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Classroom Newsletter

February 2013

Whats Happening?

Reading and Writing

This week we will read a story titled, Seeing Stars? Students will practice using graphic sources and identify text structures. Students will practice spelling (words with /j/, /k/, and /s/ sounds) and vocabulary words at centers. Spelling lists can be found inside student binders and/or on the class blog. This week in writing we will continue to practice writing cause and effect essays and also learn about subject-verb agreement. Please continue to read Family Times (sent home at the beginning of each unit) to learn more about what were doing each week in Reading Street!

Report cards sent home February 4th. Early dismissal February 6th PTO Spaghetti Dinner February 8th Jump Rope for Heart February 12th Spring Picture Day February 13th No School February 15th Snow make up day February 18th

Science and Social Studies

This month in Social Studies we will continue to learn about landforms. Students will review landform vocabulary and study slow and rapid landform changes like erosion and volcanoes. Students will participate in activities that will allow them to compare and contrast these changes in landforms. Later this month we will begin to study ecosystems.
Check out the blog for more information and activities.






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Report Cards

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Jump Rope for Heart

Early Dismissal

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Spaghetti Dinner

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Snow Makeup Day

Spring Picture Day

No School

This month in math we will study measurement in Everyday Math Unit 3. Students will learn about the US Customary System as well as area and perimeter. Dont forget to visit the blog for links to practice math skills.

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