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Published by: lalithapoyya on Jan 29, 2013
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Mohammad Masroor of Baghbanpura, Lahore writes:
29th APRIL:
The vision of rain stayed for five seconds. It was milky in colour. My mind kept on trying to
see it in the form of lights.
Today against my routine after awakening I again went to sleep and dreamt that there is a
black and lean person sweeping in my room. I felt angry that how he could dare to enter my
room and in rage I left the room. Then for confirmation I again came to my room and saw
him putting laces in my shoes. I told him that he was putting the wrong laces in the shoes
but he ignored me and continued with what he was doing.

30th MAY:
Gradually the blue clouds covered the sky. Today my head and arms grew so cold as if they
were put in ice.

Munir Ahmad of Latifabad Hyderabad writes that he had been doing the exercise of rain of
lights since 16th July, Nothing special happened during first two days. But on 18th July he
had a severe headache which persisted even during the exercise of 19th July. "Since you
had already warned me therefore I did not pay much heed to it. On 20th July after the
exercise when I went to bed I felt as if I have become two and I saw there is another Munir
lying beside me."

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