MIASMS Sankaran SANKARAN VIEW OF MIASMS MIASMS In a large number of chronic diseases, Hahnemann found that the disease

continued to progress in spite of the administration of the carefully selected homoeopathic remedy. Hahnemann was occupied with finding the solution to this problem, and at length, he discovered that chronic diseases nearly always had a pattern that could be related to Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis - the chronic miasms. He postulated that the chronic diseases resulted from badly suppressed scabies (itch), gonorrhoea and syphilis respectively. He then indicated the drugs likely to be most useful in treating such cases - the anti-miasmatics. This new understanding enabled Hahnemann to succeed where he had failed in the past. Having studied the theory of miasms, and understanding it in the light of my own concept of disease as a delusion, my practice of Homoeopathy has become much simpler, and my prescribing more certain. As I understand it, disease is a false perception of reality... a delusion. It seems as if this false perception has its root in either an actual situation from the patient's own life, or in a situation of a parent or ancestor. As long as the situation did exist, the patient's reaction was justified. However the impact of the earlier situation is such that even when faced with another situation, the patient's reaction is as though he even were still in the previous situation. This is his delusion. Relating this idea to the theory of miasms, it became clear that the classification of diseases must be a classification of delusions. And as drugs are nothing but artificial diseases, the classification is both a disease-state and a drug-state classification. The symptoms of the disease (or drug) represent the survival mechanism called for in the original situation. But the person feels that in order to survive, he must always respond as if in the original situation. The original situation or the patient's (false) perception of reality differs according to the miasm of the patient. Therefore to recognize the miasm, one has to determine how reality is perceived by the patient. The original situation of each remedy would demand an acute, psoric, sycotic or syphilitic reaction predominantly.

This miasmatic classification of disease, based on the concept of disease as a delusion, is not restricted to the mental state alone. We know that the mind and the body work harmoniously as a unit, and the disturbance is uniformly expressed in both spheres. The state of the mind and body are always related, the delusion belongs to the person as a whole and is reflected at both levels. The mental state, the physical state and the characteristic features of the pathology together represent the totality. And before searching for a remedy in a particular case, one must settle upon the miasm. The miasm of the remedy and the miasm of the disease have to be matched. In order to find out if there was a particular theme to each miasm, I studied some drugs generally accepted as belonging to that miasm, attempting to find a common theme amongst them, if there was one. I used Hahnemann's classification of diseases and drugs.

Acute: Aconitum, Belladonna, Stramonium Chronic: Psora: Sulphur, Psorinum Sycosis: Thuja, Medorrhinum Syphilis: Mercurius, Syphilinum In studying the miasms with the help of different remedies, I came to understand that the nosode represents the centrepoint of the miasm. The nosode is the product of tissue that is fully under the influence of the infectious disease. It represents these defeated tissue qualities of the infection and infectious process. For example a study of Psorinum will show the very character of Psora, likewise with Medorrhinum and Syphilinum. The problem of the nosode is non-specific and of an undifferentiated character, whereas with other remedies belonging to the same miasm it becomes differentiated and specific. My conclusions about the themes of the various miasms which follow, are a result of a detailed study of the various remedies in relation to the miasms, as well as my own clinical understanding of drugs and patients. Further, I have added other miasms that would lie between the already known miasms listed above. One of these is the tubercular miasm, on which there is abundant literature available. The other

additions are my own, having been discovered and verified by me in my practice. ===================================================== ======== SANKARAN: APPLICATION OF THE THEORY OF MIASMS In Understanding the Cases The miasm has to be settled upon before searching for the remedy; the drug must match the pace and nature of the disease. One has to ask the question: "What is the element in the case?" Is it: • threatening (acute miasm), • a struggle (psora), • a fixed, irremediable weakness within the self (sycosis), or • a destruction (syphilis). In Understanding and Differentiating Remedy States For example Hyoscyamus (acute) versus Lachesis (syco-syphilitic). The state of Hyoscyamus is that of a man whose delusion is that his wife is trying to poison him; someone is trying to hurt and injure him, someone persecutes him. So he loses control of himself and starts behaving foolishly and ridiculously. He is always excited and presents an instinctive, instantaneous reaction. Lachesis is the situation of a menopausal woman whose husband has a young girlfriend. She has a feeling of weakness within herself. She is competing with someone better and her survival depends on winning. She develops egotism, always talks about herself, becomes sarcastic (putting others down) and deceitful (putting herself up). In Understanding and Using the Repertory Many rubrics contain remedies of all different miasms, and therefore each rubric has to be examined thoroughly as to where it originates and what it represents, what is its pace, quality and underlying element. For example let us take the rubric "Kill, impulse to". Behind, this rubric had the delusion that someone is pursuing the patient. The acute miasm personality would react in an instinctive way. The psoric state will

struggle. The sycotic will try and hide. The syphilitic remedies will collapse or hit back. In the Selection of the Remedy The most characteristic symptoms in a case will give an indication of the predominant and other miasms present. It is all important to match the miasm present in the case in the selection of a similimum.

MIASMS Classification Remedies =============================================== ======= SUMMARY OF CURRENT MIASM CLASSIFICATION WITH MAIN CHARACTERISTICS (The refinement and expansion of miasmatic classification has continued since 1828, identifying additional natural miasms, which tend to be expressed in terms of their relation to other miasms via symptomology and “essence” of the miasm. Much of the most recent classification work has been done by Rajan Sankaran. Additional miasms have been created by the suppressive practices of vaccination and allopathic medicinal measures, which generally do not remove the disease. Some call these “Drug Miasms”. As well, poisonings by chemical and technological influences create miasmatic damage to the genome which is passed down; examples-the “nuclear” miasm or the “petrochemical” miasm. So the miasms have proliferated. However, since sickness does not manifest without susceptibility, the original “natural” miasms tend to be the most important, and tend to determine even susceptibility of the compromised organism to various influences, including those of medicine and industry.

Tuberculinum aviaire (tuberculous chicken lung). is theory.). ritual behavior. “Home-seeking” Psora-Syphilis (JH Allen?) Sycosis-Syphilis (Sank) “PseudoPsora”(?) Nosodes: Bacillinum burnett (human tubercular sputum). Gonotoxinum •TUBERCULOSIS Romantic Self-destruction. sensation of suffocation. Hypofunction (ex: alcoholism) Nosodes: Syphilinum (chancre fluid containing treponeum pall. fear water. while being empirically derived. •PSORA Fear. self-mutilation(Klein) ????? Nosode: Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) (saliva of rabid dog) . Tuberculinum bovinum kent (tuberculous cow lung). Hydrogenous.It is important to recognize that most of this information. Hepato-Syphilinum •SYCOSIS Hypertrophic. Tuberculinum laricis (Roberts) (?) Tuberculinum marmoreck (culture from horses-said to be more benign effect) Tuberculinum rosen (?). Hyperfunction (ex-allergy) Nosode: Psorinum (scabies vesicle) •SYPHILIS Destruction. Tuberculinum residuum(cultured bovine tubercular bacilli ). Masking (Sank) (ex:benign tumors) Nosode: Medorrhinum (gonorrhea urethral discharge). Tuberculinum denys-(microbes filtered out) Tuberculinum koch (cultures of human TB bacilli ). Tuberculinum spengler (blood of inoculated and supposedly immune rabbits) •HYDROPHOBIA Rage alternating with affection. animalistic.

. Typhoid-Malaria Nosode: ? •CANCER malignant hypertrophy.from carcinoma of breast Carcinosin ADENO STOM.CO. MAM. .from a scirrhus of the breast Carcinosin Stroma Stomach Carcinosin SQUAM.from an epithelioma of the bladder Carcinosin bowel co Carcinosin Co. Malaria officinalis •TYPHOID hopeful struggle (Sank) Psora-Acute (Sank) Nosode: Typhoidinum •ACUTE reactive (Sank). . hopelessly forsaken (Sank) Tuberc-Syph (Sank) Nosodes: Leprominium (from human or armadillo).Adeno. perfectionistic (Sank) Sycosis-Syphilis Nosodes: Carcinosin mixed Carcinosin. Leprosinum •RINGWORM repeated unsuccessful cycles of effort (Sank) Psora-Sycosis (Sank) Nosode: Ringworm (scalp scraping of Tinea capitis) •MALARIA intermittent complaints Acute-Sycosis (Sank) Nosode: Malaria tropicalis. .Uterus Carcinosin ADENO VESICA .Pap. Carcinosin INTEST.from an epithelioma of the lung .•LEPROSY (boundary loss and selflessness? ).from epitheliomata of the intestine and bladder Carcinosin SCIR. PULM.from an epithelioma of the stomach Carcinosin.

.. ferr-ar. con.. amyg-am. kres. thiop. tarax. iod. bry....... teucr. hip-ac. merc-c. plb-m.. am-m.. alumn. kali-ar. aur-m. verat. magm.. alum... lac-c. coloc. ran-b. harp...... merc. kali-i.. plb.. kali-n. . lyc. dig. croc. bor. lach. ph-ac... pneu.. mag-s.. flac. zinc. astra-e. tell.... am-c. thala.... cinnb.. levo.. ip. Hyperfunction Nosode: Psorinum (scabies vesicle) Typical Remedies: Sulphur....•(MORTALITY) (time clock... euphr... seneg..... calc-p. trio. berb..... hist. mag-c. beryl.... plb-acet. morph. m-arct. op.. dulc... nat-m.. rauw... palo. daph. halo... sars..... bufo..... sarr. Psor... spig. cupr...... bov. tub. ant-t. reser. galph. ant-c.... ven-m. aur.. podo.. flav. graph... spong.. hep. sabad. ign. par.. nat-c. samb. mang.. caust... rumx.. sec. okou. saroth. aesc.. brom.. euph. led. ferr-p.. m-aust. ferr. Calcarea. perh. hydr-ac. aran. phenob.... lob... nicc.. buni-o... ham.. ruta. murx. bor-ac. kali-c. euph-l. bar-c.. clem. ang... decay vs regeneration --probably a result of the totality of miasmatic influences) Nosode: ? PSORA Miasm PSORA Fear... calc. agar.. rhod.. caps. nit-ac. hell. puls. apis... des-ac. guat.. euph-cy. bism. lil-t.. Sulph. guai. cocc.. colch. coff. Lycopodium. trif-p...... visc.. cic........ mez. paraph. oci.. petr.. ambr.. pers. anac... kali-bi... prot.. arn... mur-ac. bell. chin. cann-s.. ars-i. ol-j.. squil.. staph... ferr-ma. nux-v. aln...... asar....... coca. hypoth. ars-s-f. cina.. PSORA (SRII-519) (217) : acon.. ars.. canth.. onop... bac.. carb-an. camph...... coc-c. lacd.... alco...... olnd. dros. sul-ac.. tub-r.. stront-c. hardening vs plasticity... carb-v... phos.. berb-a... mill.. anh... chel. orig... rib-ac. rhus-t.. plat. sabin... mand.. thuj.... arg. arg-n. calc-s.. hir... cyna. laur. calc-acet. stann.. Psorinum GENERALITIES...... kreos. stram.. sel. thyr. mim-p.. cycl.. rheum.. cham.. sil. cortiso. hyos. ped. kali-p.. helon. hydr. mosch.. asaf.... calc-f. iber.

. where the patient has to struggle in order to succeed.. Ferr-f..Psoric Remedies: Sulphur.. Ferr-prox... Ferr-sil.. Ferr-cit. the "King of Anti-Psoric Remedies". Ferr-m... Caps. Ferr-s.... Ferr-py. No stress: fear of stress.. Mp-a. Psor. Nicc... In stress: over-reaction.. Let us take for example Sulphur. Stry-f-c. Ferr-t. • Fear. Form of reaction: HYPER ..REACTION -MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R. The delusion in Psora has two components: • Stress from outside.. Ferr-acet. The reaction is seen in the following: • Talks of business. Psorinum Keyword: STRUGGLE Central: Inadequate capacity to face stress. Nat-c. . hypersensitive + hyper-reactive..... Ferr-c.. and failure does not mean the end of the world. Problems only in face of stress. When no stress present: Reaction to stress: With stress: active. is getting thin. Calcarea. He is hopeful. THE PSORIC MIASM The situation of the psoric miasm is a difficult one. Ferr-val. Lycopodium.... and • Anxiety from doubt about his own ability/capability to deal with the stress.. Ferr-ma. Calc-f.... Ferr-ar. Ferr-o-r.. Ferr-pic.. Ferr-p-h.. Kali-fcy. Ferr-n. Ferr. Ferr-cy.. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) PSORA Calc. Ferr-l. Graph.. • Delusion. Lyc.. Without stress: latent psora. Zinc-fcy... One finds the following rubrics: • Delusion. Ferr-i. Ferr-p.. Kali-c. M-arct.. Sulph.... Ferr-br. of poverty.. M-aust. disgraced. Cupr.

the symptoms of the mind and body are common. headache.g. despises literary men and education. he feels high. He is keen of mind. there is a lot of itching. affect the psoric person and cause in him functional disturbances. He has many and varied dreams which reflect his anxiety about not being able to cope with a situation. odours. etc. there is always hope. although this is not invariable. nausea. We find here a struggle with ego and money. The psoric person is usually expressive during case-taking. dissatisfaction.• Imagines himself a great man.when the balance is on his side. he feels low. These functional disturbances can be seen at various levels. not hopeless. in the various systems. which becomes apparent when he is actually faced with the situation (active psora). The struggle is like a tug-of-war with the outside world . though ignorant. it is then a kind of anticipatory anxiety. and the struggle to cope. now matter how bad the situation. a constant struggle. In scabies. and it is not so distressing (latent psora). there is a lack of confidence in facing the situation. At the same time. It is also present when he is not faced with the situation.. Since the delusion belongs to the whole. and they will be accompanied by a plethora of modalities. There is a reaction to one's surroundings. The feeling is that the person is losing something. with extreme discomfort. The psoric personality is usually active and expressive. and he must struggle in order to get it back. but it is not life-threatening. Pathological changes. The patient generally has highs and lows. and it becomes more apparent during times of stress. However. noise. whenever present. For example light. sensitivity and anxiety about the future. This causes a constant anxiety. a feeling that he won't be able to do it. observant and describes his symptoms well. discomfort. It will demonstrate a hypersensitivity to physical factors and will manifest the same struggle and activity. but when the balance is on the other side. e. etc. a response to environmental stimuli. and in its physical aspect the psoric miasm will show the same highs and lows we see in the mind. These conclusions are corroborated by the central features of scabies itself. This causes a kind of internal restlessness. . and psora has the maximum number of cravings and aversions. insecurity. It is an active struggle. Accompanying this will also be seen a plethora of generalities. are usually reversible.

the years of youth and adolescence.The psoric miasm is usually predominant in the years where one has to stand on one's own feet and face the world . Hypofunction Nosodes: -Syphilinum (chancre fluid) -Hepato-Syphilinum (liver of still-born child of syphilitic mother) . SYPHILIS Miasm SYPHILIS Destructive. which is usually the period of struggle.

. Merc-c... Still.. merc-aur.. xan.... jac. cadm.. mygal....... ars. clem. kreos. calc.... Corydalis formosa... Aur-m. . Berberis aquifolium... Bung-c. convo-s. Nit-ac. Phyt. aethi-m..... lon-c. penic. Merc-p. hydr.. Kali-i.. ail. carc. hippoz. hir. arn. Oxyu-s. sars. caust. calc-s.. arg-i.. Cench.. ferri. bapt. Merc-i-f.. Buth-aust. asar...... chin-s... kali-c.. Aur-s. Franciscea.. sel. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) SYPHILIS Absin. Androc. Cean.. Lac-leo. Lat-m.. merc-br.... lac-c. berb. hydrc.. anac... kalm. allox. bad..... asaf. ferr.. Crot-h.. iod.... Aur... G1159) (188) : acon. lac-d.. Aur. echi. viol-t. calc-f.. iris.. Aur-m. buni-o. anan... ant-t. aur-i. carb-v. Bar-c.. staph.. Ho.. lach... Aurum.. cob-n.. SYPHILIS (K1406. ter.. hep.. cupr. Coc-c.. psor... hipac.. Still..... am-c. crot-h... chin-ar... chr-o.. ars-br.. Sil. Echinacea angustifolia. euph. mez. Orig. Hipp... eucal.... Osm. Ars-i. pitu-p.. thymol. Crot-c. berb-a. piloc... calc-br.Typical Remedies: Mercurius... ant-c.. hypoth.... anag. ol-sant. plat.. Vip-r... astra-e.. agn....... thala.. chin... thuj. Leptandra virginica. Vip. nati. Biti-a. Plut. bani-c. graph. Sulph. Aur-m-n. franc. Plat... pyrar. ars-met... cupr-s.... dam.. maland.... Guai.. ulm. Lach..... calo.. ars-sf..... Syph. gua.. nep. fl-ac.. nux-v. Juglans regia. aur-s. Bufo..(virg or marj?).. led. ery-a.. Led. spong. sang.. Both-l. kali-bi.. SRII-628. thyr. Note-s. Ars-i.... carb-an....... Syph. cean. sabad. petr. jug-r. Echis-c.. Puls.. hecla. kali-br. bell. lith-c.. Dulc.... Fl-ac.. Oxyu-m. jatr. Hep. Both-a. petros.. iber. chim.... osm. chlorpr... guai.... MERC. Kali-s.. Kali.. kali-chl. Cor-r. Bung-f.. weil. vac. eryth.. thiop.. mill. sec. gels. Dendro-p. Stillingia MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R........ Echi. Merc. Naja. merc-k-i.. cory.... merc-d. Lathyrys sativus. cho.. aln. Vip-a. cund. ho.. calc-i.. merc-pr-r. Naja-n.. calc-ar.. Merc-i-r. benz-ac. sul-i. Psil........ jac-c.. arg-n. Laur... plat-m.. phos. Hura. Plb. merc-n. asc-t.. Orig... reser. ang. lyc. merc-p. Hoang-nan. cinnb........ arg... rhod. cop. apis..... Agki-p... Dao-r......... Vip-d. kali-ar.. Tub. Hydrc.. Plant Remedies in Syphilitic Miasm (Sankaran): Anagallis arvensis.. Hydrocotyle asiatica. Clematis erecta.... stict. rhus-g. ph-ac. gast. colch. Elaps. aethia. sulph. Mai-c. ham.. merc-tn. cor-r.... sep.. con. Kali-i. Alum. nat-s.. Scorp. Syphilinum GENERALITIES... Der... perh... Sel.. Hydro-c..... Nelum. aur-ar.

The syphilitic response occurs when one is faced with a superhuman task . For example Mercurius.be it insult. He is usually aggravated by contradiction. has the delusion that he is surrounded by enemies. they react impulsively and violently to any situation . a violent process . is dictatorial. Syphilis itself is a chronic desperate struggle.a mercurial temper. . unlike the psoric personality who is impressionable. Syphilinum Keyword: BREAKING Central: Situation is delusion beyond repair: so change or destroy. gangrene. The syphilitic process is a slow and degenerative process which has been taking place over a long time. The syphilic feeling therefore is: "The situation is desperate and hopeless and I can't cope". The response to this feeling is a drastic do-or-die attempt to change either oneself or the environment. leading to complete hopelessness and despair. it has to be radically changed or destroyed. It is a violent effort in a hopeless situation. criticism or domination. It is an infection where the body destroys itself in an attempt to survive by producing ulceration. They believe that it is not possible to modify what has already gone wrong. not only about himself (as in the sycotic personality) but also about the situation. There is a chronic. Reaction to stress: Destruction of self or stressor.one where no man can succeed. Aurum.a last ditch attempt. caries. very suspicious and has suicidal and homicidal impulses against anyone who contradicts him. one of the most syphilitic remedies in the book. Syphilitic personalities have a strongly pessimistic view of life. With this internal feeling. He is therefore.Syphilitic Remedies: Mercurius. etc. The syphilitic person also has very rigid ideas. Form of reaction: DESTRUCTION THE SYPHILITIC MIASM The delusion of syphilitic remedies is that they are faced with a situation that is beyond salvage. and not amenable to change. deep-seated pessimism with occasional sudden violence directed at himself or others .

merc. uran-n. rat.. lith-c. pneu. Cinnamonum... sulph. rauw.. senec. ant-t. fago. erig.. phyt... canth.... kali-i. psor... rhus-t... and the only way out is death and destruction. carc... agar.. sarr.. Sep. kali-m.. ter. aur-m. lyc. aur-m-n.. cob-n. merc-s.. croto-t. picac.. chin. Cann-I..... thyr. flav.. ars.. sabad.. zing..... cimic.. cast. Digitalis. puls... ham...... tell. chim.. Helonias. ph-ac. cop... asar. fl-ac. Fabiana imbricata. nat-m.. Nat-s. guai. nux-v.. cocc. cann-i. guat.... Arg. caul.... sil. berb. ven-m. aspar. the struggle is over... petros...... apis. calc..... - SYCOSIS Miasm SYCOSIS Hypertrophic. prun...... tab. Gelsemium. erya. Plant Remedies in Sycotic Miasm (Sankaran): Asafoetida.. lil-t.... penic... merc-c. influ... caps. ang.. phos. mang.. still. sabin..... Luffa operculata. aur... Even coping with the self is not possible. iod. seneg. Medorrhinum GENERALITIES.. coloc. dor... calad.... The age of syphilis is that of senescence. stram.. plb.... SYCOSIS (K1406.. lac-c. cycl... mag-c. cinnb. helon...... THUJ... silphu.. ferr... dulc. Med. pall.. carb-ac. There is no hope now. asim. am-m... aran. gamb.. kres.. Caulophyllum. euph. sec.. G1159) (185) : acet-ac. cupre-aust. caust.. croc. erech... cann-s. SRII-627. Staph.. gels... kalm... graph.. bor. The mind and the body move towards destruction.. am-c.... petr. alum. spig... orig. nat-p.... carb-an. aesc.. cub.... Nit-ac. sac-l. sanic... colch.. Kali-s. arist-cl. clem.. buni-o. merc-d... hydr. arn. euphr... bov.. kali-n. Hydrogenous Nosodes: --Medorrhinum (gonorrhea urethral discharge) --Gonotoxinum Typical Remedies: Thuja. nat-c. asaf..... mill. benz-ac... cedr. Copaiva.. berb-a. crot-h. carbn-s. pip-n... Lilium tigrinum. con. vib... anac. vac..There must be change. dig. Crocus. carb-v. plat. Lamium album... murx... kalibi. hep... cic.. ant-c. staphycoc... kreos... ol-j.. bar-c. aster. lach. mez. . iris. mosch. Arg-n.. pareir.. alumn. agn... anthro. eup-pur.. cyna. cham. gnaph. kali-c. bry. adlu. bufo.. anan. sel. sars. epig..... euph-pi.. cupracet.. coch...

......... With this admission. Lil-t. Abies-n. Sabad.. Urine-gr. Mag-m.... Glon. Something is wrong with me". Bov.. Ol-an.... Ant-c... Clem. Thus we say that psora is the mother of sycosis. Tax.. Lac-eq... Polyst. Sphing. Sycotic Remedies: Thuja. Cann-s. Sang.. Ust. Cann-i.. Cob.. Sil. Tab... Sabin.. Caust.. Mag-c.. Arg... Cupre-s.. Lach..... Agn. irremediable weakness within oneself.... Medorrhinum Keyword: BUILDING (masking) Central: Weakness in self which he has to cover up. Zinc. Thuj. let us take the example of Thuja. It is a the feeling of a fixed. Ferr. The feeling probably arises after having struggled without success for sometime. Adam.... Ter.... Rattr...... Germ.. Cast-eq. and hiding it from others by egotism. Lac-d. Cop. Cast. Dig. Hepar-s.. Reaction to stress: Fixed ideas leading to compulsions and compulsive actions out of a feeling of inner weakness. Nat-p. Ph-ac. Mosch. Thuja has: • Delusion. Lath. Grat.. Carb-ac. Anag. Pareir. Cere-b. Terebe.. Lac-del... Bor. Kali-sil... Kali-c.. Yohimbinum MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R.. Juni-c.. Del. Kali-bi. Erig. Thuja occidentalis.. he is made of glass. Capra.. Juni-b. To understand the feeling of sycosis. Lac-c.. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) SYCOSIS Abies-c.. there is an attempt to cope with it by covering it up.. Cupre-aust. Bar-p. Mill. secrecy and compulsive acts. Juni. Ros-g.. Nat-c.. Kali-br. Nat-s.. Thuj-l.. Psil... Form of reaction: COVER UP THE SYCOTIC MIASM The feeling of sycotic remedies is: "I am incapable of handling this situation...... Cupre-l... Aether.. Cocc.. Berb.. Pulsatilla. Meph. Plac-s. Senec. Lacf.. Onos. Indg. Croc. Sabadilla. Dulc. to keep secret... Caul... Mez. Ovi-g-p. Kali-m. Pin-c. Tere-ch. Cinnb. ... Lac-lup.. Gnaph. Salx-n. Med..... Alco. Gels. Arist-cl. to mask.. Yohim. Tilia europaea. Pall... Mang...... Pin-l. Equis.. Plac.. Petros. Asaf....Mangifera indica. Cub. Kali-s. Bar-c. Cerv. Juni-v. Fel.. Puls. Pin-s.. Calc-br. Sanguinaria.. Senecio aureus.... Hipp.

These constant efforts to cover up his weakness make even everyday life stressful. Gonorrhoea itself shows a chronic. but the situation is not a desperate one. There is no likelihood of complete recovery. The mind and body. slow troubles usually with a tendency to overreaction in that particular sphere. The patient is always trying to hide his weakness and is constantly tense. his body is fragile. The aggravating factors will be more specific and there will not be the plethora of modalities nor the accompanying generalities as is seen in psora. and acts in particular ways. both overact.• Delusion. unlike psora. It is in fact a fixed state. The feeling of incapacity and the fear of being exposed is represented in Medorrhinum by his fears and anxieties. tending to cause chronic. There is a tendency for the discharges to leave indelible stains. Thus we see overgrowths. The sycotic person has fixed habits and traits. He has a fear that someone was behind him. fanatical. • Delusion. this inner anxiety and restlessness is . or even when there is no stimulus. sycosis is not usually affected by external factors. He never hopes to get rid of this weakness. and structural pathology. all he wants to do is somehow to cover it up. The accompanying modalities and generalities like cravings and aversions are very specific and therefore limited in number. He is always anticipating that something bad will happen. The disease usually has an insidious onset and its course is steady. fixed defence in the form of gleet. etc. will not be touched or approached. hyper-immune responses. and the consequent efforts to cover up the same on the physical sphere as well. Sycotic personalities and drugs have this feeling of inadequacy. as if guilty of a crime. The nosode Medorrhinum represents the centre-point of the sycotic miasm. Consequently he is more closed during the interview. He therefore develops fixed ideas. he is thin. He has an anxiety of conscience. The reaction is in fact concentrated at specific sites and organ systems. even his dreams are specific. to cover up this imagined weakness. becomes secretive. The sycotic individual is less active and more reserved than the psoric. steady. The reaction will be the same no matter what the stimulus. On the physical plane. Since. one is trying to cope with the body's own weakness rather than with any stress from outside. fixed and steady disease states like asthma. The sycotic personality is very secretive.

But in order to cover up this feeling of incapacity. his weakness will be exposed. extravagant and can act as if nothing really bothers or affects him. sees many defects within himself. Medorrhinum may appear egoistic. constant nail-biting and the need to wash his hands repeatedly.manifest by signs such as restlessness of the feet. . freedom restricted. He is unwilling to take up responsibilities. and tries to cover them up. because he feels that he is unable to fulfill them. and the person is content to cope rather than to struggle. This is the time when ideas become rigid. having struggled a long time. rude. critical. The sycotic miasm will be seen predominantly around middle age when the person.

carb-v. ph-ac. alum. chin. samb. bor... guare. Tuberculinum denys-(microbes filtered out) Tuberculinum koch (cultures of human TB bacilli ).. aur. coca.... atra-r... beryl. kali-chl. acon.. alumn. nux-v. cham.. seneg.. ran-b. lach. aur-m. par. mag-c.. kalibi. Tuberculinum residuum(cultured bovine tubercular bacilli ). calc-ar.. am-c... sep. bry.. irid.. teucr.. tub... cic. stram.. Stann.. guai.. calc. bell.. urea. ang.. Tuberculinum spengler (blood of inoculated and supposedly immune rabbits) Typical Remedies: Drosera GENERALITIES.. Cereus bonplandii. Phos.. arg. Coffea cruda.. cund.. kali-m. mang. staph.. cupr.. ars... hippoz.. ip. ars-i. allox. hydrc... TUBERCULOSIS Miasm “Home-seeking” . carbn-s...... carc.. zinc. sel..... calc-s... plb. Iod.. calc-hp.. led.. lob-e.. nux-m... ruta.... Acalypha indica... calad.. asaf. caust. Puls.. Plant Remedies in Tubercular Miasm (Sankaran): Abrotanum. spong. ant-c.. ambr. sulph. x-ray.. Tuberculinum bovinum kent (tuberculous cow lung).... hep. tab..... carb-an.... aq-mar.. thuj...... chlorpr. spig. phyt. calo... dros... op.. con.. hyos... agar.... Psora-Syphilis Sycosis-Syphilis (Sank) Nosodes: Bacillinum burnett (human tubercular sputum).. ol-j.. chlor. carb-ac... lepro. rhus-t. sabin.. calc-p. Tuberculinum aviaire (tuberculous chicken lung).. merc.... aur-i. nitac. calc-i. cann-s.. apis. arist-cl. Agraphis nutans... Tuberculinum laricis (Roberts) (?) Tuberculinum marmoreck (culture from horses-said to be more benign effect) Tuberculinum rosen (?). kali-n.. bac. Balsamum peruvianum. tub-k.... m-arct. hip-ac. ferr-pic. merc-i-r. Lyc.. TUBERCULOSIS (149) : abr.. Cimicifuga.. alum-sil... form-ac. astac...... psor. astra-e..... petr... kali-i. kali-s. sulo-ac. chr-o. am-acet. bcg. kali-acet. aur-ar. Cistus canadensis. sul-ac... Kali-c. thiosin. kreos. arn. cist.. hydr. squil.. bunio..... ars-s-f... nat-m... paull. ign. graph. ferr.. bar-c. calc-sil.. form... arg-n.. dulc. sil. cortico.. verat.. sec. Atropinum purum.. cocc. Juglans cinerea. laur..TUBERCULOSIS -Romantic self-destruction.

... Ferr-p.. Phos-i. Kali-p.... Lil-t. Mang-p. Psor... Zincp. It is a feeling that one's weakness is being exploited. Salx-n.. Lith-i. Am-p.. Adam. Tub.. Zinc-i.... almost tending towards syphilis. Vesp. Tarent-c. Succinum acidum. Iod-ac. Arg-i..... Mang-i. Mag-p.. Nat-i.. Lat-h. The tubercular miasm can be understood through Drosera. Lat-m. Sanic.. Agra. Apis-r. Cimic...... Kali-c. Trom.. Kreos. Scorp. Aur-p... Stict... Blatta.. Aran-ix. Coc-c. Tub-a.. MIASMS IN BETWEEN SYCOSIS AND SYPHILIS The Tubercular Miasm There is in homoeopathic literature. Mygal.. Nat-p.... Tub-lar...... Pulx. Triat.... Canth. Lac-leo. Dros.. Olnd. The reaction is violent. Iod-m. Arg-p. Spong. Tub-r. At the same time there is a great deal of dependence of the patient on his friends. Calc-hp. envious people" (Phatak's Materia Medica). Aur-i. Merc-i-f. Calc-l-p.. Iodof.. Tarent. Tab. Sul-i. Androc. Culx. Ferr-p-h.. Phel.. Bals-p.... The main feeling in the tubercular miasm is a sense of oppression.... Ant-t. Seneg..... Brucin. Helo.. Ther. Zinc. He feels his weakness . Phos-h. Ars-i... Blatta-a. Canthin. Dor. Avic.... Verbascum thapsus MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R...... Bomb-chr. Calc-i. Cadm-p. Stront-i. Lycps.. Succ-ac. Kali-hp.. Iod-br. Ph-ac... Calc-p. Coca. Tub-m. Meph. Ferr-py... Cocci-s.. Ant-i. Bar-i. Tub-sp.. Phos.... Lith-p... Nat-ar.... Kali-n.. Cob-i.. Falco-p... Ust.. Atra-r.. Form..Myristica sebifera.. Bcg. Mag-i. Mosch. of being deceived by one's own friends: "Imagines being deceived by spiteful. Am-i. abundant material on the tubercular miasm as well (apart from the classical trio of psora. Merc-k-i. Acal.. Merc-p..... Lat-k... Tub-k.. Brom..... Bar-p. Alum-p. Aether. Scol... Iod.. Ped.... Elat. Aphis... Apis. Phos-pchl.. Phellandrium aquaticum.... Gins. Plb-i. Teucr. Phos-amor.... Lac-eq.. Cob-p. Aran-s.. Sulac.. Pix liquida.. Apisin. Fl-ac. Cimx.. Chr-p.. Ol-j. Kam. Stry-p. Cadm-i.. Caust... Kali-i. Bism. Bac. Tela.. The theme of Drosera is one of being stabbed in the back.... Ferr-i... Gall-p.... Stann. Apis-m.... Teucrium scorodonia. Plb-p. Bomb-pr. Aran. Samb. Coff. Cere-b.. Cod. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) TUBERCULAR Abrot... Merc-i-r. Iodot. Tub-d. Stann-i... sycosis and syphilis). Aur-m... Buth-aust...

kali-br. grin. self-mutilation (Klein) BetweenTuberculosis-Leprosy(?) Nosode: Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) (saliva of a rabid dog) Typical Remedies: Bell. cedr.. cupr... lith-br. ars. hyper..... miliary TB.. carc. .. cench. LYSS... androc... aconin. elaps... apisin.. laur.. acon. tuberculosis is known to have violent progressive features which are almost totally hopeless without medical intervention: for example TB meningitis. and reacts to this oppression violently. agn. aspar. fear water. In its pathology we see destruction of tissues and lasting disability in the form of restricted lung space due to fibrosis. bung-f. Tuberculosis is one of the most widespread infections known to mankind accounting for much morbidity and mortality. choc. camph-br.. hyos... cann-i. We have the sycotic aspect wherein the person lives for the rest of his life with a fixed weakness. gent-c. merc. ritual behavior. ant-c. aran. mand. The cough also is described as "harassing" by Phatak and the slightest irritation causes violent bouts of cough excited by a tickling sensation in the throat. am-c. nat-m... jatr. nux-v. aur-ars. aur-s. crot-h. He feels harassed and let down by his own friends. naja.. chlol. Hydr-ac. anan.. lach. anthr.. and very often has tendencies to recurrent colds and other respiratory affections... There is a great need to take a deep breath: "Oppression of the chest"..... gua. sensation of suffocation..is being taken advantage of.. On the other hand.. Stram.. animalistic.. aur. calc....... HYDROPHOBIA (incomplete) : acet-ac.. gels.. lac-c. anag. arg-n. bell. apis.. "Suffocation". both-l.. canth. phel. ho.. cur.. Drosera also has suicidal inclinations..... lath.... iod. fagu. brom. - HYDROPHOBIA Miasm HYDROPHOBIA Rage alternating with affection.. anac. etc. agav-a.. camph... Hyos MIND. cocci-s....

Aurum-ars. ran-s... The etiology of the disease. can be from a dog bite. .. ter. trach.. Aur-sulph.phos.. stry. Lathyrus. especially into the kidneys (similar to snake venoms) Xanthium spinosa-said to be a specific for hydrophobia and recommended for chronic cystitis in women with a history of violent sexual abuse THE HYDROPHOBIC MIASM (Lou Klein) This miasm has some resonance with the myth of the werewolf and has connection with dogs/wolves/canines and the “howling at the moon” archetype.. xanth. scut.. The acute phase of the disease includes: Fear of Water Cannot swallow water Wounds heal too quickly Death from suffocation and paralysis . verat. sabad.. Cenchris.Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) is the typical remedy of the this miasm.. there are recordings of many people being treated for Rabies. The moon controls movement of the physical water on the earth. Louis Klein comments: Bungarus-krait-the primary remedy for post-polio paralysis Cuprum-intensely sensitive to odors Curare-paralysis Terebinthinum-tremendous internal bleeding. Louis Klein additions: Anacardium.. Bungarus krait. spirae. Bothrops. Vipera. or violent electrocution. Chocolate?. Stram. Aur. Around the time of Pasteur. Androctonus. a strong miasmatic inheritance. tanac. plb.. Bites from violent cats will give Rabies-like symptoms. Rabies is on the increase as is the use of the vaccine... vip. tarent.. sulph. It is made from the sputum of a rabid dog. Elaps. ruta. or the triggering of the miasm.. the rabies vaccine. Lac-c.. phys.

esp. and strange things during pregnancy. HYDROPHOBIC MIASM SCHEMATIC VIEW (LOUIS KLEIN) •FORSAKEN FEELING to . rabies can be antidoted acutely and after Rabies vaccine by Lachesis. and Belladonna. Lyssin and the miasm in general may have the sensation of suffocation or sensation of choking. The name of the miasm relates to the fear of water present in persons afflicted with the disease or miasm. According to Boericke. when drinking water. It has a primary food craving for chocolate. according to Klein. Lyssin is well represented in the repertory compared to its frequency of use. The bites of violent cats: consider Acetic acid. such as when someone has been insulted continuously by those on whom they are dependent. The typical remedies of the hydrophobic miasm are Lyssin. This miasm. This leads to a forsaken feeling. Lyssin and Stramonium remove the effects of the bites of rabid dogs. Hyoscyamus. salty things. This fear also extends to sparkling reflection and mirrors. is associated with situations where consistent abuse has occurred.Thus. Stramonium.

the organs of water are affected. or doglike Behavior. biting. Person may demonstrate animalistic behavior such as growling. HYPERSENSITIVE TO NOISE •EX:SPASMS FROM STRONG ODORS STATE to •In the case of the hypersexual state. Animalistic behavior is typical in Lyssin cases. rage or violence alternating with quick repentance. to •And water is a deep unconscious element which triggers animalistic tendencies in the person.•DELUSION TORMENTED •FANCIED THEY HAVE SUFFERED WRONG •DELUSION INSULTED to or to •DELUSION SOMETHING TERRIBLE •HYPERSEXUAL WILL HAPPEN •HYPERALERTNESS. may see ritualistic States with anxiety or compulsivity. including agoraphobia. . For example. to •But if the animalistic behavior is suppressed. the person must urinate on hearing running or “slurping” water. claustrophobia. stabbing.

... cub. chin. before exhaustion (1) : cor-r.. chel... amcaust.. phos.... staph. graph. G37) (50) : Acon. ziz.. podo. grin. lob.... sil.. sensation of (11) : bad. caust... lyc..... ferr..... ... acon-f.... SUFFOCATIVE sensation (K467.. med. with (2) : lyss.... plan-m. phyt... crot-c. RESPIRATION.. amyg-am. carb-an.. Lach.. spig.. lob.... xan.. sil. kali-bi. con. lach.. acon-f.. arund. phyt. MIND. suffocation.... falco-p. podo... visc. suffocation. Lach. kali-bi.. ptel. lat-m. nux-v.. arund. sulo-ac. WHOOPING. carb-v. zinc. MIND.... am-br. plan-m. iris.. calc-f..... bell...... Lyss. sang. kali-c. upa. upa. cact.. apis. mangi. staph. ars. kali-c. lact.. chlol.... G397) (20) : am-br. puls. am-caust. am-br. aurm. valer. apis. DIFFICULT. lat-m. valer. lyss.. chin. arn..... verat.. bell-p.. tarent. merc-i-f. caust. aether.... fago. puls. stram... lyc. mangi.. rob. cact. verat. spig. merc-i-r.. am-c.. SRIII-286.•Suffocation Sensation Combined Rubrics: Acon. rob. samb. SRI-525.. falco-p. lyss. bapt. after sensation of. ign.. bell-p. aeth. stram... suffocation.... CHEST. carb-v... ars.. SRIII-355. of (K47. cub. phos. kali-i. spong.. samb... general.. kali-i. ign.. tarent... HEAVINESS. aur-m..... G1026) (10) : arn... mez.. stram. ant-t... Nux-m. aether...... Ign. with sensation of (1) : ptel.... merc-i-f. visc.. sulph.. anan.. apisin. med.. fago... amyg-am... SUFFOCATION. lil-t.. xan. ip. stry. mosch... CHEST. verat... ip... ptel.. plat. bry. merc. nux-v.. dig. mosch.. DREAMS. croc. bad. spong.. graph. carb-an. valer. FEAR.. sang. nux-v.. apisin. lac-d.. arn. kali-hp.. kali-hp..... sulo-ac... sang. am-c.. bapt. lac-d... •Anger with Repentance Rubrics: Combined Rubrics: alum. Lyss. chel. dig.. calc-f. COUGH.. THROAT.. lil-t. hydrog.. cor-r.. grin....... germ.. sul-ac. hydrog. bry.. graph. chlol..... sulph.. stront-c... crot-c. samb.. merc-i-r. iris.. anan.... stront-c. suffocation (K1243.. aeth.. lact.. ant-t. stry. agar. merc. aur. agar. sulph.. suffocated feeling..

bor. bell. canth... mez. Sulph.. •Agg from water rubrics: Combined Rubrics: ang.. ter. sulph. WATER. URGING to urinate. lyss.. arg.... Sparkling.. sulph. fury. valer. •Shining.. brom.. Lyss.. fury. arg. BLADDER. stram. stram. G565) (2) : lyss. alternating with. general... asim. URINATION. BLADDER.. bar-c... water running from a hydrant. hyos.. fury. sulph. bor....... .. alternating with. verat. at sight of (K653... nit-ac.. kreos... repentance.. Reflected Light. germ. during. GENERALITIES. hearing running water or putting hands in (K655. G87) (13) : ang. general. nit-ac. bell... water. BLADDER. running water.. Sulph.. hyos. WALKING. seeing or hearing (SRII-691) (11) : ang. lyss. bell. nat-m. cocc. stram.. ferr. croc. bar-c.. URGING to urinate. Ign. SRI815. aur.. brom. WATER.. hyos. ter. canth. sul-ac. repentance. brom.. ferr.. plat.. MIND.... over (SRII-683) (6) : ang. Lyss.. zinc. apisin.. constant. brom.MIND... morbid desire. G561) (5) : asim. ferr. crossing running (K106. Nux-m. apisin. involuntary. verat.... VERTIGO.. sulph.. Bright.. MENTAL symptoms alternating with. sulph. agg. RAGE. morbid desire.. MIND. other mental (15) : alum. verat. Lyss. kreos. G559) (3) : canth.. or Mirrors Agg.. ferr. running water... bell. canth. cocc.... MIND.. general. GENERALITIES. RAGE... G56) (1) : croc... affectionate disposition (K70. nat-m. arg. running water agg. ziz. stram. followed by (SRI-820) (3) : croc.. RAGE.. con.. bar-c.. on seeing (K660. quick (2) : croc.

a •Desire to Mutilate self runs through Lyssin and these other remedies.. SRI-329.. Curare is an example of a person that wants to mutilate themselves. G24) (2) : anh... DREAMS. bright objects (1) : lyss. violent. general. SRI-511. EYES. adam. puls. CONVULSIONS. slightest touch. puls. COLORS. DELUSIONS. HEAD PAIN.... stram. MIND. from a. MIND. COLORS. COLORS.. sil. mirror. brought on by current of air. sight of any shining object. reflections. objects. bright.... bright light (1) : colch.. LIGHT. VERTIGO. oreo.. lyss. Stram. INFLAMMATION. sparkle like jewels (1) : adam.. after looking into (K101. spig. canth.. excitable.. light.. DELUSIONS. lac-del. spasms. DELUSIONS. ph-ac. bright. sparkling. he is (1) : adam. shining objects (SRII-134) (1) : lyss.Combined Rubrics: acon.. G36) (9) : bufo.. carc. tarent. cann-i. ars... MIND. bell. in (G82) (2) : agar. COLORS. canth.. DELUSIONS. MIND. G82) (1) : kali-c. MIND. bright (2) : stram. Stram. GENERALITIES.. desires. colors. CHOREA. kola. .. GENERALITIES. bright. reflected.. agg. MIND. desire to. colors. anh. mirrors in room. G203) (1) : acon.. nux-v. MIND. agg. VERTIGO. carbn-s. into a (K100. imaginations. bright objects agg. even by conversation in vicinity of a patient (1) : lyss. imaginations. GENERALITIES. amel. CHOREA. G83) (1) : kali-c. GENERAL. objects. of (K46. camph. of (2) : canth.. piloc.. bright.. agg. nux-v. imaginations. from (K30. carbn-s.. oreo. MIND. kola. bufo.. (SRII-73) (1) : tarent. ign. FEAR. MIND.. MIND. bright (1) : sil. piloc. LIGHT. agar. bright (1) : sil. tarent.. objects. imaginations. colch.. ign. sil. (5) : bell. VERTIGO.... amel. lyss.. EXCITEMENT. cann-i. bright.... spig. general.. with fatiguing (3) : ars.. from (1) : tarent. MIND. ph-ac. bright (1) : lac-del. bright light. MIRROR. MIND... MIND. camph. LOOKING. aversion to. from (K242. kali-c. carc. mirror. BREAK things.

bell. body parts. are (SRI-238) (1) : bapt. tub. cimic. inclination to (K68. sec. DELUSIONS. SRI-996. lac-h. lat-h. guai. bell. IMPULSE. bar-c.. genitals. nat-m. G70) (2) : sec. bapt. one half cut off (1) : stram. •Some additional rubrics involving Cutting: Combined Rubrics: androc. calc-f. lyss.. SRI-780. G43) (3) : adam. MIND. himself. herself (K87. bac. tarent. stram. morbid. ars.. cut off. lach. body parts.. plb.. to (K54. himself (SRI-1027) (9) : acon.. tub... bell... DELUSIONS.. corv-c.mosch. imaginations.. legs. etc.. falco-p. carc. alum... arms.. cut off. G70) (12) : ars... SRI-311... bac.. carc. imaginations. DELUSIONS. xan.... lil-t. tung. or Combined Rubrics: acon. tarent...... cur. tarent. G62) (7) : acon.. lil-t.. MUTILATE his body.. herself. imaginations.. MIND. plb. G23) (4) : bapt.Moschus does it through repeated surgeries. MIND.. nicc. verat.. plb. himself... mosch. body. merc-s. germ. are (K28. Stram. G23) (1) : mosch. tub..... body. ars.. lac-eq.... querc-r. TEARS... agar.. his or her (K87.. sol-t-ae. imaginations. TEARS. stram. MIND. lil-s. SRI-996.. SELF-TORTURE (SRI-896. lac-lox-a. nux-v. ars.. tub. . fingers. med. piercings. SRI-996. lat-h.... bar-c. hyos. sulph... lach. himself. TORMENTS. body. med.. sec. bac. his (K87. hair. mosch.. lac-h. hyos. lil-t.. alum. SRIII412. G70) (19) : ars. cur.. germ.. G21... nat-c. MIND... cupr.... mag-m. body parts.... adam. med. herself. nat-m. lyss. bell.. cupr. lil-t. lach. op. MIND.. stab his flesh with the knife he holds.... halo. nat-s. K28....... hura.. MIND. dig. Stram.. tab. DELUSIONS.. MIND. bell. xan. halo. cimic. plb. frax. TEARS. dig. tab. TEARS. body.. MIND.. ephe. tattoos.. tab..... lac-h. MIND. lyss.. cupr. SRI-606. ars. germ...... dig.. herself. MIND... med. chin.. stram... bell.. himself. body parts. cut off (K25.. tarent. SRI-316. tarent... skin around nails (1) : carc. xan..... self-cutting. tub. MIND.. lil-t. SRI-287. G54) (8) : agar.

... SRIII-272... lil-s. MIND. hura. ephe. DREAMS. falco-p. SRI-368. head. cutting (K1237.... body... guai. G1021) (17) : androc. corv-c. nat-s. body parts. G1021) (6) : corv-c. MIND. body.. chin.. mag-m. toes.. nicc. body parts. knife... body. guai. MIND. clothing. of being cut with a (K1237. nat-c. calcf. DELUSIONS. body parts.. LEPROSY LEPROSY (boundary loss and selflessness? ). hura. DREAMS. falco-p. cut off (SRIII-259) (5) : androc. -Leprosinum Typical Remedies: Secale.. body. frax. hands.. MIND. lil-s. toe cut off (SRIII-261) (2) : lac-eq. being (SRIII-259) (1) : sol-t-ae. nat-s... G28) (1) : verat. querc-r. tung. MIND. cut away. merc-s. ears. SRIII-273. having one side of face (SRIII-258) (1) : mag-m.. cuts them up (K36. DREAMS.. cut to pieces. MIND. imaginations. body parts. DREAMS. G23. of. G27) (1) : mosch. frax. nux-v. MIND. Sulphur . G1022) (1) : nat-c. cut off. DREAMS. cut (2) : lac-lox-a. DESTRUCTIVENESS. body parts. DREAMS. DREAMS. MIND. body parts. body parts. sulph. MIND. nicc. body.MIND. nat-s... cut off (K33. body. cutting. SRI-397. hopelessly forsaken (Sank) Tuberc-Syph (Sank) Nosodes: -Leprominium(human or armadillo leprosy) (Vakil). body. op.. ear. SRIII-258. face. hair. DREAMS. having (K1238.

.. caust... Lactuca virosa. Caesalpinia... calc. leprous (K1314.. Ambr. sep. Rhus-glabra MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R.. thyr.. Agar-cpn...... bix. Agarin. mag-c... Lac-d.. Com.. bac. Sulph. dip.. guano. con... petr. Cyclamen. merc.... caust.. iod... chaul.. com. bac. sec.. Lact. cupr. zinc. Russ. crot-h.. lach. bix.. Sec... Meph. Castanea vesca.... Agar-ph.... Culx.. Bar-s.. Bol-sang. Phys. Ust.. Ant-o.. ars. Cycl. Cadm-i... cur.. carb-ac.. Sul-i.. graph. iris. Bol-e. Mag-i... Ferr-i. Agar-pr. Inul. Sulph.. nat-c. carb-v.. daph. Aur-i. Mucor.. Sabad.. Sep... sulph. nuph. kali-c. Lappa arctium........ hydrc... Hydr. Stann-i. SKIN. bad. calo.. Aristolochia clematitis. carb-an.. Bol-s. Guai.. cupr-ar.. Zinc-i. Nat-i... Torul. chaul. psor. Furf-i. Psil. lach. iris. Polyp-p. Ocimum sanctum. Phos-i.. Adam. Aur-s. lepro.. cupr. Lac-del. Merc-i-f... psor.. form. Sec. chaul. Ergot... Bar-i. carb-ac. Blatta... Agar-cit. Sol-t-ae.... Agar-v.... calo.... bad... ars.. Agarpa.. Sec. ho...... Iod. Cimic...... Aloe. Kola. ant-t. .. com. oena.... Psor.. Lepro. Cob-i. Codeinum/Fumaria.. Cur. Camph.. kali-i. nat-m.... Dema.. bar-c. ant-t. Bol. crot-h.. pip-m. Stront-i... Cand-p. bix.. Mandragora.. sil. meph. Hom.. mang. sil.. tarent. Lat-h. nit-ac... graph.. Kali-i. nat-m. Hura.. hydrc. Agar-cps. hura. cur.. Cand-a..... Iodof.. LEPRA (15) : anac-oc. Ars-i. Plb-i... tub. jatr. daph...... Bism. pyrar.. Muscin. zinc. hell. anac-oc... meph... ERUPTIONS.... elae.. nat-c... Calc-i. Merc-k-i...... Agar. anac. hydrc...... Cereus serpentinus. Agar-st. elae..Combined Rubrics: alum.. con. Am-i. tarent. Gratiola. thyr... jatr... Inula helenium.. Led. Mang-i.. Cicuta virosa. calo.. Aza.... kali-c. Curare. elae... Coca. cupr-acet. Agar-se. ho.. phos. hura. Cic. form. carbn-s.. mang... guano. Hydrc. phos... ars.... lepro. Osm.... mag-c.. Bov. Lol.. sep. Asar.. pyrar.. ars-i. cupr-ar.. Bol-lu.. nit-ac. Hydrastis canadensis... Kali... anac... kali-i.. Hura braziliensis. petr. Asperg-n. dip.. bar-c. Blatta-a. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) LEPROSY Agar-em. Phal. nuph. Spirae... Agar-bi. syph. syph.... kam. crot-h. G1084) (65) : alum.. Anac.... (rubrics included in above rubric) GENERALITIES. calc. pip-m..... hura...... still. iod... Asperg-f.. Plant Remedies in Leprosy Miasm (Sankaran): Aloe socotrina. Moni.. still.. carbn-s. Iod-ac. hell. merc. kam.. tub. sil. cupr-acet. dulc.. ars-i... carb-an.. carb-v. oena..... dulc.... lepro.

Ratt-r. especially gangrene which would be one of the prominent pathologies of the leprous miasm. . It is an almost hopeless situation. leprosy is of three distinct types. fight. is rapidly progressive and destructive. Helod-c. Asperg-fl.. In Secale we find "Violent. with an intense desire for change. The symptoms we find in the leprosy patient are loathing for self. It is known for its destructive pathologies. abandoned (forsaken). Tuberculoid leprosy though progressive.. hatred and despised. According to me the drug which best represents the leprous miasm is Secale cornutum In his Repertory. "Forsakes his relatives" and "Becomes shameless".. Kent gives Secale and Sulphur in bold types. Bol-ap. The Leprous Miasm The leprous miasm has features to indicate that it is almost exactly between the tubercular and syphilitic miasms. resembling syphilis. Iod-br. In its pathology.. under the rubric "Skin. leprosy"..there is hope. Bol-luc. ashamed. The main feeling in the leprous miasm is one of intense oppression and an intense hopelessness... Iod-m. eruptions.. This miasm requires much deeper investigation and I haven't been able to understand it fully as yet. The intermediate type lies between these two. Lepromatous leprosy on the other hand. has a better prognosis than the other types .. Bol-f. wants to". Agar-b. Lepers are treated worse than animals and are often the objects of loathing.Bol-ign.

. herpetic.. sabad.. Nat-m.. rhust....... TRICHOPHYTOSIS (25) : abr. saroth. lappa. brom. calc-i.. Tub.... spig.. olnd.. Sep. jug-r. morg.. Calc.. iris... viol-t.. anac..... Mez.. mag-c. rhus-t... berb. chrysar.. ars-s-f. mez. anag.. clem. kali-s. spong. sul-i. bar-c. caust.. am-m.. ringworm (K1312. SKIN. led. plat.. equis. cic. bar-c.. ars. dys-co... mag-p. cocc.. calcm. aegle-f. ter..... mucor.. calc-s..... carb-v.. hydrc.. calc.. cymbo-ci. jug-c.. G1082) (47) : aegle.. lyc. lith-c.. Dulc.. ars-i. calc-sil. aethi-a. ter.. chrysar. ars-s-f.. Phyt.. hell. med. ant-c. vinc... ant-c.. nit-ac.. lac-eq. ust...... calo.. (rubrics included in above rubric) SKIN. benz-ac.. tarent. con.. anac.... sars. anthr... ant-t... bac... calc-i. petr. bar-m. arg-n. bell. Calcarea silicata (Sankaran) Combined Rubrics: abr. kali-s. kali-c.. ant-t... vario. merc-pr-r.... carc. bar-s. sulph. Bac. graph. ol-j.. bar-s...... chrys-ac. kali-bi. ran-b. parth.... hep. merc.. ars..... sep. oci-s. phos.. Tell. ferr. stront-c. torul.... viol-t. calc-acet.. psor. sang.. jug-r... aur. eup-per.. carb-an..RINGWORM Miasm RINGWORM repeated unsuccessful cycles of effort (Sank) Psora-Sycosis (sank) Nosode: Ringworm (scalp scraping of Tinea capitis) Typical Remedies: Calcarea sulphuricum. plan. staph. sul-ac. sulph.. lyc. kreos.... cypr.... tub.. cinnb.. syc-co.... anag. nat-s.. aegle-f. tell. semp.... ERUPTIONS. semp.... psor. kali-chl. aegle... Bac.. sil. thuj.. calc. lepro.. circinate.. hep.. merc-acet... lach.. ran-b.... iod. calc- .... agar. nat-c.. graph.. ferr-i...... jug-c.

spig. berb..... G310) (22) : anag. lach.. olnd. ol-j.... sul-i... saroth.. kali-chl.... lith-c. All-s.. nit-ac. thuj... graph.. HEAD. tub.. lyc. Croto-t... calc. Sep. Tell. sep. lac-eq. kreos. Kali-s... Taraxacum. Jug-r... tarent.. mez. Tub. carb-an. chrys-ac. Sanguinarium nitricum. con... hep... chrysar...... sulph.. aur... Cench. hep. sul-i.. nat-m. circinatus (7) : Calc. hell. kreos. cic. med... plat. Dulc. parth. med..... Viola tricolor MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R.. sep. mag-c.. tell....acet. Opuntia vulgaris.... Gossypium. anthr. sulph........ calc-s. cinnb. thuj. torul. herpes.. nit-ac... graph. sep. Phyt.. equis.. con... mucor... Mag-s. phos... Lac-h.... stront-c... phos. aur. semp.. lepro. herpes. phyt..... plan. Tarax. sars. FACE. Calc-sil. arg-n. ter. hell.. calc. All-c. ERUPTIONS.... nat-c.. Chrysarobinum. clem. kali-chl... carb-v. med. Phyt. nat-m... Pseudotsuga menziesii. kali-bi. Vario..... Berb. Tub.. Aln. Teucrium.. lyc. spong. Tell. Jug-c. hep. hydrc.. chrysar..... rhus-t.. clem. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) RINGWORM Act-sp... lyc. tell... led. cypr. ars. cinnb. Upas tieute. Berb-a. Ars-s-f. cymbo-ci. dulc. merc-pr-r. GENERALITIES. staph.. iod.. viol-t.. Phyt... Ran-s. Carbn-o.. ERUPTIONS. carc.. ant-c... ERUPTIONS. bell. nat-c. Sars.. sulph.. dulc......... calc-sil... med. sabad. Nat-m. graph. oci-s. lith-c. ant-t. syc-co.. sulph.. sep. calc... phos. .. syc-co... petr. psor. Veronica. Sarsaparilla. Dulcamara. Ringw. sil.... circinatus. merc. nat-s. mag-p. Rhus-venenata.. bar-c.. morg. lith-c. sang... FUNGOUS growths (24) : ars... eup-per. cocc... Plant Remedies in Ringworm Miasm (Sankaran): Actea spicata. Calc-s. graph... clem. cic... tell.. FACE. Ictod..... dys-co. sil.. mez. sycosis barbae (53) : am-m.. Fagus sylvatica.... dulc... caust.. tonsurans (K369.. Cist.

Most of the dreams had the feeling of trying to do something. The theme of the miasm was reflected in the dreams of the provers. There are periods of struggling. he feels he is not appreciated and so tries to win appreciation. compelling scratching. After much thinking and reading. followed by periods of acceptance and calories. So he tries periodically but each time he fails. the struggle with anxiety about success. On the one hand there were periods of trying with a feeling of hope. For the details of the proving. there are both.THE RINGWORM MIASM I had some difficulty in finding a miasm in between psora and sycosis. The patient feels incapable of performing and gives poor health as an excuse for not being able to perform. there was an alternation between struggling and giving up in the dreams of most provers. it is good for him to succeed. It would have to have both. only to be followed by another trial. The situation of the ringworm miasm seems to be one that is on the borderline of the patient's capacity. and at times when he is "Quarrelsome".. I conducted a proving of Ringworm. the characteristics of psora i. dieting. as well as sycosis i.e. When he fails. "Hurried". Thus. I got the idea that this infection was none other than Ringworm. "Hasty". In order to confirm this idea. and while not threatening. I was searching for an infection which comes up suddenly with an intense struggle which is not life threatening.e. while on the other it has "Hurried". This reminds me of the struggle of obese people trying to lose weight. Calcarea silicata has "Anxiety about health" and "Utterly ambitionless" on one hand. etc. The latter is characterized by periods when it is just another skin lesion and at times when it itches terribly like scabies. the fixity resulting from a feeling of inadequacy within oneself. I refer the reader to my book "The Substance of Homoeopathy". Calcarea sulphurica has periods when the person sits and meditates over imaginary misfortune (nothing can be done). but at other times is quiet and fixed. . the resigned acceptance as well as the element of struggle. he just sits and broods over his misfortune. "Impatient" and "Anticipatory anxiety". At other times there was resignation and acceptance of the situation. but at other times he somehow tries to live up to the expectations. The main remedies for the miasm are Calcarea sulphurica and Calcarea silicata. jogging. Thus. walking. he gives up and accepts it.

. alst-s. carb-an.. calli. calc-s... cham... kali-ar... rheum. ferr-ar. Tarent. fl-ac....... canth. crot-h. asaf..... cist.... plan. led... op.. stram. Bell.. kali-p. aur.. sel... Ferr.. Nit-ac. arist-cl. ign.. chin.. Alum.MALARIA Miasm MALARIA intermittent (periodic) return of complaints Acute-Sycosis (Sank) Nosodes: --Malaria tropicalis --Malaria officinalis (decomposed vegetable matter to simulate swamp miasmata) Typical Remedy: China officinalis Combined Rubrics: abies-n. pop. staph.. mur-ac.. ip.. ol-j. senec. mangi. sabin.... maland.. lac-d.. canch. verbe-h. par. kali-m. am-m. guare. hep. asar. Psor. benz-ac.. laur. cedr. polyg-a. anth. sabad. puls..... Ars. gent-l. ptel. Calc.. lepro.. iris. ost.. caps. verat. bov. lach..... carb-v.. elat..... querc... plan. helia. ran-s. aran.. bar-c.. mag-m. tell.. coc-c.. cocc.. spong. echi.. dros.. sil. Pyrog. nat-c.. plb...... kali-c.. cann-s. samb. eup-per. polyp-p.. argn.... gent-q.. euon-a. mag-c. rhod... meny.. tarax.. calc-ar. .. sec. aza... kali-i. am-c. chin-s. sang. chelo. stann. cean. ther.. chinar.. malar.. valer. colch. sed-ac.. (rubrics included in above rubric) GENERALITIES. cupr.... agar. gels..... cic. hydr.. ferr-i. kali-n.. ceph.. cina. lil-t. ars-i. petr.. coff. ant-c.. lob..... buni-o. acon.. Sulph... chel.. rhus-t... vip.. ran-b. corn-f. ague. ang. Kali-s... calad.. camph-br.. nux-v. nat-p. sulph.. phos. cent. polyp-p.. calc-p. baj. prun-c... nux-m.... Lyc. tarax... ailments from (8) : eup-a... graph. cact....... camph. corn... arn. ferr-p... Natm. phyt. mag-p.... ars-br. carb-ac... anac. verbe-h... urt-u. kali-bi. thuj..... coloc..... malar.. Tub.......... bufo. cycl..... psor. cimx.. Sep. ant-o.... eup-a... hyos. nicc. ilx-a... chin-m. merc... tela.. sul-ac.. buth-aust. bol... spig...... mosch. chion. bol-lu. eucal.. podo.. hell..... ant-t... phel.. MALARIA... zinc. Nat-s... ars-s-f. methyl. lyss..... lept.. chin-b... am-pic. caust. naja. croc.. verb.. ph-ac. iod..... teucr. euphr. veratv. arum-t. eup-pur.. apis. alst-c. clem. bapt. bry..

corn-f. asaf.. verat.. ant-o. colch... coc-c.... iris...... sel. stram. nux-v... sed-ac. canth. bov... puls... cist.... FEVER. Nit-ac. Tarent... am-c.. benz-ac.. ant-c.. fl-ac. verat-v.. coloc. Pyrog. bufo... Berberis vulgaris. valer.. Ars.... rhod.... petr. ph-ac. kali-bi. camph... Colchicum... Chelone glabra. lil-t. Ferr..... ampic.. sil.... hydr. spong.. lepro. eup-pur.. chin-b. rheum. thuj.... staph... cina. Capsicum. Rhus-radicans.. hell. bapt.. tela... chin-m. urt-u.. verb. camphbr.... polyg-a. prun-c... meny. chin-ar. Cann-s.. Cactus grandiflorus.. INTERMITTENT. arn.. podo.. mag-c.. graph. dros.. zinc.... Nat-m. eucal... arum-t... gent-l.. Collinsonia canadensis... calc-p... lac-d... phel.. kali-p... G1062) (212) : abies-n. alst-c. Eupatorium-perfoliatum.. ars-s-f...... euon-a.. anth.. chelo. Plant Remedies in Malaria Miasm (Sankaran): Abies-nigra... cean. caust... pop.. gels. cic. Cina... op. chin... bol.. Ranunculus-scleratus. cycl.. calli. am-m. par. plan..FEVER. mag-p.. aza.. Chin-sulphuricum.. ther. HEAT. kali-c.. ilx-a. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) . merc. cham.. querc.. sabad. ferr-ar.. echi.... hyos.. apis. teucr. Robinia pseudoacacia.. acon. arist-cl. baj... sang.. mangi. rhus-t.. carb-an... samb.. ran-b. anac.. coff.. vip. lob. cedr. tell.. Lysimachia nummularia. ol-j. Sumbulus MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R.. caps. ant-t.. China boliviana.. arg-n. asar.... cedr. led.. corn. alst-s.. carb-ac. Ranunculus-bulbosus. agar. Bell. kali-m. buthaust. plb. chin... gent-q. Calc... ferr-i. lach. Tub. helia. crot-h.. ip. aur.... malar. ign. Sep. chronic.. ost. nicc. plan. HEAT. malarial (K1288. canch.... calc-s. ferr-p. mosch.. aran. carb-ac...... ague. sabin.. naja. cent. ang. MIASMATIC fever (9) : acon. verat-v.... cocc.. Abroma-augusta.... phyt... verbe-h... elat. chion.. chin-s. cupr... kali-i. spig.. buni-o. Cascarilla. kalin. kali-ar. calc-ar. ptel. Colocynthis.. Alum.. phos.. polyp-p. iod.. nux-m.. ran-s.... cimx.... hep. ars-br..... methyl. chel.. calad. tarax.. ceph. bry. laur... Kali-s.. Myrica cerifera. stann.. eup-per. maland.. senec. bol-lu.. ars-i. bar-c.... eucal. sec... gels. guare... eup-per.. clem... sul-ac. lept. mag-m.. Psor. mur-ac.. Lyc. Sulph. carb-v. nat-c. euphr. Nat-s. Chelidonium... cann-s. croc.. nat-p... Spigelia. cact. lyss.

Cact.. acute attacks of fever with chills followed again by a quiet phase.. persecuted feelings.... It is as though atrocities are being committed on him .. BETWEEN ACUTE AND SYCOTIC MIASM . Cocc. carb-an. ail.. Aeth.. caps. Eup-pur.. Colch.. This remedy has severe spasmodic colics and periods of quiescence. anthr. Mag-m. agar.. Bapt.... Ang... with its fear of dogs.. The main remedy of the malarial miasm is China. on the one hand. underlying fixed feeling of being deficient.. Absin. Bry. Malaria is a very common infection.. apis. Ant-c. Chin. and on the other. Arum-t..... amor-r. Chin-val. Meny.. Casc. ant-c.. calc.. ant-t. bor.. carb-ac.... cann-i. Bol. China has two components .. Chin-sal.. Ars.. arn. Paeon. Aur-m-k. Eup-per.... Phatak describes the pains as atrocious. Prun.. Chin-s. Sel... Chinid.. Sang. achy.. Carb-v. The idea that came to me immediately was the malarial miasm... Chel.THE MALARIAL MIASM A miasm between the acute and sycotic should have an acute feeling of threat that comes up intermittently in phases between which there is a chronic. Led..... canth. Coloc.. Kalm... which give rise to theorizing and planning without any hope of executing these plans. TYPHOID Miasm TYPHOID hopeful struggle (sank) Psora-Acute (Sank) Nosode: Typhoidinum Typical Remedies: Bryonia Combined Rubrics: acet-ac. calad.... etc. Caps.. Clem. Cedr... acon. Spig.. Am-m...MALARIA Abies-n... Nat-m.. it has fixed ideas and the chronic. Cina. Ran-b.. Chin-hydr. Merl.. Gnaph. Aza.. The main feeling of this miasm and of China is one of persecution... Lac-d.. arg. aeth. camph.... alumn. intermitted with sudden. asar. Berb.... Chin-m. it has periods of relative dormancy.. ars-s-f. Iris. atro.. .. cadm-s. Sac-alb.. alum. Cinch. Sumb. bell. anth. Sarr.akin to persecution.. am-c.. Verb. Arum-t... tormented.the acute threat. hindered.. Chin-ar.. Am-c. caust. Cimx..... arg-n. Chin-b..

laur.. sars.. psor. bor. Lach. amor-r.... rhus-g. tub.... merc-d.. sang. rhus-v....... Chin... valer. apis. hep....... mang. petr. rhus-v. calc.. merc-d. sec. puls. cocc.... mosch. kali-n... dig. ferr-p... sumb. eup-per.. atro. eup-per.. lachn.. kali-p... cadm-s. urt-u. spig. lyc.. rheum...... par.... ferr.. kali-c.. carb-an. gels.. Lycpersicum.. ph-ac. acon. HEAT. cyt-l. hydrin-s..... typhoid.. merc-i-r. Crot-h. mosch. Psor. plb. carb-ac... Chin. Rhus-t. Ars... ham.. cyt-l... Argemone mexicana.. glon. petr. haem. xan.. sep... Bry. Chlor... Euphrasia.... seneg. ph-ac. chloram. ter.. lept.. dulc.. dor. Sulph.... aeth. vac. iris. hydrin-s. chin-s... kali-m. sep. hell... kali-p. pyrog. urt-u... sec. chel.. staph. ferr-p... Hyos.. stry. typhus. nux-v. Bapt.. merc-cy.... op.. sec... puls... sil.. Colch. pyrog. stann.. mill... eup-a.. op. Mur-ac.. tarax.. Ars.. Echi. ip..... Colch.. valer. cina.. hep. chel. verat-v.... rheum. arn.. dor. iod. Echi. trio. cupr-ar. lyc. gymn. xan. typhoid (K1284. kali-m. tub. Stram. kali-n.. Merc....... bell.. calad. kali-bi. con.... Lach... hell.. verat... methyl. chlol. (rubrics included in above general rubric) FEVER. Rhus-t.. sil. ferr-m. stann. REMITTENT. kali-c. ter....... Aethusa. puls. Hyoscyamus. Psor.. ferr. hydr-ac. nux-m.. Mur-ac. HEAT.. agar.. carb-ac. dig. anthr... . Stram. anth.. ph-ac. eup-a.cham...... oci-s. staph... camph...... G1064) (19) : ant-t.. cina.. verat-v. sars. elaps... hydr-ac. colch... Gels.. G1059) (159) : acet-ac... ail. cic.. Bry. nit-ac.. nit-ac. thuj.. eucal. methyl... trio.... maland. Carnegia gigantea. kali-bi.... Chamomilla.. merc-c.... vac. iris. ign... chlol. mez... cham... chin-ar... laur. alum... hydr.. Hyos. mez.. cur. caps. cur. Bryonia. cann-i. ham. murac.. arg..... cocc... plan. tarax. cupr-ar... merc-cy. dulc.. cupr. nat-s... thuj. glon.. bapt.. ter. kreos.... maland... Chlor. seneg. sumb. oci-s. sel... ip. sul-ac.. ant-c. nux-m. Gels. cimic. xero.. con. Crot-h. asar. mercc. chin-ar. Phos..... ign. eucal.. Merc.. nat-m. plan. sang....... ant-t. mang... xero.. alumn. spig. merc-i-r. dor.. prone to become (K1289. arn... am-c. tub... kreos.. Arum-t. ip... laclup.. ferr-m. euphr. euphr.... Ipecac.. canth.... Sulph. nat-s. lycps..... graph. CONTINUED fever.. FEVER. ars-s-f. lac-lup.. Phos. rhus-g. chin-s. lachn.. verat........ tarent.. lept... haem.. par. phos.... sul-ac. stry. cimic... sel... elaps... hydr. arg-n. lycps. nat-m. zinc. Carb-v.. tarent.. achy. Rhus-t.. gymn.. Baptisia. graph... chloram. caust... iod.. zinc.... cupr. cic. mill... nux-v.. plb. Plant Remedies in Typhoid Miasm (Sankaran): Abelmoschus.

Rhus-d.. Paris quadrifolia. Ur-ac. Tann-ac... Pic-ac. Benz-ac. Faec...... Fl-ac... Ba-sv. Picro-ac. Hyos.. Rhus-v. Tarax. It has "Delirium..... Aeth. Asc-t. Coccal.. Carbn-s........ Anan. Nux-v. Sor-ac. Bact-coli. Sabad. will end in total recovery. The feeling is that of a critical situation which. Apis-m.. Gamb.. Mez. Bryonia ia also listed under "Fear of starving". days before the temperature rises significantly. Glut-ac. Podophyllum.. Sac-alb. Chr-ac.. Dys-co.. Mur-ac.... Iris-t... Tellac.. Nux-moschata. Coli...... Arge. Tart-ac. Glon.. THE SUBACUTE/TYPHOID MIASM I concluded that a miasm between the acute and the psoric miasms had to be typhoid. Nat-p... Thyr. and can become life threatening..... Cit-ac. Pant-ac.... Ail. Gall-ac. Nux-vomica... Gels.. Lycps. Form-ac....the response is not just instinctive. Petr. Bryonia has "Fear of Poverty" and a struggle for wealth. if handled properly for a critical period. Typhoid has both the acute features as well as the slowness. Gaert. Podo. Rib-ac. Squil... Calc-f.. Nit-ac. and how intensely the patient is struggling against it. Carb-an. Isoniz... Chrys-ac.. The fever is continuous.. Cupr-acet. but also has the component of struggle. Visc.Mancinella... Bor-ac.. Palm-ac.... Sul-ac-ar. Typhoid has a prolonged prodrome with a feeling of malaise. Dor. Polyst.. Manc. Sul-ac. Botul. Hydr-ac. Ars. Prot. Fumar-ac... talks of business". Hip-ac. Acetyls-ac. MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R. Ip.. rises higher each day. Rhus-t. Ami-sal-ac.. Thio-ac. Hell... Nux-m. Pyro-ac. Mut. Cham.. Acon-ac. Nit-m-ac. Fol-ac. Pyrog..... Morg-g. - . Carb-ac. Ph-ac. Lacac. Apis. Bact-pyo. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) TYPHOID Acet-ac. Ox-ac. Lachn. Syc-co.. One of the main drugs of the typhoid miasm is Bryonia... Nucl-ac. Sulo-ac. Rhus-g.. Hf-sil-ac.... Morg. It is an intense struggle in which there is an acute threat from outside ..... Bry... Bufo. Sarcol-ac. Mal-ac.. Poly-bow. Atro.. Terebinthinum.... Ter.... Pictx-ac. Asc-ac... Camph-ac.. Carb-v... Rheum.. Hyosin. Petros. Par. Hydrobr-ac. Bapt.. Verat-v.. Keto-ac.. Ba-tn.. Succ-ac... which gives an indication as to how critical and acute the situation is..

....... lyc.. podo. choc.. con. Melilotus.. nit-ac. form. Digitalinum. Arnica.. croc.. musa.. vip. eup-pur. berb. glon. rad-br... plb.. ign. carb-ac.. eup-per... mag-c...... Veratrum-album MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF . Morphinum... stann.. cimic.. Croton-tiglium. coloc. canth. cupr.. Elaterium. mag-p.. petr.. stry.. SUDDEN manifestations (SRII-616) (60) : Acon. Plant Remedies in Acute Miasm (Sankaran): Aconite. camph. ars. Calendula. Chocolate.... verat. bar-c.. am-c... hydr-ac. tab. Menthol. tarent-c. phos. Strychninum. Oenothera biennis.. Belladonna. Camphor.. ictod.. dios. Cactina.. spig. buni-o. mag-acet... Bell.. androc.. thuj. cact. mez. nat-s. crot-h. Stramonium. Belladonna GENERALITIES. valer. Coffeinum. kali-bi....... Agatha-australis. hydrog.. tung.. tub. tarent.. oxyt. apis. ran-b. ox-ac.. Typhoid-Malaria Nosode: ? Typical Remedies: Aconitum. sul-ac.. ambr.ACUTE Miasm ACUTE reactive (Sank).

. Lith-sal.. The reaction is seen in the following symptoms: "Desire for light and company" and "Children wake up screaming. instinctive and reflex. Lith-m. Atro.... Oena... Prop. Verin... Lyss. Dubin. For example Stramonium has "Delusion. Lith-br. Emetin.. recognize no one. Cryp. Cocain. Verat. Colchin.. Lith-f.... Lith-p. there is the feeling that: "There is a strong threat from the outside world". Verat-v. Camph.. it ends either with death or recovery.. Esin.... Solin.. Choc.. Lobin. flushed face. Calen. The central features of the acute disease itself correspond to the feeling of threat and the strong. Hyosin.. It will be noticed that Aconitum and Belladonna which are the best examples of the acute miasm are given in Volume II of the Synthetic Repertory under "Sudden Manifestations". Chlor.. Reser.. Sanguin... Form of reaction: Reflex . Diph. Narcot... Phel. Coffin. and cling to those nearby".... Terebe. Datin. Muscin.. Aether.. Stry-p. Belladonna... Abel. Meli. Narcin. Brucin. Lith-s.. Morph.. Hydrin-m. Lith.. Papin.. alone in the wilderness".. Acute Remedies: Aconitum.... Epih. Parth. Lept... rapid pulse. Berbin. Conin. Aspar. Tab.. Canth. Dys-co.. Chlol. Morbill.... Glon.. Heli. Ergot. . Trinit...HOMEOPATHS AROUND R. Lith-chl.... Bell... Apom.. Stry. etc. Stramonium Keyword: REACTION (instinctive) Central: Threat is too strong. Ferr-p-h.. with no sense of fault in oneself. Cod. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) ACUTE Acon.... Xanth.. Hyoscyamus. Spong...ACTION THE ACUTE MIASM In the drugs of the acute miasm. Mand. The acute disease has a sudden onset.. Nicot.... Beryl. And indeed we do find in these drugs a sudden. Coto. Fault is entirely on the side of stressor. Cinch. The reaction to this threat is strong.. Sant..... Lobin-s. Jatr.. Stry-n.. Hydrog. Sanguin-n. rapid progress and a swift termination. Lith-l.. almost immediate reaction. Morph-m. Digin. Arn. Cocci-s... Piloc. Lith-c.... Lithbe. Laur.. Saroth.. Bad.... Aconin... Franc.. Stram. Picro. Reaction to stress: Instinctive reaction...

The state of the mind and body being related. They can also have manic reactions. they are actually manifestations of the compensated phase going into the uncompensated phase. especially when the tendency (genetic predisposition) to such a pathology is quite strong in the patient. like excessively loud laughter and abnormal bursts of courage and cheerfulness. Further. In the physical sphere. This can be seen in the example of Aconitum. these features are heavily compensated for. they are especially marked in the acute. impulsive violence as in the syphilitic personality. but without the counterpart of chronic. There may also be sudden. palpitation. Aconitum has the feeling that something sudden will happen leading to his death. sharply and intensely. anxiety and restlessness. because this is the time when threatening situations from the outside are more . but when examined closely. threatening situations. The acute miasm usually does not cause chronic structural pathology. Many of these persons could go into a contra-phobic behaviour. Physical manifestations of the acute miasm are in the form of sudden and violent reactions. the feelings about one's own self are not in the forefront here. the acute personality. exacerbations and threatening conditions that cause panic in the mind of the patient and those around him. has compensated and uncompensated phases.they react as though to a threat. easily excitable and hyperactive . too. are full of excitement and represent acute. and although these are present in the other miasms as well. But when in a chronic situation. they function at a very high voltage. whereas Stramonium is normally known to have a fear of dogs. etc. which means they do exactly the opposite in their life to what they fear. etc. In general. flushing of face alternating with paleness. It can however aggravate structural pathology. The dreams. we find racing pulse. the delusion is expressed at both levels the mental and the physical. Mentally this is seen as fear of death. This may seem to appear like mood swings. acute personalities are excited.The features of the acute personality are that the patient perceives the situation to be one of acute threat and therefore reacts instinctively. For example a Stramonium personality may have many pet dogs. In general. and they become uncompensated only under stressful conditions. The acute miasm will be found more in babies and children. The situation is overwhelming and there is a state of alarm. deep seated pessimism.

echi... bry.. aurs.. elaps.... bell-p..... cupr-s. Nitric acid GENERALITIES. euph. asaf... arbu. clem. epip. childlike reaction.Pap.. Such a response would help one recognize this miasm....Adeno.. calc-o-t. cot... Carcinosin INTEST. chr-ac.. arg-n... agar.from an epithelioma of the bladder Carcinosin bowel co Carcinosin Co. cit-l. ant-c. calc-i. acon. cham. cod. cist.... calc-ar... aur-m. ars-br........ cinnam. beryl.. cic.. eos. arg. acet-ac... ars-i.... Therefore even when the acute miasm is found in adults.. calc-ox. ant-m.from epitheliomata of the intestine and bladder Carcinosin SCIR.. cupr. carb-ac. cur.. CANCER Miasm CANCER malignant hypertrophy.. . chim.... apis... aster. cholin.. astra-e.. calen.... carbn-s. ant-t. aur-i. PULM... crot-h.from carcinoma of breast Carcinosin ADENO STOM. bell.. The reaction of the acute miasm is an innocent.... aq-mar.. aur. cedr. bar-c... cund. Brom. eucal. benzoq.. carb-v. arn. anthr. aur-m-n.... croc. buni-o. anan..often found..from a scirrhus of the breast Carcinosin Stroma Stomach Carcinosin SQUAM. caust. agav-t... anil. calc-f... ant-i.. MAM.. anac.CO. am-c.Uterus Carcinosin ADENO VESICA . eup-per. ars-s-f..from an epithelioma of the stomach Carcinosin.. alum-sil. Con. calth. cory.. apoc. instinctive. alumn. .. cadm.... SRII-54. ambr.... there is a certain childishness in the response. coloc. carc. bar-i. . aur-ar. bani-c.from an epithelioma of the lung Typical Remedies: Carcinosin. perfectionistic (Sank) Sycosis-Syphilis Nosodes: Carcinosin mixed Carcinosin. bapt.. Ars. elat. calc-acet. calc-s. cupr-acet...... calc-sil.. G1111) (246) : abr. bism. card-m... cit-ac.... calc-p. cadm-s. dulc. chol. calc. bufo. chel.. .. Carb-an.. ail. alum... ars-s-r.. ant-ar.. CANCEROUS affections (K1346. .

.. Ars-i.. scroph-n.. sol. Acal.... kali-chl. fuli. Asar... Phyt.. Phyt.. Nat-n. Staphysagria. Kali-n. Lob.. Scrophularia nodosum. Tarent. thala.... nym. syc-co.. Am-i.. op.... Am-pic. senec-j..... viol-o... scirr.. kreos. pic-ac.. Am-n.. Aur-ar. Ign. tax. Nit-m-ac.... Mez. Am-caust. Anacardium. . Cob-n. Ars-br.. Rat... nux-v. Cupr-n. Am-be... sarcol-ac... staph. Calc-f... Anh. Cupr-ar. Ulmus procera..... Sil.. Apoc. myris.. lup. form... Scirr.. Bism.. sang. oxyg... sac-alb... Sabin... hep. med. lach... hecla. Gast.... Nitro-o. Aster. symph.. iodof.. Am-br... ferr-pic. zinc. Con.. Cund. sars. ran-b. morg-g.. Ichth. Zinc-n. psoral.....euph-he. lap-a. morph. sep.. Ornithogalum umbellatum.. matth.. ox-ac.. maland. petr... Ars-s-r. Calc-ar. Cean.. hippoz. form-ac. Squil..... kali-p... sul-ac. prot. kali-i. rhus-t. Ars-s-f... naja. gua... tarent-c... Calc-n... Bellis perennis.. Am-val... sieg.. laur. stront-c. Antar..... hydrc.... uran-n. Tarent-c.. lupin.... Carc... Bar-c.. squil...... Ferr-n.. Ham.. perh.. ferr-p.. gels. merc.. Am-p.. psor. rad-br. sec.... Op... Kreos... Gali. nat-m. merc-k-i. graph... Thea. sed-r.... Aran... Am-van. Aml-n.. ph-ac. Am-m... gent-l. methyl. Carb-an. mur-ac.. Myris..... ran-s. Nat-c. Chin-ar. Lil-t.. nat-sil-f. Ars-met..... vib-p.. Am-c. Nit-s-d. thuj. lob-c.. Physostigma venenosum.... sabal.. Tabacum. Anac.. Arsenal. Bufo. silphu.. gaert... Aethyl-n. lact. mill. ruta. Lyc.... kali-cy. Phos... verb... hydrin-m.. Arg-n.. ferr-i... Nitro-benz... Benzn. merc-c. merc-i-f.. mez. tarax. sulph... Viol-o. Cupr-am-s. Ars-h.... Staph. Trinit... sul-i... Clem. Phys. Opium.. x-ray. Euphrasia. Thiosin.... ho. tarent. nectrin. Hydr. Merc-n.. Benz-d.. kali-bi. Kali-ar.. Ferr-ar. Brom.. rhod. Am-t.... hydr. Aur-s. lac-h... orni. kali-s.. ter. Echi. toxo.. gali. lob-d. Nit-ac. Sabina. Anhalonium... Plant Remedies in Cancer Miasm (Sankaran): Agnus castus. semp.. thiosin.. SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) CANCER Agar. Galium aparine. trif-p. Asarum canadense.. ol-an. iod. kali-c.. raja-s. spig. Ars....... Bell-p.. kali-ar...... Pic-ac.. visc. mag-m.. Ruta. parat..... Ust. nat-cac. ham. Ignatia amara.. rumx-a... mag-s. kres.. Nit-ac. Aur-fu. Valer. mag-p.. puls.. syph. spong.. Conium. Viola odorata MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R.. Ars-n. formal.

. Nat-cac. The main remedies of the cancer miasm are Carcinosinum and Nitricum acidum.Lev.. Bar-n. Falco-p. Mag-ar. Nitro.. Am-cit. Cob-p.. Kali-picn. "Dwarfishness" and "Ailments from anticipation". Stront-ar. Ars-i-merc. Rhodi-o-n. Am-s-a. There is a feeling of weakness within. Nit-phami. Benz-ar. Nat-ns. with fixity and at the same time breakdown and destruction. Plb-n......... wherein he is expected to perform exceedingly well.. Vichy-g. Am-sal. In the pathology of cancer we see the sycotic element of building up as in new growths... Plb-ar.. Ars-t-s... Am-s. as well as the need to perform. The Cancer Miasm The cancer miasm lies between the sycotic and the syphilitic... the demand has been put upon him. There is no rest or freedom from tension. Cadm-n. for failure would mean death and destruction. Lac-h... "Suicidal" and "Dreams of murder". It is a superhuman effort. So.. Zinc-ar.. It is a continuous and prolonged struggle which seems to have no end. Urea-n... On the one hand we have the rubrics: "Timidity". Cadm. It develops when the sycotic (with the feeling of a fixed weakness) is subjected to extreme stress. Vanad... The clinical picture of Carcinosinum is of a person who is a model of perfection ... he has to put in everything he has and much more in a really intense effort to survive. and although he would like to cover up his imagined weakness and feeling of incapacity.. Am-acet.. Cadmar. Orni.... Stry-n. Bar-ar.. Mag-n. Merc-pr-a. Germ.one with whom it would be difficult to find fault. .. His survival depends upon it.. Stront-n.. Stryar. which he feels incapable of doing. These symptoms show the sycotic and syphilitic dimensions. he stretches himself beyond the limits of his capacity. "Obstinate".. Mercar. Thal-ar. yet there is the need to perform very well and live up to expectations. The patient is constantly striving to be perfect and in doing so stretches himself beyond the limits of his capacity.. Nat-ar. Uran-ar. Am-car. Nat-a-g.... and on the other "Fastidiousness". Thal-n. Am-form... Sanguin-n. The main feeling of this miasm is therefore that he is expected to perform exceedingly well... Aur-n.. Uran-n. We often have a history of high expectations on the part of the parents and a high level of performance on the part of the subject to live up to them. Am-ar. as in syphilis. Arg-ar..

... Brucin. Emetin. Cocain. Ferr-ma...... Nicot.. Kali-s. TYPHOID Acet-ac.. Hyosin... Cocci-s. Sulph. Ur-ac... Fumar-ac. Ox-ac. Prop. Tell... Cupr-acet. Apom. Acon-ac. Podo. Aspar. Morph. Ergot. Atro... Petr....... Zinc-fcy.... Tab. Coffin. Benz-ac.. Iris-t. Ferr-c. Tann-ac... Ferr-f.. Dor..... Nux-m.. Ferr-br. Rhus-v.. Morbill. Ail. Bact-coli.. Laur... Faec. Dys-co. Chlol. Carb-an. Poly-bow.. M-arct. Lith-c.... Cupr.. Ferr-s.. Keto-ac. Colchin..... All-s. Pyrog.. Ferr-m.. Saroth.. ...... Ran-s.. Cod.. Ferr-py. Tarax.. Choc. Coccal.... Diph.... Cham.. Aln....... Hell... Spong. Lyc. Lith-sal. Asc-ac.. Phyt. Mez. Rhus-d.. Bad... Sabad.. Verat-v.... Digin. Jug-c... Ferr-t. Sarcol-ac. Nux-v.. Dys-co. Ferr-n. Hydrin-m. Asc-t. Graph.. Stry-n.... Carbn-s.. Pant-ac. Mand. Croto-t..... Form-ac..... Ferr-val. Hf-sil-ac.. Ferr-acet. Sac-alb. Apis... Picro-ac. Jatr.. Calc-f. Arge. Phel.. Thio-ac. Carbn-o. Calen.. Ph-ac... Lacac... Arn. Lyss.. Gamb. Morg. Sor-ac... Bell.. Dubin.. Verin.. Stram.... Aeth.. Calc-s... Lithbe.. Kali-c.. Hydrobr-ac. Parth. Hip-ac. Rhus-t. Thyr.. Xanth.. Prot. Aconin. Epih... Camph-ac. Kali-fcy. Lith-m. Terebe. Bact-pyo.. Esin.. M-aust.. Lith-br... Succ-ac. Bapt.. Pic-ac.. Nat-p.. Carb-v.... Tart-ac... Lept. Meli... Lobin.. Nit-ac.... Sul-ac... Nit-m-ac. Atro. Ba-sv. Fl-ac... Sanguin.. Fol-ac. Verat. Sul-ac-ar.. Canth... SANKARAN (from Referenceworks and not in alphabetical order) PSORA Calc. Acetyls-ac. Pyro-ac. Mag-s... Stry-p.. Psor. Lac-h... Ferr-ar..... Polyst.. Mal-ac. Ferr-p. Bufo.. Gaert. Coto. Berbin.. Berb. Verat-v.. Calc-sil. Ferr-pic... Ars. ACUTE Acon. Mur-ac... Visc.. Vario. Rhus-g. Manc. Reser.. Narcin. Bry... Ferr-cy.... Par. Lycps. Carb-ac...... Stry.... Cench.. Sars. Nucl-ac. Glon. Hyos... Chr-ac... Ferr-p-h. Squil.. Hydr-ac. RINGWORM Act-sp. Caps. Ictod. Rheum.. Papin. Narcot. Gels... Ip... Isoniz.. All-c.. Sulo-ac... Ringw... Morg-g.. Ferr-i. Lith-chl... Petros.. Tarax. Muscin... Chrys-ac.. Beryl... Ferr-l. Ba-tn.. Ferr-cit. Franc. Cist. Ferr-o-r. Hydrog....... Ferr. Sanguin-n. Oena... Lachn..... Stry-f-c. Cinch. Ter. Rib-ac... Ferr-prox.... Camph. Palm-ac. Trinit. Nicc.. Datin.. Cryp... Anan. Mut. Apis-m... Jug-r. Chlor.. Glon.... Syc-co. Bor-ac... Sant. Picro. Ami-sal-ac. Piloc.. Coli. Pictx-ac. Abel... Lith-l.. Botul.. Nat-c. Ferr-sil. Tellac.. Hyosin..======================================== MIASMATIC REMEDIES ACCORDING TO THE BOMBAY GROUP OF HOMEOPATHS AROUND R. Ars-s-f... Aether..... Gall-ac.. Solin. Ferr-p-h... Calc-f.. Cit-ac. Conin.. Berb-a.. Glut-ac. Mp-a...

Kali-n. Sul-i... Gnaph.... Nat-p.... Ant-i. Asaf. Chin-hydr.. Androc. Dros. Ol-an.. Hipp..... Gels. Chin-s... Prun. Spong... Chin-m.. Aloe.. Asar.. Glon.. Lach. Iod-br. Caps. Ust.. Berb.... Olnd... Aether. Apis-m. Juni..... Aur-m-k.. Cadm-i. Kali-bi.. Am-m... Psor. Indg.. Iod-m.. Ant-c... Am-p. Zincp. Buth-aust. Cob.. Vesp. Agar-ph. Adam... Lycps. Arum-t. Clem.. Eup-pur.... Anac. Ovi-g-p. Thuj-l. Meph. Iod. Bar-c... Apis-r.Morph-m. Lil-t... Lac-d. Pulx.. Lac-leo. Aether. Cann-i. Pall. Ped.. Ust... Nat-c. Cupre-aust.. Aza. Nat-s. Aur-s.. Cinch... Ars-i.... Dig.. Tarent-c. Cast-eq.. Bol... Psil. Arg-p. Ran-b. Kali-s. Heli. Clem. Chin-ar. Aur-i... Cast.. Acal.. Stann-i... Chel. Casc. Sabin.... Cob-p. TUBERCULAR Abrot. Chr-p. Mang-i. Adam.... .. Sulac. Bals-p. Arg..... Puls. Apisin.. Aur-m. Ros-g. Sphing. Dor. Am-c. Ant-t... Lath. Cedr... Aran.. Pin-l... Phos-i. Trom. Fl-ac... Erig.. Ph-ac... Calc-hp.. Samb. Bac.. Blatta. Lith. Juni-v. Sabad.. Lat-k. Caul. Brom. Equis.. Bar-p. Kali-i... Aphis. Cact. Croc... Caust...... Rattr.. Plac. Ferr-py..... Verb. Lac-lup. Phos-pchl.. Iris. Bov.. Coc-c.. Sil.. Pin-c. Cann-s.. Cadm-p.... Chin-b... Bcg... Culx..... Mosch.... Ter. Med. Agra. Ol-j. Agar.. Atra-r. Lobin-s.. Cupre-s. Sang.. Arg-i. SYCOSIS Abies-c.. Nat-i.. MALARIA Abies-n. Plac-s. Mang-p. Cob-i.. Capra. Tub. Merc-k-i. Bism. Led. Polyst. Kam.. Scol. Gall-p. Falco-p. Mag-m.... Tub-r. Lac-eq. Absin.. Cere-b.. Helo. Grat. Kalm.. Iodof........ Tub-a. Caust. Lac-del. Coloc.. Salx-n. Zinc.... Iod-ac.. Merc-p.. Del. Succ-ac. Coff. Coca. Sumb. Ars-i.. Ferr-p.. Stann.. Aran-s. Merl. Cina... Chin-val. Bar-i. Tela. Gins. Colch. Cop.. Eup-per. Chinid... Juni-c. Triat. Germ... Lith-p. Cocc. Brucin.. Lith-p. Iodot. Juni-b. Dulc. Form.. Merc-i-r.......... Onos. Lat-h. Ferr. Tab... Bism.. Bomb-chr.... Apis.. Kreos..... Sarr. Agn.. Canthin.. Sel. Alum-p.... Calc-i.. Kali-c... Aur-i. Phel. Spig. Mag-i. Petros. Stront-i. Blatta-a.. Lith-s. Cere-b.. Am-i. Plb-i. Scorp. Cocci-s. Mag-p... Teucr. Ferr-p-h. Berb. Bor.. Arist-cl... Alco... Lac-c. Nat-m. Lacf.. Cimx.. Lil-t.... Cod. Carb-ac. Tub-lar. Kali-m.. Cub.... Nat-p...... Mosch.. Hepar-s.. Tub-d. Anag. Mez... Nat-ar........... Phos-amor. Tub-k.. Tub-m... Meny......... Cerv... Kali-sil. Tax. Elat. Calc-p... Lat-m... Tab.. Tarent... Aur-p..... Bar-i.... Tere-ch.. Aeth.... Chin-sal. Gnaph. Ambr.. Lith-i. Mygal. Abies-n.. Plb-p. Tub-sp.... Sang.. Cimx.. Ther.. Cocc. Terebe. Ferr-i..... Yohim.. Aran-ix.. Meph. Fel....... Calc-br. Ant-c... Lac-d... Bar-p. Cimic... Zinc. Phos. Stict.. Zinc-i.... Merc-i-f.. LEPROSY Agar-em. Sanic...... Canth..... Paeon... Chin. Mag-m.. Ang.. Calc-l-p. Stry-p... Kali-br. Urine-gr.. Sac-alb. Lith-f.... Thuj.. Ph-ac. Avic... Mill.. Salx-n.. Kali-p.. Seneg.. Pareir... Cupre-l. Bomb-pr.. Kali-hp. Mag-c. Kali-c. Mang.... Lac-eq... Phos-h.. Pin-s... Senec. Cinnb.

Rat.... Sulph.... Fl-ac. Ars. Cench. Stryar. Plb.... Ichth.. Cob-p.. Clem.... Am-i..... Lach. Nat-i.. Asperg-n.. Aran. Am-be. Bar-c.......... Ust. Germ.. Dendro-p. Scirr.... Cur... Osm. Kali. Lac-h..... Phys. Kali-i. Sel..... Cob-n.. Plb-i.. Cob-i. Polyp-p. Phys... Agki-p. Thal-n.. Bov... Am-acet.. Mag-i. Benz-ar. Osm.. Stann-i...... Syph. Cean. Viol-o. Uran-n. Oxyu-m. Bell-p.. Nat-ns.. Ars-s-r. Ars-s-f. Bol-ign.. Bism. Am-caust... Ars-t-s.. Bol-sang. Mucor. Cadm-n. Nat-a-g. Agarpa. Moni.... Agar-v. Bol.... Aml-n.. Ars-br. Ferr-ar.. Gali. Echi.... Am-i. Aster.... Lev.. Russ... Plat.. Iod-m..... Inul. Nit-m-ac. Cycl. Torul. Lol. Apoc. Sabin. Benzn.. Note-s. Ust..... Kali-ar. SYPHILIS Absin. Aur. Vichy-g.. Agar-b. Kali-picn.... Ferr-n.... Naja-n. Scorp. Merc-i-f. Aur-s. Hydr. Lil-t... Thiosin... Both-a. Con. Pic-ac. Falco-p. Plut. Vip.. Mez. Anh. Echi. Bol-luc... Biti-a.. Arg-ar..... Led...... Gast. Uran-ar. Ars-met.. Ho...... Tarent... Kali.. Calc-f. Sec. Der. Nitro-o. Bol-lu.. Brom... Iod.... Am-pic.. Hura. Am-form... Aur-ar.... Nitro. Lepro. Lob. Nat-cac. Thal-ar.. CANCER Agar. Carc. Meph... Psil. Camph... Nitro-benz.. Spirae... Sol-t-ae.. Tub. Sul-i.. Arsenal. Acal. Crot-c.. Cic. Lat-h.. Naja...... Am-t. Muscin.... Nat-ar... Guai.. Merc-n. Dao-r.... Zinc-i.. Nelum. Cimic. Am-c... Ferr-i.... Phos-i. Cean. Merc-k-i. Phal.. Furf-i.. Ant-o.... Ars-n.. Lac-del.. Am-n... Bol-s. Hura. Still. Aur-s.. Am-cit.. Am-s-a. Am-p. Hom.. Agar-cps. Nit-s-d. Nit-ac... Bufo.. Agar-bi. Asar. Helod-c.. Mag-ar. Iod-br.. Cadm... Orig... Stront-ar. Lact.. Am-sal... Anac... Hydrc... Staph. Squil. Mercar. Mag-n. Plb-n.. Nat-n.. Asperg-f... Hydrc. Zinc-ar.. Nat-c...Blatta. Orni. Am-val. Merc-p..... Agar-st. Chin-ar. Bar-c.. Ars-i.... Aza.. Cand-p.. Dulc. Kali-i. Aur-fu.. Aur-n. Ergot... Nit-phami. Aur-m. Tarent-c... Cadmar. Trinit.. Vip-d. Am-car. Sabad. Phyt. Am-br. Dema... Elaps. Calc-n. Psil.. Aethyl-n. Agar-pr. Vip-a. Agar-cpn. Ruta.... Kali-n. .. Psor... Iod-ac.... Bar-s..... Cadm-i. Lat-m.. Urea-n. Antar.. Am-s. Led. Bol-ap..... Puls. Bar-n. Bung-f... Bol-e.. Bung-c.. Agarin... Ign... Hipp.. Lac-d. Agar-cit.. Sep. Hep. Thea.... Ratt-r. Calc-i... Op.. Cupr-n. Buth-aust. Rhodi-o-n.. Am-m. Coc-c. Hydr. Vanad.. Zinc-n... Agar-se... Plb-ar.. Stront-i.... Merc. Crot-h.. Ham.. Sanguin-n. Cund. Oxyu-s. Kreos..... Both-l. Valer. Bufo. Calc-ar... Myris. Cupr-ar. Ars-i.. Com... Stront-n. Cand-a.. Mang-i... Guai..... Blatta-a.. Iodof. Mai-c... Cupr-am-s.. Cor-r. Lac-leo.... Alum.. Asperg-fl.... Am-van. Vip-r. Coca. Merc-pr-a. Ars-i-merc. Benz-d... Bol-f. Androc. Echis-c.. Adam... Ars-h... Bar-ar.. Culx.. Am-ar. Stry-n. Carb-an. Arg-n.. Hydro-c.

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