vowel. queue . desire .queueing.serving. race . victory .

prefer . redecorate.expelling. medal . For example. humour . Add -able bear .dangerous. propel .g.developer.Phrasal Verbs exceed-ed instal-ment derail-ed The “d” has two vowels in front.suitable. Add -ist humour . scandal . pomp .pompous. back up bring up buck up do up get up give up support follow at the rear.snubbed. glamour . jewel . favour . Note. Add -ity actual .medallist. danger .jeweller. parallel .scanner.transferable or transferrable.gardener.revealing. civil .covetous.glamorous. sever severable.actuality. trim . Add -ed comb . 1. moral . Add -ous covet .worshipping.trimmed.bearable. libel libellous. transfer .sufferable.humorous.propeller.installing. marvel . In the sentence “Don’t give this book away” the words give away are used simply in their ordinary sense and do not constitute a phrasal verb.preferable. favour . educate do better. snub . novel . however.favoured.journalist. quit quitted.honourable. expel . traffic .scandalous. scan . suffer . suit .favourable. envelop . murder .humorist. The suffix begins with a consonant. that a verb and a participle used in their ordinary sense would not make a phrasal verb. reveal . but sentences in which the phrases listed have the following meanings would be correct. instal . Add -mg envelop .mimicking.novelist. The “1 has two vowels in front. fasten rise in the morning renounce (e. in the sentence “Don’t give me away” (meaning “Don’t betray me”) the words give away make a phrasal verb.paralleled.trafficker. picnic picnicker. mimic . smoking) abandon (hope) . honour .combed. garden .marvellous.morality. journal . Phrasal Verbs Page 188 No single correct sentence can be provided in answers to these exercises.handicapping. improve mend.remitted.enveloped.enveloping. handicap . worship .murderer. remit .civility. ” Add -er develop .

visit .cancel . relax.g. find (accidentally) acquire. kill deprive of by cheating forego carry com e - .g. emotion) begin (e. reduce pressure visit compensate.g. money) result from.manage to handle (situation) .perform happen. pretend provide lodgings. criticism) inherit (e. cause to grow restore to consciousness restore to consciousness. stop (of a ship) . persevere . find be exposed to (e. be descended from take place (successfully) regain consciousness regain consciousness.g. war. appear (unexpectedly) yield (to tears. humiliate cause defeat or ruin of murder. abolish cheat.challenge . friendship) begin (e. discard. take lodgings cause (someone) to be blamed/suspected arrive.misbehave. singing) stop (speech.discover destroy.Phrasal Verbs lay up let up look up make up put up set up turn up - moor (an out-of-use ship) stop. slow. take place meet. atone. panic) cause to happen start achieve stimulate. cause (ship) to face the wind break down into off out bring about in off on round to off on out off on out about across by in fo r into of off round to upon do away with down fo r in out o f without call .

attack physically or verbally . desist from — — go against ahead along with at by fo r on on about over with back in with on on at . use as the basis of a decision attack physically or verbally . annoy fare.dismiss (employees).maintain good relations with — persist — nag/badger (someone) — wander/travel (aimlessly) — drink (quickly).Phrasal Verbs get about around at on on to over up to away in out over — — - - - - - (of news) become known (of news) become known mean. belief) start/continue (doing) concur. cost — (at auction) declare (an article) sold . happen. water supply) — knock about back down off lay in into off on after out look — take care of be careful head towards.be guided by. become exhausted (of supplies) — devote (time) for a purpose.to be opposed to (e.g.finish working. secret) yield publish. entertainment). leave alone — provide (e.make energetic attempts .g. behave (as if) .take place. be successful discover.g. make known. write hastily — accumulate (a store of) . instal (e. influence.grumble at — (of a concert) to be received — harmonise with - keep — refrain from approaching . agree with . help to bring about go away hastily make fo r off — - . pester overcome (difficulty become involved in (mischief) give betray (person.

g. show (someone) to be (e. become established . mimic compete against. delay agreement side with. begin to like adopt (hobby. rouse interest of (of a crowd) assemble.g. show offence flee to (refuge). refuse go to bed (of success) depend on.g.g.compensate.discern. journey) support (one’s opinion or someone criticised) tolerate (e. embark on (e. well. fill (time or space) reject. nonsense or disobedience) act as a substitute be conspicuous. confuse (person).g. defend resemble in appearance deceive start (on a journey). cause (someone) to lose interest adopt (an attitude) annoy.commence. tolerate set . atone (for) postpone. to result (e.begin. badly) set about (a task) stand take turn . embarrass endure. cause to explode . a liar) .Phrasal Verbs out up fo r put off on out up with in off out by fo r in out up for after in off on to up down in on out to . a journey).embark on (e. understand. study).

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