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Oral Communication

Listening Skills           Understanding Natural Speech Strategies of effective listening Predicting Interpreting Context Recognising stress on important words for meaning Understanding Connections Identifying Topics Determining attitude and purpose Listening for specific information Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusion

Speaking Skills                  Introducing and talking about yourself or another person, discussing life styles Coping with Vocabulary problems Exchanging views and reporting decisions Using Paraphrase Asking for clarification and explanation Expressing and justifying opinions Listening and responding to counter Arguments Agreeing and Disagreeing Discussing controversial issues Independent Speaking Developing a topic Stating and supporting a position Speaking Clearly and Coherently Integrated Speaking Summarizing a problem and solutions Summarizing important ideas Pronunciation

Summarizing.Written Communication Reading Skills        Strategies to use for building reading fluency Understanding facts and details Identifying negative facts Understanding meaning from context Understanding the connection of ideas Understanding details and recognizing paraphrases Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusion Writing:     Cohesion Writing Concisely Note taking. Paraphrasing Vocabulary Business Vocabulary in use           Work Business Travel Numbers Careers Time Money Products and Services Socializing Telephoning Presentations .

Sales and Negotiation . giving instructions Jobs and careers Applying for jobs and seeking promotion. Marketing Marketing a product. a compnay’s activities. International Trade Ordering and supplying goods or services. answering and making enquiries. invoicing. making offers. employment policy. cash flow. restaurants. delivery and after sales problems Visitors and travellers Looking after foreign visitors and travelling on business. market research. Processes and operations Explaining and describing operations. hotels. promotion and advertising Meetings Taking part in formal and informal meetings. participating in interviews. small talk. placing and acknowledging orders.  Meetings Business Writing Face to Face Basic skills and techniques for talking to people in business situations On the Phone Basic skills and techniques for using the telephone in business Working together Talking about where you work. Money matters Methods of payment. telling stories. dealing with non-payment problems Dealing with problems Complaining and apolozing. one to one meetings and larger group meetings. organization and history.

summarizing and taing notes of conversations in business. notes. Faxes and memos Basic skills and techniques for business correspondence. .Selling and buying products. Summaries. negotiating face to face and on the phone Letters. reports Basic skills and techniques for writing reports. making notes.

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