January 29, 2013

GEI Consultants’ Denver Office Awarded BIA Project

GEI is the prime consultant assisting the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Division of Water and Power, Branch of Dam Safety, to update its Safety of Dams Program Handbook. The key objectives for this work include integrating a risk-informed decision process to all dam safety program activities and elements following the Department of Interior Public Protection Guidelines; incorporating current industry standards and BIA practices; and defining future roles of BIA and supporting partners in the dam safety program. The handbook contains comprehensive policies and guidelines related to risk management; risk assessments; safety inspections; engineering evaluations; design and construction for risk reductions; permitting; emergency management; monitoring; operation and maintenance; early warning systems; dam security; and training. Input and information from BIA’s central office in Denver, Bureau of Reclamation and other federal agencies, eight BIA regional dam-safety officers, and tribal personnel will be considered. This project will be led from our Denver office and include Kit Choi, Client Manager / Dam and Dam Safety Engineering, Dick Westmore, Dam and Dam Safety Engineering, Gillian Williams, Geotechnical Engineering, and Nick Miller H&H Engineering. Congratulations!

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