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Historical fiction is an increasingly popular literary genre. It is characterised by novels that are set in the past.

The setting is usually real and drawn from history, and often contains actual historical persons. The main characters are often fictional, or have fictional qualities and skills attributed to them. Writers of stories in this genre attempt to capture the manners and social conditions of the persons or the time presented in the story, with particular attention paid to period detail and fidelity, although it is important to remember that the stories are works of fiction.

Task: Choose and read a historical fiction novel and complete the following: Task: Notes: Where and when was the novel set? Make sure you provide a map. Give a brief synopsis of the story in 100 words. Provide detailed descriptions of five of the main characters using information from the text. Use the character profile template in Resources if you need some help getting started. Try to include 10-15 pieces of information about each character. Which of the main characters are based on historical figures?

Which ones are products of the authors imagination? Which historical events were used/ included/ highlighted in the text? Provide a 200 word explanation of what happened in each event. Make sure you document the resources you use. Did the author portray the events faithfully, or did they use dramatic license to alter the events? Choose 3 pieces of information from the text about the daily life of the characters, for example items people used, things they did, how they did things, etc. For each one, find out if the information provided is accurate to the culture and time period. Do we still use the same items, or do things the same way today? What did you like about the historical fiction novel you read? Would you recommend it to others? Suggested Texts: Author: Michelle Moran Text/s: Nefertiti The Heretic Queen Cleopatras Daughter

Jackie French

Philippa Gregory

Kathryn Stockett Tracey Chevalier

Harper Lee John Boyne Nathaniel Hawthorne Morris Gleitzman

Katherine (Kate) Morton

Madam Tussaud The Second Empress Hitlers Daughter Pennies for Hitler Pharaoh They Came on Viking Ships A Rose for the ANZAC Boys Tom Appleby, Convict Boy Queen Victorias Christmas A Waltz for Matilda The Constant Princess The Other Boleyn Girl The Wise Woman The Boleyn Inheritance The Queens Fool The Virgins Lover The Other Queen The Help Girl with a Pearl Earring The Virgin Blue Burning Bright The Lady and the Unicorn Falling Angels To Kill a Mockingbird The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas The Scarlet Letter Once Then Now Always The Forgotten Garden The Distant Hours

Maria Angels Anglada Robert Harris

Margaret George Various Authors

The Secret Keeper The Auschwitz Violin Enigma Pompeii Imperium Lustrum Helen of Troy My Australian Story series