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Merovigian Mythos

Merovigian Mythos

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Published by: Stacey Palmer on Jan 29, 2013
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Merovingian Mythos

The Merovingian Mythos: Its Symbolic Significance and its Roots in the Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis by Tracy R. Twyman The Frankish King Dagobert II, and the Merovingian dynasty from which he came, have been romantically mythologized in the annals of both local legend and modern mystical pseudo-history, but few have understood the true meaning and origins of their alluring mystery. The mystique that surrounds them includes attributions of saintliness, magical powers (derived from their long red hair), and even divine origin, stemming from their supposed descent from the one and only Jesus Christ. However, the importance of the divine origin of the Merovingians, and the antiquity from whence it comes, has never to this author's knowledge been fully explored by any writer or historian. As Boyd Rice and I will explain in more detail in our forthcoming book, we have uncovered mountains of evidence which indicates that the origins of the Merovingian race, and the mystery that surrounds them, lies ultimately with a race of beings, "Nephilim," or "Fallen Angels," who created mankind as we know him today, and with a civilization, far more ancient than recorded history, from which came all of the major arts and sciences that are basic to civilizations everywhere, even unto today. As we intend to show, all of the myths and symbolism that are associated with this dynasty

can, in fact, be traced back to this earlier civilization. It is known, in some cultures, as Atlantis, although there are many names for it, and it is the birthplace of agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, metallurgy, navigation, architecture, language, writing, and religion. It was also the source of the first government on Earth - monarchy. And the first kings on Earth were the gods. Their race was known by various names. In Greece, the Annodoti. In Sumeria, the Anunnaki. In the Celtic lore, the Tuatha de Danaan. In the Semetic scriptures (Torah, Talmud, Old Testament, and other Apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch), they are called The Nephilim, "The Sons of God," or the Watchers. They are described as having attachments such as wings, horns, and even fish scales, but from the depictions it is clear that these are clothes or costumes worn for their symbolic value, for these symbols indicated divine power and royal blood. The gods themselves had their own monarchy, with laws of succession similar to our own, and they built a global empire upon the Earth, with great cities, temples and monuments, and mighty nations established on several continents. They created mankind as a slave race to work on their farms and in their gold mines, among other things. The Sumerian legends are very clear: man was made to "bear the yoke of the gods." Man was separate from the gods, like a domesticated animal, and there was a great cultural taboo amongst the gods against sharing any of their sacred information with humanity, even things such as writing and mathematics. These gods ruled directly over Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley, and their rule is recorded in the histories of all three civilizations. This global monarchy was the crowning glory of the Ages, and the period of their rule came to be called the Golden Age or, as the Egyptians called it, "The First Time," when the gods watched over man directly, like a shepherd his flock. In fact, they were often called "The Shepherd Kings." One of the symbols of this world monarchy was an eye hovering over a throne, and this eye now adorns our dollar bill, presented as the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza, underneath which are written the words "New World Order." Clearly this "New World Order" is the global monarchy that our Founding Fathers (not a Democrat among them) intended for this nation to participate in all along, symbolized by a pyramid as a representation of the ideal and perfectly ordered authoritarian empire. During the Golden Age of the Gods, a new king's ascendance to the global throne would be celebrated by the sacrifice of a horse, an animal sacred to Poseidon, one of the Atlantean god-kings and Lord of the Seas. (Recall that Merovingian King Clovis was buried with a severed horse's head.) In fact there is an amusing story about how King Sargon's rebellious son Sagara tried to prevent his father's assumption of the world throne from being solidified by stealing his sacrificial horse. The horse was not recovered until years later, and Sagara, along with the "sons of Sagara," i.e., those members of his family who had assisted him, were forced to dig their own mass grave. This grave was oddly called "The Ocean." It was just a rebellion such as this that lead to the downfall of the entire glorious

Empire. At some point, it is told, some of the gods broke rank. This is again recorded in just about every culture on Earth that has a written or oral history of legends. Some of the gods, finding human females most appealing, intermarried with them (breaking, of course, a major taboo within their own culture), and creating a race of human/god hybrids. Some of these offspring are described as taking the form of giants, dragons, and sea monsters, while others are said to have born a normal human countenance, with the exception of their shimmering white skin and their extremely long life spans. This is the bloodline that brought us Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, Jesus Christ, and many others, in other words the Grail Bloodline. Legend has it that these beings taught mankind their secrets, including the above-mentioned arts of civilization, as well as a secret spiritual doctrine that only certain elect humans (their blood descendants) would be allowed to possess. They created ritualistic mystery schools and secret societies to pass this doctrine down through the generations. However, these actions (the interbreeding and sharing of secrets with humans) incurred the wrath of the Most High God, and a number of other gods who were disgusted by this interracial breeding. This sparked the massive and devastating battle of the gods that has come down to us in the legends of both the "War in Heaven," and the "Deluge." Then, in order to cleanse the Earth"s surface of the curse of humanity, they covered it with a flood. Interestingly, this flood is mentioned in the legends of almost every ancient culture on Earth, and the cause is always the same. Often the waters are described as having come from inside the Earth. "The Fountains of the deep are opened," it is said. "Suddenly enormous volumes of water issued from the Earth." Water was "projected from the mountain like a water spout." The Earth began to rumble, and Atlantis, fair nation of the gods, sunk beneath the salty green waves. As we shall see, this is analogous to part during the "War in Heaven" when the "rebellious" angels or gods were punished by being cast down "into the bowels of the Earth," a very significant location. To be certain, some of the Atlanteans managed to survive, and many books have been written about the Atlantean origin of the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indo-Aryan, and native South American civilizations (bringing into question the validity of the term "Native American"). Little, however, has been written about those who escaped into Western Europe, except for a passing reference in Ignatius Donnelly's Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, in which he writes: "The Gauls (meaning the French) possessed traditions upon the subject of Atlantis which were collected by the Roman historian Timagenes who lived in the first century before Christ. He represents that three distinct people dwelt in Gaul: 1. The indigenous population, which I suppose to be Mongoloids, who had long dwelt in Europe; 2. The invaders from a distant land, which I understand to be Atlantis; 3. The Aryan Gaul." That the Merovingian bloodline came from elsewhere is clear because of the

legend that surrounds their founder, King Merovee, who is said to have been the spawn of a "Quinotaur," a giant fish or a sea monster, who raped his mother when she went out to swim in the ocean. Now it becomes clear why he is called "Merovee," because in French, mermeans sea. And in some traditions, Atlantis was called Meru, or Maru. (It is also the name of the famous "World Mountain" of Eastern tradition.) For these gods, navigation above all was important to them, for it was their sea power that maintained their military might and their successful mercantile trade. (Mer is also the origin of the word "mercantile.") The Atlanteans were associated with the sea and were often depicted as mermen, or sea monsters, with scales, fins, and horns. And they were variously associated with a number of important animals, whose symbolism they held sacred: horses, bulls, goats, rams, lions, fish, serpents, dragons, even cats and dogs. And as we will see, all of these things relate back to the sea imagery with which these gods were associated. Now lets go back to the Quinotaur, which some have named as being synonymous with Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea and, according to Plato, one of the famous kings of Atlantis. Others have seen it as being emblematic of the fish symbol that Christ is associated with, thus indicating that he was in fact the origin of the bloodline. However, the roots of this Quinotaur myth are far more ancient. The word itself can be broken down etymologically to reveal its meaning. The last syllable, "Taur", means "Bull." The first syllable "Quin," or "Kin," comes from the same root as "King," as well as the Biblical name of Cain, whom many have named as the father of a particular branch of the Grail family. The Bull King who swims in the ocean is a recurring theme in many ancient cultures, most notably, ancient Mesopotamia. In fact, he comes from that dynasty of kings who reigned over the antediluvian world and who were all associated with the sea, as well as this divine animal imagery. These kings included Sargon, Menes, and Narmar. Their historical reality morphed into the legends we have in many cultures of gods said to have come out of the sea at various times and taught mankind the basic arts of civilization: agriculture, metallurgy, architecture, navigation, mathematics, medicine, etc. They were known by various names: Ea, Enki, Dagon, Oannes, or Marduk (Merodach). They were depicted as half-man, half-fish, half-goat half-fish, or half-bull, half-fish, but as we have said, in many of these depictions it is clear that this affect was merely achieved by the wearing of costumes, and that these god-kings were using this archetypal imagery to deify themselves in the minds of their subjects. Dagon, Oannes and Enki are essentially synonymous, and interestingly, Marduk or Merodach is his son, just as Merovee is the son of the Quinotaur. Dagon was depicted with a fish on his head, the lips protruding upward, making what were referred to as "horns." This may be the origin for the custom (common in the ancient world) of affixing horns to the crown of a king. It has also been historically acknowledged as the origin of the miter that the Pope wears. (Now we understand why, in the post-mortem photo of Berenger Sauniere lying on his death bed, this small parish priest is seen next to a Bishop's miter.) The Christian

" From Dagon comes our word "Dragon." "Janus." The identity of Enki and Enlil with Cain and Abel can be further proven by the fact that Enki and Enlil were the son of Anu (in some Sumerian legends." is prototype for the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. claim that these gods were "Fish-Men." and it is because of this "amphibious" nature of their progenitor.in fact that's where the word comes from. For this they were consigned to the Abyss or the Underworld. Christ himself was. and the early Christians used the fish sign of the "icthys" to designate themselves. From Dagon's name Oannes we get the words "Uranus. The syllable "Dag" merely means fish. And it has been historically acknowledged that Enki. which makes it interesting to note that the Dogon tribe of Africa. which as I have mentioned. reigning over both land and sea. Enki eventually slayed Enlil. This family feud erupted into a long and overdrawn battle between the gods. their gods came. Those who supported Enki." Adamu and Anu appear to be etymologically related. "The Dog Star." and "John. which is itself recognized as the prototype for the modern conception of Satan or Lucifer." and "The Lord of the Abyss. Enki was also known as the "Lord of the Earth. especially since the star from whence these fish-men supposedly came is named Sirius. and perhaps in the Biblical story of Cain murdering Abel.the First Man.Church has always been associated with fish. and now it makes perfect sense why Enki would be called the "Quinotaur. who have long baffled astronomers with their advanced knowledge of the specifics of the faraway star-system from which." as well as the Biblical figure of Leviathan. whereas Cain and Abel were the sons of "Adamu . the first god-king on Earth)." "The Lord of the Deep." This author wonders if the words "Dag" and "Dog" aren't etymologically related. Furthermore." Perhaps we finally now understand why the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion assume the symbolic name of John." "Jonah. many of these gods received the titles "The Lord of the Waters. as the "Fish-Goat Man. They are specifically associated with the Flood of Noah. "The Lord of the Deep. that the Merovingians are associated with frogs." a title also applied to Dagon. Cain eventually became King . to which the Merovingians belong. who were split into two factions over the issue. a well-known and pivotal episode in Enki's career was his rebellion against his brother Enlil over the succession of the global throne. for this is a title also given to Satan." "Ouranous. These appear to be the same two factions who were at odds over the mating of gods and men to create the Grail Bloodline. In fact. they say. Satan or Cain were clearly the ones who ." which appear to have been passed down from father to son along with the throne of the global kingdom. something that is recorded in the Egyptian myth of Set murdering Osiris. But this "Lord of the Earth" title is significant. destroyed their global kingdom and was somehow linked to their disastrous breeding experiment with the human race that lead to the Grail Bloodline. as was John the Baptist. which is why these gods were known as the Lords of both.

or "Jah" is said to have evolved from the name of another Sumerian sea god-king. was the Lord of the Abyss. and clearly he is the one who saved Noah from the Flood. as well as all of the other Grail families. in which the surviving family is warned about the Flood by a horned fish called the Manu (who turns out to be the Hindu god Vishnu in disguise). which itself symbolizes the balance of good and evil." Likewise. He tells them to build an Ark. coupled with the images that meet you immediately therein. In fact the word Jehovah." and therefore the "Tribe of Levi. render the meaning obvious. with both Jesus and Jehovah.called UtaNapishtim in the Sumerian legends.were inclined to breed with mankind. in the Old Testament. but it is the House of God and the Gateway to Heaven. For Berenger Sauniere. preserving the seed of hybrid humanity. in the regions of Hell. The other is in the Book of Enoch. perhaps in attempt to create a hybrid race that could assist them in retaining the throne for Cain. and Oannes. "Pish. or Dagon is responsible in some references for "vomiting out the waters of the Flood. After they lost the "War in Heaven. is something that has marked the history of the Merovingian dynasty. It is at the heart of the secret spiritual doctrine symbolized by the Grail. when Enoch is taken for a tour of Hell. Dagon. And yet "Leviathan" is almost surely etymologically related to the Jewish name "Levi. who had caused the Flood to begin with. So clearly Vishnu is the same as Enki. This principle is further elucidated by the words placed over the doorway. who arranged these strange decorations. Leviathan. This dual current. and then tie its mast to his horn." the priestly caste of the Jews from whence part of Christ's lineage came. or Noah in the Jewish . The existence of this phrase at the entrance to the church. Ea. to the same God. like many of these sea gods. (UtaNapishtim contains the Sumerian and Egyptian word for fish. those gods who had created the hybrid race attempted to contact one of their most favored descendants . Leviathan. This symbolism hits you immediately when you walk in the door of the church at Rennes-le Chateau and see those opposing statues of the demon Asmodeus and Jesus Christ staring at the same black and white chequered floor." and perhaps we can see why some authors have claimed that the character of Noah is in fact based on Oannes/Dagon/Enki as well. according to legend. then proceeds to tow them to safety upon a high mountain. Yet according to the legends.and helped him to rescue himself and his family. or "Absu" in Sumerian. Yet this same kind deed became attributed." This occurs at the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelations as well. "The Lord of the Flood. now the realm of Satan. and these waters were believed to he holding the Earth up from underneath. One is in the Bible. when Jacob has his vision of the ladder leading to Heaven. this Church represented . Jehovah. "This place is terrible. But they were overpowered. and the entire Grail story itself. being associated with both the Heavenly and the Infernal. and the Earth was flooded so as to rid the Earth of their offspring." they were cast into the Abyss. with angels ascending and descending. Satan and Lucifer.) We see remnants of this in the Vedic legends of the Flood." This phrase turns up in two significant places.

symbolizing this duality. It makes sense that Satan should both be a direct son of God. This land was symbolized by a Lion." which further morphs into Acacia. respectively. The tomb and skull clearly represent death. has come to be associated with the Merovingians. on the right and left sides. For this reason. the Primordial Man of alchemy. is it stated: "The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine. both sons of the Most High God. while the Sprig of Acacia implied by the word "Arcadia" translates to "resurrection from death." The Shepherds. and the region that was their capitol. where it was pronounced "Khat. "Amarru. and Adam Kadmon. furthermore." "The Land to the West" (like Meru.that is." the waters of which were kept at bay by the "Firmament of Heaven" . And the same artery and the same vein. Perhaps this sheds further light on the phrase "Et in Arcadia Ego. Bear in mind that the ancients saw the sky above as a giant "Sea. Both the source of grace and the clear fountaine. The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine. This phrase was illustrated by Nicholas Poussin with the scene of a tomb. and the word "Khatti" became associated with his entire race." The reference to Satan and Jesus sharing the same blood is very important. And the same blood and the troubled fountaine. a human skull." as well as why the lion is now a symbol of royalty. the traditional Sprig of Hope and symbol of Resurrection after death. and they both sat next to his throne in Heaven." (Note: The Book of Enoch refers to the Watchers. that Jesus and Satan are brothers. which may explain the origin of the word "Cat. as "stars. until the Flood.) However. This may be just another version of the persistent and primordial "Cain and Abel" story. prior to Satan's rebellion and the War in Heaven. or Nephilim. the double-barred Cross of Lorraine." "Kad. one which finds support among the Book of Enoch and many others. as well as the Mesopotamian kingdom of "Akkadia." which pops up more than once in association with the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Merovingians." which itself has morphed into "Arcadia. this symbol can be traced back to the hieroglyphs of ancient Sumer. As Boyd Rice will explain to you in another article.some kind of metaphysical gateway between Heaven and Hell. the alternate term for Atlantis). We would argue that this was at the root of the word "Cathari" (the heretics associated with the Holy Grail who occupied the Languedoc region of France that the Merovingians ruled over). Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein." and sometimes even "Cod. In a now famous poem by Charles Peguy. and three shepherds. represent the divine . since he is described as God's "Most Beloved Angel" and "The Brightest Star in Heaven." This was another title for the kings who were known as god of the sea. A tradition exists. or Lucifer." with various "watchtowers" in the houses of the Zodiac. this symbol is far older than the modern conceptions of Christ and Satan.

et. You see. taken up by Jesus as well. "Pharoah." as the author L." or Anglicized. is a very common one. There is an existing rumor that Dagobert found something there. Waddell has shown. He was saved from death. as historically recorded. when he married Giselle de Razes.A. What came was the reconquest of the Aquitaine and the throne of the Frankish kingdom. of course. is mythological and archetypal. "At once he set about asserting and consolidating his authority. the Merovingian Kings had been under a . Holy Grail. The similarities to the Parzival/Grail story don't even need to be repeated. the Dragon Leviathan.)" So Dagobert's name literally means "Priest-King of the House of Dagon. and this treasure financed what was about to come." a "Priest-King of the Temple (or House. This opportunity showed itself in the year 671. Now the word "Bert. Even his own mother believed he was dead. Dagobert II. His father had been assassinated when he was 5 years old. placing Grimoald's son on the throne. taming the anarchy that prevailed throughout Austrasia and reestablishing order. This marriage was celebrated at the Church of St.this magazine's mascot." The Fallen King had risen from his ashes. This archetype of the Fallen King who shall one day return. "Dagobert" comes. His name betrays the divine origins of his bloodline. Madeleine at Rennes-le-Chateau now rests. perhaps through the Merovingian bloodline. or the Kingdom that disappears. the same spot where Sauniere's Church of St. and young Dagobert was kidnapped by then Palace Mayor Grimoald.) This indicates that it is the Global Monarchy of these Atlantean gods that shall rise again from the tomb. It was also one used quite effectively by the last of the Merovingian kings who effectively held the throne of the Austrasian Empire . Dagobert made use of the myth of the Returning King early on in life." Interestingly. Dagobert II would himself play the role of the fallen king just a few years later. but an elaborate ruse was laid out to make people think otherwise. and one as I have shown in another article to be integral to the Grail legend. since the time of the Merovingian King Clovis I. has its roots in the word "Bara. Dagobert was exiled to Ireland. Sadly. who tried to put his own son on the throne.kingship of the Atlantean gods and the Grail bloodline. a rarely-found but nonetheless authentic variation on Dagobert's name was "Dragobert." emphasizing his lineage from the Beast of the Deep Waters. al write in Holy Blood. born anew as Dagobert II. where he lay in wait for the opportunity to reclaim his father's throne. in 679. and allowed his father's assassins to take over. As Baigent. daughter of the count of Razes and niece of the king of the Visigoths. a clue which lead him to a treasure buried in the nearby Montsegur. This had the potential for creating a united empire that would have covered most of what is now modern France. and had come to once more establish firm rule and equilibrium in his country. and the circumstances are decidedly strange. Golden Age. Dagobert's entire life. notably." or "Para. Madeleine in Rhedae. from Dagon. allying the Merovingian house with the Visigothic royal house. for these god-monarchs were also known as the "Shepherd Kings" (a title. only to rise again in a new.

Capricorn. instead of the "Son of God . The parchments found by Berenger Sauniere and the related poem. precisely as Dagobert was wounded. this may have taken place on such a hunt. Indeed. This "Black" period of the Sun is associated with the god Kronos. just as the "left hand path" does today. The same thing happened to Horus in Egyptian mythology. when the Sun was said to "die. "Le Serpent Rouge. Dagobert was lanced through the left eye by his own godson. the brother who wounds the Fisher King is himself known as the "Dark Lord. supposedly on Pepin's orders. the murder is said to take place at midday. On December 23. given their infernal and divine origin." long held sacred. This is similar to the "Dolorous Stroke" that wounds the Fisher King in the Grail story. is an extremely significant moment in time for mystery schools of the Secret Doctrine. no doubt shockingly different from the one promoted by the Church." and during the fight he is wounded in the left eye. ruler of the underworld.Born of Virgin" concept promoted by the church. as we have mentioned. they would have possessed access to the secret teachings of Christ. the horned sea-god that spawned the Merovingian bloodline. and king of Atlantis who figures repeatedly in this Grail/Rennes-le-Chateau mystery. There are many aspects to this event that appear to be mythologically significant. something which also took place at midday and was inflicted by the King's own brother. Any public knowledge of this or the blood relationship between Christ and the Merovingians would have been disastrous for the Church. The fact that it was done by a family member is significant too. It is also close to the Winter Solstice. This was near the royal Merovingian residence at Stenay. just as Dagobert was murdered at midday while resting against a tree. This is when the sun is highest in the sky. and host to annual sacrificial bear hunts for the goddess Diana. it took place in the "Forest of Woevres. Hiram Abiff was murdered at midday. which." mythologically. the shortest day in the year. descending into the Underworld. like Freemasonry. Secondly. The "Left Eye of Horus" came to symbolize the hidden knowledge of the gods. as direct descendants of the historical Christ himself." Then there is the date itself. Seeing in Dagobert a potential threat. their spiritual bent was slightly different from that of organized Christianity. In addition. the Roman church entered into a conspiracy with Palace Mayor Pepin the Fat. Christ would therefore be a man." make a special mention of it. while on a hunting trip." a title that would later morph into "Holy Roman Emperor. a town that used to be called "Satanicum. fighting his uncle. is based on Enki. Set. In the Grail story. For one. and reflecting more the "secret doctrine" of the rebellious gods that we've talked about in this article.pact with the Vatican. another horned sea-god. in which they had pledged their allegiance to the Mother Church in exchange for Papal backing of the their united Empire of Austrasia. They would forever hold the title of "New Constantine. almost precisely when the astrological period of Capricorn begins. and turn black. while resting from his work. Dagobert's death appears to follow the same patterns as many of other "Fallen Kings" or murdered gods . Obviously. as I have mentioned in another article. with antecedents and descendants." But that "allegiance" on the part of the Merovingians towards the Church began to wear thin after a while.

Charles Martel's grandson. al. of course that the Church felt guilty about its role in the king's death.thought this explanation begs the question. It is possible. and the new Golden Age is upon us. the Priory of Sion. this is.: "The reason for Dagobert's canonization remains unclear. December 23. Clearly it meant the end for the Merovingian kingdom.. Surely they knew that this kingdom would rise again. almost 200 years after his death. But they seem utterly at a loss as to why he should have been so exalted. The United Nations. . that the Merovingian bloodline didn't die out. The Fallen Kingdom of the Gods is clearly returning. The seeds of their return have already been planted. Surely they knew. But in 872. During WWII and immediately after. became "St. consisting of stars in a circle. surviving through his son Sigisbert. And it is meant to symbolize the concept of the "Lost or Fallen Kingdom" the same way the Dolorous Stroke does in the Grail story.) Furthermore. openly campaigned for a United States of Europe. in the form of the European Union. would of course be avenged for his treacherous murder." with his divine lineage. Dagobert was canonized as a Saint. (This flag was carried by a divine white horse. Ecclesiastical authorities seem embarrassingly ignorant on the matter. has now become a reality. so beloved by his people that they worship him like a god 200 years later. or afraid? For surely they knew that this "Priest-King of the House of Dagon. et. And the "Holy Roman Empire.whose death must be avenged. become the object of a fully fledged cult. All subsequent Merovingian kings were essentially powerless. They even proposed a flag. and the date of his death. and continues to jockey for the throne of France to this very day in various royal bloodlines throughout Europe. a feeble example." Write Baigent. that is identical to the flag used by the European Union today. Childeric III.. as most Dagobert's Revenge readers know. the World Empire of the Atlantean Kings who spawned the Merovingians is closer now than it has been since the gods left the earth during the Deluge. a symbol of Poseidon and world monarchy. that secret order dedicated to the Merovingian agenda. and that the Lost King would return someday. and they were officially thought to have died out with Dagobert's grandson. will surely give way at some point to a united world government strong enough and glorious enough to be called an Empire. According to one source it was because his relics were believed to have preserved the vicinity of Stenay against Viking raids . indeed. a glorious time to be alive. for it is not clear why the relics should have possessed such powers is the first place. They admit that Dagobert." which the Merovingian Kings were clearly attempting to form with the help of the Vatican. And if this author's hunch is correct. 49 years later. Dagobert's Day." Guilty. France is united into the political mass that Dagobert had envisioned it be when he united Austrasia. for some reason. Charlemagne was anointed Holy Roman Emperor.


the kingdom was divided among his descendants into various kingdoms. and Dagobert I (629-39). The rule of the Merovingians before Dagobert I was disturbed by chronic warfare among aristocrats and rivals for power. chief of the Salian Franks . descended. Childeric III. the founder of the Frankish monarchy. and Burgundy . or idle kings. his descendants were called the rois fainéants. Merovingian kings followed Frankish custom in dividing the patrimony. These kingdoms. Dagobert I was the last active ruler. They were entirely subject to their mayors of the palace. the Carolingians . they were all united in a single realm under Clotaire I (558-61). were often combined. for brief periods. notably between Queen Brunhilda of Austrasia and Queen Fredegunde of Neustria. After the death (511) of Clovis I. from Merovech. which later became known as Austrasia . Neustria . who became the nominal as well as the actual rulers of the Franks when Pepin the Short deposed (751) the last Merovingian king.The Merovigians were a dynasty of Frankish kings. according to tradition. . Clotaire II (613-23). whose borders were constantly shifting. whose son was Childeric I and whose grandson was Clovis I .



.Mull is the point from which pilgrims sail to the sacred isle of Iona.

A tiny.com/current.greeneggzine. #154. Mystic Isle IONA. 2010 This article appeared in Green Egg Zine. MYSTIC ISLAND Metaphysical Ground Zero by Iona Orr Miller. . Yule 2010 http://www. Sacred sites are natural meeting places of heaven and earth.IONA.html Y Gwir Erbyn Y Byd ("Truth Against the World”) –Druid Motto Divine Dreamland Many holy sites are esteemed around the globe. The sacred isles of Britain have a spiritual role so rich that few comprehend their scope that is so disproportionate to their size.

Young visionaries. The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram or fractal provides us with an entirely new way of understanding Iona which has been called “the Mecca of the Gael. more so for those in one’s own lineage. Much of the island itself is highly-conductive and charged quartz. There are unseen things here that are eternal. four billion year old remains of the Precambrian ocean’s eruptive spine. Perhaps the first plants took root in Iona’s thin soil. “the dove of the church”.nearly barren speck of land. virginal children used as oracles or channels.” This mystic island was sacred to megalithic. though it was named after the pioneering spirit. Cosmos is a superhologram. but ghosts. dreaming. From the mainland. Windswept Iona is a time machine. the “Shining Ones. not action. Their motto was Y Gwir Erbyn Y Byd (“Truth Against the World”). Iona is the “motherland of dreams”. are also called “Doves” in the magic tradition. The island Iona is the shape of a dove and curiously its name even means 'dove' in Hebrew. These Servants of Truth held greater power than the kings who took advice from them: All of nature was sacred to them and they were its students and stewards. Each snippet of a hologram contains a smaller but intact version of the original image. echoing the axiom. In Druid lore myth is not plot. The island is the oldest rock on Earth. Iona’s holy ground formed as the first oceans were condensing on the blistering hot surface of the earth. So Below”. demonstrating that separateness is an illusion. These seers and overlords understood the workings of Nature and our nature. Iona’s colorful history is related to sea gods. iron and bronze age pagans. The smallest parts of a hologram contain all the information possessed by the whole.” (Siddhe. Images animate the soul with guidance from higher dimensions. St. and superconsciousness or store subtle information or energy. . To the male and female Druids and their predecessors. “As Above. a gem in the frigid sea. These rocks are so old. the dead live through visions in dreams. not character. Its spell draws us into its center. Sacred sites are like tuning forks. much of which is beyond the scope of this article. often said to enhance healing. remote viewing. the ethereal ground of imagination and ground zero of Druid culture. The metamorphic Lewisian gneiss shot through with green serpentine has resisted the relentless blue-foaming dragon of the devouring sea that eats up the land. they contain no fossils. but rhythm. the Scottish island of Iona embodies an astounding holographic record of the span of human civilization. The Rosarium Philosophorumequates the dove with heavenly light. embedded in “the back of the ocean” like a planetary chakra. Iona’s old Gaelic name Innis nan Druidhneach translates as the Island of the Druids. Columba. telepathy. the spiritually magnetic isle often appears like a mirage. Fairies). Alba or ‘light’ is the Gaelic name for Scotland and Iona is her most ancient and holy capital. Druids and Celtic Christians alike. Her marble formed under vast heat and pressure. but image.

but it is only as men seek that they truly find. Our journey does not have an ordinary aim. Iona has been the destination of many epic spiritual journeys. In Iona. time is no barrier. still yields its secret. elves. Known for its ethereal light. allowing Second Sight through the veil.E. Indeed. emotional. The east is the place of rebirth. is steeped in multidimensional mystique that can be gradually unfolded in physical. vivid moments of focused experience are interspersed with those of emptiness. or Albion (‘white’). the Grail stories. To be a living soul is to live with imaginal images. an exciting and illuminating journey to the "heart of Iona" is a soulful initiatory journey into myth and eternity. a time machine carrying us back through ages. for it has been said of this ground zero of Druid tradition and ancient spirituality: “This island set apart. From there you can also see the Cairn of the Back to Ireland.” In her enduring and silent way. Magic happens in those gaps between breaths and waves when you attune with the singing wind and ringing stones. while the west is the place of mystic vision and the spirit. Even more make the astral journey to the “Iona of the heart. the 's' in Gaelic is silent before an aspirate).” (G. Rather than linear. time is cyclic. There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart. this motherland of many dreams. the archetypal soror mystica. The history and legends of Iona carry us into a vortex of the imagination. Its mystery and magic includes tales of Templars. but in the thin places that distance is even smaller. pronounced. the Sidhe or People of the Hills. Sliav Starr (The Hill of Noises) faces the westernmost part of the island. hides a little pool amid the broken rocks and heather near the beehive cairn that marks the highest part of the island. the south of work and labor. whispering her deepest secrets only to a few of her 250. an iron-age fortress. Iona’s highest hill. compliment to the west as the realm of the dead.King Arthur and Merlin. “To reach the heart of Iona is to find something eternal. and pixies. and spiritual metaphors. St. Tuatha De Daanan. Angels’ Hill on Iona is associated with supernatural beings. Port-na-Churaich (The Haven of the Coracle) . (a corruption of early Gaelic Ii-shona. Brighid and the Goddess -. On Iona. fairies. mental. But it is more than a metaphor to be unraveled like a Scottish yarn.” The north of Iona is the traditional place of testing and ordeal. Iona continues affecting the spiritual evolution of humanity.These ‘thin places’ may be inter-dimensional portals. The name of this magnetic “isle of dreams” has been called “a talisman of spiritual beauty. a natural combination of radiation and magnetism that produces altered states of consciousness or amplifies psychic ability. Dûn-I (Doonee). Iona was always an island of mystics and scholars.000 annual visitors. The name.Sophia. Iona’s heart is the white marble that gave ancient Scotland the name Alba. Troup). Iona’s most ancient Gaelic or Pictish name is Ioua. Ee-hona. Virgin of the Light.

The reason that courts were near "logan" stones is that the movement of stones in such formations was used to determine the guilt or innocence of those accused of serious crimes in ancient times. frail child of clay Thy humble powers that stately shrine Tasked high and hard . A clach-bràth is sometimes known as a judgment stone. but other early sources said it wasHyBrasil (Island of Beauty or Worth). within the precincts of a burial ground. an earthly paradise found far out at sea. There are rocking stones in Iona called na clachan-bràth. would raise A minster to her Maker's praise! Not for a meaner use ascend Her columns. but finely-balanced rocking stone were used in trials. the Isle of Druids. The accused was made to sit on the stone and by the way it moved the Druids judged the innocence or guilt of the individual. megalithic structures frequented by Druids. Some call them tomb supports. hidden amongst the rocks is a cave called "The Cave of the Dead". And still between each awful pause. or her arches bend. it seemed. That mocks the organ's melody. Sir Walter Scott beautifully contrasts the church on Iona with the cave of Staffa. and had 350 standing stones. placed on the pedestal of a cross. From the high vault an answer draws. The Druidical system peaked at the time of the Roman invasion under Julius . Well hast thou done. (Uamh na Marbh) large enough in size to hold a coffin containing an ancient Scot's king. sacred to the Druids. prolonged and high.where St. possibly because it is believed that at one time the island was covered with oak and yew trees. In varied tone. or simply Hy. Nor doth its entrance front in vain To old Iona's holy fane. Columba was said to have first landed on Iona. Druids used them to judge people. after a Moon goddess.but witness mine. opposite "Nature herself. Early Ogham inscriptions referred to the island as Ioua. In the Lord of the Isles. or perhaps a reference to the otherworldly Tir na nOg (the Land of Youths or the Ever-Young). Druid maps listed Iona as Innis nan Druidnean (or Innis na Druineach). Was it a perfect place to shelter in bad weather for the final journey of burial to Iona or a Druid initiation in Fingal's Cave? Imagine the awe of approaching such a natural wonder in times long past. Nor of a theme less solemn tells That mighty surge that ebbs and swells. Near to the Tormore pier and above the sandy cove. That Nature's voice might seem to say.

Sheela-na-Gigs are religious carvings of women. Like many of the ancient Celtic goddesses. They were placed on churches. Brighde or Bride was already present on Iona as Goddess. But in springtime.Caesar. There are energetic alignments or grids of holy islands. Bridget or Bride. Before she was Christianized as a saint.” in which the dark Goddess annually renews herself for her light phase. retreated to Anglesey and Iona. where for a season they found shelter and continued their sacred rites. Bride sang daily to her lost Bridegroom. these conquerors of the world directed their unsparing fury. called Lùnasdal in Scotland. the symbolical representation of femininity and/or actual female deities or Goddesses. as their chief enemies. The Druids retained their predominance in Iona and over the adjacent islands and main land until they were supplanted and their traditions and culture overturned by the arrival of St. Sheela-na-Gigs are directly related to earlier Goddess/Fertility figurines and the Goddess symbolism of the early pre-historic and Celtic periods. who brought back light and warmth to her people again. The Druids. She also appeared at this time of the year. Many generations have drunk from and ritually purified themselves in this holy healing pool called Tobar na h’oige. special women. until quite recently in some instances. Her totems were the swan and the serpent. It is not certain how old the tradition is or the precise age of some of the earliest examples. St Bride of the Shores. From the hilltop Dun-I of Iona with its sacred well. the Sheela-na-Gig made its appearance during the latter part of the Early Christian (or Celtic Christian) period and they were still being erected during the later Middle Ages. Cailleach had two faces: dark and light. and was transformed into the beautiful spring maiden. holy mountains and holy wells in Scotland. There is one built into the wall of the Nunnery on Iona. But their meaning goes much deeper and the fact that they were erected over the doorways of churches and castles and otherwise placed in very prominent positions suggests that they were a very potent and powerful image. snow. “the Fountain of Youth. and ice over the land. they acted as dedicatory or protective symbols promoting good luck and fertility. she renewed herself in the Well of Youth on the isle of Iona. Columba.” or “Well of Youth. . Sheela-na-Gigs are directly related to earlier Goddess/Fertility figurines and the Goddess symbolism of the early pre-historic and Celtic periods. as the personification of the ripe sheaves of oats or barley that would feed the clans at harvest time. Apparently. Against the Druids. casting storm. harassed at all points on the main land. whirling around Scotland with her nine hag-servants. the apostle of the Highlands. castles and other important buildings of the medieval period and. St. obviously the primary religious belief of the people of that era of Christianity. Lughnasa in Ireland. St. in 563 AD. Bride of the Kindly Fire. In the winter months she was fearsome.

Mary’s Church. This telluric intersection of three ley lines lies in a swampy part of the island. Science has documented the relationship between magnetic anomalies and psychic phenomena and experiences. (invisible currents of earth-energy).400 million years old). St. The local energy seems highly conducive to connecting with deeper levels of oneself and the universe. This is in part an explanation for the differentiating vibration that led both Druids and St. then Fortingall. passing through the ancient Celtic royal burial site at Dunstaffnage. 300 million-year-old pink granite formation. the granitic Lewisian Gneiss. There is a remarkable geological difference on Iona from the Island of Mull. (The earth is approximated at 4. The 2900 million year old Lewisian granitic Gneiss dominates three quarters of the island. Since the druids were very aware of Earth energies it would be logical to assume that they knew about Iona. All crystalline structures have an electromagnetic field. The Druids occupied Iona and used nearby Staffa Island (known for its massive crystallized pillars of hexagonal basalt) as a point of mystical initiation rites for high priests. the stronger the field. the strata upthrust and sharp hairpin fold of earth layer that peels the Lewisian Gneiss onto the surface also results in a magnetic energy release that 'thins the veil' between planes. Precambrian Crystalline Basement The ancient deeply bedded Lewisian Gneiss rock strata. The whole system is a magnetic anomaly. An RAF pilot told a Scots freemason that every time they flew over Iona the compass would completely spin around and be useless. a mere two miles across the Iona Sound. is rarely exposed at the surface of the planet. compacted. The Island of Iona is a rare upthrust of one of the oldest rock formation on earth. Grandtully. Iona’s leyline alignment extends to Montrose on the east coast of the Scottish mainland.Iona is a geomantic power site – a vortex. That suggests that the island itself had unusual geomagnetic properties. long before Columba went there with his pilgrim monks in the sixth century. finally reaching Montrose (Mount of the Rose). . crystalline structure. Anchoring a pentagonal matrix of ley lines. enchanting Iona is a gateway to the Other World. which is marked by two ancient and inscribed stones. In addition. The aura of balance and peace that blankets Iona is in part due to the unique qualities of this ancient metamorphic stone. The enormous pressure transforms the composition of the rock to a more ordered. Ancient imbedded strata is metamorphicly altered. such as that found on Iona. Mull is dominated by a relatively young. You definitely feel different in such places. Such pilgrimage sites around the world have geophysical connection. Columba to recognize Iona (and not Mull). as a sacred place for worship. marked by low lying boulders in a perfect circle with a central altar stone. Aberlemno. The greater the density.

and curved pipe pillars extending 100 feet high. Note B# Gneiss Slab ( 12 ' x 6 foot) ( In field on immediate north side of Abbey) . The metamorphic nature of the granitic Lewisian Gneiss.Throat (Fifth) Chakra. by any seeker. and to the chakras. combined with earth fold magnetic fields creates a crystalline lattice energy that is very dense. charging all around it. (in concert with all 7 chakras). Note E Back to Ireland Cairn . Dun I is a place of emergence. and is a key benefactor of Iona's vibrational quality. It is a fifteen-minute hike to reach the top. Staffa energizes and protects Iona.Heart ( Fourth) Chakr. crystalline. Staffa is a temple.Crown (Seventh) Chakra. Note A Signal Hill . It energizes and effects the area like an enormous Tibetan bell. up somewhat slippery trails. The Druids only entered Fingals Cave for initiate rites of the highest order. complete with buttresses. The Dun I Mound itself spirals sacred earth energy in a fountaining cascade atop the mound. requires a visit to Staffa. It charges and vitalizes the sea. All seven chakras are tuned and healed in this area. The points on Iona resonate with chakra centers. The visionaries say an angelic being hovers atop the mound and anchors the portal that radiates joyous love energy into the site. Note D# Columba Bay (Standing Rock just before the beach) . Note F# Hill of Lambs . or a feeling of "being home". These are: Dun I Mound (Cairn on Top) . Its generated energy is musical. approximately 75 feet wide with a tapered roof. .Base (Root) Chakra. clearing and vision. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Iona. The varying lengths of hexagonal crystalline basalt pillars are like musically tuned windpipes on a massive organ creating a pure symphonic frequency.Staffa Island is in itself a unique and very powerful energy center.Creative (Second) Chakra. A visit to Iona. These energy frequencies that bombard Iona segregate in certain pockets into resonant frequencies that correlate to pure musical notes. a pulsing generator of white crystalline energy.Emotional (Third) Chakra. just behind the and to the north of the Abbey. and acts as a receptor to the charged harmonic projections emitted from Staffa. and remarkably shaped liked inside of a great cathedral. The Dun I Mound is absolutely the strongest energy point on Iona. Geomagnetic resonance effects create a deep sense of peace. running 227 feet in length. Note G# Angel Hill . and penetrating. Fingals is a pillared sea cave on Staffa. and especially Fingals cave.Third Eye (Sixth) Chakra. Its symmetry is stunning. the highest point on the island. Note C The crown vortex is centered on the stone cairn atop Dun I. The reward is immediate.

then back to their ancestral homeland of Scythia. unconscious stirrings. Iona used to have a circle of standing stones and there are remains of over 350 megalithic stones. also worshipped in Egypt and Asia Minor. It is a journey through the labyrinth of history and mystery. Legends of magical caves reflect images of the potentially luminous caverns of our heads. The descendants of Gael and "Scota" fled. Both Druids and Culdees were called “certain strangers. during a plague. Life is “sung with ecstatic serenity.” The term changed over centuries to Coli Dei. who is said to have brought the sacred Stone of Destiny with her from Egypt. another. Her sites are associated with sacred springs. remnants of the Druids. Each of us unravels the story for ourselves. on the one hand. The Culdees. Some of Iona’s megaliths may have been carved into the numerous Celtic crosses of the island. Gael who was born in Egypt as the son of Prince Niul. Iona is a place of sanctuary. According to Nicholas de Vere. This Mother Church connects the Gaels with the cradles of civilization in Europe and Asia.” It resonates with the deep past as the ground of our being. The later strain included the bloodline of the Davidic House of Judah who married into the descent of the Merovingian Kings of the Franks. “servants of the Lord. (the Dragon Kings of Anu). She migrated after his monist religious coup failed. then to . all the world and its inhabitants look beautiful. thereafter. then to the Caspian Sea for several years. fountains and wells. migrating over succeeding generations. ROYAL ROOTS Scotland is named after Princess Scota of the aristocratic dragon lineage. The Gaels are named after their common ancestor. or Ankh) was a cult of the dead or ancestor worship. and of Princess "Scota". first to Candia [ancient Crete]. One site is called The Glen of the Temple. healing. from Egypt. some of which have gone missing. She took the legendary Stone of Destiny with her. sister of the sun god Bel. Her name “Scota” is Scythian for “ruler of the people”. “This line descended through theTuatha de Danaan.” Her Cult of the Dragon’s Breath (cult of the spirit of An. but a quick search of any of these rewarding keywords + Iona can fill in the blanks. the Tabernacle of Culdees.Pre-Christian Ionians worshipped the Mother Goddess.” used for the Celtic Christian monks that worshiped on the island beginning in the 6th century. a daughter of Egyptian Pharaoh "Cincris" or "Achencres". There is speculation that this "Scota" was Meritaten. If she touches you with Fairy Ointment. visions and prophecy. and the Egyptian Dragon Dynasty of Sobek on the other. There are too many threads to follow in one short article. The swirling ocean echoes the sounding of our unconscious. Each footfall on Iona activates spontaneous “memories”. practiced hereditary descent and wore white robes like the Druids. who was a son of King Fenius the Antiquary of Scythia. the royal daughter of Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti.

the promised land of the Gaels. "Iao. or Yod-Heva. holy place. and was used by the Solar-Cults of Egypt and Ireland. Columba. and the traditions of Iona involve rebirth and reincarnation.500 years ago. Jehovah. But the Scots Gaels come directly from the second Scythian-Egyptian royal marriage. Adam-Eve. the umbilical to the Mother or matriarchal line . The matrilineal Dragon Queen empowered the Grail King. a royal lineage which eventually gave birth to St. The word Iona and the Egyptian On (Heliopolis.Getulia [ancient Libya]. or Yaho would mean breath of life generated or springing forth between an upright male and an egg-shaped female. --Crowley. Ye(a)va. principles of Nature. married the Gael's leader Míl [Milesius]. Scota is the progenitor of Irish and Scottish kings. then back to Galicia. and they sailed to the islands of Irena and Gothia. "island of Columba of the Church. Scota is buried on the sloped mountains in view of Tralee Bay at a place called Glenscoheen (Scota's Glenn). In figures they are 1001. The place-name On is probably related to the Celtic Iona. or sculptors. meaning the Island of the Cunning Workmen. Irish history records that Scota. The Merlins preserved the Mer-Line. Thus. had the God "Iao" as the secret name of the Mystery God. There is archaeological evidence of a cultural influx in the Third Millenium BC. then to Galicia [northwestern Spain]. preached by the alleged Moses!" IO is the cry of the lower as OI of the higher. The Hebrews adopted Iao. joy that is but one facet of a diamond. it was also called Icolmkill. the second "Scota". the Demiurge. and transformed it into YHWH." Eilean Idhe means "the isle of Iona". there is joy. that of creation. also known as Ì nam ban bòidheach ("the isle of beautiful women"). After the arrival of St. as is the kind of theology practiced in both places. a daughter of Pharaoh "Nectanebus". "The Chaldeans.000 and 3. every other facet whereof is more joyful than joy itself. under the leadership of the eight sons of Míl and their mother. Iaho. considering him/her as a national power of salvation. (9) in letters they are Joy. the island seat of the Druids in Scotland. the daughter of Pharaoh of Egypt arrived in the southern part of Ireland between 4. The title of Merlin as Seer to the King is well established in Druid tradition. joy. The age-old connections between Ireland and Egypt have been guarded for millennia. (10) For when all is equilibrated. hence. when all is beheld from without all. Dragon-flies Another name for the island is Innis nam Druineach. and back to Egypt again. Another "Scota". On was a word used to signify the holiness of light. light). are related. Yahweh is the Hermaphrodite Supreme Divinity of the Hebrews. being Ievo-hevah. then back to Scythia. Columba of Iona. and finally on to the conquest of Ireland. When the island was a powerful Druid center it was planted with sacred groves of yew (Ioha).

According to Sir Laurence Gardner. Beli Mawr. was High Priestess of the Sisters of Avallon.the connection to the divine feminine and the ocean of greater consciousness. In this line Aedan's mother. Later humble pilgrims were welcomed at the Celtic Christian monastery. King Aeden’s Merlin (Emrys) was his elder cousin. Lleuan of Brecknock. Both the Druids and the monks used tonsure and performed baptisms. the proto-Scot Gaelic kingdom. Gwyr Llew of Carlisle). the real King Arthur's father. whose grandson (by Ygerna’s sister. chose the monastic life and finally settled the dove-shaped island sanctuary of Druid overseers in 563 AD to pursue his mission. Asaph). was descended from Joseph of Arimathea who is the subject of much lore in the British Isles.a descendant of the Wood Lord. Viviane II) was the legendary Lancelot del Acqs. Columba could only dream about what the Archdruid Merlins knew. or those in serious trouble. became Pendragon by virtue of the fact that he was Prince Brychan's grandson. The guesthouse was always occupied. The true significance of King Arthur was his immediate joint descent in both the male and female lines of the Albi gens.(mitochondrial DNA) -. Opinions differ on whether it is related somehow to the Blarney Stone. His father was King Aedàn of Dalriada. traditionally considered “Jacob’s pillow. King Aedan mac Gabran of Scots.” as a coronation chair for the consecration of Aedan as first King of Dal Riada. The local Picts considered the monastery’s bronze bells very powerful shamanic medicine. This Lia Fal was called a “speaking stone” that named the king to be chosen. His mother was Ygerna del Acqs. He is arguably the Merlin of Grail legends. meaning ‘terrible dragon’ was invented in the 12th century by the romancer Geoffrey of Monmouth (later Bishop of St. All are related by blood to the root dragon lineages of Central Asia. the Pendragon of Britain in the year 559 . Columba’s monastery became a glorious center of pilgrimage. instruments of art. Morgaine (by her first husband. royal and ecclesiastical visitors. At first. including that of Glastonbury and its middle eastern "thorn tree". “You walk Merlin’s line on Iona through the Mother’s landscape body to the Mother." Columba is one of the three patron saints of Ireland. He was essentially banished from Ireland for creatively editing the scriptures. (Gardner) . As a young royal. Ygerna (sometimes called Igraine in the Grail tradition) was the High Queen of the Celtic kingdoms and her daughter. the daughter of Queen Viviane. He relinquished royal claims. SACRED KINDRED Columba took the Stone of Destiny to Iona as a portable altar. Did he consult silently with the Stone before he did so? This singular act links Columba and Iona to the Pendragons and Grail legends. The name 'Uther Pendragon'. Columba used the holy stone. Folklore says. he was tutored by Druids. access was restricted to high status pilgrims.

Columba knew that he was needed elsewhere. But Columba is not as these.St.Cnoc nan Aingeal. Columba was exiled to the Scottish Isle of Iona. He wants to know more than priests are willing to teach. St. he hungers and stalks.html . MEN & MAGIC Life of St. His human sacrifice of the monk Oran to fight off demons in the building of his monastery ratifies the theory. Columba took fighting demons as seriously as the Druids did. Brude. The Celtic Christian saints engaged in many magical battles with various Magicians. and like the Wolf. The Hill of Angels is adjacent to the Sithean. his eyes shine with infinite peace.ie/celt/online/T201040/text001. These hills were the center of pagan rituals in the Bronze and Iron Ages. he used them in overcoming the magicians of the Pictish king. Columba correctly predicted Arthur. Columbia’s prophecy fulfilled the ancient Druid role. In fact. Culdean monks and priests. He quests in search of God Himself. Columba himself established the monarchs of Dal Riada. in answer to an inquiry from the Pendragon about his succession.ucc. Columba was trained by a Druid and was not above using Druid magic to further his interests.”Columba's meditation was so powerful. the new Ard Righ. the Fairy Mound. Columba's stature was such that his arguments for the poets saved their status and class from extinction. First he proved his might in battle with Druids that were aligned with Warlords. the supernatural hotspot on Iona. eldest son and natural heir to King Aeden would not live to succeed his father. Columba returned to Ireland on only one occasion. He dispelled their winds and brought light into a Magical Darkness. himself. and turned his attention to the outer world and to whomever came to visit the island. Columba was a recognized Merlin. essentially meaning that St. He built his monastery near a former Druid grove as a base for Christianizing Western Scotland. St. In doing so. on those days when no angel came to visit him. Columba: http://www. Columba's meditations there attracted the attention of angels passing in the distance who then came near and asked: “Who is this mortal who has turned his face away from the outer world to build a temple of God within his own body and soul?” Legend says the angels would answer: “This is the Dove and Wolf of the church: Like the Dove. to render a verdict at Drimceatt when Aedh. Columba began meditating on the Hill of the Angels -. attempted to outlaw the Druid remnant or Filidh (the Druidic Poets). The church has already forgotten that the Truth is only found by listening to God speak from within the stillness of the heart. This island hosted a mixture of Druids.

ESP. predictions. he saw some of the inhabitants burying an unfortunate man. Many of them involved distance healing. there is an episode entitled 'Of a manifestation of angels meeting the soul of one Emchath. as he was swimming. battles of supernatural wills. or imminent death. Much has been made of Merlin’s magic but Columba’s powers in evocational magic could have made a thousand Merlins green with envy. he was obliged to cross the river Nesa (the Ness). Columba was a poet and the Druids embraced him as a bard. that he directed one of his companions to swim over and row across the coble that was moored at the farther bank. He called to his brethren journeying with him at the time: "Let us make haste to meet the holy angels who. and when he reached the bank of the river. who is keeping the moral law of nature even to extreme old age.' Emchath by name. and missionary zeal. taken out with a hook. his wretched body was.' remote viewing. and bitten most severely by a monster that lived in the water. who. prophecy. have been sent out from the highest regions of heaven. by those who came to his assistance in a boat. Did he turn water into wine. His account of the proto-Loch Ness monster follows: How an aquatic monster was driven off by virtue of the blessed man's prayer: when the blessed man was living for some days in the province of the Picts. air.' Loch Ness Monster Columba made his way beyond the ridge of Britain (Drum-Alban). Columba. he would be called a psychic. and out-of-body experiences. fire or water or driving out 'demons'. or was the congregation hypnotically susceptible to suggestion? Ditto for turning bitter apples into sweet. In the third book of St. dreams. cures.Reported miracles and blessings by Columba include phenomena now called 'astral travel. that they may carry away the soul of a certain man. and are waiting until we have come thither.involving earth. was a short time before seized. was so far from being dismayed. visions of angels and demons. that we may baptize him in time before he dies. And Lugne Mocumin hearing the command of the excellent man. on hearing this. Many of his 'miracles' were elemental -. much like the "Edgar Cayce" of his day. Adamnan's Life of St.' There he found 'the holy heathen man. foretelling the future. visions of Divine Light. Did the island of Iona amplify the exile's powers? Today. apparitions. though too late. obeyed without the least ." Thereafter the aged saint made as much haste as he could to go in advance of his companions. Were his blessings evoking spontaneous healing or the placebo effect? Were the visions of the pious poet bard a neurological condition? He managed to amass a great deal of power with his predictions. the the lake of the river Nisa (Loch Ness) and was suddenly inspired by the Holy Spirit. secret sins. until he came to the district which is named Airchartdan (Glen Urquart). The blessed man. according to the account of those who were burying him.

while all the rest. There was only ever one Arthur born to a Pendragon . Kentigern. as the man swam in the middle of the stream.Arthur Mac Aedan of Dalriada. except his tunic. darted after him. that there was not more than the length of a spearstaff between the man and the beast. taking off all his clothes. The only known historical candidate for the legendary Pendragon title is one Artur MacAeden. who were present. to magnify the God of the Christians. invoking the name of God. Irish royalty and Archpriest of the Sacred Kindred of St. Constantine. which. Columba. ‘Thou shalt go no further. This Arthur had a sister called Morgana. And even the barbarous heathens. giving an awful roar. He chose and placed Aeden MacGabhran on the throne of Dalriada (Argyll & Ulster). suddenly rushed out. nephews and cousins. as he swam. Pict tradition was matrilinear so a system was devised for Pictish Princesses to marry Scots kings. But the monster. and some say that St. They "married" the land they ruled. with its mouth wide open. nor touch the man. though it had just got so near to Lugne. Columba grafted his religion on the old craft. Then the blessed man observing this. She was married to Crinan. so far from being satiated. Then the brethren seeing that the monster had gone back. was only roused for more prey. and after a prophetic dream. and that their comrade Lugne returned to them in the boat safe and sound. and when it felt the water disturbed above by the man swimming. is the Merlin-esque role that St. were forced by the greatness of this miracle. We can be certain though that Arthur was distantly related to St. Aeden MacGabhran. and fled more quickly than if it had been pulled back with ropes. The strongest hereditary claim of succession to the Scottish throne thereafter passed through Bethóc. which they themselves had seen.delay. was Arthur's uncle. Also without doubt. Sacred Kindred of Columba Clearly. King of Cornwall. Gardner describes how Arthur . but successors could be chosen from parallel lines of descent from sons. was lying at the bottom of the stream. and gave glory to God in the blessed man. and the High Kings of Ireland.’ Then at the voice of the saint. were stupefied with terror. His behavior is half-Druid magician and half Christian missionary. brethren as well as strangers. were struck with admiration. He tried to heal the split between the Scots and the Picts. whose mother and grandmother were reputedly from British Strathclyde. and. Columba played in the life of Arthur and Aeden. a nephew known as St. and. and founder of Govan. formed the saving sign of the cross in the air. the Patron Saint of Glasgow. go back with all speed. he foretold Arthur's death. the monster was terrified. and leaping into the water. 6th century son of the Dalriadic King of Scots in Argyll. Columba through his father. saying. King Malcolm II deviated from the tradition of Druid election of successors to offer his daughter Bethoc the crown. and commanded the ferocious monster. raised his holy hand.

when this eminent man was staying in the Hinba island (Eilean-na-Naoimh). dynastic Queen of Bergundian Avallon. If the "Grail" is the sacred bloodline. "no king was ever wont to reign in Scotland unless he had first. Its spirit never left. and holding in his hand a book . similar to Arthur’s reported burial on Avalon. It was kept under the English throne through the coronation of Elizabeth II. who was Archpriest of the Sacred Kindred of Columba and an anointed Fisher King. and Iona continued that tradition with a passion. Is Iona the mythic Avalon? Both were entrances to the underworld. with whom he ritually consummated the archetypal Royal Marriage. which incorporated Druidic ritual. Columba. not Glastonbury. It was only returned to Edinburgh in 1996 after an attempted theft. Illuminated manuscripts from Iona’s scriptorium were thought to have supernatural properties. Aiden's Coronation "How an ANGEL OF THE LORD appeared in a vision to St. James the Just). in a mental ecstasy. Only 6 miles of from Iona. most dramatic such aperture in the British Isles. while the Midi succession stems from the Merovingians male ancestral line through the Fisher Kings to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. King Aedan of Scots. Aedan died and was buried on Iona. as the Egyptian royalty had done. His grandmother was Viviane I. the “Book of Kells” was also removed from Iona to Kells to save this luminous treasure of Celtic art from invading Vikings. a soror mystica and holy sister of Avallon. the heart chakra of the world? Avalon was a school for Merlins. These Celtic designs were transferred to metal and stone. According to an old chronicle. which by the kings of old had been appointed to the capital of Alba. sat upon this stone at Scone. Staffa with Fingal's Cave is the largest. Today’s senior Stewart line claims decent from King Arthur’s father. The underworld of the Celts is called A-val or Avilion. His sacred sister-bride in the tradition of the pharaohs. where they used it for crowning Scottish Kings. is Iona. on a certain night. But alignment with the Roman church made Arthur a political and religious enemy of his own son Modred. he saw. it resided in Iona on multiple occasions. The Stone of Destiny was captured in 1296 by King Edward I (Long Shanks) and kept in England for 700 years. King Aedan was a celtic church Christian of the Sacred Kindred of St.descended the Merovingian line through his mother Ygerna del Acqs. The Scots descent traces further back through King Lucius of Siluria to Bran the Blessed and Joseph of Aramathea (St. a Merovingian kinswoman. The sacred Stone of Destiny remained with Iona’s monks until 843 when Viking raids caused them to move to Scone. Columba while he stayed in the Hinba island (Eilean-na-Naoimh). In 608. the “fire of the heart." In 807. Morgaine was a Celtic Priestess. an angel sent to him from heaven.” If so. on receiving the royal name. being sent to him in order that he might appoint Aidan king: ON another occasion. on the one hand and to Prince Nascien of the Septimanian Midi on the other.

For at whatever time they turn against me or my relatives who are in Hibernia. he consecrated and blessed him. and had repeated the same commands of the Lord regarding the appointment of the same king. And he added these words: ‘Know for certain. the venerable man. because he had a greater affection for Iogenan his brother. began to read it. Cummene the Fair. and their posterity.’ Now this prophecy hath been fulfilled in our own times in the battle of Roth (Magh Rath. in which Domnall Brecc. The theme of triple-death occurs in several places in medieval Celtic sources. surnamed the Black. and laying his hand upon his head. states that St. Columba. in the book which he wrote on the virtues of St.’ When therefore this angel of the Lord had appeared for three successive nights. at his command. thou mayest inaugurate Aidan into the kingdom. ‘none of thine enemies shall be able to resist thee. that in accordance with the words thou hast read therein. Aidan to be king. and their foes shall be greatly strengthened against them. During the words of consecration. in obedience to the command of the Lord. and when he was reluctant to appoint Aidan king. The first story comes from theLife of St. their grandchildren. unhesitatingly. suddenly stretching forth his hand. the saint declared the future regarding the children. regarding the appointment of kings. as he had been commanded. who had arrived at the same time as the saint. as the book directed. Wherefore direct thou thy children to commend to their children. And from that day to this they have been trodden down by strangers-a fate which pierces the heart with sighs and grief. the angel. and a Cruthinian by race. not to let the sceptre pass out of their hands through evil counsels.’ said he. now Iona). I will strike thee again. Columba commenced his predictions regarding Aidan and his children and kingdom in the following manner: ‘Believe me. the saint. the grandson of Aidan. the livid marks of which remained in his side all the days of his life. and the hearts of men shall be turned away from them. O Aidan. ‘that I am sent to thee by God with the book of glass. the scourge which I suffered on thy account from the angel shall bring great disgrace upon them by the hand of God.of glass. fought 637). sailed across to the Iouan island (Hy. . descended of a royal family. grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of Aidan. having the same book of glass in his hand. Columba (Vita Columbae): Aedh. and there ordained.’ said he. but if thou refuse to obey this command. the grandson ofAinmuire." --Life of Columba TRIPLE DEATH There are a number of stories in Celtic mythology that clearly are formed by the Tripartate functions of Proto-Indo-European. ravaged without the slightest provocation the territory of Domnall. struck the saint with a scourge. unless thou first act unjustly towards me and my successors. Having received the book from the hand of the angel.

and in consequence forthwith pronounced this fearful sentence on the ill-fated Findchan and Aedh... who was greatly attached to Aedh. the warrior often commits a sin against each one of the functions. This is a sin against the warrior function. [Diarmuid's wife] had an affair with Flann. and being treacherously wounded with a spear. shall return as a dog to his vomit. This leads to the next element common in many 'Tripledeath' stories. Ronan hid him and so Diarmuid had Ronan arrested and tried in his stead. never to achieve its former splendor... The manner of his death would be by slaughter. fell from the prow of a boat into a lake and was drowned.. . by divine appointment king of all.He is punished for each sin. This story of triple-death corresponds to the elements which Evans finds in a whole host of similar stories. Aedh Dubh in the house of Banban. Diarmuid. even when Banban invited him to a feast. Columba foretells the triple death of Aedh. he has killed numerous people. Wounded. He was condemned by the ecclasiastics for this act and Ronan himself uttered the famous curse. Aedh Dubh was there and stabbed the High King with his spear. The Tripartite death of Aedh is linked with another story of triple-death. in a carnal way should first place his right hand on his head as a mark of approval.Aedh wore the clerical habit. When such an ordination afterwards became known to the saint. Aedh's last sin is against the productive/fertile function in Indo-European society. by burning. This same Aedh. was irregularly ordained priest by a bishop invited for the purpose. Columba. This is a sin against the priestly function of Indo-European society.. But Aedh the Black. thus irregularly ordained. the tripartate death is foretold. And Aedh. In all of these stories.. and came with the purpose of residing with him in the monastery for some years. he shall fall from a tree into the water and be drowned. the sins of the warrior.. At the same time Columba's prophecy is a curse or a punishment which he dispenses to Aedh because of his sins. The Prophecy seemed so unlikely that Diarmuid scorned it. most notably King Diarmuid. Sorely wounded. St. then. a priest only in name. Aedh blasphemes by being ordained a priest outside of the Church.. betaking himself again to his former evil doings. would not venture to lay a hand upon his head unless Findchan. he has slept with another man—an act which is by its very nature unfertile. According to Dumezil. Flann tried to escape the flames by crawling into a vat of water where he drowned. pierced in the neck with a spear.. The bishop. who is killed by Aedh.. by drowning and by the ridge pole of a roof falling on his head.. with a punishment fitting for his crime.. and cruelly murdered many persons. and be again a bloody murderer. three specific sins are mentioned.. son of Cerbul. so Diarmuid had Flann's fortress burnt over his head. Here St. This Aedh the Black had been a very bloodthirsty man. 'Desolate be Tara forever!' Soon after. In this passage from the Life of St. however. he was deeply grieved... Bec Mac De [Diarmuid's druid councilor] prophesied that Diarmuid would be killed by Flann's kinsman. after spending some time in his retirement. also dies a triple death: When the king sent men to arrest Aedh. amongst others Diarmuid. until at length. Aedh's second sin is murder. Tara was abandoned.

by trying St.Diarmuid fled back into the house. As a test of his skill. and drowning. in a hunt. In fact. Then. he will drown." As a young man. He was the chief advisor for both Pendragon Kings. Gawain. "Woman or no. For this crime Ronan curses the throne at Tara. Diarmuid's death is foretold by three different men in the original story. and hanging head down in a lake. Merlin is asked to prophesy how a boy will die. King Constantine was the first Roman Christian monarch. Diarmuid is punished for his transgressions by the triple nature of his death. Merlin In Welsh legend. Arthur did have an ancestral relationship with his half-sister Morgan Le Fay that . He was also an elder cousin of Aedan Mac Gabran. He sins against the sanctity of the priestly function. Arthur’s father was King Aedan of Dalriada the youngest son of King Constantine. Merlin was the title for the Seer to the King. Arthur’s half sister. Diarmuid has also clearly violated two of the three functions. He says the boy will fall from a rock. The same boy. stabbing. falls from a rock. Lancelot. Anna married King Loth of Lothian and had several children including Gawain and Lancelot. Igraine wanted him to make the Celtic Christian Church the Church of the Britons. dressed in a girl's clothes. Columba ordained the two Pendragons in 575. and Merlin replies. The prophecy was fufilled (Ellis. a violation of the warrior function. Diarmuid also murders Flann. He told King Aedan that he would be alive to see all three of his sons die in battle as the Celtic Christians fought the Roman Christians for the Head of the Island. Seeking to escape the flame. A burning ridge pole fell on to his head. with a change of clothes. His mother. where he was impaled on a stake left by fishermen. Constantine and King Aedan. In this story. Lancelot and Arthur were all trained at a military instillation in Sweetheart which is now New Abbey across the Nith River near Dumfries. His birth name was Emrys of Powys. the victim. 84). is associated with threefold death. and Merlin prophesies that he will hang. the boy is presented. which would happen by falling. there is a prophecy of the threefold death before it occurs. is caught in a tree. Aedh Dubh's men set fire to it. Myrddin Wyllt also reportedly prophesied his own death. is presented again. Arthur was recognized as the King of Britain at the time his father was crowned the King of what is now Scotland. Diarmuid scrambled into a vat of ale. The Merlin was a mortal man as well as Arthur. Arthur was a Roman Christian as well. The Merlin did prophecy the future. Ronan. Gawain. This was fulfilled when a gang of jeering shepherds drove him off a cliff. and died with his head below water. Myrddin Wylit. drowns. one of the sources for Merlin of Arthurian legend.

Iona is a borderland between life and death. Modred also had the same Roman soldier training that his father and uncles had received. Sir Lancelot was actually her knight before she and Arthur were married. LAND OF LEGENDS Iona. The Celtic Church did not see this as wrong for they believe that there is a Male and a Female that makes up God. the divine union between Morgana and Arthur was blessed. Templar knight gravestones reveal their presence on the island. that in turn led to their affair. after Arthur proved to be a Roman Christian. Aurelious’ wife was the sister Arthur of Dyfed. including the Scots Macbeth and his victim Duncan. Merlin’s father was Aurelious of Powys. A beehive cell or single hermitage was called a ‘disert.lead to the birth of a son by the name of Modred. Earthworks. The one this story is based on and the second was Arthur Prince of Dyfed whom was installed by St. King Urien actually kidnapped the Queen. King Arthur did marry Queen Gwenhwyfar of Brittany. Iona’s other tales include Blood Eagle tortures of monks by Vikings. Columba and other scholars at the time. The treacherous affair between Lancelot and Gunivere was recorded by St. Therefore. the Pendragon. The confusion is from the Merlin connection. Dubricius in 506. This Arthur was a descendant of the Deisi leaders from Ireland that were the enemies of the Welsh.’ An island legend tells of a lonely monk who fell in love with a mermaid. Known graves include 48 Scottish. Morgana or Morgan Le Fey raised Modred to be the Head of the Celtic Christian Church. 8 Norwegian. This made Merlin the nephew of Arthur of Dyfed while at the same time the cousin to Arthur Mac Gabran. too. Gunivere was a Celt priestess and a Queen by her own rights. When she was banished. Only with modern translations can both Arthurs be identified. Place of the Great Crosses. She was recorded by Columba as being a fierce fighting woman. She brought Lancelot into the Pendragon’s service. “House of the Fairies. There are also legends about magical “green eggs. Gwenhwyfar is know to us as Gunivere or modern translation of Jennifer. During the 6th century there were two Arthurs. King Urien of Gorre made a declaration of war because he claimed Gunivere and her lands as his. Lancelot came to her rescue. The Welsh and the Scots were allies and had towns and villages of very similar names. The monks essentially died while living a very solitary life.” called Druid’s Eggs or Serpent’s Eggs.” Culdees. 1 French and 4 Irish kings plus numerous clan chiefs. This created a whole ruler for the Celts of Britain. Megalithic remains suggest it was a prehistoric burial site. human sacrifice. Those buried there often arrived while still alive to prepare for their final journey. she shed tears that can be found today as small green tear-shaped crystals along Iona’s beaches. and Moneymusk . There is a misconception of Arthur being Welsh for a very good reason. Fairy Ointment. the primordial Dreamland is a magical burial place of over 60 Kings.

With some other companions. Gravestones demonstrate the nunnery was favored for retirement and burial for ladies of noble birth from across the western seaboard. often solitary lives. They wore black habits. not the indigenous Druids. Columba and the ancestor. Both islands form an initiatory circuit.Reliquary -. He baptized natives along the banks of the Ness. of the kings of Cenel Conaill. where he is traditionally held to have founded the cell known as Kil Beathain . the world of the dead. Many early monks left their homes as a sign of the spiritual quest .Iona. Iona is framed in the entrance. Columba. including his cousin Beathain (Bean). Though less is known of its pagan past. The giant's cave was a Druid initiation chamber. Another legend says Mary Magdalene was buried in a cave on Iona and in the future a Divine Woman from the fair isle will redeem the world.a nobleman of one of the leading families in Ireland. and eventually left his cousin in Cannich. Bean’s spring. Prehistoric Spirituality . The ninth Abbot of Iona. Columba. One of these monks was Saint Columba . They pursued a contemplative and cloistered life. noted for its massive basalt columns. the Celtic Saint was a wanderer. some include his young nephew Jesus accompanying him. Above Clachan Comar is the spring still known as St. Other ancient stories tell of Joseph of Arimathea visiting the island to trade in tin. a cousin of St. Augustine of Hippo. as is frequently but wrongly reported. Caves are portals to the underworld. Brude at Inverness. through his son Ainmire. and their church was locally called an eaglais dhubh (‘the black church’). he settled in the isle of I . Looking out from inside this extraordinary cave. While there he sailed up Loch Ness to negotiate with the Pictish king. much more has been written on the Christian history of Iona after Columba drove out a rival monastic order. who wrote the hagiography of St. The “Black Nuns” on Iona followed the teaching of St. The monastics of Iona lived simple. On the way he is recorded to have encountered (and tamed) the "water horse" which dwelt in Loch Ness. a woman from the (northern Ui Neill lineage known as the Cenél nÉnda. Their first prioress was Bethoc. This was not the Roman church. He realized he had no abiding home on earth. But even Iona’s Celtic Christianity must be seen in a pagan light. the Scottish end of the Giant’s Causeway. in Egypt.even Atlantean priestesses. He was the son of Ronan mac Tinne by Ronat. Staffa the nearest uninhabited island facing Iona displays the gaping maw of the astonishing Fingal’s Cave.now Clachan Comar. demonstrates the hereditary succession: Adomnán was a descendant of Colman mac Setna.the white martyrdom.

Mississippi water ways and the fresh water spike seen in the sediments on the floor of the gulf of . Over this short period.200 years ago and lasted for close to 500 years.Prehistoric Deluge: Meltwater Pulse 1A Narratives are frames best read in the context of their own cultural." The best known meltwater pulses is referred to as Meltwater Pulse 1A (mwp-1A). but simply say. melted enough ice to create the evidence of super flooding seen in the St. which started at around 14. The late Ice Age comet impact on the Laurentian Ice Sheet. "Before a near-extinction. both a literal story of radical changes in coastal geomorphology from cyclical natural catastrophe as well as a metaphor of ancient wisdom sinking into the subconscious. mythological and philosophical origins. sea level rose approximately 20 m – or around 40 mm/y – almost 7 times the average rate. We don't have to give such a place or time a name. The story of Iona begins in Atlantis. Lawrence. Perspective defines how wide or narrow that view is – broad or fine strokes.

On some day close to 7. raised sea level world wide in a matter of days by quite a number of feet. Others would have witnessed the sea racing inland at the breaching of a shingle ridge or dune. The rise in sea level. Sea level began to rise before 15. They become jumbled. stony sand buried everything as far as . In the Ice Ages. massive and form an irregular seabed. Archaeologists have recovered almost 5. changing migratory patterns and creating pockets of isolation. which subsided 6. This wholesale entry of Glacial ice into the world oceans in the massive 1A event. Profiles across the scarp show the great change in the seismic character of the disturbed sediments. More than 17. A few hours earlier. the massive sub-marine Storegga landslide occurred 1. Stones dropped from the ice as it melted in the ocean as the huge surge of glacial ice drifted far and wide. with each one raising the sea level higher and causing more glaciers to surge into the sea in a run away chain reaction. A Holocene submarine landslide off Norway created a huge tsunami that finished off Doggerland. bone fragments and a fireplace so far. and produce strongly hyperbolic immediately below the scarp. Doggerland was the heart of mesolithic culture. and the general increase was effectively over by 2000 BC when it may have been one or 2 m higher than today. Britain was a peninsula of Europe. the sea level began to raise. was enough to lift the edges of the grounded Continental Ice Sheets which were in a precarious balance with the warming of the climate and frequent surges into the sea. It began sinking Doggerland.500 years ago.Mega-fauna became extinct. the landbridge linking the British Isles with Europe. As the super flood of water entered the oceans.000 cubic kilometers of white. It tipped the balance and caused a massive entry of glacial ice from the Laurentian Ice Sheet into the Atlantic ocean and created the 1A event of scatted stones found throughout the North Atlantic floor sediments. This large impact event plausibly created a "Nuclear Winter".000km to the north within the Arctic Ocean between Norway and Iceland. This sudden huge rise in sea level could have destabilized the other Ice Sheets and Glaciers which existed in Ice Age. Still others such as the inhabitants of what would one day become the town of Inverness in eastern Scotland faced catastrophe.000 BC as soon as the ice sheets began to recede. and could have resulted in a domino chain reaction as one glacier after another slid into the sea. Freshwater disruption of the thermohaline oceanic pump led to the Younger Dryas glacial period. making it part of the North Sea. It created a huge tsunami that probably hit their beach with a height of 8m.México.000 flint artifacts. though small. Seismic reflection profile from the Storegga Slide. The most rapid phases were between 8000 BC and 5000 BC.000BC a small group of Mesolithic hunters were in a natural hollow in the dune.

Likewise. for example. Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and Wales.500km away. The settlement of Britain by early modern humans commenced before the last glacial maximum (LGM. The traditional languages in the peripheral areas (Scottish Gaelic. Genetically. a new people had arrived: Neolithic farmers. there is much discussion on the regional impact (both biologically and culturally) of subsequent human migrations into the British Isles. in peripheral areas there are high frequencies of individuals with the mtDNA marker J/16192 and belonging to the Y-chromosomal gene cluster R1b-14. Conneller 2007. Manx and Cornish) are closely related to each other linguistically (Forster & Toth 2003) and distinctive from English. The Black Sea had become a lake during the Ice Age. linked in with these scenarios. 2004. the processes that led to that pattern remain contentious. The vernacular name for the peripheral regions and people within them is the Celtic fringe. The victims lived on the shore of the freshwater lake that would become the Black Sea. but the ice advance during it led to the British Isles being abandoned by temperate species. The cultural distinctiveness is most evident at present through the separation of the peripheral people and areas into the nations of Scotland. 19–23 000 BP. there is still debate over the nature and timing of the reoccupation of the British Isles by humans after the LGM (Oppenheimer 2006. while J/16231 and I1a occur at high frequencies in England (Forster et al. Although a variety of scenarios have been proposed based on archaeological and genetic data. The lowlands around the lake provided flat fertile soil covered with oak woodlands in which people hunted and gathered for thousands of years. felling trees to make way for fields of wheat and barley and to provide wood for their houses. perhaps minutes and many lives were lost. there are differences between people in the peripheral areas and those in England. They had come from Turkey and settled on the rich alluvial soil. By the date of the event. Many km of coastline are likely to have been destroyed within a few hours. the dependency of the Isle of Man and the most westerly English county of Cornwall. Forsteret al. 2003). and pens for cattle and goats.could be seen to the north and south. 2004. the long-standing human occupants of the western and northern periphery are distinct culturally and genetically from those in central and eastern Britain (Davies 1999. fences. Oppenheimer 2006). This reflects a traditional scenario that Celts spread into and occupied the whole . 2001). Oppenheimer 2006). which also includes Brittany in north-western France. Another catastrophe happened on the other side of Europe 3. however. Welsh. including humans (Barton et al. The central and eastern areas and the people within them constitute England. Irish Gaelic. While the pattern is clear. Mixet al. The impact of this tsunami across the lowlying coast of Doggerland must have been devastating. In terms of current regional distributions in the British Isles. Jacobi & Higham 2009).

Perhaps some of the earliest ancestors were refugees from the Atlantean Deluge. The Black Sea princes settled in Ireland about 800 BC. Therefore. greater persistence of pre-Celtic people. until sea levels began rising dramatically after the last Ice Age. Very little informs us of who lived in Scotland from 10. Arguably. alternative scenarios involve. who were forced to flee to the Continent across land-bridges now lost beneath the waves and known as Doggerland. this scenario is controversial among historians and human geneticists and. until the Megalithic Age. 2003.000 B. replacing earlier inhabitants. the collective psyche of humankind began to degenerate. Rather than answers. Weale et al. It is generally assumed that the Celts remained numerically dominant and geographically widespread until they were themselves partially replaced by Anglo-Saxons at approximately 1600–1200 BP.000 years. During the so-called "Age of Catastrophe. which has persisted to the present day (Davies 1999). to 1500 B. The primordial solar church existed in proto-Ireland before the historically known "Druids. 2002. for example. and cultural spread rather than population replacement by the Anglo-Saxons (Davies 1999. However. interpretation of the human pattern may need to take into account the aspects of human migration leading all the way back to the recolonization of the British Isles after the LGM. it was the former who transmitted the elements of civilization to the world at large. The Human Effects With the fall of "Atlantis". Taking its name from a prominent shipping hazard—Dogger Bank—this immense land bridge vanished beneath the North Sea around 6. Capelli et al. resulting in the Anglo-Saxon territory of ‘England’ and a peripheral fringe of Celtic people. which implied not only that they inhabited Northern climes but that they were the descendants of the pre-diluvian inhabitants of Atlantis.Oppenheimer 2006).000 B. Burmeister 2000. roughly 3500 B." The Megalithic Irish (or Arish) were known as the Hyperboreans. Anciently.C. while supported by some. before the return waves of Celtic-Scythian "Druids"." titanic cataclysms (following on from those that destroyed Atlantis) displaced the original inhabitants of Britain. The lost ground is a vast plain that joined Britain to Europe for nearly 12.of the British Isles by 2600 BP. But it is ‘transparency’ that makes us seers by allowing us to see through the veil of history and legend. they were one.C. Deep within there is an Atlantis of the soul. from which we yearn to recover what we sense has been lost – our potential for transcendence. Evidence suggests early migrations from the West to the East. we might only find better questions.C.C. before the cataclysms that devastated the lands of the North-West. The esoteric map of Atlantis is a map of transformation. preceding a return of the Scythian Druid kings. But the Royal Scyths were masters of transcendent .

in which whatever impedes the appearance of light or holds us back must be cast away. Old patterns die so that new psychic patterns are born through the void’s grace. judges.000-year cycle of Precession of the Equinoxes. informing the vacuum. They preserved 'knowledge' or gnosis. and the zodiac." The high priests of Ireland were commonly known as Druids. Beli. political advisors. Empty space is Iona’s central metaphor. We become containers for the ceaseless flow of images. priests. natural scientists. geometers.’ West to East Celtic expansion http://www.net/~torve/trogholm/wonder/indoeuropean/indoeuropean3. The sun appears to be abandoning us completely as the longest night arrives. The Druid's pre-diluvian theology was based on the observance and veneration of the stars. As one lamp is lit from a flint and raised up on the Druid's crook in the East. Our own inner journey is linked to the yearly cycle. Winter Solstice. Druidry recognizes eight markers in the shamanic Solar cycle. From its inception. of the sun. The Druids held the symbols of the serpent and the dragon in the highest esteem and considered them insignias of royalty. The dynamic between body and soul is revealed in the Druid natural philosophy of reincarnation. not in immediate rebirth but in reincorporation of the spirit into a new body after a length of time. royal advisors. but translates as ‘powers’. Memories arise with no known reality. doctors of medicine. called Alban Arthan [the Light of Arthur] is the time of death and rebirth.enter. it stops in its tracks.html DRAGON AGE These "enlighteners" were fully aware of the 26. It is linked to the words for 'door' or portal and 'bringer of truth. astronomy and astrology. Iona gives us the grace to breathe that void. Transmigration is symbolized by the serpent that sheds its skin. The ancient priests were hereditary serpent kings who founded mystery schools. which colloquially means fairy or elf. When their line arose. orators. Belanus. called Sidhe (pronounced “Shee”). Iona still echoes symbols of the ancient solar cult on Easter. musicians.consciousness. They referred to themselves asNaddreds. Second sight . and magicians. They were a hereditary caste of seers. Funeral pyres were considered portals through which one could send “letters” to the dead. Many religious symbols were first employed by the Druid elders of the West. the year is reborn and a new cycle begins. that possessed healing abilities and great knowledge of architecture. displaying an altar cloth showing the reborn rising sun. meaning "Wise Serpents” -. the star Thuban in the constellation Draco was the pole star. navigators. the moon. from the "Land of the Pure or Noble Ones.those initiated into the highest mysteries. Druidry was a stellar religion. historians. philosophers. The solar deity of Beltane was known as Bel. The Bards sang oracular songs. poets. celebrated with vast bonfires.

the light of consciousness radiates out to the world. Atlantis: Lost & Found . From the light of Albion. consciousness and rebirth are woven and rewoven.means to “know again.000 years old whereas Iona’s churches are far newer. Does the Martin’s Cross on Iona. Great yew trees can be 2-4. belonged to the old British royal lineages. The yews came first. represents a time to open to inspiration and conception. both male and female. the elements of light.” We re-cognize our own images.” The children and descendants of early Celtic saints. Our only guide is Arthur. The Winter Solstice is the time when the seed of Light. All about us is darkness. comes down from the inspired realms and incarnates in the womb of the night and of the Earth Mother. with its solar circle. Some legends mirror the solar cycle. John Martinus. Alban Arthan. where she gave birth to His son. We embody the idea of ancient hidden knowledge being carried through to our own time. “Mary of the Gael. Ioha. claiming Jesus and Mary Magdalene were on Iona. This is a potent time to open ourselves to the fertilizing power of the divine. The Druid’s yew tree. This is the mystery of the rebirth of the inner light within us. We can assume a spiritual significance for the association that implies a family lineage. Regardless of their symbolic names. which gives birth to our creativity. is a symbol of immortality. encode such memories for those who can read them? The Winter Solstice. Does Mary Magdalene lie buried in a hidden cave on Iona? She was worshipped there as the Holy (Saint) Bride. a holy bloodline older than Jesus. Intuition is born in the stillness of night. the Pole Star (or the Southern Cross in the Southern hemisphere). planted on sacred sites of the Druids. represented both by the one light raised on high and by the white mistletoe berries. the Great Bear.

The Welsh name for Zodiac or ecliptic is ‘Sidydd. The oldestknown example of archeoastronomy with stone circles (Nabta Playa. Precession defines the Great Year of circulation about the signs of the Zodiac. Nubian Desert) is in pre-sand Egypt.000 – 5.000 years ago when the playa bloomed. roughly 11. was declared as the starting point for reasons which are not clear and by people now unknown. The area became arid 4. Egyptian culture moved to the Nile Valley.800 years ago when the monsoon returned to the equator. In the Dragon lineage the astronomical mythos came down to Earth as seers and overlords – the Siddhe. Over the cycle of Precession constellations have “sunk” below the horizon in the Abyss of the heavens. Seven shifting positions are also the model for the stellar crown of seven stones.The myths of lost Atlantis are Egyptian. dated to the fifth Millennium BC. which is also a name for Stonehenge. around 20. The site was used as a necropolis in the Saharan wet period of pre-history. There were three cataclysms. Galactic alignment of Earth with the core of the Milky Way is the long lost zero point of the precessional cycle. The glaciers started to . or major geologic changes.200 BC.’ or ‘saint. The circle of Precession is called the “circle of Sidi” or Circle of Seven. – 2000 years before Stonehenge.’ ‘master. The first.’ ‘Sidi’ is the Arabic honorific. mandating euphemisms. An alignment with Sirius in 6088 BC and other alignments dated to 6270 suggest an estimated date 1500 years earlier. ‘Lord.’ It refers to the seven (periods of) the pole stars. There is some evidence the Druids even placed a taboo on their people against speaking the names of the sacred planets. who described how to live in harmony with nature within the divine scheme of things. This temple of the stars demonstrates the sky ‘moves’ in a predictable long-term cycle. in Earth's recent history. such as ‘brightness’ for the Moon.

Britain lost her solid connection with the mainland when lower lying Doggerland finally disappeared beneath the waves. many mammals became extinct. was a symbol common to the Egyptians and the Druids. a few mainstream historians and archeologists hesitatingly accept that Western "Celts" (sic) had settlements in the Middle and Far East. Arguably. This led to mass migrations as the climate readjusted. Egypt and Spain. It depicts the creation of the World from these two aspects of divinity and reminds us that we contain both male and female within. they built a strong. This marked the end of the ice age with a climactic optimum. or ‘sacred well of life'. Modern research suggests migrations went both ways many times and cultures mixed. Many people died.melt. Ank is strongly suggestive of the Egyptian Ankh.200 BC.Although the Scythians of later ages were originally affiliated with the Megalithic Arya. Precession and the Milky Way. The Ouroboros that bites its own tail can be traced back to ancient Egypt. This is because these migrations were relatively late. Survivors of drowned islands knew the nature of cataclysm. even while the royal bloodline persisted.900 years ago when vast ice sheets melted inundating their freshwater lake with seawater." They called Iona Aberuk.600 BCE. Egyptian beliefs were in Druid practice. toward China and India and back again via Gaul. A third geologic change occurred around 8100 BC. Around the library which they called their ‘heart seed'. A second geologic change occurred around 12. according to de Vere's research. now scientifically dated to 6. drowning many coastal cities. It referred to the creation of the Universe. the Atlanteans were antediluvian Dragon gods of ancient proto-Scythia driven from their homeland by the Black Sea flood. The Hyksos/Atonists were originally Scythians from the West who migrated through Egypt. historically speaking. There was a sudden rise in sea level. Ionian priestesses were the basis for the Celtic legends concerning sanctuaries of ‘Lady . The World egg also known as the Serpent’s Egg. They date from approximately 600 BC onward. or the Druid’s Egg is a potent symbol of the union of masculine and feminine. three females and one child. circa 1. They built a small library for ancient sacred works. causing more glaciers to melt. was a sudden warming. symbol of life. and most of the world's population died. the Middle East. These epic disasters came down as legends of pre-diluvial Atlantis and sent surviving megalithic inhabitants on nomadic treks across Europe. Legend says. "One group consisting of seven males. the true source of the Druids. some of their number became spiritually and morally corrupt. Today. but Egypt was originally a colony of Atlantis. almost fortress like Temple. again." It is said the Hyperboreans called it Luma or "bright land. Also the serpent entwined around the (serpent's) egg. or "distant place of the heart'. severing her from the continent. established an Atlantean colony on Iona. There." The priestesses on Iona called themselves the Priestesses of Ank.

in correcting errors. Descriptions of activities on Iona throughout history echo Egyptian forebearers. Scythia. Nicholas (1985-2004). sometimes an original text. For everything was not just mechanical copying. Barry. . These. The scribes were also considered healers. They were considered to be very wise and scholarly. The Egyptians had several classes of priesthood. in these studies. were frequently associated with magical knowledge because of their connection with the sacred texts. The Book Tree.co. .sacredconnections. The vision of the reborn spirit within us is that of “heaven spread upon Earth. . . Ireland. they developed the texts of theology or of liturgy particular to each temple. de Vere. the astronomical tables. On Iona. Nicholas. Peter Berresford. Sacred Isle of the West. The Dragon Cede. The Book Tree. without neglecting medicine and literary activities .sacredconnections. San Diego. too. The scribes worked largely within the Per-Ankh copying temple texts. .co. Serge Sauneron describes the activities of the scribes in the Per-Ankh: "The main activities in the house of life consisted in preparing the religious works necessary to the cult. French Egyptologist. in recopying the old manuscripts. Dunford. California. San Diego. Dr. sometimes a theosophical exposition would be drawn up following meditation or the exchange of fruitful views . possessing medical knowledge.136) The migrations of Atlantis. “The Mystery of the Mother Church." (Sauneron 1960.of the Lake' type anima women who regenerate the male psyche and often his physical form as well. they discussed with ardor.htm Ellis. in completing the gaps and passages short of lines. philosophical and religious problems. the sANKHtuary. versions of the Book of the Dead.uk/holyland/iona. Some of the finest spiritual or ethical texts we possess were stimulated by the reflections and convictions of some obscure scribe whose name will never be known to us . but the Sesh-Per-Ankh were the scribes of the House of Life. The Dragon Legacy. Barry. every stone could be a Philosopher’s Stone. . California. Scotland and Iona bring us full circle in the Celtic cycle.htm Dunford. Egypt. (2005-2010). “Iona.uk/holyland/motherchurch. We’ve seen the Cosmos in a fractal grain of Iona’s sand. they prepared the magic books of protection.” REFERENCES de Vere.” http://www. they recopied a thousand times. A Brief History of the . between copying sessions.” http://www.

“Realm of the Ring Lords. Laurence (2003). Taroscopes:http://www.com/books?id=PIXAREdVI_QC&printsec=frontcover#v =onepage&q&f=false Gardner.” http://ionamiller. Michael (2007).Druids http://books. Laurence (2002). Irish Origins of Civilization. Gardner. “Iona Mystic Isle.com/irishoriginsexcerpts/book1_ chap1.google. melding many social issues into a new view of society. Bloodline of the Holy Grail. psychology. Lucy (1920). Rev Exp edition. Fair Winds Press. • • • • • • • • Bloodline of The Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed (1996) (ISBN 1852308702) Genesis of the Grail Kings: The Astonishing Story of the Ancient Bloodline of Christ and the True Heritage of the Holy Grail (1999) (ISBN 0553817744) Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail (2000) (ISBN 1862047707) Realm of The Ring Lords: The Ancient Legacy of the Ring and the Grail (2003) (ISBN 1931412146) Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold (2004) (ISBN 0007142951) The Magdalene Legacy: The Jesus and Mary Bloodline Conspiracy (2005) (ISBN 0007200854) The Shadow of Solomon: The Lost Secret of the Freemasons Revealed (2005) (ISBN 1578634040) The Grail Enigma: The Hidden Heirs of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (2008) (ISBN 0007266944) Menzies.irishoriginsofcivilization. hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Serge (1957-2000).html Sauneron.weebly.” Nexus Magazine. science. Iona (2010).weebly.html ©2010 Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press. Miller. The Priests of Ancient Egypt.” Cornell University. Her conspirituality work is an omni-sensory fusion of intelligence.com . She has pursued a lifelong interest in esoterics and mysticism.com/iona-mysticisland. new physics and emergent paradigm shift. science-art. Saint Columba of Iona. Website: http://ionamiller. She is interested in the effects of doctrines from religion. Tsarion. and the arts.

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